Get Ready For High School Live Free Lesson Series

WATCH: Get Ready For High School FREE Lesson Series

“Get Ready For High School” is a 100% free video lesson series that empowers high school students with the chance to catch up and connect with material they need to know in some of their most important classes.

Created and led by educators on Wyzant, each session explores crucial topics in subjects like English, Spanish, Calculus, and Chemistry, with a focus on live instruction and interaction between tutors and students.

We’ve made all the GRF High School videos available on-demand at Wyzant’s YouTube channel, so check them out anytime, from anywhere, for an expert-led back-to-school boost.

Get Ready For Spanish


“¡HOLA! My name is Felipe D.  I’m a caring language instructor/tutor with extensive experience. My objective is to provide outstanding quality Spanish lessons or tutoring to a variety of different groups: from business oriented people that are in need to learn a new language to college students and younger learners that are in need of tutoring. I moved to Tulsa, more than 10 years ago, from Madrid, Spain, where I was born and went to school, and also where I obtained my AA in Early Childhood Education and my AA in Social and Cultural Education.”

Spanish 1:  Vocabulary, Greetings, & Sentence Structure

Spanish 2:  Direct/Indirect Object Pronouns, Preterite & Imperfect Tenses

Spanish 3: Past Participles; Present Perfect and Past Perfect Tenses

Get Ready For English


“I have a B.A. in English literature and a M.Ed. with a concentration in writing and grammar. I’m a former English teacher and associate director of admission, and I have over 20 years experience in teaching writing & grammar and college application essays. As an editor, I have 7 years in proofreading and editing graduate and PhD dissertations.”

English 1:  How to Write A Literary Analysis

English 2:  Writing a Rhetorical Analysis

Get Ready For Chemistry


“Hi! I’m Erin – experienced Chemistry and AP Chemistry teacher AND AP reader turned tutor. I love helping students learn and enjoy chemistry. I’ve been teaching for over eight years and have found great ways to teach students so that they not only do well in class and on assessments, but they grow to really love the subject of chemistry.”

Intro to Chemistry:  Definition & Classification of Matter; Physical and Chemical Changes

Chemistry Math: Significant Figures, Scientific Notation, and Intro to Dimensional Analysis 

AP Chemistry: Equations, Reactions, Mole Conversions, & Stoichiometry

Get Ready For Calculus


“While I was a student at UT, I tutored 700+ hours in college-level math and science classes. I am also a CRLA-certified master tutor. I like math and physics, but I like tutoring them more. My goal as a tutor is to teach students how to learn difficult concepts. I want my students to eventually not need me. A lot of students that I’ve taught have become tutors in the material themselves.

Precalculus:  Functions & Graphs

Calculus: The Unit Circle

Calculus: An Intro to Limits

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