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WATCH: Explore the Wyzant Online Learning Tool

There are tons of advantages to online tutoring. It’s convenient, and geographical constraints are virtually irrelevant, so students and parents all over the world can find the exact right fit. Since demand for remote learning and homeschooling has vastly increased in the last few weeks, more tutors have taken their lessons online, opening up a world of choice with regard to the kind of expertise, experience, and rate that works best for your unique needs.

Online tutoring, on average, is less expensive than in-person options (when in-person IS an option), without sacrificing effectiveness. Both parties experience their lesson from a comfortable space, meaning no awkward social pressure, and what’s more: there’s never been a time where online education guidance is more crucial.

Online tutoring and remote learning

This shift toward distance learning certainly isn’t changing anytime soon. Online tutoring helps parents overwhelmed by the stresses of remote learning and school closures by giving their kids access to educators who provide not only vetted expertise, but structure and focus. For students, tutoring means truly personalized support and the chance to continue working toward their education goals.

Today, finding a reliable way to make learning online work for you is more important than ever. As a leader in online tutoring, we’ve always striven to ensure that the online lesson experience for students is different from other sites – more effective, easy to use, and with powerful features that accelerate the learning process. That’s why we created the Wyzant online learning tool.

While it’s true that new students often depend upon their tutors to help them get started in their first online lessons, we want to make sure everyone feels confident the first time they join. So we created this short video tutorial that walks you through the whole process.

Here are some highlights to help you find the info you need; just skip forward to the timestamp noted next to each topic in the list below.

  • Need some help understanding which browser to use for your online lesson? Skip to 0:20
  • For the step-by-step on how to experiment with the Wyzant online demo room, no tutor needed, jump to 1:00
  • Want info about how to make sure your computer’s microphone and camera are working properly before your lesson? You’ll find some tips at 1:57
  • Clearing cookies and cache is often the easiest way to improve your computer’s performance when using the online learning tool. More about how can be seen at 2:10
  • How to access your online lesson room when it’s time to begin is at 3:08
  • For info on creating your own room for a lesson (instead of waiting for a tutor to create one), head to 3:25

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