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University of the Incarnate Word
Psychology, with a minor in Music
University of Texas at San Antonio


University of the Incarnate Word (Psychology, with a minor in Music)

University of Texas at San Antonio (Master's)

About Andrew

I have experience working with people individually and in groups, as an undergrad Psychology intern, a cognitive skills trainer, and a counseling student. As an undergrad intern, I worked with elementary school children as a tutor and a mentor. As a counseling student, I have worked with various populations, from grade school students (grades 4-8; making healthier choices) to adults (stress, anxiety, career decisions, bereavement, etc.) to older adults in hospice care. I have facilitated groups with individuals suffering from a mental illness as well. Lastly, I worked with college students at a local university as an academic coach. In this role, I helped students process concerns and create goals regarding developing time management skills, coping strategies for anxiety, study skills, information processing and motivation.

I teach student development classes (critical thinking, motivation theory, study strategies, time management, stress management, etc.) at a local community college, I teach a learning and development class (with a focus on adolescents) at a local university, and I work as an academic coach at another local university.

I hold education to such a high, passionate regard. It is what promotes a healthy, well-informed society. As an auto-didactic learner, I believe that everyone has their own way of learning. Therefore, my approach is one that is peculiar to each of my students. With so many possible goals, I strive to be as flexible as possible to work with ones specific to each individual I work with. I present concepts with the idea that the combination of experience, discourse and meaning-making is the key to learning. With an aversion towards cookie-cutter approaches, I maintain an open mind to my invariably evolving approach of sharing knowledge and insight with others. This comes with my continual seeking of growth in the art of teaching with consideration of the process of learning.

Further, I strive to create a warm, positive atmosphere that allows one to feel comfortable with making mistakes, with making progress and with being themselves. Fundamentally, this is my approach to working with people. I believe everyone should do what they love- nothing short of that. It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of one's process of pursuing any of the areas of interest in which I offer insight and guidance.

Personal Development Coaching: Using my insight gained as a counseling student, I am happy to offer my personal development coaching service. It focuses on providing a judgment-free and understanding atmosphere for one to reflect, process and work towards making personal changes (e.g. self-actualization, career, anxiety management, lifestyle) from an existential perspective. I believe such a space should be available for everyone, so I am especially happy to provide it.

My approach to personal development coaching is based on my therapeutic orientation called Gestalt Therapy (GT). The underlying idea of GT is that awareness is the key initiator of change. Awareness allows one to discern where such things as anxiety, unhappiness, ambivalence, etc. stem from. I believe that it is important for every human being to go through such a process so that peace and awareness within brings peace and awareness to the outer world. I am inspired by and influenced by the ideas of Carl Jung (Analytical Psychology- specifically the Psychological Types) and Carl Rogers (Client-Centered Therapy). I help facilitate the process in a genuinely humane, empathic and professional manner. If interested feel free to message me for further details. I work with grade school students and adults. I am absolutely loyal to the idea of confidentiality; therefore, I ensure that information of anybody I work with is not at risk of being shared with a third party.

Music: My experience during the pursuit of my minor in Music helped me build a foundation of knowledge of music theory and music pedagogy. During two semesters, I took private guitar lessons. Then, I took private piano lessons for three semesters. I took the opportunity to perform during weekly recitals throughout each semester. Taking private lessons with a few instructors was beneficial towards helping me to see various approaches to teaching music. Further, I was in choir for five semesters. Aside from giving private lessons, I presently teach a beginner ukulele class at a community education center.

Writing: As a lover of reading and writing, I know the value of expressing ideas. My focus in writing is creative writing (mostly short stories presently) and essays. Given my undergraduate and postgraduate experiences, I have written many academic papers, mostly in APA style. At the minimum, I help other aspiring writers develop their voice, develop their ideas, maintain consistency with writing and provide genuine feedback. Beyond that, my help with writing is limited to the needs of the aspiring writer.

Two important things: I strive to maintain a positive collaboration with those I work with. I believe this is one of the most important parts of the process. Also, I promote the idea of Soul. To me, Soul is any sincere display of passion. With Soul, we perform in a most genuine and graceful way. I personally believe that whether one is playing the piano, writing an essay, living life, singing, giving a speech or anything (necessarily peaceful), one should do it with Soul.

Lastly, I am open to: Going beyond my travel radius, at an agreed-upon adjusted rate; working with multiple students, at an agreed-upon adjusted rate; meeting at a public place that is convenient, if it is preferred; and meeting at a student's location, depending on the preferred time and the distance.

I mentioned everything that is above so that it may be known and understood. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about any services I provide, my approach or anything!
I have experience working with people individually and in groups, as an undergrad Psychology intern, a cognitive skills trainer, and a counseling student. As an undergrad intern, I worked with elementary school children as a tutor and a mentor. As a counseling student, I have worked with various populations, from grade school students (grades 4-8; Read more

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General Music,
Guitar, Music History,
Music Theory, Piano, Sight Singing,
Voice (Music)
English, Literature, Proofreading,
Public Speaking, Vocabulary, Writing
American History, Music History,
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th),
Study Skills,
Vocabulary, Writing
Career Development,
Public Speaking, Writing

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Approved subjects

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The field of Astronomy is a great fascination of mine. I enjoy learning about all aspects of it (e.g., formation of stars, planets; gravitational influence of various celestial objects; sky watching; etc.). Materials I have are hardback books that discuss such things as various 'extremes' of the cosmos (e.g., fastest-moving objects), the stardust revolution (the study of our origin from the stars), our connection with other parts of the universe (e.g., neutrinos), etc. Also, I have a softcover astronomy textbook that I can use to go over various concepts of astronomy. Please, let me know if you have any questions!

Career Development

As a counseling student, I have worked with individuals wanting to set career goals. It is never too late to begin a new career. An example of an approach I would use with you deals with the Meyers Briggs Types Indicator (MBTI), a psychological assessment that is based on the theories of Carl Jung, an individual admired by me. I have realized the applications of the MBTI in daily life that deem it valid by me. After discerning your type upon interviewing you, I would let you know what kind of occupations your discerned type would be inclined to find fulfilling. Once you decide on a career, we would talk about steps to take to reach your career goal(s). Throughout the process, I play the role of a coach, a motivator, an aide, with the desired (by you) amount of check-ins in between meetings and my positive, genuine energy.

Please, let me know if you have any questions!

College Counseling

During my experience as a counseling student, I have worked with individuals looking to process future pursuits. Through reflection interviewing, motivational interviewing, and other approaches I have learned in the counseling program, I can help you with such things as decision-making, provide my personal insight of the college experience (e.g. financial aid, location, college life, etc.), and the application process. With my positive energy, I can help you feel confident in pursuing a degree and insight that could help you along the way.

Please, let me know if you have any questions!

Elementary (K-6th)

During undergrad, I did a practicum at an elementary school, tutoring and mentoring students. As a counseling student, I worked with grade school students, 4-8. Also, I have a experience volunteering at a daycare. My approach to working with elementary children, like my approach to anything, is focused on where the difficulty stems from. After a couple of meetings with a child, I make a mental assessment so that I may follow up with an approach that is contrived specifically for them.

General Music

With my minor in music, I studied various aspects of music including music theory, aural skills, music history, and music lessons. I use my learned ways of teaching music as well as approaches I see fit for the individual. I have a good music theory textbook that I use to aid me in my going over General Music material as well as a keyboard, since it greatly helps to have one when going over such things as sharps and flats, chord progressions, rhythm, etc.

Music History

Part of the requirements to obtaining a minor in Music included studying music history. If you do not already have one, I have two music history books I can use to help you go over certain material. I can help the you with studying whatever parts of music history desired, including specific composers and specific periods.


Writing is a passion of mine. I have much experience with it throughout my college career (undergrad and grad), including academic writing and personal writing (creative writing). After understanding what your goal(s) is/are, I assess whether your paper is conveying those thoughts or ideas. The paper does not have to be completed or even started. I can help you develop or further develop ideas! Please, let me know if you have any questions!


I have been immersed in the human condition for the past 5.5 years. As my profile suggests, I received my undergrad degree in Psychology and I am presently completing my master's in Community Counseling. I can help you with many concepts of psychology. Examples of concepts include: APA style, biopsychology, social psychology, community psychology, abnormal psychology, etc. Please, let me know if you have any questions!

Sight Singing

Included in my minor in music, I took courses on aural skills (ear training), which included going over intervals with the use of the voice. Also, I was in choir for five semesters and used sight singing invariably. I use a sight singing book that starts really basic and goes to advanced levels. My service goes beyond my meetings with you: if desired, I can record the melodies I have you work on, as well as scan and send you copies of the melodies!

Study Skills

As a counseling student, I have interned as an academic coach at a local university. I helped students develop such things as time management skills, study skills, motivation and anxiety management. I helped students develop specific strategies to their approach to learning, considering such things as memory, attention span and information processing.

After gaining an understanding of a student's strengths and weaknesses, I help guide them towards a self-paced quest towards becoming a better student. I strive to help students see the importance of studying well so that he/she may feel continually motivated to be engaged in the learning process.

Voice (Music)

During undergrad, I was in choir for five semesters. That experience not only helped me develop my voice, but it also taught me various singing techniques when singing with head-voice and chest-voice. I believe that everybody has the ability to sing in some kind of way, no matter the vocal range. It is just a matter of finding a singing style that works for the student and developing it. I shape lessons around the student's interest in music and singing and explore ways of the student using their voice to create soulful music.


Writing is one of my favorite pastimes. For the past 6.5 years, I have had much experience with academic writing (APA style) and personal writing (creative writing). I help those interested in pursuing fiction or non-fiction writing as a hobby or career or those needing help with working ideas for a class. Also, I help individuals with editing and revising as well as with developing ideas from scratch or further developing ones an individual already has in mind. I do not look to contribute anything directly to one's work. Instead, I help with processing ideas and with creating an outline to help structure the writing. Further, I help individuals with creating and developing their 'writing voice.' Throughout the process, I gently provide objective feedback and discuss where improvements should be made. I understand that inspiration is a precious thing that must be incessantly nurtured; therefore, I also help with maintaining good momentum.

University of the Incarnate Word
Psychology, with a minor in Music
University of Texas at San Antonio


University of the Incarnate Word (Psychology, with a minor in Music)

University of Texas at San Antonio (Master's)

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