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In many ways, tutors are on the frontlines of our shared education crisis. They’re out there all over the country, day in and day out, working to keep students engaged and learning as routines and support systems – both their own and those of their families – have been turned upside down by the pandemic.

We’ve seen new approaches taking shape – including governments, publishers, content creators, educators, tech providers, teachers, and especially tutors – rethinking how we use remote learning and online platforms as a temporary solution to the crisis.

We want to help families manage their own versions of “homeschooling,” so we sourced some expert advice on how to succeed – even thrive – in online education.

We gathered the top Homeschool tutors on Wyzant to discuss topics on everyone’s minds these days: “homeschooling”, remote learning, and how parents and families can keep their at-home students on a path to success in their education.

Watch the Roundtable

Our panel of Homeschool Educators

Homeschool Educators Camelia Crawford James Lanier Pam Shaffer and Becky Dole

Camelia Crawford lives in Aurora, Illinois (a Chicago neighbor!). She’s been tutoring homeschooled students since 1998.

James Lanier hails from Cary, North Carolina, and for the last several years, has averaged roughly 1000 hours/year teaching homeschoolers core subjects in both STEM and the humanities.

Pam Shaffer lives in Northampton, Pennsylvania. Pam has taught middle school math and science for more than 20 years, including helping to “homeschool” a member of the USA Olympic Team.

Becky Dole connects with us from Saint Peters, Missouri. Her experience includes a Master’s in Elem Ed and 30+ years experience. Becky is a member of 7 professional organizations, including Teachers Association International and International Tutoring Association.

Homeschool Roundtable Topics and Highlights

There’s a lot to take in, and the learning curve is steep, so we decided to cut through the noise and go straight to the source for some expert advice.

  • Traditional homeschooling is a lot different than what many are calling homeschooling these days. What are the main differences?
  • What can “traditional” homeschooling teach parents about managing their child’s education from home?
  • What are some ways that parents can help their at-home students with their education starting today?
  • Where does online tutoring fit into the remote learning/homeschooling equation? How does it help?
  • What are some of your favorite resources for homeschooling or remote learning?
  • What’s your number one piece of advice for parents and families who are trying to find a way to make “homeschooling” work?

We’re Here to Help

Homeschooling, remote learning, distance learning – whatever you call it in your home – is a tough situation. We hope you’re taking away some useful and actionable information from our discussion, and share it with your friends and family. Searching for help with remote learning is easy – just start with a clear goal, and partner with an expert.

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