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I've always seen education as the blueprint to the rest of your life. As a result, I want to help students excel in subjects they previously felt poor in. I am a Western Washington University graduate with a BS in cellular and molecular biology, an art history minor, and a creative writing minor. I also have the equivalent of a chemistry minor.

School systems so often only teach in one way to all their students, but each student is unique in how he/she learns. I will work with each student to come up with methods that help him/her understand and retain the material he/she is struggling with.

Tutoring was something I always did for my friends growing up, but it wasn't until I was in college that I began to do it as my job. I find it so rewarding to work with my students and see their confidence grow as their skills improve. Because of this, I really love working on the fundamentals -- prealgebra and algebra 1, particularly. The fundamentals tend to be where the problems begin, and if there is a misunderstanding in a fundamental skill set, it will follow that student throughout the subject until it is corrected. Identifying problem areas is a strength of mine, especially after years of one-on-one tutoring with students.
I've always seen education as the blueprint to the rest of your life. As a result, I want to help students excel in subjects they previously felt poor in. I am a Western Washington University graduate with a BS in cellular and molecular biology, an art history minor, and a creative writing minor. I also have the equivalent of a chemistry minor. Read more

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I have taken the general biology series, cellular and molecular biology, evolutionary biology, two of three of the biochemistry courses (the third will be done in spring 2014), and genetics at WWU as of winter quarter 2014, and am planning on taking molecular biology, microbiology, methods in molecular biology, and developmental biology of animals. I am a cellular and molecular biology major at WWU. Biology is a very conceptual subject, and many of its concepts waterfall down into others. The fundamentals are critical to understand, and a little chemistry doesn't hurt, either!


I have taken the general chemistry series, the organic chemistry series, and am currently working through the biochemistry series (I'm in the second of three as of winter quarter 2014) at WWU. I also have quite a bit of experience tutoring chemistry to students both at the high school and college levels. I find chemistry very fun and exciting; it gets a bad rep, but that's because it is challenging to learn. Once you understand it, chemistry becomes something fascinating that you can apply to your everyday life.


I have been doing art all my life. I have taken numerous art classes; I can use graphite, charcoal, watercolors, and acrylics. In addition, I am able to draw unrealistic as well as realistic, including, but not limited to, surrealism and manga. Shading and eyes are my specialty, and typically graphite is my favorite medium to use. I know a lot of helpful tricks involved in drawing and painting, especially when it comes to imitations or people.


I have been drumming since 2003. While I can do snare work and other individual drum playing, such as the conga drum, I really enjoy playing and teaching drumset the most. I am in a band, which I play the drums for. We have been together since 2006. I can read sheet music and was in school band for four years. I would like to teach beginner to intermediate level drums.

Elementary Math

I absolutely love working with children. I'm very patient, so explaining things over and over again in different ways doesn't bother me. In fact, I enjoy it. I feel that elementary math should be fun and fascinating.


English is a passion of mine. Being able to express oneself with language is a skill invaluable to any career path and/or relationship. I have been creating stories and the like since I learned how to write. I have taken the courses nonfictional creative writing, trauma literature, and technical writing at WWU and took AP American Literature in high school as a junior (and got a 4 on the test). I also took the AP test for AP European Literature, though I did not take the class, and scored a 4 on that as well.


Fitness has always been a part of my life. During my career in track, I had to undergo intensive physical therapy for my hips and shoulders. Due to various injuries, I also received physical therapy for my hamstring (and leg in general) and calves. As a result, I know a myriad of exercises targeting various muscle groups. In addition, in my free time, I often read exercise articles and learn about new exercises.

General Computer

My generation is the first generation to be really exposed to using a computer regularly for a huge range of purposes. I am thus very adjusted to technology and working with computers for personal and professional purposes. My father is a computer engineer, and so my household has always been very tech-savvy, and his knowledge has trickled down to his children, myself included. I've been a lifetime learner of the computer.


I love grammar. Rather than knowing the rules, I actually understand and am capable of explaining the reasoning behind them and why they are as they are. I believe this intimate understanding of grammar is the key to retention of the most difficult grammatical rules.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a staple in so many of today's industries, and certainly in schools. I've been raised in a generation of people who have always had Word, or a similar software, at their fingertips; we know it inside and out. My father worked at Microsoft for a good chunk of my life. He always loved showing off all the coolest features of Word and other Microsoft software. I have used Word to edit back and forth with professionals, as well as for countless assignments and papers. You can even use it for diagrams and graphs. It's an incredibly versatile tool that everyone should have the pleasure of using.


In math, I always went to class, learned nothing, and had to teach myself everything from the textbook while I did my homework. Schools teach math in one way to every student, but every student learns differently. I want to help students who are like me, who don't learn well from the generic teaching styles of math. Pre-Algebra is so much fun once you get the hang of it. It's like a little puzzle. You'll actually be wanting your teacher to give you harder problems, so that you can show off how much you know!


It's so easy to overlook little mistakes when you proofread something you've written yourself. The key to proofreading is to suspend judgement and read for the grammar and spelling, not the content. Once you've got that all under control, you can read for content. That way, you won't read over little errors by anticipating them as the corrections. I love proofreading. Amongst my friends, I was the go-to girl for proofreading an important essay. Proofreading can seem tedious, but once you have that eye for details, it's more like a craft.


Reading is one of those things that is so much work if you aren't good at it and so much fun if you are good at it. Learning to read can be very challenging; it involves needing understanding in other subjects, like grammar and vocabulary. Critical reading can be even more difficult. The best way to start critically reading is to keep a reading log, which contains thoughts and insights of the reading. From critical readings, we can perform close reading analysis, taking specific quotes and focusing on what they mean. From this analysis, we can form interpretive leaps, something like a thesis, which says something about what the author is doing and how he/she is doing it through the book.

Track & Field

Track and Field has long been one of my greatest passions. All four years of high school, I competed in track and made Varsity. Similarly, my first year, I went to State for the 4x1 m relay and 4x2 m relay. My second year, I went to State again for these races with the addition of the long jump. In my third year, I added the 200m dash to the list. I would have gone to State my senior year, but unfortunately, a strained hamstring prevented me from competing. I broke the school records for the 100m, 200m, 4x1, and 4x2. I have great running and jumping form. I am just as able to coach as I am to execute what I am coaching. I even went to Australia for an international track competition.

Western Washington University


Western Washington University

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