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  • Think Like a Coder: An Intro to Logic in Programming

    Mastering logic means mastering coding concepts and mechanics faster

    Logic is a cornerstone of any programming endeavor. From truth tables to understanding conditionals and formatting, the concepts used in logic are the structural and conceptual model for many of the most popular programming languages today.
  • What Kinds of Math Do I Need to Know for Coding?

    Good news: you don’t have to be great at pen-and-paper math, let alone mental math (you are working with a computer, after all).

    The true value of learning math for coding lies in understanding what certain algorithms, formulas, and sometimes shapes are doing. The types of math, and just how much you really need to master, usually depends on the area of programming in which you want to work.
  • 7 Things You Should Learn Before You Learn Coding

    This list covers the "lowest common denominators" across different kinds of coding in various contexts. Specialized areas come with their own requirements.

    Don’t be intimidated by how much there is to learn to become a coding whiz. You've probably mastered at least some of the items on this list already, and the knowledge and skill required in each is not exactly comprehensive.
  • Coding for Kids: 6 Ways to Get Started

    Think of coding as a skill similar to music, art, or woodworking - not a necessity, but highly enriching and worth giving every child a chance to try.

    While some people suggest coding is the new literacy, the jury’s out on whether coding will join the basic curriculum. Think of coding as a skill similar to music, art, or woodworking — not a necessity for everyone to master, but highly enriching and worth giving every child a chance to try.
  • The Basics of Learning Python

    Python is one of the most-loved programming languages by developers, data scientists, and engineers because of its versatility.

    So you want to learn Python. Great choice! Even if you have a book or course in mind to help get you started, you may be wondering about the path ahead. Start with learning the ins-and-outs - the b...
  • 5 Best Ways to Learn to Code

    Regardless of which computer programming language you choose to learn, you’ll need resources to actually learn to code.

    While you can learn the principles, terminology, caveats, tricks, and pitfalls from listening or reading, to improve your ability to write have to write that code.
  • How to Choose a Programming Language

    While it’s common to learn two or more languages, it’s important to start with the right one - a programming language that’s easy to use, serves your objectives and career goals, and is flexible.

    Whether you're a natural problem solver who’s curious about coding, or someone with an idea for a website or app who needs skills to bring your concept to life, you probably want to know where to start.
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