3 Online Resources to Get Students and Families Ready for “Back to School”

The abrupt move to remote classrooms in the spring left a lot of parents and students with a feeling that education had taken a backset. Although teachers strove to make the best of a very difficult situation, according to a recent survey of 107 parents we conducted, more than 60% said they believed their children will not receive a full education from in-person school this year, and 40% said they believe their children will suffer from learning loss this fall as a result of their disrupted school year.

Because the later portions of the last school year were less rigid, many students are using this summer to continue learning and explore new interests. However, as parents look ahead to the fall, they’re scrambling to make sure their children still receive an education – no matter what the learning looks like.

We’ve known for years that the best way to learn is through one-on-one, personalized lessons. When it comes to homeschool this fall – either supplementing an existing curriculum or designing a unique education plan for your family’s own needs – it’s clear that many families are still searching for the right support. Here are three resources Wyzant offers to students and families to prepare for back to school and to combat learning loss and help you set your students up for success throughout this academic year and beyond.

“Get Ready For 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades!” Video Series

Starting July 28, 2020, we’ll launch a free subject-matter video series called “Get Ready For” designed for 4th, 5th and 6th graders to ramp up fundamentals in Language Arts, Math and Science topics that they might have missed in the spring (when schools were closing and families were adjusting to remote learning).

The videos were created by some of the top-rated elementary tutors on Wyzant, and will premiere on YouTube with a live chat, so students and parents can interact with the tutor from the video lesson in real-time.

After their premiere, each video will be available on-demand at Wyzant’s YouTube channel for sharing with other families and viewing anytime. You can sign up for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade videos in the series here. While this first series focuses on elementary students, we’ll have more coming for our high schoolers in early August.

Help Connecting a Homeschool Educator

Many parents are looking for education options that keep their children home this school year. While only 3% to 4% of K-12 school-aged children are homeschooled in the United States, we expect this number to skyrocket.

On Wyzant alone, we have seen a 2,540% increase in homeschool searches in the last month compared to last year. When deciding how to homeschool, there are many different options and approaches which we have outlined that work for different families.

From traditional homeschooling to remote learning pods (a rising trend this year), Montessori education to distance and eLearning, homeschooling gives back an element of control for families in choosing the right curriculum and style that works best for their children.

Effective Online Tutoring

Wyzant’s specialty is helping students connect with online tutors who offer personalized, one-on-one private tutoring across hundreds of subject areas. With a disruption to summer camps and activities, we’ve seen more and more families search for tutoring help on Wyzant to learn something new, upskill, try new hobbies. Here’s a brief tour of the features of Wyzant’s online learning tool:

For example: students are taking more than four times the number of computer programming lessons than at this time last year. More than three times the number of art and music lessons are taking place on wyzant this summer. As we enter the school year, we expect more students will need supplemental learning help across subject areas, and expert tutors are ready to assist.

We’re here to help

While we don’t know what the fall or academic year will look like for students and families, we know it will need to be flexible. At Wyzant, we believe in the power of learning that is accessible and easy for everyone to find.

For all the resources and information about homeschooling on The Wyzant Blog, check out our Homeschool Resource Hub.

For help finding a qualified educator to help you manage your own version of homeschool, we’ll help you search, message, and meet the tutor that fits your exact needs.

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