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Great tutor, Photoshop pro!!
— Mark, New Braunfels, TX on 9/6/11


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LoneStar College Cyfair

About Xavier

As a freelance Multimedia Artist/ Graphic designer, I fully understand what it takes to learn the many programs constantly in use in this growing industry, seeing as I taught myself most of what I know. Over the past 3 years, I have created web animations which have garnered award nominations and praise, websites for different clients, t-shirt designs, and many illustrations. I have helped other artist over Skype develop their skills and have acted as an assistant in a few small online productions.

Some of my methods of teaching include:
1. Working on examples in front of the student so they can get a sense of how a program works
2. Extensively going through different tools, taking each one on at a time so they can remember them in repetition
3. Learning what each program (such as Photoshop) is used for in the industry
4. Molding an exercise based on the student's art style and what they want to express
5. For Drawing, we will work with external tools such as art tablets and scanners
6. For Animation, we will go through videos frame by frame to understand techniques

But most of the time the teaching will form organically to what the student requires because art is so subjective, that it is mostly based on the themes and styles the student would like to express. I would rather let them shape lessons then have pre-made lessons that don't fit what they want to do. With most college courses, because they teach so many people, its hard to form a lesson that gets everyone completely involved, which is why getting to know the student one on one yields greater results
As a freelance Multimedia Artist/ Graphic designer, I fully understand what it takes to learn the many programs constantly in use in this growing industry, seeing as I taught myself most of what I know. Over the past 3 years, I have created web animations which have garnered award nominations and praise, websites for different clients, t-shirt Read more

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"Great tutor, Photoshop pro!!"

- Mark, New Braunfels, TX on 9/6/11
Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Flash,
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,
Dreamweaver, HTML,
Photography, Web Design

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Adobe Flash

I have been using Adobe Flash for the past 4 years, and have a complete understanding of its tools. The most recent one I use happens to be Flash CS5, but I am able to teach earlier versions down to Flash 8. Actionscript 2 is the latest language I know how to use currently in flash. I find it easier for my needs than moving up to AS3. Most of what I make falls into 2D animation, although I have also done minor work in flash games and apps. I am a two-time nominee of Flash Animation of the Year by the website Newgrounds. I am familiar with almost every technique used in flash, including motion tweening, mask, paths, frame by frame, Photoshop integration, actions, symbols, motion effects, and more.

I have worked with many small productions, most recently a television show pilot as an assistant animator called "Mt. Feathertop" by Nath Milburn. My most recent solo animation work was for a spec commercial for Cold Stone Creamery entitled "Brave New World". I am also currently working on a game for the website Newgrounds which will include one of their iconic characters named "Pico" from "Pico's School".

Adobe Flash is the main program I use constantly. Again, my knowledge of the program is very extensive, but I still don't understand everything about it. I am always learning new techniques every time I open the program up.

Adobe Photoshop

I have been working in Adobe Photoshop for the past 6 years, acquiring advanced knowledge for all applications of said program. The most recent version of Photoshop that I use is Photoshop CC 2017, but I can teach earlier versions up to CS3. I mainly use the program for my illustration, web design, and photo editing work. My knowledge ranges from brush creation, layers, color channels, mask, filter effects, color correction, batch processes, selection, color replacement, and a list of other tools.

Creating illustrations is the main reason I use Photoshop. Most of my other freelance work ranges from logo concepts to regular art prints.

For photo editing work, the most I've done in freelance is color correction and clean up for a few photographers

However, for what ever purpose the student would need to learn Photoshop from, whether its for magazine design or illustrative work, I will be able to teach with no problems


Animation is a huge part of my career as I've been working in the field for over 7 years now. I've created music videos, animated shorts and commercials during my time, so I have a high proficiency. I've taught multiple artist by sharing squash and stretch techniques and important keyframe blocking for their future projects. Many painters and artist want to make the transition to animation but find traditional animation daunting. However that is not much of a case with digital animation, where you can save drawings and reuse them in any instances. So when I teach I try to show them the best way to maximize their time when making animations.


Ive been coding HTML for nearly a decade now, starting when I was simply in high school. Not only have I seen the quick transition from normal html to html 5, but have also delved into fascinating frameworks such as Polymer that show the future of what you can do with Html structures such as using the shadow dom to create Web components or React to recreate web components in Javascript. It's amazing what you can do the deeper you dig into the language. Styling and javascript can both be handled using tags in html, but I prefer using the seperate file types to organize my projects. It can get messy if you start coding everything within a single html file (Although it's entirely possible to do so). Currently I work in node.js so I rarely ever have to actually create a html file from scratch since the compilers and processors now bundle everything together to create amazing apps. Html now is used as an entry point for your app to live in rather than actually structuring it in the old fashion way ( you can thank javascript for this). I can help teach students to create something as simple as a multi-page website or a web app similar to twitter if you want to learn the complex side of programming. Html was seen a dramatic change in interactivity and it will only get better the more companies like google and firefox keep investing in the language. Ive created websites for companies ranging from music labels to water resellers. I've prototyped complex applications for startups and even made free code available for reuse (most recently I coded a music player from scratch just for kicks). Currently I'm working on a tumblr template for users to customize their page.

LoneStar College Cyfair


LoneStar College Cyfair

Great tutor, Photoshop pro!!

Xavier was simply fantastic. His method of knowledge transference was awesome. He is very well versed in Photoshop and let me tell you he took a idiot and made me into a functioning mode, and made me confident very quickly!!! Great job highly recommend.

— Mark, New Braunfels, TX on 9/6/11

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