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How to Get Your GED

Jonathan Reidenouer, M.Ed.October 26, 202011 min read

Only a couple decades ago, students that didn’t graduate high school were called “dropouts,” but let’s face it—that’s an inaccurate, offensive term. Thanks to all the developments in sociological, psychological,…

How to Expertly Prepare for GED Social Studies

Jonathan Reidenouer, M.Ed.September 25, 202010 min read

Planning on getting your GED? Chances are you are concerned about the Reasoning Through Language Arts and the Mathematical Reasoning sections. That’s what your high school education was all about,…

Demystifying the GED Science Test

Jonathan Reidenouer, M.Ed.October 26, 202011 min read

When we all look back on the year 2020, we’ll remember it most for a pandemic that affected education in a major way. The makers of the GED have also…

So, You’re Retaking the SAT

Jonathan Reidenouer, M.Ed.November 17, 202010 min read

In any ordinary school year, the graduating class would be finishing up their college applications and eyeing the Christmas break. As we are all too aware of, however, the 2020-2021…

Do I Still Need to Take The SAT?

Jonathan Reidenouer, M.Ed.December 28, 202011 min read

When schools began closing in early 2020, we all had the hope that things could return to normal within a few months. As we transition from 2020 to 2021, however,…

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