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Wonderful tutor--highly recommended!
— Joan, Bellevue, WA on 1/24/15


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Bob Jones University
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Seattle Pacific University


Bob Jones University (Church Ministries)

Seattle Pacific University (Master's)

Seattle Pacific University (MBA)

About Cynthia

I started my work out of college as a middle school teacher. Then, I worked in business world to learn how knowledge is used outside the academic environment. It helped prepare me to teach students what lies ahead after school. Wanting to learn new cultures and contribute to the education of those in another country, I joined the Peace Corps and went to work in Lesotho, S. Africa, for two years preparing high school juniors and seniors for the Cambridge O-Level Exams with math and English. Upon returning to the US, I earned a Master's in Teaching and teaching certification. I worked with middle and high school students in algebra, geometry, English, and computers. I taught an English immersion course for Korean sixth graders as well and spent time tutoring math, English, and reading at a learning center. I also earned a CELTA (Certificate for English Language Teaching of Adults) from Cambridge University.

After working for General Electric for nine years while earning an MBA, I started a company, and felt it was time to go back to teaching. I've been working with students in Algebra 1 and 2, trig, geometry, ESL, reading comprehension, writing, test prep, computer operations, and general math basics. I'm using the MBA to run my own company and to volunteer in a non-profit organization called Skate Journeys that teaches children and adults inline and quad skating. My years of experience in business along with time as a teacher have allowed me to use both sets of skills to further the organization.

I enjoy seeing students' growth in their areas of study and in a broader context that leads them to a successful future, translating learning where it is used on a daily basis, so they can be the future entrepreneurs, business people, and teachers guiding our world.
I started my work out of college as a middle school teacher. Then, I worked in business world to learn how knowledge is used outside the academic environment. It helped prepare me to teach students what lies ahead after school. Wanting to learn new cultures and contribute to the education of those in another country, I joined the Peace Corps and Read more

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"Wonderful tutor--highly recommended!"

- Joan, Bellevue, WA on 1/24/15

"Excellent tutor"

- Cassie, Bellevue, WA on 6/17/17

"Great Tutor"

- Kalani, Seattle, WA on 6/15/17

"Great at geometry!"

- Libby and Hannah Sue, Seattle, WA on 5/9/17

"Extremely Patient and Explains Well"

- Greta, Bellevue, WA on 3/10/17

"Knowledgable, patient and fun"

- Jill, Bellevue, WA on 10/20/16


- Barbara, Bothell, WA on 9/17/16


- Jasleen, Kent, WA on 8/10/16

"Awesome Instructor"

- Sean, Lynnwood, WA on 7/25/16


- Younjin, Bellevue, WA on 7/19/16


- James, Medina, WA on 6/5/16
Cynthia replied on 6/8/2016

James let me know he wanted to study for his math, English, history, and science tests. Upon arriving, I learned he was most concerned about science, though I told him I was not a science tutor previously. What he wanted was for me to fill in answers on his science study guide. We used the web to assist.

"Helpful and Patient"

- Pamela, Bellevue, WA on 1/26/16

"Best teacher ever"

- Diana, Sammamish, WA on 12/18/15

"Finals help"

- Stefan, Kirkland, WA on 12/7/15

"Knowledgble tutor with lots of experience"

- Ping, Redmond, WA on 12/6/15

"Immediate results"

- Deann, Bothell, WA on 11/29/15

"Patient tutor"

- Christopher, Kirkland, WA on 11/26/15

"Helped my son learn key algebra 2 concepts"

- Laurel, Woodinville, WA on 11/13/15

"Amazing Tutor!"

- Thomas, Kirkland, WA on 9/30/15

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Crystal, Redmond, WA on 9/26/15


- Jamie, Kirkland, WA on 7/27/15

"Cynthis was very personable, knowledgeable and punctual."

- Sue, Seattle, WA on 6/25/15

"My son likes Cynthia's lesson"

- Gan, Bellevue, WA on 6/11/15

"Very patient"

- Cindy, Bellevue, WA on 1/17/15

"English lessons tailored to perfection"

- Roshini, Bellevue, WA on 8/26/14

"Great tutor"

- Linda, Mercer Island, WA on 5/25/14

"Responsive to our needs"

- Cindy, Bellevue, WA on 3/31/14

"Careful to let me learn by doing it"

- Duncan, Bellevue, WA on 2/25/14

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ACT English

I taught high school English composition, and I have an MBA as well as Master's in Teaching. I've had to write a plethora of my own papers and revise much work for others, so I'm well-versed in composition and grammar. Additionally, I've worked with students to prepare them for the SSAT, so I'm quite familiar with standardized testing format and content. I also helped prepare students when I taught overseas for their Cambridge O-Level exams.

Algebra 1

My love of math came from loving algebra. I had an excellent teacher in 9th grade, and I started my pursuit in math topics thereafter. I got a minor in mathematics as part of my Bachelor's degree, and my concentration for my Master's in Teaching was in math. The 6 years I taught in the classroom, I taught algebra every year and find it my most enjoyable subject to tutor.

Algebra 2

I have a master's in Teaching and teaching certification in 4th through 12th math and English. I formerly taught Algebra 2 in high schools here and abroad, and my favorite subject to teach is algebra.


I've been playing basketball since junior high school. I played through high school and college. In college, I coached my sorority team for one year.

Bible Studies

My bachelor's degree is in Church Ministries, and we were required to take a Bible class each quarter we were in school. However, what makes me proficient in New Testament particularly is because I took 3 years of New Testament Greek and read and gave lessons from the Greek text. This, along with having given presentations, lessons, and workshops on Biblical topics, added to my own interest, makes me a highly qualified instructor of the Bible and its study.

College Counseling

I've been to college three times: once for a bachelor's degree, and twice for two master's degrees. I also have teaching certification in English and a master's in business administration, and much of college counseling is being able to market oneself in writing and researching options for colleges. I feel qualified to help students maneuver through their college applications and write essays that will highlight why they should be admitted.

Elementary (K-6th)

My teaching certification is from 4th grade to 12th grade. I've tutored students in all those grade ranges. I believe I could teach K-3 because I have a Master's in Teaching and have worked with students younger than 4th grade in teaching skating. I'm a certified skating instructor.

Elementary Math

I started tutoring elementary math as part of my Master's in Teaching in the mid-90's. I worked at a learning center where I had students from 4th grade up to 12th grade. I tutored with homework help and with students taking online courses.


I taught English composition while working overseas in the Peace Corps. I also taught English in a private school for a year in Oregon. While getting my master's in teaching, I tutored English at a learning center in Bellevue. My teaching certification is for 4th - 12th math and English. Most recently, I tutored two students in grammar.


I taught an English immersion course for Korean 6th graders who came to the US for one month. They were able to do short plays and read their compositions in class by the end of their course. I also taught English Composition overseas to students who had English as a second language. I have a CELTA (Certificate for English Language Teaching of Adults) through Cambridge University.


Fitness is the root of my active lifestyle. I regularly work out by skating, swimming, hiking, biking, working on an elliptical machine or walking. Fitness is essential for me to live a balanced life, and I enjoy teaching modes of fitness to others.


I recently worked with a student who had a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from another country and needed to pass the GED in order to enter a program at the UW. I worked with him on English and math. We determined the best route for him to take was to try to take the exam in Spanish. He found out he could do that, and so he was able to do very well with the topics presented. I worked with him on some math concepts he wasn't familiar with so he could pass all sections.

General Computer

I'm proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access). I've also done projects with Publisher and PageMaker. When I worked in an office and taught classes, I was responsible for keeping the network running and teaching people how to use software and new technology. I replaced routers, switches, and wireless modems as well.


I have a master's in Teaching and taught geometry in the high schools here and abroad. I'm certified to teach 4th - 12th grade math and English.


I've worked with a student in the math portions of the GMAT. Because the math is algebra and geometry concepts, I'm very familiar with the content. The questions have some similarity to the SAT, but the preparation is a bit different. There is much more emphasis on basic facts on the GMAT, so the content is less stringent.


I worked overseas as a math and English composition teacher and have taught English here in the US. Additionally, I have a Certificate for English Language Teaching of Adults, and grammar is a large part of the instruction.


I have begun tutoring a student in preparation for the ISEE. I've worked with five or six students to prepare them for the SSAT lower and middle level tests. Many prep manuals feature both tests together as they both have analytic and verbal sections, but the grade levels differ as well as the strategy for test completion. I sometimes use ISEE material with SSAT test prep.

Linear Algebra

I taught spiral math at the high school level in the Peace Corps. I also have a minor in math from my bachelor's degree and have certification to teach 4-12 Math/English with a Master's in Teaching. I would need to brush up my linear algebra before jumping in.

Microsoft Access

I have been using Access since 2001 and took a class in three levels of Access the same year. Since that time, I have revised and created three databases in Access. I also took courses in Access in my grad program for my MBA in 2009.

Microsoft Excel

In my most recent position with GE, I was tasked with writing code in VBA to automate an update that needed to be done monthly. I got a manual and self-taught VBA to do the update. I'm familiar with creating formulas and recently created a budget spreadsheet for the non-profit I work with to project what's needed for holiday and summer rollerskating camps.

Microsoft Outlook

I regularly used Outlook on the job working for GE Aviation, for 8 years. I created groups and access to view others inboxes or calendars after the owner granted permission to view. I could easily teach someone how to use it.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I have used PowerPoint for almost 20 years. The versions change, but most of the functionality remains the same. I have created many PowerPoint presentations with various transitions, templates, and embedded elements from other Office programs. Simplicity and consistency are key elements of a good PP presentation.

Microsoft Publisher

I used Publisher to create print-ready art to submit for publications when I worked at GE Aviation. It's not quite as savvy as something like PageMaker, but it works for many types of page layout designs. I could teach someone how to work with it and what its limitations are.

Microsoft Windows

I've been working in a Windows environment for more than 10 years. I've taught others how to use the platform and would be able to tutor someone in its use. Since most user-based systems run on Windows or its concept, learning how to use it is like learning a new language. I would begin with basic computer vocabulary to familiarize the student with concepts that will be used and how windows works with pictures instead of programming code.

Microsoft Word

I've been using the Microsoft Office Suite for over 20 years. I've used Word in an academic and business setting. I continue to use it quite often to make forms of various types for the Non-profit I help run. It's a versatile program for simple things like letters or more complicated items like page layouts.


I have worked for years on my own nutritional plan and have found one that healed my body that I've been on for seven years. I had issues with my health after a serious car accident in 1990 where I went out the windshield of a car, but I've always been very physically active. Adding a guided nutritional plan allowed me to go from having serious gynecologic issues and headaches to having none. My body continues to heal itself, and I've been able to tell and teach my friends, family members, and acquaintances how to get and stay healthy through this nutritional program. It includes ways to deal with stress.


I started teaching prealgebra in 1984, my very first teaching job. I had a split 7/8th grade class. Since that time, I've tutored and taught prealgebra for three years. It is delightful to prepare students for the algebra series and other upper level math topics. I have a Master's in Teaching and teaching certification in math and English.


In preparing my students overseas to take the Cambridge national exams, pre-calculus was one of many topics I taught. Much of pre-calc is upper-level algebra and trigonometry combined.

Project Management

I managed projects working for General Electric in the areas of annual event planning. I also managed a project for the installation of the video conferencing location and accompanying equipment. Additionally, in another company, I revised an Access database, and had to plan the project and go live date with and around the regular work schedule with system testing. I have an MBA, so project management was part of our program.


Proofreading has been a part of my regular job for over 30 years. I taught English just out of high school off and on at different schools throughout that time. Any jobs I've had other than teaching have included proofreading in some form or fashion. Formally, I was responsible for proofreading brochures for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. I proofread marketing items while working for General Electric.


I worked at a learning center in Bellevue where reading was part of the curriculum we offered for children. The reading lessons were structured to help them with phonics as well as vocabulary. I worked with several students to help them improve their ability to sight read and read out loud. I work with ESL students on reading now.

SAT Math

I've worked with several students using an SAT manual to prepare for their exam, some just on the math section. Students do best after preparing for the types of questions the exam has along with knowing what formulas and type of math are involved. Students improve by learning the math required and practicing. I'm working with a student now starting two years in advance to prepare, but most students see marked improvement after three months having a session once a week.

SAT Reading

I'm working with a student now in preparation for the SAT by using an SAT manual, reviewing preliminary information for taking the test and strategies for success. I will then have the student take several practice tests before the actual exam and review sections that need shoring up. I have worked with several students on the SSAT and on other standardized tests like the GRE and GMAT.

SAT Writing

I'm a former English Composition teacher. I had a student recently who wanted help with SAT writing and reading. His essays improved dramatically in a couple of weeks due to helping him focus on the type of writing required. I'm working with another student who is just beginning this process now and wants to get a jump on it starting in 9th grade.


I most recently had a student taking the Elementary Level SSAT. I worked with him for several days a week just before the exam and twice a week before that for a couple of months. I'm also well-versed in the Middle- and Upper-Level tests as my student had curriculum for all the levels, and I worked with him on the middle- and upper-level problems though he was planning to write the Elementary Level test to help him be successful, confident, and comfortable with the type of material he would see on the test.

Study Skills

I worked at a tutoring center where we had students who wanted help with study skills, and I provided help for them. We worked on time of day, atmosphere, eating habits, organization, and having the right materials for study. I also had students in the classroom who struggled with getting their homework done, and we discussed home situations or sleep deprivation. These are things I'd discuss with students/parents along with any dysfunctional issues and how to overcome them.


I have a CELTA (Certificate for English Language Teaching of Adults) from Cambridge University. I also taught an English immersion course for a group of Korean 6th graders who came to America to improve their English. There was more practice speaking than writing or reading. We also worked on English by playing board games.

I have created a 16-week curriculum that covers all four areas of the TOEFL test for reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


I have a Master's in Teaching with a concentration in Math and English. I formerly taught trigonometry as part of a spiral math curriculum when working overseas in the Peace Corps. Students there were preparing to take the Cambridge exams, and I worked with them in class five days a week to prepare. A portion of our preparation was trig.


I started playing volleyball on a team in junior high school. I played through high school. I play on the beach every so often and enjoy the sport. I would start with some physical work for legs and arms to gain the strength needed to perform the basic bump, set, spike along with a dig and a dive. We'd spend quite a bit of time on serving since that can win a game. We'd also discuss the rules, positions of players, rotation, and scoring.


I taught English composition while in the Peace Corps in Africa to high school students. I also took a creative writing class as a post grad. I have two Master's degrees and own my own company, so I've done years of business and academic writing and can help your student improve his/her ability to communicate via the computer or pen.

Bob Jones University
Church Ministries
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle Pacific University


Bob Jones University (Church Ministries)

Seattle Pacific University (Master's)

Seattle Pacific University (MBA)

Wonderful tutor--highly recommended!

We have seen both our daughter's grades and confidence increase since she has been tutored by Cynthia. They began during the last school year for Geometry and have continued this year with Algebra II. Throughout, Cynthia has been patient, professional, kind, and knowledgeable. We will continue to work with Cynthia as long as we can.

— Joan, Bellevue, WA on 1/24/15

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Rate changes may apply based on curriculum preparation required for tutoring or teaching a particular subject. Distance may also be a factor.

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