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Retired engineer with an MS in Engineering and a PhD in History.

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Very EFFECTIVE tutor!
— Nicholas, Houston, TX on 2/25/16


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About Rajen

I am a retired engineer with Master's degree in Mechanical (Petroleum) engineering and a PhD in History and with great love of teaching. I love teaching Math, Science, Physics to school and college students. I teach Engineering including the Industrial Engineering, Supply Side Management, Process Technology and Process Safety Management (PSM) and others. I also teach skills such as P&ID, Blueprint Reading, Welding Technology etc. I am also a writer and teach Creative young writers. I also teach Buddhism, its history and philosophy and how it is practiced.
I live in Cinco Ranch in Katy and am willing to travel 20 miles or more for teaching. I am also available for teaching at my home or online.
I am a retired engineer with Master's degree in Mechanical (Petroleum) engineering and a PhD in History and with great love of teaching. I love teaching Math, Science, Read more

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"Very EFFECTIVE tutor!"

- Nicholas, Houston, TX on 2/25/16
ACT Science,
Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering,
Physical Science, Physics
ACT English,
Public Speaking,
SAT Writing, TOEFL, Writing
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ACT English,
ACT Math,
ACT Science,
SAT Math,
SAT Writing, TOEFL
Geography, World History
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Elementary Math
Public Speaking

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Approved subjects

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ACT English

I am a writer and have published several articles and books. As such I am experienced in standard written English and rhetorical skills which are primarily measured in ACT English test. I also have good experience teaching ACT English to students through private tutoring.

ACT Math

I have good experience in teaching ACT Math which may seem quite overwhelming to the student because the Math Test covers all the material taught in middle school and high school math classes. The test is designed to assess the mathematical skills the student has acquired in courses taken up to the beginning of grade twelve. The test presents multiple-choice questions that require the student to use reasoning skills to solve practical problems in mathematics. Knowledge of basic formulas and computational skills are assumed as background for the problems. Thus in order to do well on this test, the student has to have a good fundamental grasp of all those topics which include: Algebra Geometry and Trigonometry. Not only that. The ACT Math test is a 60-question, 60-minute test which means that one question must be answered in one minute. Thus the ACT Math may seem frightening. For this the student need to properly prepare for the test with proper discipline, structure and organization for the test so that the student can create a winning strategy. This is where I can help the student by showing how to do that.

ACT Science

I have experience in teaching the science portion of the ACT which can seem overwhelming to the student to manage, especially since the knowledge base required can appear to be a bit random. The content of the ACT Science test includes many subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, and even meteorology. Although advanced knowledge in these subjects is not required, knowledge acquired in general introductory science courses is needed to answer some of the questions. The test emphasizes scientific reasoning skills over recall of scientific content, skill in mathematics, or reading ability. The ACT science test consists of seven passages with a total of 40 problems to be answered in 35 minutes. These consist of a combination of charts, figures, graphs, and tables to sift through. In order to make good grades in ACT Science, it is necessary to prepare a proper strategy that will assist the student in reviewing the necessary skills. I help the student in achieving this.

Algebra 1

I have a natural love for Math from my childhood, and I have studied much higher mathematics in my engineering degree program. Algebra 1 & II are my favorite and easy subjects. I have also acquired a great love for teaching Algebra to the young students in the simplest manner possible so that the students develop a love for the subject and can acquire the skills to solve the problems on their own.

Algebra 2

I have a natural love for Math from my childhood, and Algebra had been my favorite subject throughout my studies of much higher mathematics in my engineering degree program. Algebra 2 is the third math course in high school designed to guide the student through among other things how to solve linear equations and inequalities, how to graph functions, discuss about matrices, polynomials and radical expressions, how to solve quadratic equations, exponential and logarithmic expressions, sequences and series, probability and trigonometry. I have a good grasp of the course and good experience to teach Algebra 2 to young students.

Differential Equations

I am qualified to teach Differential equations because of the following reasons.
1) I have a BS and MS Degree in engineering where I have studied and passed Differential equations in my course under engineering mathematics.
2) Differential equations are included in Calculus which I am been approved to teach.
3) I have 30 years of engineering practice where I used Differential equations in my job.
4) I taught Differential equations to my children and students in my private tutoring.


Geometry had been my favorite subject from the school days and through the college studies. I have great experience in teaching Geometry to young students. I try to teach Geometry in a student-friendly manner so that the student discover the beauty and joy of doing Geometry problems.


I have experience in helping students to improve scores in GRE (Graduate Record Examination). I can help the student in going over all sections to improve the required skill and timing for the test.


I have written criticisms on world literature, from Tolstoy to Hemingway, and have been published literary. I have great knowledge of the various literary forms and the world famous novels.

Mechanical Engineering

I have a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston. I have a Professional Engineers (PE) License (Written) from the State of Texas. I also have EIT exam. I am life Member of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). I have over 30 years of engineering practice in the industry.


Physics had been my favorite subject in college. Physics had been the life line of my engineering studies for MS degree and my more than 30 years of professional mechanical engineering practice in Texas.


I love teaching and am also very good at teaching prealgebra to the young students so the young student understands the basic concepts. The objective of prealgebra is to prepare the student with some basic concepts of algebra. Prealgebra includes several broad subjects, including natural arithmetic integers, fractions, decimals, negative numbers, etc. It also includes factorization of natural numbers and properties of operations such as associativity and distributivity. Prealgebra also introduces the concept of the single variable.


I have good experience in teaching precalculus which is a course with college-level algebra and trigonometry. These two subjects are treated separately in schools. In a way, precalculus is a very interesting and important course that weaves together previous study of algebra, trigonometry and math into a preparatory course for calculus. The idea is to give the student a good foundation for study of calculus in future. Normally, several topics are included, such as fundamental concepts of algebra, functions and graphs, polynomials and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, analytic trigonometry, topics in trigonometry, systems of equations and inequalities, matrices and determinants, conic sections and analytic geometry, sequences, induction, probability, and more. Some precalculus courses, however, might differ with others in terms of content. For example, a college preparatory class might focus on topics used in business-related careers, such as matrices, or power functions, while others may focus more on statistics for medical branch. So before I teach a student precalculus, I evaluate the content of the course and the future requirement and teach accordingly.

Public Speaking

1) I have been trained in public speaking through the TOAST MASTERS Club. There I learned the TEN different types of speeches and how to deliver them.
2) In the above school, I have given all the TEN prepared speeches successfully which were evaluated by a panel and I was a Certified Toast Master (CTM).
3) I was the President of Brown Bag Toast Masters club in Brown & Root Houston through which I have trained many others the art and science of Public speaking.
4) I have been giving public speeches regularly.
5) In my research and dissertation for my PhD degree in Philosophy also I had to give several public speeches.
As such I am very much qualified to coach Public Speaking.

SAT Math

I have experience in teaching SAT tests which is an overall three-hour multiple-choice exam that tests basic math and verbal skills. One of the first things the student should do when preparing for the SAT is to learn about the test itself: The math skills required for the SAT are of a basic standard that should be within the reach of a tenth grade student. The student doesn't need to learn up lots of new formulas but he/she will need to sharpen up the thinking skills. For this the student needs to develop organization and discipline. This is what I do to help the student to make good score in SAT math and verbal.


I have studied Trigonometry for several years in my undergraduate and graduate engineering programs, and such I have a thorough knowledge of the subject. It is one of my favorite subjects and I have great experience in teaching Trigonometry to young students for many years through private tutoring as well as a teaching the subject in engineering college. I like to teach the Trigonometry in an easy student friendly manner so that the student develops a love for the subject and can acquire the required skill to solve the problems.

University of Houston


University of Houston (Master's)

Very EFFECTIVE tutor! — What ever my professor teaches in class for 4 hours Mr Rajen can help me learn and retain what I have learned all less in 2 hours. If I need his help I will contact him again but for now this will be the last. ...

— Nicholas, Houston, TX on 2/25/16

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