How To Write Great Job Applications


Find out three important ways to make your job applications stand out from the crowd. Plus, see examples of great job applications.

Job applications are your first introduction to potential parents and students. Make sure your application is saying all the right things and you’re showing potential students exactly how you can help them.

Show Your Experience & Keep It Relevant

In every job application you send to students and parents, make sure you include experience that speaks to their current needs and helps a potential student know more about your unique abilities, training, and education.

The first few sentences of your job application are crucial to helping parents know more about you. Make sure to include a short description of the following:

Academic and education background. In a sentence or two highlight any academic credentials that the student might find appealing, such as degrees, certifications, professional teaching or tutoring experience. Include any related work, such as being a volunteer tutor or teacher’s assistant. Also, make sure to include how long you’ve been teaching or tutoring.

Your “secret sauce”. Are you great with visual learners or do you have a background in helping with specific educational needs? Make sure a potential student knows this right upfront, especially if they mention that they need help in your area of expertise. If you don’t have a niche, show a short example of how you were understanding or adaptable to a new student.

Show Your Methods

You might not even realize you have a method or approach when it comes to tutoring. But your method is a combination of your personality with students and parents, how you approach students with their specific challenges, and how you manage your tutoring relationship. Make sure parents and students understand how you can help them and what they can expect.

Still not sure how to talk about your approach? Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

1. What do you think are important areas to focus on to drive a student’s success? Whether it’s building up foundational skills or confidence, challenging students to excel, or a combination of them, let a student know how you would help them tackle a subject or get better grades.

2. How often will you update parents or students on progress? When you tell students how you communicate you let them know what to expect and also that you’re committed to helping them reach their goals.

3. What are some of your previous relevant accomplishments? Let students and parents know how you’ve helped other student from higher grades or test scores to more confidence in the classroom or even how you helped students get into a specific college they wanted to attend.

Outline Clear Next Steps

Remember, many parents and students come to Wyzant because they want help immediately. Be their guide!

Give parents a clear option for what to do next, such as offering to schedule a phone call or a first lesson where you can evaluate a student’s need and provide an assessment. You can also let parents know that Wyzant offers a Good Fit Guarantee to students, so if they’re not happy for any reason, we refund their payment for the first hour with any new tutor.

Examples of Great Job Applications

Below are some examples to help you write your own stellar job application.

Example 1:

Hi Monica,

I’d be happy to work with your daughter, Samantha, to improve her Math abilities. I’m an accredited Math and Science teacher. In my 5 years of teaching, I’ve been fortunate to build a background that gives me unique perspective and understanding of how to support a variety of learning styles and personalities.

In my first lesson with Samantha, I would be focused on building a relationship and evaluating her individual needs and strengths. I’ll follow up after our first session with a full write-up and learning plan that we can move forward on.

I have availability on both weekends and weekdays, so let me know what time works best for you. Additionally, I’d be happy to first talk on the phone to get a better understanding of your daughter’s needs and answer any questions.

Example 2:

Hi David,

My name is Julia and I would love to help your son with algebra! I recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in Neuroscience and I have had success with over 25 math students. I not only strive to make the material fun and enjoyable, but I also bring a whiteboard to all my lessons. It helps them see the problems with a new perspective and also makes it very interactive! I have flexibility in my scheduling and have most afternoons, some nights, and Sundays open for lessons. If you’d like, we could schedule a quick phone call to talk through details.

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