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Bob Jones University
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Bob Jones University

Liberty University (MEd)

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Mathematics is often so confusing—and so boring. But it doesn't have to be that way! The problem is that most people were just told what to do, but never told why. Math is not some mysterious subject that only a few can comprehend. It's just another element of knowledge in general: as with any area, practice makes perfect, but that practice needs to be guided by an expert. No one gains mastery in any subject without guidance. I can help you unlock the mystery of mathematics and get you on the road to comprehension. In my time as a tutor and a teacher, I have instructed students at all stages of life and mathematical development—from 3rd graders to adults in their 40's, from elementary math to college-level calculus.

Although I am a certified teacher in mathematics (and social studies), and have received my M.Ed. in Secondary Education, I feel my biggest assets are my tutoring experience and my ability to connect with students. In addition to tutoring for mathematical disciplines, I also specialize in test preparation. Many people, children and adults alike, deal with test anxiety. Again, it doesn't need to be that way! Preparing for a test means more than just being familiar with the subject material; pacing, eliminating incorrect responses, strategic guessing, and alternative strategies (such as backsolving and plugging-in-numbers) are important test-taking techniques that can improve a person's score. In my time as a tutor, I have prepared students for many tests, including the SAT, ACT, ASVAB, GED, and GRE.

The school year is upon us, and my schedule is filling up quickly! Because tutoring is my full-time occupation, though, I can be more flexible with my time. Since I don't "go to work" for a predetermined time each day, I can meet students based upon their schedules; this allows me to work with homeschooled students, to take on more online students, and to help people out with significant writing assignments. And without a large block of my time devoted to a routine work schedule, I can be quicker in my responses to students and be more accommodating to those who might need "emergency" tutoring.

Summer is the perfect time to prep for the SAT and/or the ACT, and to work on college application essays: with no schoolwork to be done during summertime, students can receive more comprehensive tutoring to prepare. It's also a great time to get some extra help for the next school year; whether your child is a little behind, or maybe you want him or her to get ahead, the summer is the time to get the necessary instruction.
Mathematics is often so confusing—and so boring. But it doesn't have to be that way! The problem is that most people were just told what to do, but never told why. Math is not some mysterious subject that only a few can comprehend. It's just another element of knowledge in general: as with any area, practice makes perfect, but that practice needs Read more

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"Confident & Convenient"

- Julie, Lancaster, PA on 5/28/17

"Great long term commitment"

- Melanie, Creedmoor, NC on 10/11/17

"Patient and Encouraging"

- Katie, Brooklyn, NY on 8/18/17

"Helpful ACT Prep"

- Cheryl, Bellevue, OH on 6/9/17

"Very professional and knowledgeable."

- Kristi, Lancaster, PA on 5/23/17

"Patient and Courteous Tutor"

- Charlene, Reinholds, PA on 5/20/17

"Fantastic geometry tutoring session"

- Robin, Valencia, CA on 4/20/17

"A fun math tutor!"

- Mika, Peach Bottom, PA on 3/27/17

"My daughter was thrilled!"

- Mariela, Greensboro, NC on 2/24/17

"Very effective as teacher"

- Maria, Lebanon, PA on 1/17/17

"Knowledgeable and patient"

- Heather, Reinholds, PA on 1/12/17

"Fast help"

- Lindsay, Livermore, CA on 12/24/16

"Patient and very helpful"

- Grant, Saegertown, PA on 12/13/16

"Very happy with Jonathan's skills and teaching style"

- Patrick, Oxford, PA on 11/14/16

"My daughters scores improved!"

- Denise, Lancaster, PA on 8/17/16


- Morgan, York, PA on 8/5/16

"Great tutor"

- Brittany, Leola, PA on 6/24/16

"I never made anything under an A"

- LaShawn, Pittsboro, NC on 5/9/16

"Very patient wonderful tutor"

- Melissa, Odessa, TX on 5/3/16

"My Daughter Loves Mr. R!"

- Angelique, Mount Joy, PA on 4/18/16

"Grear teacher"

- Dave, Mountville, PA on 4/9/16

"Highly Recommend"

- Annette, Gloucester, MA on 3/13/16

"I felt much better about going into my test."

- Ann-Marie, Chester, NJ on 2/22/16

"Knowledgeable and Simplistic"

- Toya, Abingdon, MD on 2/9/16

"Excellent teacher!"

- Caroline, Lancaster, PA on 2/8/16

"Great Tutor!"

- Laura, Camden Wyoming, DE on 1/26/16

"Excellent tutor!"

- Amy, Keene, NH on 1/4/16

"Really knows his way around calculus"

- Tim, Friendship, MD on 12/10/15

"Great job with algebra II"

- Diane, Columbia, PA on 11/14/15

"Knowledgeable tutor"

- Yvonne, Belmont, MA on 11/12/15

"Amazing! Great Tutor!"

- Debbie, Mount Joy, PA on 11/12/15

"Great tutor!"

- Jaybree, Porterville, CA on 10/15/15

"Meets each student where they are at"

- Carole, Manheim, PA on 10/14/15

"Very Impressed!"

- Jay, York, PA on 10/4/15

"Great first session"

- Bridget, Lancaster, PA on 9/24/15

"Great lesson!"

- Valerie, Atlanta, GA on 9/9/15

"Very accommodating and able to improve test scores"

- Bob, Strasburg, PA on 8/27/15

"Knowledgeable, patient, extremely helpful."

- Sonja, Marana, AZ on 8/25/15

"Wonderful Tutor!"

- Holly, Mount Joy, PA on 8/18/15


- Rachael, Strasburg, PA on 8/4/15


- Beth, Lancaster, PA on 7/7/15

"Very patient and always on time!!"

- Tasha, York, PA on 7/4/15

"Great tutor!"

- Jonathan, Lancaster, PA on 7/1/15

"Jonathan has a natural ability to teach math effectively."

- Pamela, Wrightsville, PA on 6/11/15

"Demonstrates a mastery of knowledge in mathematics and makes the student feel at ease"

- Stephanie, Drums, PA on 6/6/15

"Excellent Tutor!!"

- Barbara, Lancaster, PA on 5/4/15

"Wonderful tutor!"

- Jennifer, Manheim, PA on 1/21/15

"Great Calculus Tutor!"

- Missy, Elizabethtown, PA on 1/16/15

"Very Helpful"

- Brandon, Lancaster, PA on 11/17/14


- Ian, York, PA on 11/16/14

"Jonathan's Help"

- Greg, Lancaster, PA on 8/1/14

"Great tutor, very dependable!"

- Sherry, Manheim, PA on 7/30/14

"Well-prepared and thorough"

- Mara, Lancaster, PA on 5/27/14

"Exceptional Tutor"

- Jennifer, Middletown, PA on 4/30/14

"Patient, knowledgeable, punctual, and honest"

- Bruce, Lancaster, PA on 4/12/14

"A nice and helpful math tutor"

- George, Lancaster, PA on 3/8/14

"Great Tutor, really cares!"

- Luanne, Mountville, PA on 10/6/13

"Professional, no ego, no nonsense tutor!"

- Constance, Windsor, PA on 7/19/12
ACT Science,
Special Needs:
Elementary Math
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math,

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

Over the past five years, I have worked with more than 15 students on ACT preparation. Part of this comprehensive preparation focuses on the English section. While most students have the necessary knowledge to answer the questions in this section, the pacing is difficult to master. My tutoring process includes working with the student to navigate through the 75 questions in only 45 minutes.

ACT Math

I am a certified mathematics teacher, and have taught all the math courses needed for the math portion of the ACT. In addition, I have worked with more than 15 students in preparing for the ACT, and they have seen marked improvement in their math scores. The ACT math section consists entirely of multiple choice questions, and it permits the use of a calculator throughout; as a result, it requires a special approach when it comes to test-taking strategy.

ACT Reading

The ACT Reading section is similar to that of the SAT, but moves at a faster pace. Part of my comprehensive ACT prep process is guiding students to adapt to the pacing required in the test. Quick decision-making is essential to performing well on the ACT Reading section, and I work to teach students that skill.

ACT Science

Of all the ACT sections, the Science section is the most demanding from a timing perspective. The average student can understand, process, and answer the questions, but it takes practice to do that in the time allotted. It's 40 questions in only 35 minutes, and some of the text is dense. As an experienced ACT tutor, I work to teach the strategies necessary to navigate this section successfully.

Algebra 1

I have taught Algebra 1 at both the middle school and high school levels. Algebra is a course that many of my clients have needed assistance with, and I have been able to direct people--from a wide age range--to be more confident in their math abilities.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is one of my favorite math subjects, and as a certified math teacher, I've had the opportunity to teach it three times. This subject is one with students who range from ninth graders to college students; that means it requires a variety of approaches, which I provide.

American History

History is one of my passions, and something that I enjoy studying and learning about. My undergraduate minor was history, and as a graduate student, I became certified as a middle school social studies teacher. American history is so often misrepresented in today's curricula, so working with a tutor can help a student get a grasp of the full scope of that history.


I have tutored multiple students preparing for the ASVAB exam. After about 10 sessions each, the students passed the test and were able to get the job they wanted in the military. My specialty is mathematics, for which I am Pennsylvania certified; however, the test-taking skills I teach can be used in all portions of the ASVAB.

Bible Studies

Over the past 10 years, I have been taking the Leadership Courses offered by BILD International's Antioch School. My church offers these courses, which are part of a training curriculum for pastors and missionaries. To date, I have excelled in courses covering Acts, the Pauline Epistles, the Essentials of Sound Doctrine, Elders and Leaders in the Early Church, Shepherding and Counseling, Evangelism, and the Character of a Leader.


Calculus is my favorite discipline in mathematics, and I love teaching it! I have a degree in mathematics, and have taught calculus in a high school setting. In addition, I have tutored multiple clients in calculus over the past few years--both high school and college age--and have witnessed them succeed in their course.

Elementary Math

I'm a certified math teacher, and over the years I've seen a lot of students fall behind in math during their middle school years because they didn't have the necessary foundational skills that should have been taught in elementary school. The basics are essential: arithmetic, organization, and following procedure; these are what I focus on when I tutor elementary students.


The English language has always fascinated me. It's the richest language on earth, but also the one with the most idiosyncrasies. I appreciate those quirks, however, and I actually enjoy grammar and editing. When it comes to helping students with writing assignments, my approach is to make sure that assignment is as technically sound as possible.


I am a certified mathematics teacher, and have taught all the math courses needed for the math portion of the GED. In addition, I have worked with multiple students in preparing for the GED, and they have seen marked improvement. I use a different approach when prepping students for the GED, because they are adult learners, and don't need to be treated by children.


As a certified social studies teacher, I have taught geography in classroom situations. Geography is one of my fascinations--a hobby of sorts. I thoroughly enjoy studying maps and investigating the links between geography and history.


Geometry is one of my favorite subjects to teach because of its implications. It's a very logical subject, and mastering geometry can help a student think in a more structured manner, and be able to present argument more effectively. I am a certified math teacher, and have had the opportunity to work with several students in geometry; in each case, the student's performance improved.

Government & Politics

No subject in recent years has intrigued me more than government and politics. I have studied the Constitution and the history of the court cases dealing with it, and I feel that I am an "expert layman" in that department. My approach to politics is not rooted in any particular political philosophy, but rather centers on historical record, pertinent law, and founding documents.


Grammar, punctuation, and word use are areas that have always interested me. After math and history, grammar is my most favorite topic to study. As an adult, I continue to learn about proper grammar, even reading books such as "The Grouchy Grammarian," which details the 47 mistakes most commonly made by professional writers. I know my grammar, and I know how to explain its rules to others.


Taking the GRE can be intimidating, particularly if you're far removed from undergraduate school. My approach is to focus on precisely what the student needs to do to navigate the test. The most common area of concern is the Quantitative Reasoning section, and I seek to teach the most efficient techniques to adult students looking to get their graduate degrees.


Since becoming a full-time professional tutor, I have worked with several homeschool students who come from diverse situations. I have students I meet with exclusively online. I also have had the opportunity to serve as the math teacher for two homeschool students over the course of an entire school year.


As a certified math teacher, I have taught this subject more than any other--even at the high school level. A strong foundation in algebra is critical for any student to be able to succeed in high school mathematics. I have worked with many students in one-on-one situations, and their confidence in their prealgebra skills has increased through those sessions.


Since calculus is my favorite area of mathematics, I feel it's essential for a student to have the necessary fundamental tools when that course begins. Precalculus has so many skills that must be solid for a student to enter calculus. As a certified math teacher, I have taught both precalculus and calculus. More importantly, I've worked with a great many students in the area of precalculus, at both high school and college levels.


In addition to being state certified in both middle school and high school mathematics, I possess a broad knowledge of reading and writing techniques. English is one of my favorite subjects, and I am an aficionado of grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. In addition, I am an excellent test-taker, and can teach the necessary test-taking skills for navigating the PSAT.


My specialty is the Judeo-Christian religious denominations. I am a member of local Christian church, and I have also attended Bob Jones University and Liberty University. I have taken multiple courses on the Judeo-Christian religion, and continue to do so today. Currently, I am working through the BILD (Biblical Institute of Leadership Development) curriculum. Over the course of the last 20 years, I have taught Bible courses at the church level to the following age groups: elementary, middle school, high school, and adult.

SAT Math

As a certified math teacher, I have taught all the mathematics topics covered on the SAT. As a tutor, I have worked with more than 20 students to prepare them for the SAT; this preparation is comprehensive and covers all four sections of the SAT, including both math sections. Test preparation is more than just knowing the subject matter; test-taking skills are essential and need to be learned as well.

SAT Reading

Over the past five years, I have worked with more than 20 students on SAT preparation. This preparation is comprehensive, covering all four sections of the SAT, including the Reading section.

SAT Writing

With the changes to the SAT, the Writing section is now the Writing and Language section. Grammar is one of my specialties, so I have been able to help a number of students improve their scores in this section of the test. In addition, my logical approach has helped when instructing students on how to write the SAT essay.

Social Studies

I am a certified social studies teacher (in addition to being a certified math teacher). As an undergraduate student in college, my minor was History; as a graduate student, I took multiple classes on teaching the social sciences. I truly love history, and continue to read about it and learn more about it.


Statistics have always fascinated me, and I find them to be one of the necessary foundational pieces of knowledge people need to navigate the world. As a certified teacher, I have taught the concepts of statistics at many levels of math.


I am a certified math teacher, so I have had the opportunity to teach precalculus and calculus, meaning that I have worked extensively with trigonometry. Trigonometry often requires one-on-one help, especially when it comes to graphing. As a tutor, I've been able to help a number of students comprehend the material and improve their performances.


As a student, I have always been a capable writer. As a tutor, I must know how to dissect and analyze writing. My tutoring preparation includes frequent examination, analysis, and instruction of the writing portions of the SAT, ACT, and GED tests. I have often been told that I have a talent for explaining the fine points of grammar, punctuation, and diction, so I can help students with formal papers by teaching them how to efficiently plan and edit their papers. I can also help with the efficient construction of college application essays.

Bob Jones University
Liberty University


Bob Jones University

Liberty University (MEd)

Confident & Convenient

Jonathan has been working with my child throughout high school, specifically with math but has also crossed over into some science areas where math and equations are a large focus. Jonathan is both confident and patient. These attributes seamlessly transfer to the student with positive results. In a short period of time, Jonathan was able to steer my child into the direction of " I can do this"

— Julie, Lancaster, PA on 5/28/17

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Standard Hourly Rate: $60.00

Cancellation: 1 hour notice required

Available rate of $55/hr for long-term online tutoring

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