6 Ways Private Tutors Help Families (Hint: It’s Not Just Tutoring)


Private tutoring has some obvious rewards: It can help your child learn new skills or work through problem subjects. In fact, most parents on WyzAnt report that their child improves by a full letter-grade after only 8 hours of private tutoring. But many of the best reasons to get a private tutor can’t be quantified so easily.

Whether or not you’ve made the choice to get a private tutor, you might not be aware of all the benefits of private tutoring. Here are some of the lesser-known ways a private tutor can help your family.

Intellectual Independence

The backbone of the tutor-tutee dynamic is that it gives students the tools they need to be successful in their education. Tutoring helps a student develop the cognitive skills that enable them to identify problems and solutions related to their learning experience.

From organization, study planning, note-taking, to time management, your child can build up their academic abilities with a private tutor. Independence is built on the foundation of these skills. Plus students inherently learn about taking responsibility as they see that their efforts have positive results.

A Happier Home

Many parents with multiple children have noticed a shoring up of rocky relationships with their teens as a result of private tutoring. Why?

Tutoring curbs an ongoing source of stress. Struggling through classes without confidence, having to go tit-for-tat with parents about completed homework, and the anxiety that comes with them can weigh on a teen’s mind. For parents it’s also difficult as your concerns about grades, test scores, or your teen’s overall happiness can easily snowball into larger concerns about your child’s future.

Many parents feel that the dynamics of the household change for the better simply because they can interact differently with their child. As a parent, there is a big difference in the overall mood of your home when you can start asking “How was your homework?” instead of “Did you do your homework?”

A New Role Model

As much as you’re pairing your child with an instructor, you’re giving them access to a mentor and a coach. It might seem like nothing more than a neutral individual, but a good private tutor opens them up to new possibilities within learning.

They are also being exposed to someone with a passion for teaching and knowledge, who can show them a new lens of what they can strive for. Having an adult figure who isn’t a parent, who is relatable, kind, and helps them achieve their goals can often inspire a more positive attitude.

Relief For Parents

They aren’t going to go away completely, but those white-knuckled moments of parental test anxiety and homework frustration will lose their edge. As you get used to the idea of having a second set of eyes and ears on your child’s work, you’ll notice you’re a little more relaxed and confident that everything is progressing as it should. Not only do you get the peace of mind that homework is getting done, but it’s often done faster.

Improved Social Skills

Working with a tutor means listening, taking guided criticism, and handling expectations. It also means your child has no choice but to be accountable for their actions. And, when called for, even rewarded.

That improved self-esteem and confidence will create a willingness to put themselves out there in front peers and teachers. From feeling confident enough to ask questions in class to just being more proactive in tackling their work, most students feel a profound sense of confidence after just a few lessons with a private tutor.

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