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Highly recommended!
— Deanna, Weatherford, TX on 9/10/09


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University of Missouri in St. Louis
Applied Mathemetics
Jones International University in Colorado


University of Missouri in St. Louis (Applied Mathemetics)

Jones International University in Colorado (Master's)

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Mathematics can be intimidating to many people. I would like to put you, the student, at ease when teaching, so that you can more easily understand the subject without added stress. I have a special technique that I stumbled upon for learning abstract mathematical concepts. All difficulties in mathematics can be broken down into very simple pieces and our minds seem to do this with natural ease when we allow it to happen. Trust me, nothing is too difficult to conquer. Our conscious minds can get in the way of learning and yet our subconscious minds can more easily maneuver new ideas into simple solutions. So, relax, stay alert, and absorb what is written and said during a session. After a session, again, relax, and review all that was said and done - go into a meditative state, or even fall asleep if necessary when a new concept is not yet clear. All of my students are welcome to text me any time about related questions that are still not clear.

I look forward to helping you soon! - Janet
Mathematics can be intimidating to many people. I would like to put you, the student, at ease when teaching, so that you can more easily understand the subject without added stress. I have a special technique that I stumbled upon for learning abstract mathematical concepts. All difficulties in mathematics can be broken down into very simple pieces Read more

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"Highly recommended!"

- Deanna, Weatherford, TX on 9/10/09

"Excellent tutor who goes above and beyond for her students."

- My-Loan, Spring, TX on 8/1/17

"Extremely Helpful"

- Kshama, Gainesville, FL on 6/16/17

"great and patient"

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"Very helpful"

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"Increadiably helpful!!"

- Jackquelyn, Burleson, TX on 3/17/17

"Very patient and great at teaching."

- Sonia, Crowley, TX on 3/13/17

"Great and patient with my daughter"

- Miki, Fort Worth, TX on 3/6/17

"Brilliant and Understanding: Is NOT Stumped by Students with Learning Impairments"

- Ben, Durham, NH on 10/30/16


- Nikita, Mansfield, TX on 10/12/16

"Janet was incredible!"

- Adriana, Miami, FL on 8/16/16

"Great teacher"

- Amanda, Fort Worth, TX on 7/1/16

"Patient Tutor and Very Knowledgeable in Mathematical Subjects"

- Natalie, Crowley, TX on 6/27/16

"Kind and patient tutor."

- Mary, Arlington, TX on 4/18/16

"Thank you"

- Teresann, Burleson, TX on 12/10/15

"Great tutor!"

- Jordan, Burleson, TX on 9/18/15


- Julie, Weatherford, TX on 8/2/15

"Excellent Collaborator"

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"Awesome and supportive tutor"

- Miriam, Ridgeland, SC on 1/26/15

"She's just great!"

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"Outstanding tutor"

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"Great tutor!"

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"Great Tutor!!"

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"Very thorough and patient!"

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"Janet is very patient."

- Clyde, Arlington, TX on 11/2/13

"She is Awesome!"

- Juan, Cleburne, TX on 9/30/13

"Great Tutor"

- Jean, Fort Worth, TX on 6/26/13

"My daughter was Amazed"

- Carol, Arlington, TX on 6/19/13

"Excellent Tutor!!!"

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"Thank you Janet"

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"Great First Impression!"

- April, Arlington, TX on 12/14/10

"Great Tutor!"

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"Best thing I've ever done for my child academically!"

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"Interesting lesson"

- Laura, Arlington, TX on 3/7/10
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Elementary Math
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Elementary Math

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Approved subjects

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ACT Math

I have helped many students prepare for taking the mathematics portion of the ACT and SAT. First, I mix sessions, so the student doesn't get bored or lose focus. There are key topics that are reviewed, mini-quizzes and tests given to find areas of improvement and also to emphasize the students' strengths with particular problems.


I have prepared many students for the quantitative sections of other tests, including SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, and ASVAB. My educational background is in mathematics as is my entire professional career - including scientific programmer/analyst (worked in the aerospace industry supporting the US Airforce on secret research and development of new fighter aircraft - including the best of the F15 and F18 with additional features). Of course teaching and tutoring pure mathematics is also part of my professional repertoire. Additionally, I worked with and created functionality using numerical methods. I believe I am highly qualified to tutor/teach students in preparation for the AFOQT quantitative exam.

Algebra 1

I have helped many students gain confidence in solving algebra problems - in both teaching and tutoring them. Algebra is very logical and simple when seen in patterns. The simplicity bypasses speaking language, and has many ways of solving rather than one mundane manner. At the same time, sometimes it is simpler to at first remember one pattern of solving - and then branch out if and when desired.

Algebra 2

I have taught and tutored all levels of High School and advanced math (statistics & theoretical math) for many years. Algebra 2 covers an expanse of topics and is an interesting exploration in learning techniques.

Relaxed, inquisitive focus allows us to see patterns while solving problems. If a solution, or understanding, doesn't appear immediately - no problem, take a break after reading over notes and other information related to the topic (s) related to the problem. Our subconscious mind helps us see more clearly if we open ourselves to this possibility.


I have helped many prepare for taking the math portion of the ASVAB exam. One young man's dream was to be accepted into the US Marines. Although he had struggled with math in the past, he was determined to make it. Working together, we found the best way for him to set up solutions for all of the different types of questions. Constantly, he went over the problems we covered & found new ones to work on between sessions. He texted me when he was stumped on his own &, as I do for all students, I returned step by step solutions. I do not charge for a question(s) that arise between sessions. The week leading up to his test, he continued to go over all of the different types of problems - to keep the information fresh in his memory. He was never afraid to text questions, even when he felt he should know. I supported him in his efforts all the way and was so very proud of him when he succeeded in passing his test. He is now a United States Marine!!!


I have tutored several students in biostatistics. The applications of statistics in the biological sciences parallel the mathematics used for the statistics in psychology and business. The use of formulas is not standardized throughout all texts - so, I normally will request a student to send problems prior to our sessions so that I can prepare. I never request extra money for my preparation time. So, it is always to the students' advantage to send ahead of time prior to our scheduled lesson.


I have helped many students with their calculus problems, including engineering, abstract and business applications. Nothing is too difficult to tackle. Sometimes our subconscious minds can help in solving problems (I learned this when first learning theoretical calculus). It is important to study definitions and accompanying problems, noting new patterns within them, and absorbing visual pictorials given in explaining the concepts. Then, relax and allow your mind to take what was studied and rest. Sometimes we work way too hard consciously, when our minds can do some churning in the background. Receiving much needed help in a more relaxed manner, our conscious minds are made aware of possible solutions. Calculus makes much of the previous math studied much more easy, and applications in dealing with physics such as finding the slope, velocity and acceleration of an equation, representing the motion of an object, are far less tedious to find.

Elementary Math

I have taught 6th grade math through 12th grade advanced math, and have tutored many students in 5th and 6th grade (through college and graduate school). It's so important for students to have a solid foundation in math, and these are the grades that are key.


I have helped many students prepare for GED and other standardized exams. There are basic definitions, formulas and their applications that you must know. Once you know these basics, it is extremely important for you to practice many problems applying your knowledge. Word problems are most challenging for many; however, with practice, you will recognize the patterns of solving them based on instruction I will give to you.


I have helped many students in working through geometry problems. For some students, the visual aspect of the problems helps solve them more easily as puzzles. The theorems and definitions are rules to an engaging game of geometry. I help students find patterns and apply the rules to solving geometry problems.


I have helped many students prepare for the math portions of standard exams including the GMAT, GRE, and others. First, it is important to refresh yourself with basic definitions and formulas. Your confidence will soar and simple problems you will breeze through, and the more challenging problems will become doable with steady thought.


In the past, I was a mathematics editor for GRE math preparatory materials. Also, I have tutored students in preparation for it. All problems can be broken down into understandable queries and then answered. Also, there are strategies for test taking that help when the problem indeed appears too complicated.


Praxis is a teacher's qualification test for various subjects - similar to the Texas TExES 135 Math exam - which must be passed for math teachers to teach mathematics in public high schools in Texas. I passed this 5 hour exam the first time taking it. I was told many people had not passed it even after taking it multiple times. So, preparation is key to ensuring competency for this important exam.


I have taught pre-algebra in High School and tutored many students as well. All concepts can be broken down into very simple facts, and then built into mathematical solutions.


I have taught and tutored precalculus for years - along with so much other math. I love precalculus in that it covers trigonometry in detail, advances algebra to new heights, and covers new ways of thinking about arrangements of numbers using polar coordinates. A great foundation in precalculus allows students to confidently continue their studies into calculus in the future.

SAT Math

I have helped many students prepare for taking the SAT test's math portion. Much practice helps so much. I can help you decipher some of the "tricks" within the questions. After much preparation, it is best to go into the actual test with this attitude: is a fun game in which you are competing with yourself for your best performance!


I have extensive experience helping students at all levels of statistics. In particular, I have helped many graduate students in their advanced statistics classes. PhD candidates preparing their dissertations have relied on me to prepare analysis every step of the way; from re-coding existing data using applications such as SPSS and Excel to running statistical tests and interpreting the results. The writing of hypotheses and stepping through the written communications needed to express the findings for professional and academic research are also included. Unlike most mathematics subjects, statistics is not fully standardized - so, there is much more variance in the manner that this subject is taught and applied. Many students find this very frustrating. I help many students to get through the difficulties of misunderstandings that exist within statistics. I very much want the students, and professionals, to understand that though statistics is tedious and daunting at times, the purpose of its use is multi-fold. I am here to help you, the student and/or the professional, succeed in using the proper procedures and tools necessary to complete assignments, research projects and dissertations.


I have tutored in pre-calculus and calculus - both include the knowledge of trigonometry and advanced algebra as foundational support. All can be broken down into simple steps for solving - and there are multiple ways to solve, so choosing the one best for you is important for saving time and eliminating stress.

University of Missouri in St. Louis
Applied Mathemetics
Jones International University in Colorado


University of Missouri in St. Louis (Applied Mathemetics)

Jones International University in Colorado (Master's)

Highly recommended!

Janet was extremely patient and thorough during our session. She patiently and methodically worked out each math problem, writing down every step, so that I could go back on my own and do the problems myself. I was nervous and tend to shut down when I don't understand something, but experienced none of those fears with Janet. She gave me the assistance I needed to prepare for a test I have comi

— Deanna, Weatherford, TX on 9/10/09

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