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I would like to begin by saying thank you for visiting my profile. I enjoy being part of a community that is committed to helping people reach their academic goals. As our society advances, we are often called upon to know more and do more. This requires us to become better students and teachers. I, like others believe that teaching and learning rely on one another and it is ultimately our goal to improve our performance in both areas. This idea helps keep me motivated in my quest to be the best teacher/student that I can be.

I began to develop the idea of being a teacher while overcoming my own challenges in pursuing an education. I have always felt that If I was familiar with an idea or concept, I could relate this to someone else in a useful way. My creative nature and my desire to help others ultimately led to this goal. I am currently finishing a bachelor's degree in Communications with a focus on Technology. Originally pursuing a teaching degree, I changed my major in an effort to prepare myself for the increasing influence of technology in the classroom. In addition, my eventual goal is to design educational software and/or web applications that will add to the improvements being made with the way that we teach and learn. I recently learned that I could continue my certification and learn the additional skills I need without completely altering my list of required classes. As I near the end of my requirements, I continue to look for opportunities to cultivate my craft and develop meaningful connections with those that need help.

I know that I am among good company. There are many talented educators within this community. This means that my subject knowledge and passion for teaching are not unique qualities (and they certainly shouldn't be). Rather than offer a detailed list of my positive qualities, I will share with you a couple of qualities that you might appreciate and provide some insight into our learning sessions.

The first quality that I have that is very important is that I have good communication skills. Effective teaching cannot exist without the effective exchange of ideas. Because of this, our success is directly dependent on our ability to understand one another. My fundamental objectives are based on knowing what challenges you face and then figuring out what I need to do in order to help you overcome them. This help might come in the form of an explanation, an example, or a set of instructions. At other times, it might be a matter of making you feel comfortable working with a new concept or offering a mnemonic device. Considering this, I work hard to express my ideas as clearly as possible but work even harder to make sure that I remain attentive and listen as well.This allows me to better connect with you and hone in on specific strengths and weaknesses. The end result is that we are able to find out what works for you and develop a course of action that fosters improvement

The second quality that I would like to share is that I genuinely enjoy the work that I do, especially in math. The combination of creativity and calculation satisfies my brain's need to be worked a little harder. As a result, my enthusiasm and energy come across during sessions. Math is a subject that requires memory, assimilation of concepts, organization, and attention to detail. Because of this, the work of math can often be tedious and frustrating for those who are not familiar with it. In order to improve your performance, you must first have the confidence to believe that you can improve ability in these areas. Working with a tutor who has natural energy and enthusiasm regarding their work helps to boost this confidence.

The work of a teacher/tutor are similar, and even though I prepare for our sessions, I approach them from a student's perspective. My goal is essentially to show you what works for me and present it in a way that you can use to work for you. Our sessions accommodate different learning styles. Three of the most common are visual, audio, and hands-on learners. Concerning mathematics, you have to be strong in all three areas. When you are participating in a lecture, you must be able to hear and pay attention to the concepts and instructions being discussed. When studying examples, you must be able to watch the manipulations of equations and recognize patterns; you must also be able to interpret graphs, classify different shapes etc. Your eventual goal is to be able to use concepts and skills that you see and hear and repeat specific processes to get the right answer. For this to happen and become natural, you must actually do the work yourself and practice. I understand this and most of what I do is to help you improve your understanding of the subject from these perspectives.

I consider myself a good tutor/teacher. However, the fact that I am part of a very large community of talented teachers keeps me humble and in constant pursuit of improvement. I welcome and use feedback from my students and like to make myself available outside our sessions to help. I check my email regularly and respond to questions via email and/or text. It is not uncommon for me to set aside a couple hours during the week to answer questions via telephone also. I take the work that I do seriously but I have a very patient and relaxed demeanor. I have no problem telling a corny joke or remarking about something interesting while we are working. The goal is always to help maintain a natural and effective learning environment during the time we have together.

I would like to hear from you. If you are interested in working with me, or you have any questions regarding subject matter or our sessions, send me a message. I have a pretty busy schedule but I am always willing to work and will respond as soon as I am available. Thank you in advance for your consideration and good luck!


I would like to begin by saying thank you for visiting my profile. I enjoy being part of a community that is committed to helping people reach their academic goals. As our society advances, we are often called upon to know more and do more. This requires us to become better students and teachers. I, like others believe that
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In-person lessons

"Good Communicator"

- J, Greendale, WI on 11/11/15
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Elementary Math, GED, Geometry, GRE, Microsoft Excel, Prealgebra, Precalculus,
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Elementary Math, Writing
ESL/ESOL, GRE, Microsoft Excel, Writing

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The first semester of Calculus, depending on your instructor and text usually focuses on two fundamental concepts: Differentiation and Integration. Once one is familiar with the limits and their properties, he or she will begin using other techniques such as the chain rule and implicit differentiation to find the derivative. These become the skill sets that are necessary to do problems with related rates, finding extrema (maxs and mins) on particular intervals, and to be able to determine how graphs of functions behave. This is helpful in graphing functions that are non-linear. With Integration, it is pretty much the same format for instruction. The process of a limit is applied to sums, and this in turn yields basic rules for integration and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. This class ties together and reviews a lot of concepts and ideas that are presented in Algebra 1 and 2 and Trigonometry. I can help with the skills sets that are necessary in this class and also help review the skills and fundamental ideas that are prerequisites to taking this course.


This class is often structured as an advanced algebra class (algebra 2)combined with trigonometry. The goal of this class, as the name suggests is to prepare the student for the work that they will have to do in calculus. See description for algebra 2 and trigonometry.


Some schools/classes are structured so that this class is either taken by itself, or in combination with college level algebra. If the class is taken by itself, it is the class that one takes right before moving into calculus. Trigonometry is mainly a geometry class that it focused on triangles and circles. Here we learn the six trigonometric functions and how they relate to the Cartesian Coordinate system.You will also learn how to solve right triangles and how to convert from degree measure to radian measure which allows you to solve a multitude of problems and give real world answers. You will also learn the basic graphs of trig functions so that you can be able to graph them yourself, recognize them when you see them, and be able to write equations for them. Trigonometry also deals with a lot of identities, formulas that can be used to generate new pieces of information. You will learn how to prove identities and how to use formulas (sum and difference, double-angle, half-angle etc.) to simplify expressions involving trig functions. This will allow you to solve trigonometric equations in a similar manner as you did with linear equations.

Milwaukee Area Technical College
UW-Milwaukee, WLC


Milwaukee Area Technical College (Math)

UW-Milwaukee, WLC (0)

Good Communicator

Jason inquired about the students' current lessons in math and was thoroughly prepared for the first meeting. His communication style was relative to the age of the student and he found a way to connect with the student. In a fairly short amount of time, Jason discovered how the students' viewed math and how to help them reach their goals. He followed up via phone with a strategy to use moving for

— J, Greendale, WI on 11/11/15

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