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"Here are a few of the success stories that make us proud to be part of WyzAnt." — Justin

WyzAnt features an unrivaled network of professional tutors that spans the country. Here are a few of the success stories that make us proud to be part of WyzAnt.

Rachel and Jake

When I first met Jake, he was scraping by with a D in high school chemistry. Jake was a bright boy, but he’d fallen behind in the class because it bored him and because he didn’t think he was any good at science. I knew exactly where Jake was coming from. When I was in high school, I took as few science classes as possible, and I made a policy of forgetting as much of the material as I could, as soon as I could. But when I went off to college, I realized that science was a subject that could be fascinating—I went on to declare a major in Materials Science, a field of applied chemistry.

After a few weeks of working together, Jake’s grades began to climb. First, he went from earning D’s to earning C’s. Then, he was earning B’s. A few weeks before his final exam, I prepared specially-designed worksheets on the topics where I knew he struggled, and over those weeks we worked through them together; we reviewed all the topics he’d forgotten from the beginning of the year. In those final weeks of working closely together, I watched a series of light bulbs go off in Jake’s head. For the first time, Jake understood chemistry from the ground up. He passed the final with a 94%— his first A that year.

Jake’s hard work was what led to his tremendous success. We still work together. This year, we’re conquering physics and calculus!

Rachel from Chicago, IL

Johanna and Joseph

Johanna had used private tutoring in the past, and she decided to try it again—this time as a graduate student. When Johanna enrolled in a Master’s program in sports management, she recognized that three courses would be the most difficult for her: sports law, financial management and her thesis project. She quickly found me, a local tutor with a law and economics background. Our initial meetings for sports law went well. I was able to help Johanna with the material, and her final paper and exam each earned her an A.

We then moved on to financial management, and I provided her a sounding board to review current assignments and offered her insight into upcoming lessons. Again, Johanna was able to master each section with diligent work and steady guidance.

We worked closely and tirelessly. One time, when Johanna was injured in an accident on the day of our scheduled session, I traveled to the hospital and helped her finish her final paper while she was awaiting her x-ray results. Her paper was singled out as the best in the class. (And her leg is fine, too!)

For her thesis project, I was able to come to Johanna’s aid, helping her develop the necessary framework for each section and reviewing the paper at each draft stage. Not surprisingly, she received an A for her efforts, and has since been accepted to a Ph.D. program. I wrote a recommendation for the program, and I take a lot of pride in being part of Johanna’s efforts to achieve her dreams.

Joseph from Cherry Hill, NJ

Lisa and Angel

I can’t say enough how rewarding working with my student has been—she truly is an Angel! When Angel’s mom, working tirelessly to support five children, noticed that her daughter was having trouble in school, she decided to seek private tutoring. Luckily for me, I became Angel’s tutor. When I started working with her, her main obstacle was learning how to succeed as a dyslexic student in a school system which did not recognize her learning difference. Failing to address Angel’s learning disability did not allow her to demonstrate her academic strengths, and as a result, she struggled in school. I worked with Angel to teach her tricks and tips to best overcome the difficulties dyslexic students face. The good news—these methods made all the difference!

Now that Angel is using the tools I taught her to best work with her dyslexia, we have been able to move forward into academic work whereby Angel is making leaps and bounds! Through our tutoring relationship, I have been able to pinpoint Angel’s strength and weaknesses. It’s been extremely exciting getting to see her overcome what were once weaknesses and turn them into strengths. I am overwhelmed by how her reading and writing skills have developed. We still have a lot of work to do, especially in the area of mathematics, but I only foresee strength and mastery of the subject. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to help improve Angel’s educational experience, and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for her!

Lisa from Las Vegas, NV

WyzAnt has been a phenomenal experience for me! It is very easy for tutors to find students, and students to find tutors. I am impressed at how organized and efficient the company is. The site is extremely user-friendly! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to do what I am passionate about-changing the world, one student at a time!

- Fatima from Los Angeles, CA