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Face it. Applying for college can feel intimidating.

Since there are so many steps – like choosing schools, gathering transcripts and test scores, writing essays, interviewing with admissions officers, and obtaining letters of rec, the best way to feel confident about the first (huge) step toward your future is to get – and stay – informed.

We gathered all the resources, tips, and expert-sourced advice on The Wyzant Blog to give you a big head start.

WATCH: Wyzant<5 College Admissions Series

Wyzant Under Five is a video series featuring tutors on Wyzant doing what tutors do best: fitting a ton of learning into a short time.

We challenged expert college counseling tutors on Wyzant to tell us everything college students need to know about topics like Admissions Essays, Interviews, and using The Common App…in under five minutes.

Click the articles below to watch each video, and check out all the videos on YouTube!


Over 750 colleges and universities; schools from ivy league to small private institutions to big state institutions use it. Do you know how to maximize your applications with The Common App?


Your college application essay can be one of the most stressful parts of applying to college because it’s the most open-ended, time-consuming, and subjective part of the process.


Get some sound prep, and with it, develop an informed understanding of the process of interviewing for colleges. The tips in this guide will help you leave a positive, lasting impression with your admissions officer.

College Student Stories

With online learning fast becoming the de facto method of going to class, there’s never been a better time to listen to (and learn from) the ways other college students are dealing with the stress.

We interviewed students from schools all over the US about the challenges of online college classes, and asked each for the advice they’d give other college-goers.


An unprecedented number of students have begun taking their college classes online.

To better understand the advantages of virtual learning, we spoke with four students who prefer the screen to the classroom.


All over the world, college students have had to trade lecture halls for Zoom sessions.

To find out what that transition is like, we spoke with three students about the biggest differences between the two.


Despite the long list of virtual learning challenges, students are quickly developing online learning strategies to help them make the most of their remote experience.


Naturally, there are plenty of challenges to distanced music learning, but there are also some unexpected benefits. We spoke with two music students and one music instructor about their experiences.

Taking the GED?

For lots of collegebound students, the GED represents a big hurdle between them and their long-term goals. Can you go to college with a GED? Of course! In fact, thousands of people do it every single year.

Our GED hub features tons of articles and resources about each section of the test. Check it out below:


Heading to Grad School?

Undergrads who intend to take the GRE should devote prep time to the test – from taking timed practice tests and analyzing their performance, to practicing writing; memorizing important fomulae, to learning what their scores actually mean.

Scroll through the articles above to find resources that will help you be confident enough to ace the GRE.

Taking a Year Off?

While not everyone has the means to backpack across Europe during their gap year, there are tons of alternatives to take time off and enjoy a fulfilling with little to no spending. You could even EARN some extra cash.


Get Personalized College Admissions Help

There are huge benefits to establishing a regular schedule with a capable college admissions tutor.

Now, more than ever before, keeping up with all the seemingly endless steps of the college admissions process has become difficult, as the majority of schools have switched to online delivery. Investing in your future by establishing a relationship with a qualified tutor can provide priceless benefits – throughout your application and all the way through to graduation.


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