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Ohio University
Speech Pathology
Ohio State University
SUNY Buffalo
Graduate Coursework


Ohio University (Speech Pathology)

Ohio State University (Master's)

SUNY Buffalo (Graduate Coursework)

About Brends

I am a woman who works in the healthcare field. My degrees are in Speech Pathology. I have worked with children and adults of all ages. I taught at the undergraduate and graduate college level as well as have done much academic advisement for students from various backgrounds. I have extensive knowledge with the English language, college writing, reading, communication, psychology, biology particularly anatomy, neuro anatomy, physiology, genetics and zoology. I have more than 15 years experience working with preschool and school aged children with special needs. I am a flexible person who by the nature of what I have done all of my professional career adept at adapting teaching style and materials to fit the student's needs and learning style. I have done multiple years of home healthcare therapy so I am used to coming into homes and fitting my work into the recipient's home. As a Speech Pathologist I have a strong working knowledge of phonics, language, reading and writing. I have worked and developed a variety of strategies for study skills as well. I feel that I work to define my client's learning style as well as understand what the desired goal and outcome are and then work to negotiate a strategy to meet that goal and collaborate with the parents and/or student.

I strongly believe that learning situations must be positive and constructive. I feel that whenever possible it is important to help a student understand how the lesson content fits into the bigger picture and how it can assist them to achieve their goals. I believe that we learn and are motivated by a variety of things and that as a teacher or therapist it is my responsibility to structure the learning tasks so they are realistic and achievable as well as stimulating so that continued forward progress is increased and achievable. Learning has to be supported by realistic outcomes.

Strong background in biology, anatomy, physiology and neuroanatomy. Work with everyday in a medical setting. Can support the lessons with application to real life. Same with English and Language. I deal with strengthening communication behaviors in every learning encounter.

I will make your goals my mission to help you accomplish and achieve so that you can succeed in the b next steps of your educational journey. Learning has been the key to the success of my career and I hope that I can help you gain the same appreciation for its value and benefit to you now and in the future. Please do not look at this as "I just want to pass this test... this class." It all has a way of fitting together for benefit to your bigger picture.
I am a woman who works in the healthcare field. My degrees are in Speech Pathology. I have worked with children and adults of all ages. I taught at the undergraduate and graduate college level as well as have done much academic advisement for students from various backgrounds. I have Read more

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In-person lessons

"Knows her stuff"

- Fran, Murfreesboro, TN on 3/12/16

"Anatomy Pro"

- Alicia, Murfreesboro, TN on 9/15/16

"Very happy!"

- Demia, Smyrna, TN on 3/22/16

"Great tutor"

- Elizabeth, Murfreesboro, TN on 3/17/16

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- Lori, Murfreesboro, TN on 3/15/16
Elementary Math,
Music History
ACT English,
ACT Reading,
IELTS, Literature, Proofreading, Public Speaking,
SAT Reading, TOEFL,
Vocabulary, Writing
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ACT English,
ACT Reading,
College Counseling, Common Core, COOP/HSPT, GED, IELTS, ISEE, Praxis, PSAT, SAT Reading, TOEFL
IELTS, Speech,
American History,
Classics, Geography, Music History, Social Studies, World History
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Common Core, Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math,
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Spelling, Vocabulary
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

Have strong background in Language, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Reasoning and Logic which is core to these examinations and the nature of their questions. Key to success is really reading and vocabulary skills. The more well read and at an advanced high school level to early college level the better. I have strong skills in analyzing the task and merging that with the students strengths to then develop strategies to address the challenges.

ACT Reading

I have experience helping students prepare for these college entrance exams. Also a major focus of such preparation is on tips for test management and reducing test anxiety. All the test preparation manuals are helpful but having personal guidance can really help to make the difference.

American History

I have taken history courses at the collegiate level and have always been stronger in American History than World History. I am strong in knowledge of the material bur even stronger in test taking and test preparation strategies.


As a healthcare rehabilitation professional have studied anatomy, physiology, neuroanatomy and neuropsychology from the high school through advanced graduate school level. Altogether I believe I have taken 9 classes in this area throughout my studies. My concentration has been anatomy and physiology from the waist up as I am a Speech Language Pathologist but have daily focus on anatomy and pathologies in my work with the geriatric population in a rehabilitation setting in the Nashville area.


Have nearly a minor in Zoology along with extensive coursework background in anatomy and physiology. Work in medical field and have for nearly four decades.

Elementary Math

I possess strong skills and knowledge in Math, Reading and Language. Often problems at your child's grade level in Math is the transition to more story problems which has its root in comprehension skills. This is often also applicable to difficulties in managing Social Studies at this grade level. Very often the student is having difficulty in reading to learn. it is a transition from where Teacher provides all the details to now the student has to gather facts and details through their reading and comprehension and integrate that with what the Teacher is presenting.


As a Speech Pathologist, much of my 38 years has been focused on strengthening all skills related to Language Arts, Reading and Writing. It is true that much of that focus has been with verbal communication but that is the underpinnings to reading and writing.


I took college course in genetics and also had to study as a part of coursework on genetic based diagnoses which affect intellectual and communication abilities and development.


Have extensive training in Language Arts along with many years of experience working with children and adults improving communication skills. Have 13 years of college education behind me as well as have taught at the college level. Have written and published in my professional field. Have done presentations in my field at the local, state and national level.


As a Speech Pathologist have worked with likely 30-40 children and adults over the years on handwriting skills. Many times the source of their difficulties secondary to head injury or stroke. Therapy not only focused on printing but also cursive handwriting. Also have used variety of pencil grips to assist with proper grasp of writing utensil. Have also worked to develop keyboarding skills mainly for adults following stroke or head injury. Have taught these skills even as recent as last month.

Hard Of Hearing

I am trained in aiding children with hearing loss to communicate netter. I understand the mechanics of their hearing as well as aids and how that is likely going to affect reading, spelling and communicative behaviors both written and spoken. Sensitive to their needs in likely a more comprehensive degree than teachers. Have worked with hearing imparted and deaf children from preschool to high school levels many times throughout my career. Have also worked with adults after cochlear implant placed. See no limits to my background and helping them to master academic content.


As a Speech Language Pathologist we study phonics related to speech production but also on how to break words down to understand the sound patterns related to articulate patterns and movements. However, in analyzing these patterns you also develop understanding of word groups based on sound patterns as this is the content of your practice on word drills. We are keenly aware of phonics not only how to break words down but also how to build them together. There is much overlap with the Reading Teacher as many of the children we are seeing for speech and language therapy are also receiving reading instruction.


I have taken multiple undergraduate and graduate level anatomy and physiology courses. I have worked in rehabilitation services in a number of medical agencies over the past 25 years. I've cared for patients presenting a wide range of disabilities and pathologies. I possess a strong command of the subject matter. I work to place information in a framework where you can recall the details more clearly but also is more meaningful as applied to function.


I have extensive college study in a variety of topics within the fields of psychology and sociology and am comfortable with tutoring in both subjects.

Public Speaking

I have done public professional presentations at the local, state and national level. I have taught at the University level for both graduate and undergraduate levels for over seven years. I have also given presentations at a number of agencies serving seniors as that is my professional work at present. I have given presentations to audiences of 250-300 people on several occasions related to church service and responsibilities to educate parishioners regarding church finances and mission work.


As a speech pathologist, I have worked with children to understand the sound patterns in their speech and carried this over to reading and spelling. I primarily use a phonics based approach with analysis of words into word groups as well as instruction on all prefixes and suffixes. I have done Guided Reading activities with students K-3 and above with students with special needs. There are several methods used to approach reading and spelling but it is essential to understand how the student learns best and teach to their strengths and interests.


Not sure what aspects of speech you are referring to in this listing. Certainly am well versed in training to be an effective speaker. Have given speaking presentations to local, state and national audiences concerning Speech Therapy topics. Have given numerous presentations marketing rehab services to a variety of audiences. Have been on television and been on radio multiple times throughout my career. Have the ability to write and develop involved presentations for variety of audience types. Have no problem in teaching these skills as well.


I have worked with foreign born speakers on learning language and grammar as well as improving their speech production and precision in word production. This is challenging work but significant improvement can be realized. My professional experience with this can be very rewarding for not only the student but also the Therapist.


As I noted I am a skilled professional writer in my field. I have also written or co-wrote three national publications. I also was the sole author of two state level grant proposals which were successful in being awarded thousands of dollars to develop two new clinical programs which remain in existence today after multiple decades since their inception. I typically work from an outline and develop my written document by making the outline more detailed until I can shape the content into paragraphs with added transition from section to section. Basically I try to build the framework from key points to support the style and intent of what you are trying to say. Then expand this with detail.

It is a style that has been successful for me time and again.

Ohio University
Speech Pathology
Ohio State University
SUNY Buffalo
Graduate Coursework


Ohio University (Speech Pathology)

Ohio State University (Master's)

SUNY Buffalo (Graduate Coursework)

Knows her stuff — Brenda has been helping my daughter with anatomy. It's only the second session, but my daughter's skills seem to be improving! ...

— Fran, Murfreesboro, TN on 3/12/16

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Cancellation: 2 hours notice required

For two students, rate is $20 each student for 1st hour and $16 each for additional hour. Larger groups, rate will be defined on case by case basis.

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