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All-Yr Impacts! HS Math-PAP/AP/IB Chem+College Gen/Org Chem-Nutrition

In-person lessons
3000+ Hours
Background check passed as of 10/19/15
4.7 average from 669 ratings
Very kind, knowledgeable and professional!!!
— Masha, Mckinney, TX on 1/18/16


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Los Angeles Valley College/University of California, Riverside, Math Minor
B.A., Chemistry
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Inorganic Chemistry Minor/Organic Chemistry Major
Florida State University/Florida A&M University, Tallahassee


Los Angeles Valley College/University of California, Riverside, Math Minor (B.A., Chemistry)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Inorganic Chemistry Minor/Organic Chemistry Major (PhD)

Florida State University/Florida A&M University, Tallahassee (Other)

About Bruce

Hi, I'm Dr. Bruce, who builds strong, mutual trust relationships with high school Geometry-Algebra 2-Precalculus/PAP-AP-IB Chemistry, college-level General-Organic Chemistry and Nutrition-Allied Health Sciences, and ages 22-50+ adult students as per their needs. I accept both newcomers and established residents primarily in Plano, Richardson, Garland, the SMU-Park Cities-North Dallas and Frisco-McKinney areas, Allen, Carrollton, Wylie and Rowlett. So, in order to determine whether I'm a potentially good fit for either you or your student, would you kindly invest what amounts to well-spent time to evaluate my profile in terms of my inherent values, the breadth and depth of my student reviews, and then the blogs under the Resources link to learn more about what the expectations are for myself and the students whom I reach out to and my high level of commitment to student achievement? Of particular significance is the fact that I have tutored privately for over 20 years and also made positive impacts upon tens of thousands of MS, HS, and College classroom students during that same time span.

My live-by slogans:
1) Eat the elephant one chew at a time.
2) Adopting a brain-enhancing lifestyle will never go out of style (having created an international food pyramid centered around eating an herb/spice-flavored, 90+ percent multi-colored plant-based whole foods diet to also include moderate amounts of low-mercury, wild ocean fish, I'm obviously very passionate about personally following the most up-to-date 21st century optimal macronutrient-balanced/micronutrient-rich and diverse nutritional principles and how they very significantly affect many important aspects of human brain health to include those that enhance one's academic performance, help promote better decision-making abilities, and regulate a wide range of mood-based behaviors).
3) Tutor preparedness will also never go out of style, long after music and fashion have faded away.

My favorite acronym for what most students are really craving:
MMFS--Make Me Feel Special!!!

As a down-to-earth, direct, "walk the talk" and witty type of individual with a unique mindset which embraces valuing diversity in many forms, I seek out the best and end up cultivating the absolute very best with the vast majority of my students. As an example, I really enjoy training those who are eager to learn how to sharpen their conceptual thinking abilities (i.e., thinking "outside the box"), especially since these are so critical and come into play when Chemistry and Algebra 2 are bundled together most commonly in 10th grade and also when dealing with AP Chemistry, IB Chemistry, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. My aim is really quite simple--aiding in the development of these skills in order to enable you or your student(s) to achieve both immediate and longer-term goals. Please bear in mind, however, that my typically effective techniques for tutoring may occasionally differ somewhat from the actual instructional approaches being followed in the classroom.

These are some of the most common examples of different types of YEAR-ROUND tutoring that are provided: on semester regular weekly schedules; during summers when students face fast-paced (typically 20 day) General Chemistry 1 and 2 course instruction, need instructional guidance through the whole year Algebra 2 course to obtain CBE (particularly for Plano and Richardson school district students) to enable them to proceed onto fall semester Precalculus, or desire a head start for the challenging fall AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry courses; and, finally, long-term with General and Organic Chemistry students aiming for a STEM field or pursuing a psychiatry/neuroscience/pre-med/biomedical engineering/pharmacy/dental/nursing school or other health science/nutrition track.

My general approach toward tutoring is pretty much that heading into each session students are encouraged to bring in relevant questions and assignments addressing their most immediate needs and wants. Nevertheless, I am always ready with additional pertinent Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus supplemental handouts and Chemistry-Organic Chemistry resources (for either the visual or hands-on learners) to add further clarity and reinforcement to concepts under discussion. Sometimes these extras even set the tone for a particular lesson. I then proceed in very clear English (re-phrasing, as needed) and in a consistent step-wise manner, resulting in "Got it" and "That makes sense" being regularly heard. These guided approaches ultimately enable them to achieve their most important objectives. Now, what more can you ask for?
Hi, I'm Dr. Bruce, who builds strong, mutual trust relationships with high school Geometry-Algebra 2-Precalculus/PAP-AP-IB Chemistry, college-level General-Organic Chemistry and Nutrition-Allied Health Sciences, and ages 22-50+ adult students as per their needs. I accept both newcomers and established residents primarily in Plano, Richardson, Read more

24 hours notice required

Sessions held in client homes, the Richardson/Plano/Allen Public Libraries, and other spacious/quiet/safe public locales across North Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Allen, Frisco/McKinney and elsewhere.

Travel Radius
Travels within 25 miles of Plano, TX 75093
Background Check: Passed
In-person lessons

"Very kind, knowledgeable and professional!!!"

- Masha, Mckinney, TX on 1/18/16
Bruce replied on 4/27/2016


Thank you very much for your completely thorough and objective feedback. When I took note of its post it literally made my day.

Your detailed account of your pathway to success with my unwavering support serves as a potent reminder of the importance of establishing the tutor-student relationship early on in the process and continuing to consistently nurture this over time.

Any HS (any level) or College (Collin, DCCCD, NCTC, SMU, UTD, TWU, UNT) Chemistry student would be wise to seriously reflect upon what you have stated and begin partnering with me soon after a regular semester or Summer session has begun.

I only wish you the very best of success as you continue on your journey toward launching a successful nursing career.

Dr. Bruce

"Very experienced, knowledgable and fun tutor."

- Danita, Allen, TX on 3/14/17
Bruce replied on 3/15/2017

Thank you very much, Danita, for your feedback.

Instilling a higher level of confidence in the student from the very get-go is one of my top priority objectives toward helping to establish a strong student-tutor relationship.

Dr. Bruce

"Subject Matter Expert and Personable"

- Scarlet, Rowlett, TX on 2/28/17
Bruce replied on 3/6/2017


Thank you very much for your kind feedback. Thus far it has been a real pleasure for me and has stretched my thinking abilities to have provided support for your daughter as her IB Chemistry challenges continue to unfold.

Dr. Bruce

"Very patient tutor."

- Alex, Plano, TX on 2/10/17
Bruce replied on 2/13/2017


Thanks very much for your feedback.

I always come away with a good feeling when I've made that positive impact.

"Knows his Chemistry"

- Kim, Rowlett, TX on 12/4/16
Bruce replied on 3/6/2017

Kim, thank you very much for your take on how I've been able to connect with your daughter. The IB level of HS Chemistry requires no less than this level of commitment and with accompanying effective methods of instruction, with the ultimate goal of enhancing one's proficiency in sharpening conceptual skills.

"Wise and extremely resourceful"

- Sharon, Mckinney, TX on 11/9/16
Bruce replied on 11/9/2016

Thank you very much for your objective feedback that, once again, captures the very essence of my tutoring style and whole approach to tutoring.

I hope that I will continue to enable you to achieve both your immediate and longer-term goals through my unwavering support.

"Great communication."

- serena, Plano, TX on 10/27/16
Bruce replied on 10/29/2016

Thank you very much, Serena, for your feedback. I will derive a great deal of satisfaction from doing my part to help your daughter continue to excel with 7th grade math and, at the same time, acquire the skills and good habits that will serve her well for future Math needs.

"Great tutor for organic chemistry"

- Jenny, Plano, TX on 7/1/16
Bruce replied on 8/26/2016


Thank you very much for your feedback.

The important takeaway from your comments is that my prime focus in explaining and illustrating most topics in Organic is on a set of core General Chemistry concepts that are absolutely essential for student success with O-Chem. Many of these are covered in a typical HS AP Chemistry class, which is why I heartily recommend that a student planning to go to medical, dental or pharmacy school take this level of Chemistry at that point so as to gain that much more from college General Chemistry (if, in fact, they still need to take it) and, therefore, avoid major challenges with the subject matter once immersed in a full year O-Chem. course. Understandably, then, this is why I so much enjoy working with students during the summer in advance of the fall so as to be able to correct any General Chemistry deficiencies. Besides your student, I specifically had the pleasure during Summer 2016 of coaching two additional pre-med clients in advance of their Fall Organic courses. For certain, there's no way with appropriate advanced planning that Organic needs to be the so-called "deal-breaker" course for any student.

"Very good Tutor"

- Thi, Richardson, TX on 6/16/16
Bruce replied on 6/18/2016


Thank you very much for your kind, yet objective feedback.

As always, you hit the nail right on the head as far as the ultimate impact upon student success of consistent, sustained teamwork involving both tutor and student.

Best wishes!

"Pre Algebra"

- Pam, Dallas, TX on 6/13/16
Bruce replied on 6/13/2016

You are very welcome, Pam, and thank you for the kind feedback.

I have enjoyed immensely, thus far, my sessions with your two children. They are both very inquisitive and are developing through my guidance some very good habits that will serve them both well come the next school year and thereafter.

"PreAP Chem final exam"

- Audrey, The Colony, TX on 5/28/16
Bruce replied on 5/31/2016


Thank you very much for your kind words and timely feedback.

Once again, the greatest satisfaction that I derived from my most recent Spring semester association with your son was to have recognized that a step-by-step approach in clear English and accompanied by the availability of relevant visual aids proved to be highly-effective in his having achieved the desired course outcome.

I am definitely looking forward to assisting him over the Summer and into the Fall as you stated.

Dr. Bruce

"Great first lesson."

- Yensy, Mckinney, TX on 5/7/16

"First session and first impression of Bruce was excellent!"

- Katherine, Plano, TX on 4/3/16
Bruce replied on 4/5/2016


Thank you very much for your kind feedback concerning your son's interaction with me.

It means a great deal to me to know that I can still effectively connect with a student in the 6th grade and not just with those students who are in high school and college and even years beyond these points. I will continue to do my best to help him be better prepared for his upcoming competition.


- Daniel, Plano, TX on 2/7/16


- Megha, Frisco, TX on 1/14/16

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor."

- Natalie, The Colony, TX on 1/11/16

"Knowledgeable in subject matter"

- Brenda, Desoto, TX on 12/10/15

"Very well-versed in his field and reliable."

- Rowena, Garland, TX on 11/15/15

"Professional and knowledgeable"

- Kristina, Dallas, TX on 11/10/15
Bruce replied on 11/12/2015


Thank you very much for your kind feedback. Chemistry and Math go hand-in-hand in a wide range of circumstances. I love dealing with a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving as it is.

"Thorough and personable"

- Sean, Plano, TX on 10/31/15


- Jo'el, Mckinney, TX on 9/28/15
Bruce replied on 9/30/2015

Thank you very much for the objective feedback. It's very heartening to know that I am making a positive impact on your son's Geometry performance at this early stage. I will do everything in my power to provide the continued support and encouragement that it takes so that he will achieve the maximum possible success. Geometry has always been one of my strongest subjects and because of this I want to give back to the students who initially find it to be challenging (and in some cases more so than Algebra 1--please see my blog post for more details on this observation).

"Tremendous Chem and Algebra II tutoring session"

- Miya, Dallas, TX on 9/26/15
Bruce replied on 10/28/2015

Thank you, Miya.

I am totally committed to having Emily succeed to the greatest extent possible with both her PAP Algebra 2 and Chemistry.


- Paula, Dallas, TX on 9/17/15

"Taught at my pace"

- Matthew, Irving, TX on 8/6/15
Bruce replied on 8/6/2015


Thank you very much for your feedback. I have been thoroughly enjoying helping you review step-by-step the core concepts from General Chemistry so that you will be well-prepared to achieve a passing score at minimum on you upcoming Chemistry CLEP.

"Extremely patient and thorough"

- Rachana, Plano, TX on 2/8/15
Bruce replied on 9/30/2015

I was on cloud nine when I heard back from you that your daughter ended the school year with a B+/A- average in her Honors Chemistry course and still thinks about me and says "Thank God, I had Dr. Bruce, otherwise I would have flunked Chemistry."

I hope that I have the opportunity to continue to be by her side every step of the way when she takes AP Chemistry in her senior year.

"Very accommodating and flexible"

- Sud, Richardson, TX on 2/2/15

"Good tutor but not what I am looking for"

- Anu, Dallas, TX on 1/20/15
Bruce replied on 1/22/2015


Thank you very much for your feedback and best wishes.

"Very Patient-Great Tutor"

- Saurav, Austin, TX on 8/26/14
Bruce replied on 8/27/2014


Thank you very much for your objective feedback. I particularly relished the opportunity to work with medically-bound Organic students such as your son and only wish him the best of success as he continues to strive toward reaching his career goals.

Dr. Bruce

"Dr. H General Chemistry Lessons"

- Kyung, Frisco, TX on 8/17/14
Bruce replied on 8/17/2014


Thank you very much for your insight and best wishes as you embark on your College journey en route to achieving your career objectives.

Dr. Bruce

"Great Chemistry Tutor"

- Katie, Richardson, TX on 6/21/14
Bruce replied on 6/22/2014


Thank you ever so much for your exceptionally objective and thorough feedback. You've captured the very essence of my tutoring approach and personality. I enjoyed each and every session that we shared and truly wish you the best of success in your future academic endeavors as you strive toward achieving your career objectives.

"Great tutor!"

- Larisa, Frisco, TX on 6/21/14

"Bruce H. Is A Rare Find"

- Tatiana, Flower Mound, TX on 5/25/14
Bruce replied on 5/27/2014

Tatiana, thank you very much for your kind and objective feedback. It was a true pleasure to have successfully mentored your son through his entire year of Organic Chemistry. I looked forward to each and every meeting because he was always enthusiastic and well-prepared with questions whether they were based on class notes, book problems, or practice exams.

I look forward to assisting him with his future Biochemistry needs as he continues his diligent work toward achieving his career objectives.

"Brilliant Tutor"

- Terri, Richardson, TX on 10/24/13
Bruce replied on 10/24/2013


Having successfully guided you son through both Algebra 2 and Chemistry last school year, I have no doubts that he will succeed in precalculus this current school year under my mentorship.

"Good orgo tutor."

- Nina, Dallas, TX on 8/26/13
Bruce replied on 8/26/2013


It was a pleasure to have assisted you with clear explanations of core General Chemistry and introductory Organic topics in preparation for your upcoming Fall university Organic Chemistry experience.

Best wishes for a successful academic year and in working towards fulfilling your career aspirations.

Dr. Bruce

"Knowledgeable, Very Patient, Gives Examples"

- Lauren, Dallas, TX on 7/17/13
Bruce replied on 7/18/2013


It was, indeed, a pleasure to have successfully mentored you through both the regular semester of Gen. Chem. I and the fast-paced summer session of Gen. Chem. II. You are correct in that I derive tremendous satisfaction out of presenting numerous examples of the topic under discussion in order for the student to more clearly understand it.

I'll certainly be ready and available to successfully guide you through 2nd semester of Organic Chemistry as you strive toward achieving your career aspirations.

"Chem Guru!"

- R, Coppell, TX on 7/15/13
Bruce replied on 7/15/2013

Thank you very much, R., for your exceptionally well-thought-out feedback. You have captured the very essence of my tutoring style and the types of relationships with clients that are most likely to lead to their long-term successes.

I'm glad that you had a superb experience in Gen. Chem. II through my guidance. I certainly look forward to continuing our working relationship with Organic Chemistry as you strive toward achieving your career aspirations.

"Committed Tutor"

- Marcia, Carrollton, TX on 7/14/13
Bruce replied on 7/19/2013

Thank you very much, Marcia, for your kind feedback.

It was, indeed, a pleasure to have guided your daughter to highly-successful outcomes on both the SAT Chemistry Subject Test and the AP Chemistry Exam. These have been among my major objectives in desiring to work with AP Chemistry students.

You hit the nail right on the head, Marcia, in terms of the value of teamwork in achieving student success.

Best wishes to both you and your daughter.

"My son successfully passed!"

- Deborah, Richardson, TX on 6/12/13
Bruce replied on 6/13/2013

Deborah, thanks so much for your well-thought out response. I thoroughly enjoyed working with your son at each session, be it for just Algebra 2, Chemistry, or a little of both.

The fact that he was receptive and prepared at each meeting and with a clear sense of what he wanted to accomplish went a long way toward his achieving his ultimate success. I was, as always, delighted to have played a major role in helping him attain his goals. Best wishes!

"Excellent tutor"

- Nailya, Dallas, TX on 5/11/13
Bruce replied on 5/13/2013


It was, indeed, a pleasure to have assisted your daughter on a regular basis with her AP Chemistry class. I love challenges, and the AP Chemistry course provided plenty of them on an ongoing basis.

Your daughter was always prepared at sessions and with a clear sense of what she wanted to accomplish. I extend my best wishes to her for future academic success as she strives toward fulfilling her professional goals.



"Great Chemistry tutor"

- Nikhil, Cedar Park, TX on 5/6/13
Bruce replied on 7/18/2013

Thank you very much for your kind feedback concerning the impact that my multi-month tutoring sessions had on Nikhil's achievement. It was, indeed, a pleasure to have worked with him on a twice per week basis and to have consistently observed how focused and prepared he was at each session with the most challenging questions from his AP Chemistry course. Congratulations to him on his having achieved a 780 on the SAT Chemistry Subject Test and a 5 on the AP Chemistry Exam.

"Knowledgeable but Impatient"

- Krissy, Sachse, TX on 3/24/13
Bruce replied on 3/30/2013


Thank you very much for having provided feedback concerning your recent tutoring experience with me for General Chemistry 2.

Several issues that were raised in your correspondence require further clarification in order to put the whole experience in its proper context.

First, you informed me from the beginning that you were weak in General Chemistry 1 and received a subpar grade in this course. The topics in General Chemistry 2 were becoming increasingly more complex and would continue in that fashion as the course unfolded. Problems required a higher level of critical-thinking skills and also incorporation of a number of key concepts from General Chemistry 1. In addition, mathematical skills such as handling logarithms, solving quadratic and simple Algebra 1 equations, and setting up and solving proportions all required mastery in order to successfully handle current problems.

Second, as our sessions progressed, my assessment was that there were just too many past weak links that required remediation in the limited amount of session time I could devote to have eventually brought you up to speed for success. Not having read a chapter (or at least its summary) due to lack of time and prior to a session only compounded matters.

Since many students, particularly those planning to enter the medical field, require an additional year of Organic Chemistry, it becomes even more vital for success to have acquired a strong mastery of both General Chemistry 1 and General Chemistry 2 core topics.

Yes, I admit that sometimes I appear tough, but this comes from many years experience of knowing the necessary skills for success and having had an intense personal interest in both the short- and long-term welfare of all of my students. I was just attempting to be honest and open.

Accordingly, based upon the aforementioned, I was not your best fit for your overall situation.

Best wishes,

Bruce H.

"Did what we needed him to do."

- Dan, Allen, TX on 11/12/12
Bruce replied on 11/13/2012

Dan, thanks very much for your feedback. I'm delighted that your daughter noticeably improved on her SAT retake. Best wishes.

"Great tutor"

- Kavitha, Frisco, TX on 10/8/12

"Very patient and efficient!"

- Monica, Plano, TX on 9/29/12

"Very responsible tutor available according to student's schedule!"

- Troy, Dallas, TX on 8/7/12

"Thorough and Patient Tutor"

- Susan, Richardson, TX on 6/6/12
Bruce replied on 6/17/2013


After the positive experience in having worked with your son in Pre-AP Algebra 2, I wish to thank you so much for, once again, having selected me to guide him to success in Precalculus over the majority of this recently-concluded schoolyear. It was very satisfying to know that my style of breaking down complex concepts in both Algebra 2 and Precalculus into simpler parts will serve him well when he proceeds into Calculus.

Best wishes!

"A Pleasure"

- Lauren, Dallas, TX on 5/29/12

"Goes step by step!"

- E, Plano, TX on 5/17/12

"Great Tutor"

- Merlin, Allen, TX on 2/13/12

"Very patient and knowledgeable"

- Raya, Allen, TX on 1/17/12

"Very good teacher and tutor"

- Brandon, Denton, TX on 9/10/11

"A very patient and knowledgeable tutor"

- Seth, Lavon, TX on 8/11/11
Test Preparation:
ACT Math,
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT Math

I have ACT math resources which can be used to diagnose students' particular strengths and weaknesses from the onset. Skill building strategies can then be modeled and implemented to bring students to higher levels of achievement.

Algebra 1

Easily dealt with are the following topics routinely covered in middle or high school Algebra I: handling equations (particularly in word problems), solving inequalities, explaining a variety of functions (including graphical interpretation), solving systems of linear equations and linear inequalities, handling exponents and polynomials, factoring polynomials, handling exponential and radical functions, and dealing with rational functions and equations.

As an additional resource I also possess an Algebra I "Teacher's Edition" text.

Algebra 2

With 20+ years Algebra 2 tutoring experience I easily handle most topics in Algebra 2 and College Algebra and am especially strong in word problems, exponents, solving both logarithmic and radical equations, factoring polynomials, simplifying expressions involving both radicals and complex numbers, and describing the behavior (domain, range, zeroes, presence of asymptotes) of a variety of functions to include quadratic, absolute value, rational, inverse, logarithmic, exponential and transformed. Conic sections is also a familiar area of expertise. I am particular knowledgeable with the Algebra 2 curricula taught in both the Plano and Richardson school districts and have had great success working with these districts' students from JJ Pearce, Richardson Arts/Science Magnet, Williams, Shepton and Jasper high schools and Plano West SHS, and also Independence and Liberty high schools in FISD. As readily available resources I also possess an Algebra II "Teacher's Edition" text and many supplemental assignments on a number of topics to hand out to students for additional skill fortification.


I will assist clients with the verbal, mathematics and science sections of the ASVAB test.

Particular strengths are in unfamiliar word meanings deduced from context clues and in mathematics problems requiring both reading comprehension and correct algebraic representations and setups.


My vast knowledge of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and 21st century Human Nutrition enables me to understand and explain many Biochemistry concepts.

I have also taught multiple times a college-level General/Organic/Biochemistry hybrid course.


As a math minor and a Chemistry major holding a doctorate and with 20+ years Chemistry tutoring, 2- and 4-year College Chemistry teaching and also industrial chemical experience, I can effectively communicate and illustrate to students my extensive academic and practical Chemistry and Math knowledge through use of abundant and very relevant resources. This is in connection with all classroom and laboratory topics encountered in regular, honors/PAP, AP, and IB (both SL and HL levels taught at several outstanding Dallas suburban high schools) Chemistry and General Chemistry (Chemistry 1411/1412 within the DCCCD and all Collin College locations and also Chemistry 1311/1312 at UTD). My true specialties are AP (most notably through use of the Zumdahl textbook) and IB Chemistry, General College Chemistry 1 and 2, Organic Chemistry 1 and 2, and the Chemistry connected with 21st century Human Nutrition. With AP Chemistry it is strongly recommended that the student begins partnering with me either during the summer or no later than by the start of a new school year to permit sufficient time for me to properly and continuously train them with the ongoing development of their conceptual skills so that they will be better-prepared to handle the Free Response Questions to be encountered on the AP exam given on the first Monday of each May. This will greatly enhance their likelihood of scoring a minimum of a 4 (and in most cases, a 5).

Elementary Math

Students at the elementary level, particularly in grades 5 and 6, have been successfully tutored in Math.

With patience I break down problems (particularly word applications) into parts that are simple for students to understand.

My approaches are also adaptable to different learning styles.


With 20+ years (starting back in my teens with Honors level) Geometry tutoring experience I easily handle any topic (including applications problems) covered in a Regular or Advanced Geometry course and am excellent in both inductive and deductive reasoning, the various methods for proving polygons both congruent and similar, and the interplay between algebra and geometry in word problem situations. I also provide readily available supplemental assignments for my students and am familiar with the curricula taught in several Dallas suburban school districts.


As assets for handling ISEE test preparation I have a very broad background in Math to include the middle grades PreAlgebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry and Precalculus. Along with this, I have helped many individuals prepare for the Math sections of the PSAT, SAT and the ACT. As such, my background is also very applications-oriented.

The ISEE test preparation (which I began with a student during the summer of 2016) draws on a student's ability to handle, among other areas, many word applications problems involving algebraic representations and also application of newly-defined symbolism. These are situations that I'm well-equipped to deal with given my prior Math experiences.


I am exceptionally knowledgeable in the principles of 21st century macronutrient-/micronutrient-balanced Nutrition and have used them to create an international food pyramid after having conducted extensive research on the most micronutrient-rich worldwide eating patterns. Regular adherence to these practices has provided me with consistently high energy and focusing ability, both of which have been major contributors to my success as a tutor.

Based upon sharing the aforementioned knowledge and in addition to my ability to foster development of heightened critical-thinking abilities during tutoring sessions, I am a particularly valued asset to those students who aspire to become doctors, dentists, pharmacists, physicians' assistants, and psychiatrists.

My fact sheets, "The Maximum Mental Health Diet," are designed around the core principles embodied in my food pyramid and are offered to any client upon request at the first or subsequent tutoring session.

Organic Chemistry

I have a PhD in Organic Chemistry and have gained much experience over 20+ years utilizing Organic Chemistry in the private sector, teaching Organic Chemistry concepts within both two-year and four-year colleges, as well as having tutored private clients in both first semester and second semester Organic Chemistry. I particularly enjoy using my solid background in the whole year course in General Chemistry, along with my very effective combination of Organic resources, to give students a head start with Organic during the summer in advance of taking it in the fall. This way they won't have to see themselves being thrown into the deep end without any previous swimming lessons, and it will go a long way toward dispelling the notion that Organic has to end up being the so-called "deal breaker" course.


Prealgebra is that critical point between the student's prior math experiences and the more challenging upcoming courses in algebra and geometry. With my skill set in the basic handling of numbers and the symbolic representation of numbers and ideas, I will build up the confidence level of the student through patience and encouragement. This will establish a strong foundation for future studies.

Performance exceeding 90% was achieved on the Texas State Educator's Gr. 4-8 Math Exam.


With Precalculus I am proficient with general functions and graphs, polynomial, rational, radical, absolute value, exponential and logarithmic functions and their various transformations, fundamental trigonometric concepts, including the Laws of Sines and Cosines in applications problems, the cosine and sine of angle sum and difference formulas, handling trigonometric identities and polar coordinates, solving systems of equations in 2 or 3 variables, parametric equations, vectors and their applications, and graphing conic sections.

SAT Math

I have multiple SAT resources which can be used from the onset to diagnose students' particular strengths and weaknesses in geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. Skill building strategies can then be modeled and implemented to bring students to higher levels of achievement on simulated tests.

I will also help more than adequately prepare those students who are planning to take the SAT Chemistry subject test.


I can handle most topics in Trigonometry and am especially strong in application-type problems, converting between degrees and radian measure and polar and rectangular coordinates, solving trigonometric equations, simplifying trigonometric expressions and identities, graphing trigonometric functions and their transformations, and applying the Laws of Sines and Cosines to practical problems.

Los Angeles Valley College/University of California, Riverside, Math Minor
B.A., Chemistry
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Inorganic Chemistry Minor/Organic Chemistry Major
Florida State University/Florida A&M University, Tallahassee


Los Angeles Valley College/University of California, Riverside, Math Minor (B.A., Chemistry)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Inorganic Chemistry Minor/Organic Chemistry Major (PhD)

Florida State University/Florida A&M University, Tallahassee (Other)

Very kind, knowledgeable and professional!!!

56 %....was the score of my first exam in Chemistry 1411 course. I knew i was in a big trouble, as i felt so clueless and lost in that class. In desperate search for an affordable tutor for the entire semester, i stumbled upon Dr.Bruce and THANK GOD i did!!!! He is professional, patient, reliable, flexible, experienced and VERY, VERY knowledgeable in general, organic chemistry and math. During our

— Masha, Mckinney, TX on 1/18/16

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $50.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Sessions held in client homes, the Richardson/Plano/Allen Public Libraries, and other spacious/quiet/safe public locales across North Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Allen, Frisco/McKinney and elsewhere.

Travel policy

Bruce will travel within 25 miles of Plano, TX 75093.