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I grew up in DC and went to school in New York. Those cities may be close together, but they're awfully different. There was only one thing that stayed the same for me between the two cities. That was myself. Since I was in middle school I've been actively involved in tutoring, teaching and helping people to learn. Whether it's volunteer work, debate coaching (which it turns out I'm very good at), or just helping my friends with their work, I've invested a lot of my time and energy to learning and helping others. As far as my own knowledge goes - it's pretty extensive at least within my fields of concentration (art and english) I have spent years dedicating myself to learning as much about my chosen craft as I can. I am a filmmaker and a writer, a performer and a photographer, a reader and a viewer. If you have any interest in working with a young man committed to helping you learn, look no further. One last thing: I know the value of a good tutor and a good learning relationship. I wasn't always the best student. when I was younger I was one of those kids who would coast by on being smart and having read a lot of books. It wasn't until I started to see a tutor to help me with my focus issues that I began to grow into who I am today. It worked for me and I can help to work wonders for you. I grew up in DC and went to school in New York. Those cities may be close together, but they're awfully different. There was only one thing that stayed the same for me between the two cities. That was myself. Since I was in middle school I've been actively involved in tutoring, teaching and helping people to learn. Whether it's volunteer work, Read more

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Test Preparation:
ACT Reading,
GED, SAT Math,
SAT Reading

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT Reading

Intensive analysis was one of my duties as a former debater. In order to perform my job adequately, I had to develop high level reading comprehension skills. Once I became a coach it was my responsibility to pass those skills along to my students. Years of teaching research skills have provided me the tools necessary to help others cultivate their own reading abilities.

Algebra 1

While I focus mostly on the humanities and art, I am also a very capable math tutor. I have tutored children in math before, and I took math classes at a high level through my sophomore year of college. I am happy to pass on what knowledge I can to help students develop the basic skills necessary for success in mathematics.

American History

My interest in the details of history runs deeply. I have spent a lot of time reading about it, and have performed well when forced to demonstrate my knowledge of the subject. I believe I can instill a passion for historical inquiry in students, and enable them to pursue the mysteries of the past on their own.

Art Theory

I am an artist. As such, I have a vested interest in acquiring a great deal of knowledge about the subject. I am also passionate about educating others in the fascinating field of art theory. My experience as both producer and critic will provide a great learning environment for any art student.

Elementary Math

I have worked extensively with young people in many subjects, including mathematics. I have a penchant for explaining things in simple terms, and focusing primarily on the rules that govern math rather than only providing the answer. I aim to provide skills that students can use to solve problems on their own.

Elementary Science

Science is a subject close to my heart. When I was young I used to perform experiments with my older brother in our backyard. That passion for investigating the world's mysteries has not waned, even a little bit, as I have grown older. I am well acquainted with many of the basic ideas of science, and will eagerly pass along that knowledge.


From a young age, I have been infatuated with reading and writing. I write both fiction and criticism. I have excelled both inside and outside the classroom with regards to English. Most importantly, I have helped numerous others from middle school to high school improve their own English skills.

European History

Europe has a history that is both deep and rich. To look through the stories of the various nations is like reading a hugely complex story. My love of narrative has driven me toward European history. By framing the discussion of Europe in terms of a story, I have seen great success with students.


I shoot and produceĀ moviesĀ in my spare time. I also write about film every once in a while. With my passion as both a producer and a critic, I am able to introduce the basics of both film technique and theory in ways that can be understood easily.


As a writer, grammar is an integral part of what I do. Teaching grammar is particularly valuable to me because it provides the basis for good writing to develop. I have worked with writers of all ages on their grammar, and seen great success.


I studied philosophy in college. My main concentrations were in film and literature. As such, I've spent a great deal of time familiarizing myself with and analyzing significant literary text. I am excited to teach students about literary history and techniques in order to ignite the same passion I feel in people of all ages.

Microsoft Word

As a writer, former student, and debate coach, I have extensive experience using Microsoft Word. In debate most arguments are produced in highly stylized formats, and otherwise I have a pretty good grasp on doing other stuff within that program. If you let me know what you need to learn maybe we can work something out.

Public Speaking

I was a nationally ranked policy debater in high school. I went on to be the assistant coach of my college's team the last two years I was there. I have debated and lectured in front of dozens of people (maybe even hundreds) on several occasions. This history allows me insight into both teaching and executing public speaking practice.


I am a college graduate with a degree in philosophy. I not only read a lot, but must pay attention to the details of the things that I read. Beyond even that I am also an active writer and can come at questions of reading from multiple angles. I have helped younger people in DC with reading as well as helped many friends of mine in both high school and college cultivate reading comprehension skills that have proven invaluable.

SAT Math

Math is just a big game of puzzles, especially SAT math. Problem solving is one of my greatest skills, and one that I'm best at teaching. Beyond just explaining the shortcuts and techniques that lead to standardized test success, I intend to introduce students to the concepts that provide the keys to solving the many riddles of mathematics.

SAT Reading

I have participated in group tutoring sessions for SAT reading - as both student and tutor. Not only that but I have scored very well in my own performances on standardized tests, especially in reading. I know many of the shortcuts and techniques necessary to increase both speed and accuracy on these tests. The skills I can impart will form a base from which to improve not only SAT scores, but reading abilities in general.

Social Studies

Social studies is a subject that I have been passionate about for a long time. As a philosophy student I have spent a lot of time studying various types of social theory. After years of studying I have acquired a great degree of knowledge in many social fields. I have been involved in social theory for a long time, which puts me in a great position to pass that knowledge along to others.

Study Skills

I am a college graduate with a track record of success on tests of both the standardized and class variety. Constructing effective systems for studying has been very important for me. I will help students to find the right system for them because there's no single method that works across the board.


I was an active member of an improv program in high school. In college I attempted to produce a play of my own, which was derailed by a failure on the part of my collaborators. I have also worked in set design and playwriting.

Video Production

I have extensive knowledge of Final Cut Pro. I spend a lot of my free time editing the footage that I shoot in the rest of my spare time. I really enjoy the precise nature of video editing, and as a self taught practitioner I believe I would be ideally suited to explain the material in an accessible fashion.


I write a lot and in many different styles. This demands that I establish an extensive vocabulary. Working with words and their roots is a great way improve as both a writer and a reader. It is a skill I have helped others to develop countless times over the years.

World History

There are many details of global history that many people do not bother to learn. I have always found myself interested in these aspects of the human story. Having read extensively and worked with many history students in my time, I have acquired a great degree of knowledge in the field.


I have been writing fiction, theory, film and music reviews for years. I have written on blogs, student newspapers, and even published some works at various conferences. I am passionate about the craft of writing, and would love to work with student writers of any age.

Bard College


Bard College (Philosophy)

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Standard Hourly Rate: $40.00

Cancellation: 2 hours notice required

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