Reflecting on 2020: Gratitude & Joy

Three months into 2020, it became clear that it would be a year we would never forget.

History books will be written about this momentous year from the COVID-19 pandemic to the historic Presidential election to the social and racial unrest in our country. As we head into the holiday season, this year – more than most – deserves some reflection.

I want to share with you some moments of good that have come from this time of chaos, what I’m thankful for here at Wyzant and how I found moments of joy and gratitude. 

At Wyzant, I’m grateful for our team that has worked to create meaningful partnerships with local, Chicago organizations, nonprofits and schools, such as One Million Degrees (OMD), an organization that supports community college students, where Wyzant committed to providing up to $25,000 total spend in 2020 on tutoring sessions.

We also pledged $100,000 of free online tutoring at the beginning of the pandemic to Chicago-area nonprofits and schools to support low-income students.

Our mission has always been to connect students to independent tutors to create an individualized learning experience with a best-in-class product. I’m grateful that this year we were in a position to help more learners and families than ever before on our online learning platform. Amid lockdowns and school closures, we saw a huge increase in people pursuing passion projects and hobbies from taking music and foreign language courses to chess, while also getting additional help across school subjects. I’m thankful for the technology that enabled us to help power these passions and tutoring sessions that provided thousands of students with online learning support during stressful times. 

None of these partnerships and advancements would have been possible without our Wyzant employees who worked tirelessly to serve the high demand we saw this year.

They have brought new online products and services to families such as our Homeschooling Concierge service to assist parents when they needed it most at the beginning of a historic school year where so many had to navigate remote learning.

Thank you to all our employees, from our engineers, to the marketing team who spread the news, to our sales team and those who work behind the scenes to make Wyzant the company it is today. I’m incredibly grateful and proud to come to work every day and work with my smart and compassionate team. 

And I can’t forget our tutors. Thanks to their passion, knowledge and commitment to their students they reached thousands of learners this year.

We also saw an increase of many new tutors on the Wyzant platform, whether it was as a side-hustle or retired teachers who didn’t want to go back into their physical classroom, they spread their subject matter expertise across the country, giving the power of knowledge – and joyful distractions from reality – while we were stuck inside. 

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season, and is able to take some time to reflect on their own moments of joy and gratitude.

– Andrew Geant, CEO

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