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New To Photoshop? Here’s How to Use the 10 Most Important Tools

Gali SoffNovember 25, 202017 min read

So, you are a Photoshop beginner and want to learn the basics? You’ve come to the right place! Before you jump into working with Photoshop, take a moment to learn…

Why You Need A Hobby, and How To Find The Right One

Jay Pike, Creative Content EditorNovember 23, 202016 min read

Ever feel like you absolutely cannot watch another streaming episode of anything? Need a way to keep busy that can improve your health? Want to learn skills you need in…

Reflecting on 2020: Gratitude & Joy

Andrew Geant, CEO November 23, 20203 min read

Three months into 2020, it became clear that it would be a year we would never forget. History books will be written about this momentous year from the COVID-19 pandemic…

Fluency, and 9 Other Language Learning Myths

Lauren HarshNovember 23, 20208 min read

People believe a lot of weird things about languages. Some people think French is the hardest language for English speakers to learn. Others think only a handful of languages can…

So, You’re Retaking the SAT

Jonathan Reidenouer, M.Ed.November 17, 202010 min read

In any ordinary school year, the graduating class would be finishing up their college applications and eyeing the Christmas break. As we are all too aware of, however, 2020 is…

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