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How to Expertly Prepare for GED Social Studies

Jonathan Reidenouer, M.Ed.September 25, 202010 min read

Planning on getting your GED? Chances are you are concerned about the Reasoning Through Language Arts and the Mathematical Reasoning sections. That’s what your high school education was all about,…

Meet 4 Students Who Actually Prefer Their College Classes Online

Joshua KrausSeptember 24, 202010 min read

With campuses closed throughout the country, an unprecedented number of students have begun taking their college classes online. While many of these students are struggling with online learning, some have…

The 6 Most Difficult Aspects of Chemistry…and How to Overcome Them

Erin DavilaSeptember 23, 202012 min read

It’s no coincidence that the mere thought of taking a high school or college chemistry class often produces anxiety and angst among students and parents. The difficult subject material within…

What’s Up with the GRE Analytical Writing Assessment?

Andrew ColfordSeptember 22, 20208 min read

Back in the day, we humans ate some pretty rough stuff.  Leaves, roots, seeds…our prehistoric palates tended toward the hard, fibrous, and crunchy.  So, it was useful to have a…

Classroom vs. Online: 3 College Students Share their Struggles Between Learning Experiences

Joshua KrausSeptember 17, 20208 min read

All over the world, college students have been forced to trade lecture halls for Zoom sessions and chemistry labs for online modules. Not surprisingly, many students are having trouble adapting…

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