WATCH: WyzChat Live Q&A – “How Can I Be Sure Homeschooling Is Right for My Kids?”

On July 30th, 2020, Wyzant hosted a free live Q&A with professional homeschooling educators. Hosted by President Elaine Richards, our panel answered questions from the Wyzant community about a topic on the minds of many families in the US as the pandemic puts back-to-school plans in flux: how can you be sure homeschooling is right for your kids?

According to a recent Real Clear Opinion Poll, 40% of the 2,122 families surveyed said they plan to homeschool their children in the fall of 2020. That trend continues to grow, and since there are so many misconceptions about homeschooling, parents understandably are looking for support.

For kids who are learning at home (and parents who’ve become educators), a tutor provides a coach, a personalized learning plan, and most importantly, structure and accountability. For those families who are going the homeschool route, a tutor can help objectively enhance your kid’s education, and provide structure for your family’s goals and capabilities.

Watch the Q&A Now

Look no further than a personal “homeschool coach” to ensure that you set reasonable timelines and manage time effectively – which takes a lot of skill and hard work, for even seasoned homeschoolers.

We hope this chance to watch our in-depth talk with experienced educators on Wyzant results in some useful and actionable advice for your family.

Our Panel of Educators

Pam S. is a certified teacher in Pennsylvania and Texas. She holds two Masters degrees from Wilkes University – one in Technology and the other in Leadership. Pam has taught middle school math and science, and tutored homeschooled students, for more than 20 years.

Arthur E. graduated from Westminster with a major in Chemistry, and now works with National Geographic to produce educational videos that inspire children to learn more about the world around us. In addition, he’s traveled to Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and Argentina to practice language. Arthur has tutored more than 830 hours on Wyzant.

Abigail C. pursued her education in Mathematics and Statistics at MIT and UAlbany, and has logged an astonishing 8,000 hours tutoring on Wyzant. She’s spent 12 years as an educator specializing in SAT/ACT and other standardized test prep.

Patrick M. earned a B.A. from Rice University and holds his MBA from CU-Boulder. He’s a published author and full-time tutor with more than 7,600 hours of lessons under his belt. Patrick’s philosophy is to help students find approaches to learning, studying and academic success that are attuned to their individuality.

Homeschool Q&A Topics

Over the course of an hour, panelists took questions live from the audience on a number of topics, and engaged in an advice-filled and down-to-earth discussion packed with information families considering homeschooling can immediately use. Here are a few conversation highlights:

  • How does homeschooling benefit kids? Families?
  • What makes “homeschool” in Fall 2020 different from “traditional” homeschool?
  • What are some homeschooling pros and cons?
  • How can I find my child’s learning style while homeschooling?
  • How, specifically, do tutors fit into “new” homeschooling this fall?
  • What are your own methods that parents can use to keep their kids on-task and learning?
  • What are your biggest time management tips for homeschool families?
  • What ways can parents try in order to manage their time effectively?
  • How do you make sure you’re covering “everything”?
  • How can I keep learning interesting and enjoyable for my kids?
  • As educators, what’s your most important advice to parents who are considering homeschool in the fall?

Homeschooling Tutor Concierge

We recently launched a new Homeschool Concierge Service for families that allows Wyzant to connect you with the perfect educator for your family’s homeschool education plan this fall. Whether you’re partnering with a “homeschool pod”, a team of other parents in your community, or need some long-term support for your kids, our Concierge takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect private tutor for your family’s at-home education goals.

Just tell us a little about what kind of help you’re looking for, and a member of our Concierge team will reach out to help you connect with tutors with the right stuff.

More Homeschool Help

In order to help you make an informed decision about what’s best for your own kids, check out all the resources about remote learning, homeschooling, and other important topics at our Homeschool Resource Hub.

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