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WATCH: Resume Building Workshop w/ Career Coach Sophia M.

In this video, filmed live on 3/29/2021, discover powerful tips and resources to supercharge your resume. Join career coach Sophia M. for a free, live workshop aimed at making your resume work for you.

Career coach Sophia M. is a workforce development professional who specializes in making resumes work. She’s worked with individuals as young as teenagers to students in their 70’s, in the classroom and one-on-one. Sophia’s expertise covers career assessments, resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and job search skills.

Watch the full workshop

During the workshop, Sophia answered tons of questions submitted by attendees, and presented answers and further information about things like:

1. Making your resume reflect your unique experience
2. Keeping it simple, but effective
3. How to update your resume for different jobs, and keep it updated

After you’re done watching, check out our Job Seeker’s Playbook. It’s filled with articles and free resources to help every step of your own career journey.


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