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Very Helpful, Patient, and Flexible!
— Emily, Cleveland, OH on 11/9/15


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Michigan State University
Materials Sci Eng
Michigan State University
Ohio State University


Michigan State University (Materials Sci Eng)

Michigan State University (Master's)

Ohio State University (MBA)

About Stacey Ann


I am a professionally trained tutor, teacher and proofreader. I have been teaching, tutoring and mentoring others in many capacities and venues since a very young age. My first taste of helping others was in 2000, when I tutored nursing students at a local community college in math. That was the start of it all! I never lost that desire to help people!

I successfully completed Kaplan Test Preparation's rigorous teacher training program in 2009, and coupled with my intensive 10 week course in Professional Interchange (in-depth training on formal, informal and impromptu speaking and presenting), I am fully able to convey all kinds of information in a way that works for the specific individual. My day job is as the Director of Workforce Development for a national non-profit that serves the precision machining industry, so I am always learning new things about teaching others! I completed the Training & Development certificate program at Cleveland State University in July 2016, so I am fully aware of the latest in adult learning practices.

I have over 8 years of experience teaching ACT, SAT, GRE and GMAT courses as well as one-on-one and group tutoring in math, reading, writing, study skills, and other subjects. I have personally scored at or above the 99th percentile on the SAT, ACT and GMAT, and have re-taken them over the past few years to stay "fresh." I am experienced with young students, high schoolers, undergraduates and adult learners. I am comfortable with one-on-one or group sessions, and have no trouble adapting my style to the student's needs.

While I do love the challenge of preparing students for impending ACT, SAT or other standardized tests, students often perform better if we start tutoring farther in advance of the test. This gives me a chance to fully identify areas of opportunity, adapt my style to most benefit the student, and achieve the best results. Students are busy, so meeting once or twice a week for an hour or hour and a half at a time seems to be the optimal frequency. I also am a big believer in full student involvement - I assign 'homework' between tutoring sessions - reading the WSJ or the Economist to boost vocabulary, doing practice tests, reading tips online from my favorite sites, and more.

I am trained as an engineer - I have a bachelor's degree in Materials Science Engineering and a Master's in Operations Management. I also earned an MBA focusing in Operations, Logistics and Six Sigma Management. This means that I am a logical, critical thinker that is able to break down complex ideas and topics into more manageable pieces.

Last but not least, I'm a down-to-earth person. I am a firm believer in using common sense and logic to attack problems. Let me teach you not only how to get a higher score on an exam, but how to approach problems in a more effective and efficient way.

I have an up-to-date background check, and my resume is available upon request.

I look forward to earning your business and helping you achieve your goals!

Thank you,


Cancellation Policy:
I know that things come up. However, I work with several students every week, and need 24 hour advanced notice for a canceled lesson; otherwise, you will be charged for one hour at my normal rate. Cancellations must be done via text or phone call. Please do not send an email to cancel a lesson, because I may be working with students and not have access to the internet.

I am a professionally trained tutor, teacher and proofreader. I have been teaching, tutoring and mentoring others in many capacities and venues since a very young age. My first taste of helping others was in 2000, when I tutored nursing students at a local community college in math. That was the start of it all! I never lost
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24 hours notice required

Please contact me if you have a group that is interested in receiving tutoring in the same subject areas for a discount.

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"Very Helpful, Patient, and Flexible!"

- Emily, Cleveland, OH on 11/9/15

"Very Patient Tutor"

- Francesca, North Olmsted, OH on 8/27/17

"Excellent and organized tutor"

- Thu, Beachwood, OH on 4/11/17

"She is prompt and professional"

- Natalie, Westlake, OH on 4/5/17

"Stacey is an awesome tutor!"

- Kevin, Lorain, OH on 12/2/16

"Patient and Helpful"

- Kate, Hiram, OH on 6/28/16

"Excellent tutor"

- Patrick, Rocky River, OH on 6/17/16

"Awesome Tutor"

- Tammy, North Olmsted, OH on 5/20/16

"Great tutor!"

- Kelly, Avon Lake, OH on 7/10/15

"A Patient and Resourceful Study Skills Coach"

- Heather, Westlake, OH on 11/6/14

"Great Tutor And Very Prepared"

- Paul, Westlake, OH on 9/22/14
Stacey Ann replied on 9/23/2014

It was my pleasure to work with Paul's daughter over the past several months. She is an extremely diligent and talented young lady, and I am confident she will be successful in whatever path she chooses to follow! Thank you again for the kind feedback, and I wish her all the best.

"Great Help!"

- Dorene, Westlake, OH on 9/15/14
Stacey Ann replied on 9/23/2014

Dorene's daughter is a very focused and attentive young lady, and it was extremely rewarding to see her confidence and competence grow during our time together. I am sure her improved critical thinking and problem solving skills will aid her in all her future coursework, and her career. Thank you again for the opportunity to work with her!

"Great Beginning Lesson"

- Patricia, Westlake, OH on 8/21/14

"Knowledgeable and Flexible"

- Kim, North Olmsted, OH on 4/25/14

"Very Bright"

- Freddie, Avon, OH on 3/6/14

"Good ACT tutor"

- Kenzie, Elyria, OH on 11/3/13

"Very helpful!"

- Brianna, Cleveland, OH on 5/23/13

"Very prompt and responds quickly."

- Sue, Elyria, OH on 3/14/13
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ADHD, Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Grammar,
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

As a formally trained Kaplan tutor and teacher, I am very familiar with the ACT. I know the typical questions types, the common trap answers, and the best strategies for achieving the highest score possible. I can coach students from all different levels to a higher score in ACT English section.

Algebra 1

I have tutored students in algebra since 2001, from middle school age through adults.


I have two masters degrees in Business - a Masters of Science in Engineering and Operations Management, and an MBA in Operations, Logistics and Six Sigma Management. I have worked in public and private firms, have been a supervisor, and have also worked as an independent contractor. If it's related to business, I can guarantee I have experiences and advice to offer you.


A high school diploma or GED is the key to many entry-level jobs, as well as a requirement to get into college. I have experience tutoring people for the GED - not only for the content areas, but also test-taking strategies. It doesn't matter how long it's been since you've done algebra or read a passage - I can help!


I am a Kaplan-trained tutor with several years experience teaching GMAT courses. I personally took the GMAT in 2009 and scored a 760 (> 99th percentile). Several students achieved a greater than 20% improvement in their score after 9 week sessions with me. A great score on a GMAT can help you get into the business school that you desire - in fact, it may help you get a scholarship!


Communication skills are the key to everything. It does not matter how great an idea you have if you cannot communicate it clearly and effectively to others.

Grammar is a critical component of proper communication, along with spelling and sentence structure.

Without proper grammar, your intended message can become lost or misintrepreted, leading to a loss of efficiency and progress.

I grew up with a stenographer as a mother, so I have a strong grasp of the English language and all its intricacies. I also attended a private middle and high school, where there was a strong emphasis on grammar, spelling, writing and public speaking.

Let me help you become an effective writer and speaker, starting with grammar.


I have tutored students for the GRE since 2009, and maintain a full understanding the test content, approach, and guidelines as they change over time. Many of the strategies and techniques I teach are applicable to all standardized tests.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used spreadsheet applications in universities, small businesses and major corporations. It has many uses - budgets, repetitive calculations, visual presentation of information, schedules, etc.

As a trained engineer and teacher, I have used Microsoft Office for the past 10 years in many capacities.

I am comfortable with spreadsheet and database set-up, writing formulas, making pivot tables, creating charts and graphs, and sharing information from Excel in various formats such as emails, PowerPoint presentations, business cases and more.

Let me show you how to utilize Microsoft Excel - whether you are a complete beginner, or just want to fine-tune your skills, I have something to offer!

Microsoft Outlook

As a business professional that has used Outlook for the past 7 years, I have the skills and knowledge to help anyone learn how to use Outlook successfully. I can teach you how to set up an email signature and automatic replies, how to schedule meetings and manage a calendar, and how to book resources such as conference rooms.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most common presentation applications used in schools and businesses.

PowerPoint has changed a lot over the years - in a good way!

A major component of communicating effectively is presentation style - knowing the right amount of text to use, having clear, understandable graphics, using appropriate color schemes, and preparing your speech adequately.

As an MBA graduate, I have been trained specifically on how to create and deliver compelling presentations.

Let me help you nail your next presentation!


Proofreading is a critical skill. In fact, when I taught for Kaplan, this was a specific component in essay-writing.

No matter how great your ideas are, if your case is littered with grammatical and spelling errors... people will not take you seriously.

Being able to proofread documents, emails, presentations, articles and business cases will help you in all your endeavors, be they personal or professional.

As a graduate of a very disciplined private school, and the recipient of three degrees in engineering and business management, I have a great deal of experience in proofreading.

I am a twice-published co-author of scientific articles, and have presented business cases to many levels of management.

Let me help you learn some time-tested proofreading techniques!

Public Speaking

I am experienced in public speaking for groups of varying sizes and varying levels both in personal, public and professional environments. As part of my MBA program, I took an intensive public speaking course, during which I was video-taped, and received individualized feedback. As part of my current job, I routinely create, modify and deliver presentations and proposals to groups of 2 - 25 leaders, including Vice Presidents of the business. I can help you create content, craft a compelling message, and connect with your audience.

SAT Math

As a formally trained engineer and tutor/teacher for Kaplan test prep, I am 100% confident in my ability to get students to a higher score in SAT math. I can clearly communicate the best strategies, even when the math gets tough - such as picking numbers, back-solving and using logic to eliminate rotten answers.


Spelling is a critical component of written communication - papers, articles, presentations, business cases, etc.

The English language has many intricacies, especially in the way words sound versus how they are spelled. Homonyms add another level of challenge, especially for the non-native English speaker.

As a graduate of a private high school, the daughter of a stenographer, and a successful young business professional, I have the spelling acumen to help you achieve your goals.

Study Skills

Studying is a tricky topic.

Everyone learns differently - a fact that I am well aware of due to my experience teaching young children, high schoolers, college students and adults.

Everyone has different abilities, but everyone can learn new things.

Studying effectively means absorbing the concepts that are presented, and learning to apply them in new ways. Studying is NOT just about memorizing - humans are notoriously bad at retaining facts that are just memorized for an exam. The key is to make the facts relevant to your life in some way - make a real connection.

As an engineering student, I was able to retain myriad difficult facts and concepts, and learned even better studying skills while getting my MBA full-time and working two part-time jobs.

Let me help you determine the best study styles for you as an individual.

I guarantee we can get the results you want!


A strong vocabulary is one of the keys of communication. People are often judged (rightly or wrongly) by their grasp of vocabulary. A diverse and varied vocabulary allows for better presentations, speeches, articles and emails.

Learning new vocabulary can be challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun!

Let me help you increase your vocabulary. I am experienced in many different fields - engineering, teaching, business, car repair, painting, nature, animals, etc, and thus have lots of knowledge to share!

Michigan State University
Materials Sci Eng
Michigan State University
Ohio State University


Michigan State University (Materials Sci Eng)

Michigan State University (Master's)

Ohio State University (MBA)

Very Helpful, Patient, and Flexible!

I approached Stacey for tutoring in efforts to raise my GMAT score, specifically, my quantitative score. Stacey was flexible with scheduling times to meet (especially important since I work full time), and was very patient with me when I didn't quite grasp a concept. She was able to explain things in different ways and work through the problems with me, so I would understand. Stacey helped me appr

— Emily, Cleveland, OH on 11/9/15

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $50.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Please contact me if you have a group that is interested in receiving tutoring in the same subject areas for a discount.

Travel policy

Stacey Ann will travel within 15 miles of North Olmsted, OH 44070.