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— Cindy, Rolling Meadows, IL on 11/12/17


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Graduated--B.A. from Weber State University - In Ogden, Utah
Spanish Major with Departmental Honors


Graduated--B.A. from Weber State University - In Ogden, Utah (Spanish Major with Departmental Honors)

About Brandon

My name is Brandon. I'm 33 years old (15 years teaching and tutoring experience) and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish on April 22nd, 2011 from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. I graduated with Departmental Honors in Spanish and was selected by three of my professors in the Education Department to be one of thirty five alumni at the university to be on the Professor's Honor Roll. I taught Spanish 1, 2, and 3 as a Spanish Instructor at a private college (OWATC) for two years. All of the students grew in conversational Spanish skills, had fun, and I absolutely loved my experience with them. I held two main Spanish Tutor positions at Weber State University for 1 1/2 years and helped other students progress in their courses. I took Spanish in junior high and high school. I became fluent in speaking, reading, writing, and translating while serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mexico for approximately two years by listening to the Mexican people, sharing religious beliefs and eternal truths, translating, studying, and applying new knowledge immediately and frequently. I lived, served, and learned in La Cruz de Elota, El Dorado, Costa Rica (city), El Dorado, Tanques, Escuinapa, Mazatlán, La Paz, Culiacán, and Rosario, Sinaloa for a total of 1 1/4 years. I also live in San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas for another 7 1/2 months. The life lessons that I learned with the Mexican people are priceless and some of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned. I am and will be grateful and blessed forever from experiencing and learning the Mexican culture. I am also an Eagle Scout (1990).

After returning home I built upon my previous experience by continuing collegiate-level courses, my favorite being a study abroad course to Guatemala to help women, who were the descendants of Mayan ancestors, to develop mini-businesses and improve their economic circumstances to provide schooling for their daughters in rural (San Pedro de la Laguna) Guatemala. Our group also learned common phrases spoken in the native dialect there called Tz'utujil and visited the Mayan Ruins of Petén in northern Guatemala. I returned to Ogden to give a presentation of my experience in Petén to interested members in the community.

I continued to improve fluency by attending a Spanish-speaking branch for church, making Spanish-speaking friends by using Spanish in public, including natives from Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, and Spain, listening to Juan Luis Guerra and many other Latin singers, and much more. I volunteered to teach ESL classes at the Weber County Main Library in Ogden to men and women wanting to learn English that couldn't afford paying for it. Most were Spanish speakers, but there were two students from Taiwan and one from Russia who attended. The highlight was taking them to a nearby grocery store and having them ask random employees where things were located. Their confidence level went up amazingly that day. I also volunteered as a reading tutor at an elementary school to help children improve their reading comprehension skills, as well as volunteering at the World Language Fair two times to help direct and assess Spanish-student skills at the junior high level in poetry and friendly competition between school teams in the Spanish Culture Bowl. I helped with parent teacher conference, translating for Spanish-speaking parents who wanted to help their children in a more effective way. I love the Spanish language and have enjoyed sharing it with many friends of a variety of ages. I have been tutoring in person and online with Wyzant Tutoring for several years now and enjoy how I am not only allowed, but encouraged to cater to the individual needs of each client.
I love tutoring with Wyzant because I can focus on and cater to the needs and life of my students at their pace and teach exactly what they want to learn. I also like to help my students use the language in real-life situations when they are ready, to boost their confidence, knowledge, and experience using the Spanish language. It is a privilege to help my clients achieve their educational goals, whatever they may be. I am eager to meet you interested clients! Please contact me soon to get started!
My name is Brandon. I'm 33 years old (15 years teaching and tutoring experience) and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish on April 22nd, 2011 from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. I graduated with Departmental Honors in Spanish and was selected by three of my professors in the Education Department to be one of thirty five alumni at Read more

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Any client needs to contact me via email or phone call/text to reschedule or cancel a lesson AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE the scheduled time or the lesson CAN be charged if tutor deems it necessary.

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"Get this tutor!"

- Cindy, Rolling Meadows, IL on 11/12/17
Brandon replied on 12/1/2017

Cindy and I have been working together for quite some time and meeting with her is always enjoyable, instructive, and even medicinal (learning foreign languages helps our brains intellectually, improves social skills, and can positively open our perspective of how we see the world). We listen. We converse. We laugh. We voice opinions. We ask each other questions. We work. We gain Spanish fluency.

"Very Prepared, Knowledgeable, Patient, Affordable, and Cooperative"

- Hamza, Bullhead City, AZ on 12/27/17
Brandon replied on 1/2/2018

Hamza is extremely committed to learning the Spanish language. He takes great notes, works very well and hard during the lessons, asks good questions to help him learn, retains grammatical concepts and vocabulary well, and is developing many skills. I haven't ever had a client book more lessons or hours in a week than Hamza. Wow!

"Clear explanations"

- Josh, Philadelphia, PA on 12/9/17

"Great experience!"

- Marina, Staten Island, NY on 12/7/17

"awesome teacher!"

- Sujatha, Port Chester, NY on 12/2/17

"Good first lesson"

- James, Edmonds, WA on 11/20/17

"Helpful and engaging"

- Melissa, Tampa, FL on 11/11/17
Brandon replied on 12/1/2017

Talk about the best mother and son team for Spanish lessons! Melissa helps her son in ways that she knows during lessons and learns the material at the same time to be of valuable support to the learning process. Melissa's son is also very fun to work with and gives his all! :)

"Awesome tutor"

- Jana, Las Vegas, NV on 9/29/17

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Leora, Camarillo, CA on 9/28/17

"Awesome Instructor"

- Lakesha, Columbia, SC on 9/16/17
Brandon replied on 12/1/2017

Lakesha's daughter was very fun to work with. She struggled and improved each lesson, until she got to the point that she no longer needed me :). Regrettably, this one of the not-so-fun results of tutoring effectively.

"Excellent, patient and enthusiastic"

- MyEsha, Joppa, MD on 9/16/17

"Great Lesson"

- Christina, Malibu, CA on 9/10/17
Brandon replied on 12/1/2017

One unique detail about working with Christina is that she almost always does as much of her homework as she can and then asks for my help. This allows her to see how much she can do first, and then improve. This is a very smart approach to gaining fluency. Thank you for this example Christina!

"Great Tutor!"

- Demetria, Arlington, TX on 9/9/17
Brandon replied on 12/1/2017

It was really fun working with Demetria's son. He improved in grammatical and conversation skills.

"Engaging Spanish Tutor"

- Barbara, Morristown, NY on 9/8/17
Brandon replied on 12/1/2017

Barbara has been an amazing support to her sons and their education. I have enjoyed many lessons with them and hope that it will continue!

"Help for Spanish II"

- Gina, Fairview, NC on 8/30/17

"Knowledgeable and Patient tutor"

- Haritha, Milford, CT on 8/26/17


- Nicole, New Castle, DE on 8/11/17
Brandon replied on 8/24/2017

Nicole has a lot of energy, just like me! :) It is so fun to speak with her. We communicate in Spanish throughout the lesson and refresh any topics that Nicole would like to work on.

"Brandon is AWESOME!"

- Robert, San Marcos, TX on 8/7/17
Brandon replied on 8/24/2017

Robert just passed his final exam for his online Spanish II course! He worked hard on his coursework, learns new concepts, applies them quickly and accurately, and has been enjoyable to communicate and work with.

"Fun and Skilled Tutor"

- Nadia, Portland, OR on 6/11/17
Brandon replied on 8/7/2017

Nadia's enthusiasm and sense of humor are naturally contagious and I love communicating in Spanish with her. Her unique experiences have provided meaningful life lessons to learn from and form beneficial perspectives about life, health, the world, the community, and more. I am privileged to be able to work with Nadia. She is committed and asks great questions to understand the language and applies it to real life experiences.

"Feel good tutoring"

- Tae, Sammamish, WA on 5/4/17
Brandon replied on 5/5/2017

Tae and his son have been great to work with! His knew how to conjugate verbs in many tenses very well, including the subjunctive. I hope to have them back come fall!

"Super fun and very patient"

- Naomi, Ortonville, MN on 4/29/17
Brandon replied on 5/24/2017

SUCCESS! Naomi passed her proficiency exam this morning (May 8th, 2017) to gain her foreign language credits needed for her to graduate this Friday! Congratulations! After getting a 33% on her pretest, Naomi was feeling down, almost hopeless. We worked hard for a total of 6 hours over a week and a half. She was very nervous that she wouldn't be able to graduate. After she took the proficiency exam, she went up to find the results and they said that SHE PASSED! She said that she almost starting crying. She was so relieved and happy. In the struggle is when we grow the most. Naomi is also funny, smart, and an excellent communicator. Her creativity with her artwork skills can definitely add a unique dimension into appreciating the artwork found in Latin American cultures. I am thankful for the opportunity we had to prepare Naomi for this overwhelming final :). Her burden was lifted today.

"Lucky to have found this tutor..."

- Patricia, Cambridge, MA on 4/5/17
Brandon replied on 4/17/2017

Patricia is smart, optimistic, and fun when engaging in Spanish lessons. She asks good questions, meaning ones that will help her understand exactly what she wants to grasp. She is committed in work and education. Her sense of humor always enlivens the social interaction and eases any concerns or stresses than could occur otherwise. I love working with Patricia and I am confident that much more success will continue throughout her life.

"Extremely knowledgeable and very patient tutor."

- Trenise, Takoma Park, MD on 4/4/17
Brandon replied on 5/10/2017

I have enjoyed working with Trenise and her son in both high school and online ways of learning Spanish. Her son is very quick and good with technology, which is always a plus. Thank you for the detailed feedback. He earned a high A in his online Spanish course. I will miss you guys too!

"Great tutor"

- Sara, Napa, CA on 3/20/17
Brandon replied on 6/1/2017

Sara and I work well together. She is smart, teachable, committed, and gives everything her best effort. I really enjoy our communication during the lessons we have. Sara just aced her final exam and earned an A for her collegiate level Spanish course. Congratulations!

"Excellent tutor"

- Elena, Olympia, WA on 3/19/17
Brandon replied on 3/21/2017

Elena is committed and smart. She retains new information well and applies it immediately. I appreciate her feedback, especially that which stuck out a great deal to me were the words "Brandon has the gift." Sometimes we don't know our gifts until somebody points them out. Thank you Elena. This shows that you have a gift to discern gifts. :)

"Energetic and effective teacher"

- Gerald, Gaithersburg, MD on 3/7/17
Brandon replied on 3/21/2017

Gerald, his wife, and their son have all been so easy to work with. They are fun to to talk to and I have enjoyed our lessons thus far. Thank you!

"Knowledgeable, patient, and organized"

- Heidi, Long Beach, CA on 2/11/17
Brandon replied on 2/16/2017

I have highly enjoyed working with Heidi's son. He is committed, respectful, smart, and makes lessons fun with his sense of humor.

"Knowledge and friendly"

- Hassan, Houston, TX on 1/18/17
Brandon replied on 1/21/2017

Hassan's son is hard-working, committed, teachable, and performs very well during our lessons. Such attributes bring integrity into education. Thank you!

"Helpful Spanish Tutor"

- Jared, Yuma, AZ on 12/18/16
Brandon replied on 1/21/2017

Jared is so easy to communicate with. It is nice to enjoy tutoring/learning in a relaxed environment, which is largely due to his awesome down-to-earth nature as a person. He works well and applies new topics to real life.

"Engaging and informative!"

- Renee, Los Altos, CA on 12/15/16
Brandon replied on 1/21/2017

Renee's daughter is one of the smartest people that I have ever tutored. She applies grammatical rules quickly and accurately to determine which verb tense and conjugation needs in her assignments. I am privileged to work with her.

"Excellent tutor"

- Jennifer, Flanders, NJ on 11/18/16
Brandon replied on 2/7/2017

Jennifer is highly involved in supporting her boys. in their educational development. They are very respectful, smart, creative, and have a subtle, yet hilarious sense of humor. Colin and Adam received 100% on their Spanish tests today. I am very proud of them.

"Great tutor"

- Jim, Mansfield, TX on 11/10/16
Brandon replied on 1/21/2017

Jim gives his best effort during lessons and grows a lot from the beginning of them to the end. He applies the language to real life situations and is fun to talk to.

"Great Tutor"

- Doug, Dallas, TX on 11/3/16
Brandon replied on 11/3/2016

Doug's son is great to work with because he communicates effectively and shares personal experiences related to the topics to enhance the quality of the lesson.

"Great tutor for conversation Spanish"

- Elaine, Chicago, IL on 10/29/16
Brandon replied on 5/22/2017

The first lesson with Elaine was one of my favorite first lessons ever with a client. We spoke in Spanish most of the time and Elaine was able to express herself well.

"spanish tutor review"

- rozina, San Jose, CA on 10/26/16
Brandon replied on 5/22/2017

Rozina's son works diligently during our lessons and he is very calm, which makes the learning experience flow easily. His grade went up one full grade and we plan on working together to make up credits for the first semester.

"Very Good Tutor"

- Tim, Littleton, CO on 10/20/16
Brandon replied on 10/21/2016

Daniel is well-mannered, fun to work with, and committed to learn.

"great teacher!"

- Jie, Newport Coast, CA on 10/12/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

Jie's son Carson is very passionate and enthusiastic about learning Spanish. He is a lot of fun to work with.

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Akpana, Jamaica, NY on 10/1/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

I am blown away by how quickly Akpana learns verb endings and pronunciation.

"Encouraging and Supportive"

- Grant, Atlanta, GA on 8/23/16
Brandon replied on 2/20/2017

Grant has always been self-motivated, hard-working, and desirous to learn Spanish fluently. I was privileged to help Grant achieve his goal to become the superintendent of a large school district in Atlanta, Georgia by practicing conversational Spanish and providing specifically catered grammar lessons and activities to improve in the areas where needed. Fantastic job Grant and I am sure you are busy now!

"Great and fun tutor! Always on time and easy to reach."

- Kelly, White Lake, MI on 8/2/16
Brandon replied on 6/2/2017

Kelly's daughter Emma is a great listener, fun to work with, and performs well in school. Emma works really hard for oral presentations and test preparation and it is paying off. Emma and I have been working together since May of 2016 and it has been a great journey. Emma just aced her final for Spanish 4! Congratulations!

"Beginning Spanish"

- Jennifer, Naples, FL on 7/11/16

"Energetic, organized and knowledgeable!"

- Tina, Reading, PA on 6/17/16
Brandon replied on 1/21/2017

Tina was so fun to work with. She is so lively, which tremendously enhances the quality of each lesson. Thank you!

"Great tutor"

- James, Olympia, WA on 6/7/16
Brandon replied on 1/21/2017

James went from an F to a B+ in one month with me tutoring him. This was a drastic improvement in such little time.

"I cried when I saw my son's score on his Spanish Comprehensive Test. Brandon will give you the help you need."

- Juanita, Mattituck, NY on 5/27/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

Juanita is one of, if not the most involved parent I have communicated with that stays in contact with the Spanish teacher to make sure her son succeeds in education. He is lucky to have her.

"Funny and open-minded"

- Vivi, Saint Paul, MN on 5/18/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

Every single time that Vivi and I meet I get excited. I know that she will be open, creative, funny, sincere, and fun at the appropriate times during the lesson. She volunteers so much to help her community and stands out as a great example to all.

"Great tutor!"

- JJ, Ogden, UT on 5/12/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

JJ is fun to work with. He has a good sense of humor and learns quite quickly too.

"Awesome Teacher!"

- Faith, Waynesville, OH on 5/7/16
Brandon replied on 1/21/2017

I enjoyed working with Faith. She learned at a good pace and has a fun sense of humor. Thank you for the time that we had learning Spanish.

"Patient tutor who listens to the students"

- Kristin, Hoffman Estates, IL on 4/30/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

Kristin's son was feeling really low about his grade in Spanish class when his family had just moved to another city due to a change in the point system, but after two months, Patrick's grade went from a D to a B+ and his confidence was back. He was very happy and appreciative.

"Excellent tutor"

- Debbie, Ogden, UT on 4/27/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

Debbie's son was a fantastic learner of Spanish. He was straight forward in his speech, which I loved and worked well to get his coursework done.

"Wonderful Spanish tutor!"

- Julie, New Stanton, PA on 4/16/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

Julie's son is one of the funniest people I have worked with, which makes time fly and the coursework go easier.

"Knowledgeable , patient and experienced tutor"

- Padmaja, San Mateo, CA on 4/11/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

Padmaja's son is basically a friend by now. He does a great job learning the material and applying it correctly. He has a good sense of humor too.

"Encouraging and Bright!"

- Amelia, Bellevue, KY on 3/16/16

"Brandon is the Best"

- Diane, Chicago, IL on 3/15/16
Brandon replied on 2/9/2017

It has been a good experience working with Diane's two boys. They both excelled in their Spanish classes. Justin currently has a 99% in his Spanish class. Great job!

"Creative and cheerful"

- Bethany, Syracuse, UT on 3/8/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

Bethany and her family were very generous to let Alfonso (my client) , who came from Spain, to live with them, learn English, and enjoy his stay there.

"Encouraging, practical and smart"

- BARBARA, Castle Rock, CO on 2/13/16

"Adapted lesson perfectly"

- Christa, Montgomery, IL on 1/29/16
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

Christa does so much to help her son Sachairi excel in the Dual Immersion Program at his elementary school. Sachairi has a lot of energy and great ideas.

"Amazing tutor!"

- Marcy, Salt Lake City, UT on 10/24/15

"Well-prepared and enthusiastic!"

- Kyle, Ogden, UT on 7/30/15
Brandon replied on 10/18/2016

I have had Kyle longer than any other client and we still enjoy a lesson together once a month, where we can speak Spanish and enjoy learning whatever we'd like to practice. He is a quality person to know.

"Two thumbs up! Brandon knows his stuff but makes it fun. He is a great tutor."

- Ashley, Ogden, UT on 7/30/15

"Great tutor!"

- Amanda, Ogden, UT on 9/27/14

"Very Patient"

- Mike, Ogden, UT on 9/10/14

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I graduated with a bachelor's degree in fine arts, majoring in Spanish. I got an advanced-mid on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview in 2010 and an advanced-low on the written proficiency test. I have 10 years combined experience tutoring and teaching Spanish. I took Spanish from 7th-11th grade as well in public school. I have taught at the OWATC, Ogden Weber County Library, Strategic Staffing, Layton City Fire Department, Baja California and Sinaloa, Mexico, my family, friends, couples, relatives children ages 5-87, Fresenius Medical Care, Autoliv, Lofthouse Cookies employees, and Guatemala. I tutored in two separate buildings at Weber State for students at any level of Spanish. I love tutoring and teaching anyone, anywhere, and almost anytime.

Graduated--B.A. from Weber State University - In Ogden, Utah
Spanish Major with Departmental Honors


Graduated--B.A. from Weber State University - In Ogden, Utah (Spanish Major with Departmental Honors)

Get this tutor!

Brandon has been my tutor for one year now, and I must tell you he is great. He helps me a lot in Spanish. I love his lessons, and he is very patient with me. He encourages me to learn and does the best job. He is very good at Spanish conversations, is fun to be with, and I love having him as my Spanish tutor. Get this tutor!

— Cindy, Rolling Meadows, IL on 11/12/17

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