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— Randi, Bremerton, WA on 12/17/12


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About Clara

I thoroughly enjoy supporting children of all ages who are challenged by subjects in their regular classroom setting. I am passionate about helping all students achieve in every subject to their greatest potential. As a classroom teacher for 20 years, I have always modified curriculum content to match the needs of each student. Whether the child is just starting out in kindergarten, or has developed challenges in later elementary grades, I will meet the child where he or she is and develop a learning plan for success.

I value tailoring lessons and strategies to the needs of each individual student. I also enjoy developing relationships with each child and his/her family to be sure that there is thorough communication about his/her progress and personal achievements. I enjoy keeping a portfolio of each student's work as he or she completes assignments. I also like to include photographs of the student engaged in specific activities. These can be helpful as a reference for communicating specific skill development.

I believe that learning should be enjoyable for every student. I am dedicated to assisting children for whom learning is frustrating or challenging so that they can experience the thrill of personal success.
I thoroughly enjoy supporting children of all ages who are challenged by subjects in their regular classroom setting. I am passionate about helping all students achieve in every subject to their greatest potential. As a classroom teacher for 20 years, I have always modified curriculum content to match the needs of each student. Whether the child Read more

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In-person lessons

"Great tutor."

- Randi, Bremerton, WA on 12/17/12
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SAT Reading
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I will work to establish individualized behavioral goals to assist each student in developing focus, organizational skills and in controlling impulsive behaviors. I will also work with parents and school partners to establish learning plans to encourage the student to engage fully in classroom activities.

In my 20 years of classroom and private teaching I have created individualized behavior plans for hundreds of children with ADD/ADHD and related challenges. Based on criteria-referenced assessments as well as individualized observations, I use Applied Behavioral Analysis to address each separate challenging behavior and support the whole child in school and at home.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Using Applied Behavioral Analysis, I will create an individualized learning plan for each child that will specify the unique needs each child has. Once the plan is organized, I will break each skill down into specific tasks that can be repeated until the task is mastered and the behavior is developed. The thrill of success is great with each small task the child can complete successfully, leading to greater integration with family and peers.

Throughout my 20 years of classroom and private teaching, I have worked with many children on the Autism spectrum. I have utilized ABA with success with each student.


I have 20 years of teaching experience, integrating foods and nutrition into all curricular areas. Emphasis is on hands-on activities that engage children in nutritious meal planning. We look at the various models of food groupings to ensure balance nutrition. We will create great salads, soups, baked goods and multicultural dishes such as making our own salsa for Cinco de Mayo!

I thoroughly enjoy guiding children through hands-on cooking activities. From menu planning, which emphasizes nutritional guidelines, to the creative process of adding colors and textures to foods in all parts of the menu. Veggies to soups; cookies to breads. Kids love cooking as an outlet to science activities and I will come prepared with recipes and patience to encourage all kids to participate and enjoy the results! We will also make our own cookbooks to organize the recipes!


I will utilize a multi-sensory approach to encouraging children to develop reading and writing skills. I create an individualized learning plan for each child, recognizing their unique talents and areas where they need support. Building on each success, we celebrate continued skill growth and development. Utilizing the principles of Wilson Method, as well as other Slingerland methods I will work to find the best fit for your child.

Elementary (K-6th)

I will work to access each child's unique learning needs and create an individualized learning plan for each skill area.

I have 20 years of classroom teaching experience. I have worked in multi-age classrooms, self-contained classrooms and in resource programs supporting individual children. I am aware of published curricula and how each grade builds on the next in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. I emphasize hands-on projects that integrate subjects into meaningful work for individual children.

Elementary Science

Emphasis will be on hands-on multi-sensory science activities to demonstrate specific principles from each students' classroom experiences.

Each science investigation will be documented in a portfolio. This integrates science exploration with language arts lessons. This also demonstrates the development of specific science skills such as observation, hypothesizing, and categorizing, as well as drawing conclusions and documenting the results.


Emphasis will be on meaningful use and expression of specific grammar rules. Students will create journals to document and share their daily written work.

Students will select their own writing subject matter. Each journal will contain samples of sentences, paragraphs, essays and poetry that contain the specific grammar rules.

Students will also confidently edit their own work and given work samples.


I use the Wilson Method of phonics instruction, among other multi-sensory strategies to engage the child most fully in associating letters with their sounds and applying that skill to print.

Wilson Method also encourages children to apply their phonics skills in writing so they develop confidence in reading and writing.


Children will be introduced to engaging relationships with books that encourage them to read independently.

Children will also be encouraged to self-select books in their own interest areas and discuss the characters, story and setting of their selection.

Books will be brought to life through dramatic play presentations, as well as puppet shows and other interactive activities.

Reading challenges that are present in individual children will be addressed. Wilson Reading Method and other multi-sensory methods will be used to maximize each child's phonetic relationship with words. Processing challenges will be addressed individually through Read Well and other content emphasizing programs.

SAT Reading

Using detailed vocabulary lists, reading information and specific course catalogs I will provide daily learning opportunities to build confidence and develop necessary skills to perform confidently on the SAT reading test.

During my 20 year teaching career, I have worked with many high school students interested in supplementing their school curriculum in order to do well on the SAT.

Sign Language

With over 20+ years of classroom teaching experience, I apply sign language skill in every curricular area. I additionally teach American Sign Language to individual students and small group classes of preschoolers, elementary students and adults.

Lessons begin with learning each alphabet letter in American Sign Language. The student will then learn to spell his/her name, the names of family members and friends.

3-4 new signs will be added each lesson through simple songs that encourage repeated practice of each sign. Sample signs would include "morning" and "broken" and would be done to the tune of "Morning has Broken". Additional signs would include familiar vocabulary for foods, colors, clothing, parts of the body and family members.

Special Needs

I have worked with a wide variety of children with developmental challenges including learning disabilities, and autism.

I meet each child where he or she is developmentally, develop an individual learning plan, and utilize the best methods to help the child be successful. I have used Applied Behavioral Analysis, and PECS in helping children develop specific skills including communications skills.

I love celebrating the thrill of each individual success with each child and family.

Study Skills

Beginning at an early age, specific routines and strategies can be encouraged so that healthy study habits develop.

Summarizing, outlining, and note taking are some important strategies that will be developed. Once confident, the student will be encouraged to apply the strategies in school.

I will emphasize communication with classroom teachers to be sure skills are benefiting the child in class.

Track & Field

During my 20 year teaching career, I have taught Physical Education classes emphasizing track and field activities. I have made individual training plans for each student, I I will work with all new parents and children to create a training plan to encourage physical fitness while setting goals that are achievable for the child.

Emphasis will be on gradual conditioning, health and nutrition as a foundation for life-long personal health and fitness.

Specific goals for individual track events will be developed individually for each child's unique skills.


With over 25+ years of experience playing and teaching the violin, I engage individual students and small groups of like-instruments in twice-weekly lessons. I use the Suzuki Method of teaching students from preschool age through adults.

Lessons would begin with aural training. The student learns to play notes and simple tunes along with me by matching pitches. The student would develop understanding of pitch relationships and note names.

First lessons concentrate on placement of the fingers on the strings to produce specific pitches, as well as proper bow hold and posture of the body and feet.

Printed notation and music theory are introduced once students have confidence in playing.Students learn rhythmic notation based on 1, 2 and three syllable words. Students develop to eventually compose simple pieces


Emphasis will be on meaningful application of daily vocabulary from word lists that are child-generated as well as from daily reading material.

Material will be learned through a multi-sensory approach putting vocabulary into songs, dramatic plays and written forms such as sentences, essays, stories and poetry.


I will plan fun and engaging lessons that teach children the basic movements of yoga, as they learn that yoga encourages relaxation, personal conditioning and development of personal confidence and strength.

Beginning with the 12-pose sequence of Salute the Sun,
emphasis will be on child-friendly poses and sequences that encourage gradual skill development. Child's pose, tree pose, lion pose and many more fun and engaging sequences of poses will be part of each session.

University of Northern Iowa


University of Northern Iowa

Great tutor.

Clara H. is a wonderful tutor. She is very patient and very helpful. She worked wonders with my son who has ADD and was struggling to remember his letters and letter sounds. He can now read and is very proud of himself. Thank you so much.

— Randi, Bremerton, WA on 12/17/12

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $35.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

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