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Hi everyone:

My name is Bob and I may be the ideal tutor for you. I not only have degrees in business administration and education, but I have spent ten years teaching high school and have taught all levels of ninth through twelve grades, from which I have retired. I have taken courses in English as a second language and special education. I substitute teach presently along with my small business. I have had many years in law enforcement and have retired from the US Marshals Service. I can tutor in English, history, government and related subjects.

I do believe in a "hands-on" approach with students that favor lots of interaction with my students. I have found that both word and event association are very effective tools in teaching.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Hi everyone:

My name is Bob and I may be the ideal tutor for you. I not only have degrees in business administration and education, but I have spent ten years teaching high school and have taught all levels of ninth through twelve grades, from which I have retired. I have taken courses in English as a second language and special
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

American History

American History has been a favorite subject of mine for a long time. I excelled in it in both high school and college. While teaching about Criminal Justice it was necessary to refer back in our history concerning when Law enforcement, Courts and the criminal justice began; and how and why the current criminal justice system differs from the past in the United States. This cannot be done without knowing about our history as a nation and how it evolved.


I have a degree in Business Administration.

Career Development

I have been certified as a career and technology education teacher in Texas.

Criminal Justice

I have taught all criminal justice subjects to 9th-12th grades for seven years. I have been employed as a law enforcement officer in the USAF,Local police and 25 years as a Deputy US Marshal.


Today, every American needs to understand basic economics in order to survive. This includes knowing about the history of the US Economy and the many historical events that happened and how these events effected our economy. From the simple explanation of "supply & demand" to the current condition of our economy and the many forces that can shape it's condition. How the stock market and the many investors and their choices have effected our economy. What are our political choices doing to either help or hinder our economy.These are just some of the questions that need to be considered that I had to write about in college.I usually take a very broad view when discussing this subject with students.

Elementary (K-6th)

Elementary school is something that I have enjoyed teaching in all subjects as a substitute teacher for app. three years. I have had to adopt several different teaching styles in order to be successful. I do enjoy helping the young minds develop and grow. Patience and understanding are a must.


As a law enforcement officer for 30+ years, I have written thousands of written reports that eventually ended up in court and resulting in convictions. Using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling is an absolute must! I found that in college, I seemed to do very well in all of my English courses. I have ended up teaching 9th through 12th grades in report writing and worked in conjunction with the school's English teachers to reiterate the importance of writing correct English. I have adapted several teaching styles that were effective on the students.


Again, I have always found the study of World Geography exciting.Comparing the geo-political situations throughout the world and how they impact on the US as well as their own countries is something I believe should be very important to every student in this country. Discussing how changes in the different countries and continents effect us and our county is very necessary to our survival. Starting with the beginning of world as we know it and how it has changed as well as it's populations will explain some of our current situations. Stressing the importance of knowing about Geography is one of my first goals to any students.


I have been playing this sport for over 15 years. I first took 14 lessons and then started playing. I have enjoyed this sport very much but have been taught to ENJOY the game!

Government & Politics

As a law enforcement officer for 30+ years, along with a teaching degree in Career and Technology teaching criminal justice subjects along with government, I have very much experience in both government and politics. These subjects happen to be my favorites.


Knowing how to write anything from a letter to a formal report requires a good knowledge of correct grammar. In all my courses that I have taught, I have graded for correct grammar as well as content. I know that many students find this subject boring, but I have used many different styles to help turn their attitudes around.I have also co-taught with English Teachers to reinforce the use of correct grammar.


As a law enforcement officer for thirty+ years, I attended many criminal and civil law courses. When teaching Criminal Justice, both civil and criminal law was discussed and taught with my students.From the basic concepts of both civil and criminal law to many Supreme Court Cases which have changed our criminal and civil laws and the changes to Police Officers and how they are required to perform their jobs.


I have used Apple computers since 1992 and I own and use a Mini-Mac now. I have been enrolled in Apple's one-on-one program for four years and spend numerous hours keeping up to date with apple systems, programs and applications.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the primary software that is used in both Apple & PC Computers today. I have been using most of the applications from it for many years and have taught my wife how to use it in her computer.It is one of the easyist software systems that I have ever used and patience is a must to not only learning it, but teaching it as well!


As a law enforcement officer for 30+ years I was required to not only write thousands of reports but to read thousands of reports, legal documents, statements and police literature When I taught 9th through 12th grades I not only participated in the district wide program,"Reading is Essential" which required kids to read something in class for the first ten minutes of class.I have worked in conjunction with the school English Teachers to help students become better readers by working on joint school projects. I was able to adopt different teaching methods to handle the problems that our new generation is having with learning to read.

Study Skills

My educational background, along with my experience as a full time and substitute teacher, has always included teaching my students the importance of good study habits. Setting time for doing homework assignments and projects along with the correct study environment is very important for success in school at all levels. Starting students in learning correct study habits, no matter what level of learning they have, is something that I have believed in for many years, and has given me success through life.

Track & Field

I began competing in several tract and field events in high school and have volunteered as a referee for many including Volleyball and Soccer. I have been involved in log distance running for many years and have personally completed fifty marathons.


The one book which I found as a teacher that students were very afraid of was a dictionary!! It was like pulling teeth to get them to look up misspelled words. Becoming familiar with and using a dictionary is the first part of any course; especially when students will lose points for incorrect vocabulary. Each profession or career field will have its' own particular vocabulary which unless you learn, you will not be able to effectively communicate in a conversation.Practice in writing paragraphs using different subject matter is one of the best ways to learn and use good vocabulary


I have played the game for many years and became quite competitive. As a school teacher, I became a coach for our school team and eventually referee.

World History

It might become impossible for students to understand anything about their past unless you have an understanding of where your ancestors came from.It will generally answer WHAT & WHO you are today. The understanding of how & why governments did what they did and how that effects us today is extremely important.What is Democracy and why this is the preferred form of government? Comparison of the governments in the world today; and their pros and cons.his is some of the subject matter that will be covered.


Having been in law enforcement for 30+ years, I have written thousands of reports; some of which ended up in various courts resulting in many criminal convictions. This required me to know my English grammar, spelling and punctuation very well. I have taught 9-12 grade report writing and have worked in partnership with the English teachers at the school to assure accuracy and additional grades.

Roger Wiliams University
Texas A&M PraireView


Roger Wiliams University

Texas A&M PraireView (Other)

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