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Look no further - Abraham is the best tutor!
— Claire, Valencia, PA on 1/9/14


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Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania


Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (Biology)

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (MEd)

About Abraham

I have been tutoring students math and science for 6 years. I've worked with over 100 clients and, in the past, have been placed in the top 1% of all 72,000 or more tutors using the WyzAnt website. On a recent customer feedback survey, 100% of respondents indicated they reached their academic goals and/or made improvements after working with me.

I am a graduate of Slippery Rock University and a current PA certified teacher with three separate certifications and a master of education degree with specialization in math and science instruction. I recently earned certificates in Algebra, Geometry, and Astrophysics too. My areas of expertise are Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, SAT prep and ACT prep. I had the pleasure of learning that two of my previous students received awards from their school for "Most improved in Mathematics!" A number of my students have also contacted me informing me that they achieved their SAT/ACT goals and have now been accepted into the university of their choice.

My work experience includes being a professional tutor at Total Learning Centers located in Wexford, PA and Butler County Community College, Cranberry Campus. I worked at Slippery Rock University tutoring center assisting undergraduate students in college level science and math classes. I completed a semester long internship tutoring at Slippery Rock Middle School in Slippery Rock, PA. I tutored students in math at New Castle Jr/Sr high school in New Castle, PA and at George Jr. Republic in Grove City, PA. The primary focus of my tutoring at these locations was in Algebra I & II, Geometry, Biology, and Chemistry.

Once I began running my own tutoring business I worked with clientele located in Wexford, Cranberry Township, Butler, Fox Chapel, Coraopolis, Robinson and Moon Townships, and Slippery Rock. The school districts that I have the most experience with are Mars, North Allegheny, Fox Chapel, Butler, Pine Richland, Hampton, and Seneca Valley School Districts. I have worked with students from private schools like Aquinas Academy in Gibsonia, PA, Oakland Catholic in Pittsburgh, PA and Shadyside Academy, also in Pittsburgh, PA. I have, in the past, worked with clientele in the Monroeville and Murrysville areas.

I currently offer tutoring services via face to face and/or using live web conferencing software which includes an interactive digital classroom. This is a favorite among clients who reside a significant distance away or enjoy the convenience of the digital environment.

Aside from my tutoring experience I have also spent time teaching in traditional public schools. I taught at New Castle Jr/Sr High School and completed my student teaching semester at Moniteau Jr/Sr High School in West Sunbury, PA.

My tutoring style can be described as follows.

1.) I gather background information on the student such as school attended, current grades, subjects of difficulty, etc. I always inform my clients that all information is kept confidential for the sake of their privacy.

2.) I collect diagnostic data to establish a baseline and determine areas of academic difficulty. Also, to determine the most effective learning style (visual, verbal, etc.)

3.) Using this data, I designed individualized lesson plans to meet my students every need.

4.) Finally, after each lesson I assess the student to determine their level of learning, keeping detailed quantitative records, and make adjustments to their lesson plans as needed.

5.) I always make sure to keep in constant communication with the student's parents, if under 18, so that they are fully aware of the student's progress and to provide feedback if necessary.

In spend copious amounts of time reading and attending workshops to keep up on the latest trends in education and pedagological teaching methods. Lastly, I am a member of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), a professional teaching organization that focuses on the professional development of science teachers.

Aside from teaching, I am a very down to earth casual individual who enjoys his job. I've been studying martial arts for over 10 years and was recently given the opportunity to teach my own class. I love to workout, eat healthy, watch movies, and just have fun.

I look forward to meeting and educating any and all new students. A copy of my resume, teaching certificate and work references/recommendation letters, and undergraduate and graduate transcripts are available upon request.
I have been tutoring students math and science for 6 years. I've worked with over 100 clients and, in the past, have been placed in the top 1% of all 72,000 or more tutors using the WyzAnt website. On a recent customer feedback survey, 100% of respondents indicated they reached their academic goals and/or made improvements after working with me. Read more

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In-person lessons

"Look no further - Abraham is the best tutor!"

- Claire, Valencia, PA on 1/9/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

It was a lot of fun working with Claire and her son. It was a new experience teaching AP chemistry to a student that was enrolled in a "Flipped Classroom." The majority of our sessions were spent on chapter tests and final exam prep. I also assisted tutoring some of the AP chemistry labs required by The College Board.

"Great Teacher"

- Jennifer, Butler, PA on 2/15/17

"Great explaination of college acceptance"

- Alex, Zelienople, PA on 8/8/16
Abraham replied on 9/9/2016

Alex was a pleasure to work with. He is a perfect example of a student who improved significantly because he met with me on a regular basis and completed his homework regularly. I predict he will have great success with his future endeavors.

"He was very helpful in setting up a plan & achievable goals."

- CODY, Zelienople, PA on 8/4/16
Abraham replied on 9/9/2016

I enjoyed working with Cody. He demonstrated all the qualities of a good student and should have great success in the future.

"Great tutor who was able to show an immediate impact!"

- Debbie, Evans City, PA on 5/26/16
Abraham replied on 9/9/2016

I only worked with the student for a short time but she did make improvements on her exams. In particular I was able to work with her taking advantage of her visual learning style and response to concept maps.

"Very Pleased!"

- Sam, Mars, PA on 3/21/16
Abraham replied on 9/9/2016

I have worked with the student fie quite some time now. During that time he has made great improvements in his mathematics ability. After achieving success in Algebra II and Chemistry he has opted to continue working with me through Trigonometry.

"Excellent ACT and Math Tutor"

- Laura, Cranberry Twp, PA on 3/6/16
Abraham replied on 3/21/2016

Michael was a pleasure to work with. It was his efforts and dedication to his training that made him successful. This is the case with any student I work with. They deserve the credit :)

"Highly Recommend!"

- Terri, Renfrew, PA on 11/8/15
Abraham replied on 3/21/2016

Nick is a hardworking student who was successful because of his work ethic and consistency in his training. I was glad to be able to help him boost his SAT scores so that he may get into the college of his choice.

"Very reliable! Always available by phone!"

- Erica, Valencia, PA on 10/23/15
Abraham replied on 3/21/2016

Erica and I worked well together. Like most college students who work and go to school, she needed someone who was both knowledgeable and skilled at teaching but also was able to provide flexible scheduling. It was great to hear back from her that she had achieved her goals in A&P.

"Very helpful!"

- Samantha, Butler, PA on 8/26/15
Abraham replied on 3/21/2016

Samantha is a great student. Like all of my other students who have been successful, she put forward the time and effort needed to make improvements. Her scores jumped significantly after working with me. I am most appreciative of her review and glad I was able to assist her with her academic pursuits.

"Great Tutor"

- Cole, Cranberry Twp, PA on 8/25/15
Abraham replied on 3/21/2016

Glad I was able to help. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you with your future studies.

"Very helpful even in the first lesson"

- Lauren, Dekalb, IL on 7/22/15
Abraham replied on 8/13/2015

Although I did not work with Lauren long, I was pleased that I was able to make and impact on her performance in organic chemistry. The online platform was extremely helpful for her organic chemistry tutoring experience.

"A great resource!"

- Asya, Pittsburgh, PA on 7/13/15
Abraham replied on 7/19/2015

I enjoy working with Asya. She and I set a goal to prepare her for the arduous college courses of Chemistry and Biology that needed to be past in order for her to achieve her goal of getting into Physician Assistant School. The online tutoring platform provided the perfect means for me to communicate, teach, watch videos, exchange and transfer homework sheets, etc. Ours sessions were very lively and interactive, the way learning should be :)

"Makes chemistry processes easy to remember"

- Yoanna, Presto, PA on 7/4/15
Abraham replied on 7/6/2015

Yoanna is a great student. She had all the motivation and drive to succeed in her chemistry class. I just provided her to necessary tools to succeed. I worked with Yoanna both in person and via the online platform. The flexibility of online tutoring made it possible for us to work together despite the distance apart and hectic schedules that we both had.

"Very helpful"

- Jenny, Saint Louis, MO on 6/13/15
Abraham replied on 7/6/2015

Jenny was fun to work with. I assisted her with the task of attempting to complete an entire year of Organic Chemistry in one summer! The positive experience I had working with her provides and example of how online tutoring, if done correctly, can be highly effective even for advanced subjects such as Organic Chemistry.

"Great tutor!!"

- Carole, Cranberry Twp, PA on 2/27/15
Abraham replied on 5/9/2015

I enjoyed working with Ty and his family. They support his education and it was a privilege to assist him in his geometry studies :)

"Great tutor! Always prepared and very effective."

- Mike, Mars, PA on 1/20/15
Abraham replied on 5/9/2015

Katie is a joy to work with. She is fun and exciting and always prepared to improve her understanding of geometry.

"Very helpful and nice"

- Jennifer, Zelienople, PA on 12/15/14
Abraham replied on 12/16/2014

He is a great student to work with. Like many students, he had a lot of difficulty completing Algebra II. I taught him easy ways to approach problem solving. It was great to see him make significant improvements in his performance!


- Charlie, Cheswick, PA on 12/14/14
Abraham replied on 12/16/2014

Charlie is a very intelligent student. Like, many, he struggle with Chemistry because the abstract concepts were so different than what he had encountered so far. With a little help his performance sky rocketed and now he is doing great!

"Very helpful!"

- Monica, Cheswick, PA on 11/9/14
Abraham replied on 12/16/2014

Monica's daughter is an excellent student and very ambitious. She is taking a very difficult Biology class, one that emphasizes molecular biology, the toughest part of the science. With just an hour of tutoring once a week she has shown significant improvements and has been able to maintain a solid grade in the class. I am very proud of her performance.

"Helped me get an A"

- Rachel, Allison Park, PA on 11/9/14
Abraham replied on 12/16/2014

After just one lesson, Rachel grasped content that had caused her frustration in the past. She was taking a college level biology class, not an easy task. After working together she aced her Biology exam!

"Excellent Teacher!"

- Chris, Mars, PA on 11/1/14
Abraham replied on 11/1/2014

Shelley is a great student who is fun to work with.

"Very organized and thorough approach. Flexible with scheduling."

- Alec, Cheswick, PA on 10/19/14
Abraham replied on 10/27/2014

I worked with Alec's daughter. She is a gifted student who did very well in her Molecular Biology class after I began working with her. It was great to see her succeed as a student.

"Very patient"

- Trisha, Ellwood City, PA on 10/17/14
Abraham replied on 10/27/2014

Trisha took a very challenging class, college chemistry. I worked with her to help her understand the theoretical chemistry that needs to be understood prior to applying the mathematics. She is a dedicated student who was fun to work with.

"Awesome Tutor"

- Annette, Mars, PA on 10/12/14
Abraham replied on 10/14/2014

I have been working with Annette's son for sometime now. He a great student who is a joy to work with. I focused on teaching him the core principles of Algebra I to help him pass the Keystone exams and do very well in his Algebra class!

"Very helpful and patient tutor"

- Joe & Christie, Butler, PA on 10/4/14
Abraham replied on 10/4/2014

It was a pleasure working with Joe and Christie's daughter. She is an ambitious student who put in the extra effort needed for tutoring and should have no problem achieving her academic goals. I would recommend her to anyone looking to tutor her in the future.

"Effective, inspirational, and fun tutor"

- Larisa, Portersville, PA on 8/17/14
Abraham replied on 8/21/2014

I worked with Larisa's son. He is a very ambitious student with a high intellect. I was pleased to see his SAT II score increase by more than 150 points after he took the exam.

"Great Tutor for Math and Science!"

- Angela, Butler, PA on 7/27/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

Angela is great. I was extremely proud of her work ethic and drive to succeed academically. I worked with her for a few months over the summer while she was taking two semesters of a college level physical science class IN JUST 8 WEEKS! The rigorous academic program required that we meet for hours each day. I focused on teaching her conceptual theory of the physical sciences and then applying it to problems solving. I used a combination of textbook, online, and PowerPoint resources. In the end she triumphed, earning an A for both classes!

"Dedicated Tutor"

- Rich, Valencia, PA on 7/15/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

Diane and Rich are very supportive of Josh, their son, and his drive to improve his reading comprehension and math skills. I designed an individualized curriculum based on diagnostic data to ameliorate the areas Josh struggles in. For each session, I wrote a lesson plan making sure Josh reached his objectives. My goal was to have Josh build a strong foundation in math as well as mastery of key reading skills such as being able to determine vocabulary in context, sequence of events, inference, conclusions, etc. I would regularly communicate with Diane and Rich regarding his progress. He has done exceptionally well and should be well prepared for the upcoming school year.

"Great to work with, will come to the house"

- Tracy, Mars, PA on 6/4/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

Working with Tracy and her daughter was a new experience for me. I tutored her daughter in a college level algebra class that was being taught online. She did very well and was a joy to work with. Kind and caring, I was glad I got the chance to meet both Tracy and her daughter!

"Fantastic Tutor"

- Christine, Cranberry Twp, PA on 5/29/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

Christine and her son Ben are great. I worked with Ben to assist him with the Biology Keystone exams. I used online resources that included standards-based curriculum and diagnostic exams so I could determine where Ben was at. I also taught him the format of the exam, gave him a structured outline of which chapters in the textbook he should cover, as well as IPad Apps to help him prep for the exam. It felt great when I met with him and he told me the exam "was easy!"

"Upbeat tutor for my teenager"

- Nicole, Butler, PA on 5/27/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

I worked with Nicole for a short time preparing her for her SAT exam. After completing a diagnostic exam, I designed a specialized curriculum for her focusing on teaching her strategies to approach the exam. I gave her regular homework assignments. I would assess her after each session to ensure she made progress... and it worked! She indicated to me that her score increased. I'm glad to see that she achieved her goals and wish her the best of luck in the future!

"Flexible and Knowledgeable"

- Ulrike, Export, PA on 5/12/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

I worked with Torsten, Ulrike's son, for a brief but intense period leading up to the AP Chemistry exam. I prepared him by teaching him the layout, scoring, and purpose of the exam. In particular I focused on teaching him the importance of designing testable hypotheses, analyzing lab data, drawing conclusions since the new AP Chemistry curriculum focuses on "Science Practices." I traveled an extensive distance but was glad to help in anyway I could. I am thankful for their generosity, kindness, and hospitality that they offered me while I was tutoring.

"Great tutor who focuses on your specific needs!"

- Alexandra, New Castle, PA on 5/5/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

Alexandra and Justin were fun to work with because I was able to get very creative with my teaching techniques. Frequently I would use sources from the internet to supplement my instruction. I implemented fun techniques like using a deck of playing cards to teach basic math operations. I designed unique study tools like mini flip books to make studying easy, convenient, and fun.

"Great SAT Tutor"

- Patricia, Coraopolis, PA on 4/24/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

Patricia's son is a dedicated student. I focused on preparing him for the SAT exam. Using diagnostic data, I designed a study plan focusing on the Writing, Reading, and Math portions of the exam. I taught him how to use effective test taking techniques to achieve a better score. We also used study materials approved by reliable publishers and affordable. Using iPhone App technology, I was able to supply him with easy and convenient study tools to assist him in his preparation.

"Great Help with Anatomy and Physiology!"

- Bonnie, Pittsburgh, PA on 4/7/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

I worked with Bonnie's granddaughter teaching her the ins and outs of college level Anatomy and Physiology. My instruction focused on the nervous and skeletal systems. I taught Leah effective college-level study skills like learning to tape record lectures. Also, snapping photos of lab specimens using her phone so she would not be limited to study diagrams for her practical exams. Lastly I focused on helping her to organize the massive quantities of information using graphic organizers like concept maps and flowcharts.

"Very helpful, organized, and professional"

- Jacob, Coraopolis, PA on 3/12/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

Jacob is on of my oldest standing clients. I helped Jacob obtain his Geometry and English credits needed for this past year. I designed an individualized curriculum, based upon the PA Academic Standards implemented in the public schools, for geometry which included regular homework and practice. I also designed literature units in addition to grammar exercises for him to complete for his English credits. In particular, Jacob completed a unit of Greek literature reading the play Antigone by Sophocles and writing a difficult essay. Currently I am working with Jacob implementing specialized Biology, History, and Algebra II standards based curriculum.

"GREAT Tutor!"

- Rose, Pittsburgh, PA on 2/24/14

"Awesome tutor."

- Alisha, Apollo, PA on 2/13/14

"Very organized, electronically savvy and even knows Programming!"

- Sean, Pittsburgh, PA on 1/28/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

Sean is a very gifted student, particularly in math. The focus of our sessions were on Algebra II and World History. His hard work ethic paid off as Sean achieved excellent grades after finishing tutoring.

"Patient and Knowledgeable"

- Deborah, Freedom, PA on 1/9/14
Abraham replied on 8/6/2014

I enjoyed working with Carolyn, Deborah's daughter. Carolyn's success was based upon me teaching her not only the content of the material but developing effective study skills. Particularly, organizational skill and problem solving skills. I was a great feeling to learn that she did fine on her Chemistry midterm after only a few short weeks of tutoring.

ACT Math, Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Calculus, Elementary Math,
Precalculus, SAT Math,
ACT Science, Anatomy, Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology,
Organic Chemistry,
Physical Science,
ACT English,
ACT Reading, English,
Proofreading, Public Speaking,
SAT Reading,
Test Preparation:
ACT English,
ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, ASVAB, GED,
SAT Math,
SAT Reading
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word
American History,
Anthropology, Archaeology, European History, Religion, Social Studies
Special Needs:
Finance, GRE,
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking
Bodybuilding, Martial Arts

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

I have been trained in preparing students for standardized test prep. This includes all portions of the ACT. Typically I begin with a diagnostic assessment. This allows me to determine the students strength's and weaknesses. I also run statistics to determine where they stand relative to the population. Then I work with the student to establish a tailor made program to strengthen their academic weaknesses and to set and achieve a reasonable goals.


I have completed 9 credits of graduate study at Slippery Rock University focusing on current Special Education practices in the public schools. I received an A in all three classes. I scored particularly high in a class which focused in individual with high incidence disabilities in schools. The study of students with ADD & ADHD was part of the class. I also wrote a research paper on the correlations between reading disorders & disabilities and their link to ADHD.

Algebra 1

I have been tutoring students in Algebra I & II for more than 3 years. I've tutored middle school, high school, and college level students as well as students enrolled in online algebra classes. Recently I had two students receive the "most improved in mathematics" award from their local school district.

I have also designed an effective standards based curriculum to help students pass the Algebra Keystone exam. Recently, I had a student pass the Keystone Algebra Exams. Prior to working with me they had not obtained a passing score on the exam. I use specialized apps on my IPad which provide online, keystone standards based assessments, to diagnose student weaknesses so that I may design the most effective study plan possible.

I, myself, have completed course work in mathematics up through Calculus and earned high A's upon completing my Algebra classes. Lastly, I have a master of education degree with specialization/focus in math and science instruction.

Algebra 2

I have designed an effective standards based curriculum to help students pass the Algebra Keystone exam.I have been tutoring students in Algebra I & II for more than 3 years. I've tutored middle school, high school, and college level students. I have worked with gifted and learning disabled students. I, myself, have completed course work in mathematics up through Calculus and I earned high A's when I completed my Algebra classes. Lastly, I have a master of education degree with a focus/specialization in math and science instruction.

American History

I have taken and passed 5 college level history classes receiving an A in all of them. My classwork & knowledge spans many different periods included ancient Greece & Rome and other ancient cultures such as Egypt and Sumeria. I've studied the social history and development of America spanning from the periods of colonial America to modern day America. I have also been trained in the skills needed to be an effective historian. This includes locating and analyzing primary and secondary sources, citing academic papers in Chicago and/or Turabian style, as well constructing coherent arguments and theses for academic papers.


My undergraduate degree was is in biology. I completed numerous courses including a basic, introductory level course. My final undergraduate GPA was 3.9


As part of my undergraduate degree in biology I completed a course in botany. It included the study of many different phyla including the slime molds, fungi, non flowering, and flowering plants. I did extremely well scoring a high A in the class.


I completed numerous courses in chemistry as part of my undergraduate. In particular I achieved a high A in both semesters of inorganic chemistry. I also tutored students in chemistry for a number of years at the university tutoring center.


I completed a course in ecology as part of my undergraduate degree. I achieved an A in the class. Additionally I scored very high on my teacher certification exam which included elements of ecology.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a Pennsylvania teaching certificate with a specialization in Mathematics and science. I have also worked as a professional tutor for multiple employers working with elementary aged children. I have volunteered at YMCA's and was a peer tutor for elementary aged children when I was in high school.

Elementary Math

I have completed numerous practicum experiences in inner city schools where I spent a number of months tutoring middle school and upper elementary students basic mathematics. The lessons included addition, subtraction, times tables, fractions, etc.

Elementary Science

As part of a practicum experience I completed, I taught the very basics of physical and life science to upper elementary students. These classes included basic principles of physics, chemistry, and biology. The focus of the classes was to prepare students for more advanced class work.


I have tutored multiple students in English. My experience includes assisting students with proper grammar, writing (essays & sentence structure), literature, vocabulary, and test preparation. I have also taught students who were hombound/home schooled designing entire units for them. These units included all elements of a traditional English class that are mentioned above. The units that I have covered previously are Greek tragedies, British literature, American literature, and poetry. I've also taught units that include more modern texts.


I took the GRE exam scoring above 1200, the average being around 1000. I did well on both the Reading and Math sections as well as doing extremely well on the essay portion of the exam. I completed an 8 week preparatory class through Kaplan where I learned specific study techniques. These included ways to approach the math sections, common vocabulary on the exam, as well as test taking strategies.


I completed a course in genetics as part of my biology undergraduate degree. I scored over 100% in the class! The course covered the main topics of genetics including Mendelian genetics, population genetics, DNA replication, transcription, and translation.


I taught the basics of geometry to 8th and 9th grade students during one of my practicum experiences in graduate school. I worked with each grade at different times. This included both group and 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.

Recently I was hired by a client to serve as their private teacher. I designed a 4-5 month plan of instruction that was based upon PA state standards aligned curriculum. I taught, assigned homework, and regularly assessed my student to ensure their progress was consistent and adjusted my instruction when necessary.


I took the GRE exam in order to gain entrance into graduate schools. I have experience with both the new and old GRE exams. I incorporate study skills (flash cards, worksheets, etc) and study/test taking tips when I tutor student to prepare for these exams.

Martial Arts

I have been practicing martial arts for 10 years now. I have experience studying and teaching Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Tang Soo Do. I have belts in all 4 styles. I have also studied the history and traditions behind each of the styles.


I completed all the necessary course work In order to prepare for the MCAT exam including biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics etc. I was a premedicine major at my university. I took MCAT prep classes and have used and taught MCAT material using test prep books and cd-roms from KAPLAN. In the past I prepared students for the exam by giving them diagnostic assessments to determine areas of weakness. From there I would developed an individual plan of instruction using teaching techniques and paper based and online practice exams to evaluate progress and have students develop time management skills for test taking.


I completed an undergraduate class in microbiology achieving an A. The class included vigorous laboratory component as well. I tutored an number of students in microbiology at the university tutoring center.


I completed a course in basic nutrition as part of my undergraduate degree. I obtained an A in the class. The course topics spanned everything from the physiological processes of digestion and absorption to water and fat soluble vitamins. Additionally the course of study involved diseases caused by malnutrition.

Organic Chemistry

I completed two semesters of organic chemistry obtaining an A during both semesters. The course spanned every topic in organic chemistry included an rigorous laboratory component. I also tutored in organic chemistry at the university tutoring center.

Physical Science

I student taught 4 classes in physical science during my final semester of graduate school. The class consisted of principles of basic physics and chemistry. To promote retention of abstract ideas I used a number of physical models to help student understand basic ideas in physical science.


I completed a rigorous course in physiology during my undergraduate semester. It essentially was an entire year of animal physiology in 4 months. The course topics included the different systems of the body, action potentials, feedback systems, etc.


I am a PA certified teacher. I have passed the praxis I exam (Basic Skills Test) as well the 3 Praxis II exams, each for a specific content area of science. I have also taken two Praxis prep classes where I used specific study materials and techniques from learned and qualified instructors.


I have over 2 years of experience tutoring middle school, high school, and college level students pre-algebra.

Recently, I worked with 2 students of very different backgrounds. I spent time teaching the middle school student using hands on techniques like the 24 card game, MATH DICE game, etc. My other student had been out of high school for over 5 years and looking to begin a preparatory algebra class at a local community college. I diagnosed academic weaknesses and developed an individualized plan of action to improve math skill development.

I also have experience with the Keystone exams which is now a passing requirement for all secondary students. I excelled in my mathematics classes which includes Calculus and obtained a graduate degree with a focus in math and science instruction.


I completed numerous psychology classes including introductory psych classes. My expertise is centered on educational psychology. It was in graduate school that I pursued in depth study of the subject.

Public Speaking

I completed a 3 credit class in speech at Slippery Rock University of PA. I received an A in the class. Evaluations included a mid term and a final focusing on the concepts and skills of rhetoric. I also had to perform 3 separate speeches which included a basic, informative, and persuasive style of speech/presentations.


I have tutored students in the basics of reading at all grade levels. I have also had training in reading techniques such as summarization, use of context clues, foreshadowing, etc. to help students better understand text. I often try to include activity based assessments to evaluate what students have learned and where their comprehension gaps exist.

SAT Math

I have been tutoring students privately in SAT Math prep for over 3 years now. I have experience with the New SAT Exam too. A number of my students have reached their goal scores on the new exam with my help.

I have each student complete a full diagnostic exam which I use to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This, in addition to their choice of colleges, academic majors, and career goals, I use to craft a very detailed individualized study plan tailored to the specific needs of the client.

I prepare the student using the most up to date and reliable study books, digital workbooks, and online resources. I am flexible with scheduling and do what I can to accommodate the needs of the student.

SAT Reading

I have been tutoring students privately in SAT Reading prep for over 3 years now. I have experience with the New SAT Exam too. A number of my students have reached their goal scores on the new exam with my help.

I have each student complete a full diagnostic exam which I use to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This, in addition to their choice of colleges, academic majors, and career goals, I use to craft a very detailed individualized study plan tailored to the specific needs of the client.

I prepare the student using the most up to date and reliable study books, digital workbooks, and online resources. I am flexible with scheduling and do what I can to accommodate the needs of the student.

Social Studies

I completed numerous college credits in the humanities receiving A's in all the classes. These included ancient and medieval history, biblical history, modern urban history, government, and American History. A social studies professor of mine wrote me a letter of reference highlighting my skills in this area of academia.


I completed a 3 credit sociology class in college. I obtained a high A in the class. Evaluations included a midterm and final. The class content focused on the basic social structures of society. I wrote a 10 page paper on the social structure of Education.

Study Skills

I attended a number of workshops at Slippery Rock University on learning and teaching appropriate study skills and techniques. Additionally I completed a Master of Education degree with a focus on appropriate study and learning techniques.

Through my years of experience teaching, testing, and studying different subjects, I have developed an extensive curriculum with hundreds of study techniques. Part of the curriculum is composed of general study skills/techniques applicable to all different academic subjects. Examples include teaching organization, concept mapping, course planning and note taking strategies, vocabulary strategies, critical reading techniques, time management strategies, etc.

The second part of the curriculum is composed of techniques and skills that are applicable to specific subjects. For example, I have a binder of many different study and teaching techniques that are used only for learning math. I also have subject specific binders with techniques specific to science, English, social studies, languages, etc.

In order to make sure my students get the most out of tutoring, I diagnose their areas/subjects they lack study skills in and develop an individualized plan of action. I teach students the techniques and have them apply said techniques to their academic classes. I regularly assess them to determine what is working and what is not working for my students.


I have experience tutoring high school and college level trigonometry. My high school clientele conisists of general and honors level trigonometry students. I used textbooks and online resources to supplement their instruction.My college students were primarily pre-enginnering students attending Butler County Community College.


I completed a course in zoology as part of my university undergraduate degree in biology. I obtained an A in the class. I also tutored my fellow students on a variety of topics covered in the class.

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania


Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (Biology)

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (MEd)

Look no further - Abraham is the best tutor!

Abraham has all the qualities that a true teacher should possess: He is very knowledgeable - being able to answer questions quickly and concisely in a manner that makes it easy for the student to understand. He is extremely patient - since his mannerisms are calm and collected it prevents the student from becoming frustrated. Most importantly: He is inspiring - when a teacher has the ability t

— Claire, Valencia, PA on 1/9/14

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $40.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Travel policy

Abraham will travel within 20 miles of Butler, PA 16001.