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10 Methods to Train Your Brain Into Learning Any Language Efficiently

Lauren HarshNovember 6, 20208 min read

Learning a new language can look daunting. Between learning a new word for everything, making sense of the grammar, and perfecting your pronunciation, every language has a lot of moving…

An Adult Learner’s Guide to French Reading Practice

Lauren HarshSeptember 10, 20209 min read

When you’ve gone beyond common French phrases, French reading practice is an important part of any learning strategy. Just as you didn’t go straight from Dr. Seuss to Shakespeare when you…

How Can I Meaningfully Practice French Conversation?

Lauren HarshSeptember 4, 20209 min read

The purpose of languages is to communicate with other people, but many learners put off practicing conversation. Some people get self-conscious or intimidated, thinking they have to be perfect to…

How to Start Learning French: An Indispensable Guide

Lauren HarshAugust 31, 20209 min read

Do you want to start learning French as a second language, but not know where to start? The internet has made great strides in the availability of foreign language education.…

Is French Hard to Learn? 4 Things Beginners Struggle With Most

Lauren HarshJuly 31, 20208 min read

If you’re considering learning French as a second language, you may be asking yourself, “Why is French hard?” How easy is it to learn French, anyway? There are certainly aspects…

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