The 4 Biggest Rewards Of Long-Term Private Tutoring

The 4 Biggest Rewards Of Long-Term Private Tutoring

Deep down, you know your child’s education is more than the grades they receive, or the time spent on homework each night. It’s in a child who is hungry to learn, ready to take on challenges, and is emotionally resilient.

But those things aren’t always easy to see, and are impossible to quantify. Which means, as a parent, you’re left wondering if everyone else makes them a priority when you send them off to school each day.

And while it most likely is…is it working?

Just as you rely on your doctor to guide your child’s physical health, private tutors do the same for their learning experience. And when that relationship is given time to blossom, the effect can be seen across the whole of your child’s well-being.

Here are the main reasons working with one tutor long-term makes a difference, from tutors themselves.

1. A Tutor Wants Your Child to Succeed As Much As You Do

You want a teacher who blows your socks off with the way they take a role in your student’s education. Someone who knows talking with you is as important as assigning a grade at the end of each quarter. Hopefully a past teacher comes to mind right now

The reality is those don’t come around every grade. And it’s not necessarily the teacher’s choice. Whether they’re fresh out of college and feeling out their role or fully capable and just dealing with the challenges of their world outside of work, it’s not always possible. And as a parent, it can be frustrating.

“I’ve become so invested in my students’ success, and it’s great to see the progress a student makes. I love being a part of building that confidence and that ability.” — Tutor Allison P.

A private tutor will be someone who places that investment in your child, and is engaged in their growth as much as you. When you find that kind of engagement, your tutor will take that role year after year, even as teachers and schools change.

And the best part? You choose them.

2. Helping Them Love What & How They Learn

At home, you experience a vibrant boy or girl who has put a smile on your face from day one. Their passions run a gambit of subjects, some of which they received from you, while others you scratch your head at every time you find out a new fact from Google.

It probably not be a surprise, that passion doesn’t often peek out during school hours. A good teacher is able to touch on them at times, to relate to your child, and inspire flashes of interest that lasts for a few weeks (or until the lesson ends). But even the best teacher can’t teach to the specific interests of 30 children every day of the school year. And it directly correlates to how interested they are in learning.

“If she loves what she is learning about, she will look forward to our sessions together more. Her experiences with education will be positive ones.” — Tutor Jessica M.

Private tutoring plays to your child’s personality, and in a circular. From lesson one, it feeds your tutor’s ability to teach using things your child likes. In Jessica’s words, “Amidst all the fun, I sneak learning in.”


But once those passions are built upon and explored, a child’s personality will shine stronger than ever with a new enjoyment of learning and a boost in confidence.

3. New Layers of Trust and Accountability Are Built

In the series of emotional and physical valleys that is growing up, parents play an important role as confidants, enablers, and disciplinarians. At times, it can be hard to see the where the lines begin and end.

Whether your child is at the top of the class or having a rough go at it, there is always something just below the surface. And while feeling in the dark might seem like a cause for concern, it’s normal for the depths of a kid’s feelings to not always make it to you, or to be put into words.

“You must build a relationship with them. They have a teacher already just as they have parents. It’s the tutor’s responsibility to be a mentor and friend to the kid(s) they are assigned to.” — Tutor Deir C.

What if you could have another avenue into your child’s mind, particularly when it comes to their studies? A long-term relationship with a tutor unlocks a peer-pressure-free environment where the focus can stay on your child and how they feel most comfortable learning.

A tutor can play the role of a mentor, with whom students can explore the root of their struggles and the emotions they come with.

4. Learning Goes Deeper

If you’ve ever done short-term study groups, or crammed for a test, you know having some help can, well, help. At the very least, the time spent translates into a boost in confidence, which might mean the difference between one letter grade and the next.

But all learning isn’t created equal. Enough studies have shown rote memorization and cramming are not a recipe for lifelong learning, or even remembering the Battle of the Bulge two months later. That doesn’t mean they aren’t enough to pass the test.

“If tutoring is only for test preparation there is no time to develop learning to a deeper level and it only focuses on the immediate needs. The students that I work with for years have gone on to great things!” — Tutor Wayne L.

Given the choice, wouldn’t you have your child use what they’ve picked up as building blocks to bigger, better learning? Or better critical thinking and reading skills?

A tutor syncs classwork into deeper and more personalized learning. Even with bi-weekly or monthly sessions, the mental muscles used for strategic thinking can be strengthened for your student’s long-term benefit.

As a parent, your job is to think for the long-term, and to educate your child from the inside out—two of the hardest things possible. If you added a trusting, helping hand to the mix, imagine the possibilities, or at least the opportunity, you could afford your child.

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