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I wouldn't be headed to med school without Joe!
— David, Larkspur, CO on 10/13/14


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Southwestern University


Southwestern University (Biology)

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Professors are often the worst teachers. While brilliant, most professors teach on a Ph.D. level, not on a layman level. They give you the information in a way that makes sense to them and other experts. Often information is presented in an illogical order, without the shortcuts they used to become awesome in their field, and in a manner so boring that even their mothers would cry. So where does that leave you? Woefully confused, anxious because you’re falling behind, AND cosmically bored. Yikes!

That’s where I come in. Unlike your professor, I’m a huge believer in “tricks” and “shortcuts.” THEY WORK LIKE MAGIC IF YOU KNOW HOW AND WHEN TO USE THEM!!! Of course they aren’t everything and don’t always apply, but you better believe I’ll show you every single trick and shortcut I know to cut down the time it takes for you to learn the material. If you’re especially driven, we build from the simple so that you can then rise to the expert-level understanding that your teacher or professor operates on. If you aren’t so inclined, no worries, I’m in the business of helping you earn the maximum points on your assignments and tests, because that matters in your quest to attend med-school, pass your class, or simply get that A in the bag. I work to keep your attention and confidence high during sessions so that you can crush it on your own.

How I work:

•We honestly assess where you are in the class- judgment-free.

•I determine quickly the best course of action to get you caught up with the class.

•We find the simplest way to look at the information based on your strengths, show you any shortcuts and tricks that apply, and then practice the heck out of it.

•We send you home with extra practice problems so that you can continue practicing the heck out of it until you feel great about what you’re doing.

•We create a study plan at the end of each session for how to spend your time wisely outside of sessions, and customize your study tools based on your strengths and how your mind works. Did you know that you’re probably memorizing your flashcards all wrong based on how your brain functions and stores information?

How I Differ From Other Tutors:

•We work to not only get you caught up to the class, but ideally a step ahead of your class once you have caught up. That way, you can go into lectures armed with the simplest approach to the material, with all the tricks and shortcuts up your sleeve to fall back on- my tried and tested way of boosting your engagement during class and doubling your exposure to the material.

•If my first approach to the material doesn’t work or a certain explanation doesn’t make sense, we throw it out the window and find a way that works. No questions asked- I refuse to waste your money or your time with something that doesn’t work great for you.

My Stats:

•9 years of Tutoring Experience with hundreds of college and high school students all over the country (including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Saint Louis, New Jersey)

•5 years of Online Tutoring Experience via Skype

•Former Pre-med student at Southwestern University (Graduated with 3.98 GPA, Summa Cum Laude), which included 3 years worth of tutoring my peers as the Chemistry and Biology departmental tutor, and 3 years of exposure to a laboratory research setting

•A firm belief that any student can succeed in any class regardless of learning difficulties and background, given a willingness to learn and strong desire to succeed.
Professors are often the worst teachers. While brilliant, most professors teach on a Ph.D. level, not on a layman level. They give you the information in a way that makes sense to them and other experts. Often information is presented in an illogical order, without the shortcuts they used to become awesome in their field, and in a manner so boring Read more

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"I wouldn't be headed to med school without Joe!"

- David, Larkspur, CO on 10/13/14

"Great teacher"

- Austin, Austin, TX on 6/29/17

"Awesome Math Tutor"

- Doug, Cedar Park, TX on 5/31/17

"He's a Pro!"

- Kavya, Austin, TX on 5/16/17

"knowledgeable and patient tutot"

- Bhargvi, Austin, TX on 12/26/16

"Intelligent and Supportive tutor"

- Kaylin, Austin, TX on 12/12/16

"Great first session!"

- Rhonda, Austin, TX on 6/23/16

"Super helpful!"

- Penny, Austin, TX on 5/25/16

"Informative and organized"

- Bradley, Fort Collins, CO on 3/17/16

"Awesome tutor!"

- Lillian, Lawrenceville, GA on 2/15/16

"Amazing tutor, helped me understand Chemistry better than any teacher I've had!"

- Claire, Austin, TX on 7/23/15

"One of the best tutors available!"

- Hannah, El Paso, TX on 5/22/15

"Life Saver"

- Michelle, Austin, TX on 12/22/14

"Very patient"

- Vilma, Austin, TX on 10/20/14

"Impeccable teaching abilities in a short period of time"

- Loretta, Littleton, CO on 6/3/14

"Brilliant young man, an exceptional communicator"

- Camie, Littleton, CO on 5/31/14

"A in Organic Chemistry I & 90% on the ACS"

- David, Aurora, CO on 5/24/14

"Helped my son increase his grade!"

- Lisa, Castle Rock, CO on 2/27/14
Algebra 1,
Algebra 2, Prealgebra

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Algebra 1

With all Algebra classes, I capitalize on your strengths and cut out the useless fluff. If your teacher’s method doesn’t work for you, we find something that does and get you feeling confident with practice. In total, I have 6 years of experience tutoring students in Math from the middle school to high school level. During college, I worked at the Mathnasium Tutoring Center and learned many of the "Mental Math" tricks and shortcuts they taught. Over the years, I’ve developed several other tricks and shortcuts across the board to help my students with the tougher stuff, like factoring, operations of exponents, and logarithms. You are coming to the right place if your high school student is having trouble with the problem-solving method given in class or needs combined Science and Math help!


I can help you get through the beast that follows Organic Chemistry- the dreaded Biochemistry!
My Biochemistry qualifications include:
1. 100th Percentile on the ACS National Biochemistry Exam.
2. B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.
3. Two years of university Biochemistry laboratory research!
4. I make sure that we speed up all the memorization you will be doing by putting all the information into context!


Biology needs to be relatable to everyday life to make sense, otherwise it’s a bland game of “how well can I memorize this meaningless mountain of facts and jargon?” Once you mold the information to how it applies to you, things fall into place. When you can anchor complex ideas into everyday events or common knowledge such as lifting weights and feeling the burn (respiration and fermentation) or the fact that you don’t and won’t look exactly like your siblings, even if your parents had trillions of kids (the unique complexities of genetics), the information automatically becomes more memorable and applicable, and hopefully much more fun.

How did I get here? I graduated at the top of my college class with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and was forced to memorize an insane amount of information for my upper-level classes. I anchored everything I did in simple, every-day applications of the info that I now use with my students. Since my senior year of college, I have tutored upper-level college Biology for the past 6 years, and have tutored scores of high school AP and IB Bio students in that time period.


Chemistry requires lots of shortcuts and practice to do well. Easily on of the most poorly-taught classes in the country (I was one of the lucky ones), teachers often hide the shortcuts and tricks that help you achieve success and proficiency quickly. I reverse the typical teaching method, starting you off simply, showing you the tricks, and building you up so that you can do the heavy lifting on your own. I draw from the practice problems that will most simulate what you’ll encounter on your exams.

Chemistry (and it’s roided-up cousin Organic Chemistry) is one of my specialties. I started tutoring students in Chemistry the semester after I finished the course in 2007. I graduated with only a Minor in Chemistry from Southwestern University, but was the top Chemistry student at the school during my four years there. I have tutored General Chemistry for nine years and counting, and can help you in any realm- College-Level, AP Chem, IB Chem, SAT Chem- you name it.

Organic Chemistry

Succeeding in Organic Chemistry is similar to training for a marathon. Unfortunately, it is THE weed-out course for Pre-med programs, and is often mythologized by Pre-Med students to be THE literal bane of their existences. I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it, just like you can train for and run a marathon if you put your mind to it.

I was trained in the most brutal Organic Chemistry class setting you can imagine. 80% of my classmates either dropped or failed the class by the end of the first semester. I spent the summer before the class teaching myself the material, and used an incredible resource I still recommend for all my students today (more on that later). After earning an A+ in both semesters, I started tutoring students the following semester and started the process of refining the tricks and shortcuts I used to succeed along with my students. So, back to the marathon analogy- you wouldn’t show up to the day of the race after spending weeks binge-watching House of Cards and eating delicious Cheetos, right? You’d have fun leading up to the race, but you’d probably literally die on mile 6 if you were lucky. Most students start studying the material a few days before the exam after semi-understanding the lecture, expecting to do great. However, the first semester of Organic Chem has 26.2 miles worth of info, and you need to be out running (studying and practicing problems) well in advance of the big race (each exam) to succeed. View me as your trainer. I’ll make sure you eat the right foods and cut out the bad ones. That means introducing you to the Holy Grail of learning Organic Chemistry- the magical workbook “Organic Chemistry as a Second Language” by David R. Klein- and having you avoid the textbook like the plague until you understand the basics and can process the expert-level information the textbook contains. Then I’ll create a training regimen filled with extra practice and detailed study plans so that you make gains outside of our sessions, especially leading up to each test. I’m here to help make sure that you don’t get weeded out!

Organic Chemistry is my absolute specialty, and I've helped my students steamroll this class for 7 years and counting. In addition to winning the prestigious award at my university for the top Organic Chemistry student, my organic chemistry qualifications include a perfect score (100th Percentile) on the ACS National Organic Chemistry Exam; 1 year of Graduate Level Organic Chemistry (A+ both semesters); a B.S. in biology with a minor in Chemistry; and one year of university Organic Chemistry laboratory research.

Southwestern University


Southwestern University (Biology)

I wouldn't be headed to med school without Joe!

I have had the pleasure of being tutored by Joe in Biochemistry and cannot sing his praises enough. I highly recommend him to anyone considering being tutored! He is the most patient, reliable, positive, flexible, knowledgeable, supportive, and relatable tutor I’ve ever worked with. It is quite obvious that he genuinely cares and has a passion for helping students understand the material and ultim

— David, Larkspur, CO on 10/13/14

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