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B.A. Sarah Lawrence College
University of Phoenix - Arizona-online


B.A. Sarah Lawrence College

University of Phoenix - Arizona-online (MBA)

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I am ready to help your child in his or her quest for a mastery of the English language. Bad grammar and spelling are my pet peeves! I will use a variety of techniques to bring your child's skills up to par and beyond. I am also fluent in Spanish and speak some French. Reading comprehension and effective writing are among my strengths. I have also had training in linguistics, phonics, and diction.

At the age of 21 I worked as a governess in Versailles, France. My charges were three little French gentlemen who taught me as much about their world as I was able to teach them about behaving well. Upon my return from Europe I worked for several years in the financial industry in New Jersey. I then took a position as a bookkeeper in a preschool near my home and stayed in that job for seven years. The job required that I attend classes on child development on a regular basis. I maintained close contact with the children, their parents, and our teachers as I was required to fill in as receptionist on a regular basis.

I have lived in Westerly, Rhode Island since 2001. I have two sons, ages 34 and 23. I was widowed since 2009 but remain active in my community. I am the treasurer of the Westerly Historical Society, and a member of the St. Pius X Church choir.

My most recent accomplishment is the completion of my Master's Degree in business administration. Coursework done at the post-graduate level demands a high level of proficiency in writing. Even though I am now in my early sixties, working on my Master's degree taught me I was not too old to learn more skilled ways of writing. Although some schools require that all research papers follow the format prescribed by the American Psychological Association (APA)and others rely on the MLA (Modern Language Association) format, there are certain constructs that are generally taboo in any written work. Split infinitives and passive voice are just two examples of things that are generally not accepted in post-graduate writing.

I hope you will consider me as your tutor. I am eager to bring understanding and skill to your family's schoolwork and I look forward to working with you and your loved one(s).
I am ready to help your child in his or her quest for a mastery of the English language. Bad grammar and spelling are my pet peeves! I will use a variety of techniques to bring your child's skills up to par and beyond. I am also fluent in Spanish and speak some French. Reading comprehension and effective writing are among my strengths. I have also Read more

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In-person lessons

"Wonderfully knowledgeable"

- Judy, Bradford, RI on 5/28/17

"Translating Maria by J. Lsaads"

- Richard, Carolina, RI on 1/12/17
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Elementary Math

I am a lifelong banker with over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. I hold an Associates degree in accounting and finance, and a Masters degree in business administration. I am well-trained in problem-solving and have a strong background in economics and statistics. In the 1990's, while raising my two sons, I worked for seven years as a bookkeeper in a preschool/kindergarten. My exposure to young children taught me that each child has a specific learning style: some are visual learners, some are auditory learners, and still others are tactile learners, etc. (as many as twenty types). I will help identify your child's learning style and guide them in their progress through elementary math.


I possess three college degrees and have a strong background in academic research and writing for business. In my undergraduate training I completed a course in linguistics. My studies in French and Spanish also provided me with the knowledge of certain rules of grammar and syntax which are universal to both these languages as well as to English.


I have always excelled at grammar and consider myself "old-school." I learned the basics of proper speech in an age when automated and grammar-checking tools did not exist. As I mentioned in my qualifications for English tutoring, certain constructs are universal across several languages. The subjunctive verb tense, for example, exists in French, Spanish, English, and many other languages. While it sometimes seems that we as Americans have abandoned the subjunctive tense all together, it is nevertheless an important tool. Consider how much more correct and rich the phrase, "If I were an actress" sounds compared to "If I was and actress." I have a keen ear for grammar and can improve anyone's writing and speaking through an improved ability in grammar.


Phonemes are the building blocks of words, thereby making phonics the essential first step in learning how to read. I have reviewed and implemented much of the Montessori methods of phonics learning with my students. I am able to teach recognition of letters and their sounds and progress the student to reading easy words and simple sentences.

As part of my undergraduate studies at Sarah Lawrence College, I studied linguistics. This coursework was extremely valuable in understanding how we form and use phonemes. The English language contains 44 phonemes but there are others used across the globe which are not part of our speech as Americans. I have a detailed understanding of the differences and similarities of the sounds we use to create words. Our language includes an array of phonemes: labial sounds, dental, labio-dental, and fricative sounds are examples of phonemes. The correct pronunciation of English sounds and the ability to associate each sound with its written representation is key. Once this occurs, the student can decode words successfully and begin to read.

I have been using a variety of visual and tactile aids including magnetic lower-case letters, sorting bins with small objects grouped by their beginning sounds, and modeling compound to form letters by hand. The emphasis is placed on each letter's sound rather than its name.

Once the student grasps the simplest phonemes, I introduce those that are formed by more than one consonant, such as, "sh," "th," and "ch." Likewise, after the student has mastered short vowels, the long vowels are introduced. The last phonemes to be taught are those formed by two vowels together such as "oo" and "ou," "au," etc.


There are three aspects of skill in reading which are key: the ability to understand content, the ability to appreciate the author's artistic devices that appear in the written work, and the ability to relate what one has read. My liberal arts background has prepared me well in the areas of vocabulary; ability to recognize and appreciate literary constructs such as symbolism, metaphor, and foreshadowing; and detection of literary references within written works. I have studied the Bible which, aside from its rich use of symbolism, metaphors, and foreshadowing, is perhaps the most quoted and referenced book in the history of all Western literature. Shakespeare himself quoted the Bible and certain phrases that are attributed to Shakespeare are actually ones he borrowed from the Bible. I know that my extensive literary background is an excellent qualification to tutor others in reading.


My education is Spanish began in the sixth grade as part of a pilot program sponsored by FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary Schools). The year was 1965. The term "Hispanic" was unknown to us. I continued my Spanish studies every year during my academic career and was a Rotarian Scholar in 1971. This achievement enabled me to live in Mexico City for six weeks during the summer before my senior year of high school. Later I lived in Madrid as part of my college studies abroad. The total immersion into these foreign cultures provided me with the ability become fluent in Spanish. I continued my Spanish studies through all four years of college and I have an extensive background in both Spanish and Latin-American classical and modern literature. Whether you need help with grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading or Spanish conversation, I can help you learn quickly. I have been told by many native speakers of Spanish that I have no English accent.


Good spelling can be achieved with a fundamental understanding of phonics as well as the basic rules of spelling and their exceptions. I learned to spell before the first electronic spell-checker was invented, and was schooled in phonics at an early age. Almost everyone can recite the rule, "I after E except after C," but how many of us struggle with the many lesser-known constructs that make up our words? My background in linguistics has given me an intimate knowledge of the rules of spelling. My orthography rarely falters in my numerous technical presentations that I am required to write for my job.


Better vocabulary translates into better writing and improved reading comprehension. Most people naturally expand their knowledge of words and their meanings as they get older. As a person in her fifties, I am have gained a wide knowledge of words and their meanings. In business, academics, and everyday life, certain words come in and out of fashion as times change. Keeping current with the most modern vocabulary is as important as possessing a solid foundation in standard vocabulary. As a student of the romance languages, I have a love for words and their etymologies. Not only will I teach the meanings of words, but their proper usages and connotations as well.


My strong academic background has prepared me well for a position in teaching writing. I have a long history of writing research papers, business procedures, and analytical works. My proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, and literary appreciation are the tools I use to prepare excellent presentations. Whether writing essays, short stories, poetry, or research papers, I can help you or your child gain the keys to becoming a better author.

B.A. Sarah Lawrence College
University of Phoenix - Arizona-online


B.A. Sarah Lawrence College

University of Phoenix - Arizona-online (MBA)

Wonderfully knowledgeable

Ann is just great with our son! She is a perfect fit! She weaves her real life experience in with her lessons, making learning for my son much more enjoyable. She has shown that she has a wonderful grasp on foreign languages.

— Judy, Bradford, RI on 5/28/17

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