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Bachelor of Arts
English and Education


Bachelor of Arts (English and Education)

About Wendie

Success in school builds confidence and self-esteem. I work through positive re-enforcement, with no negative feedback. I want each student to feel valuable and capable of learning. Whether your child wants to be a nurse, fireman, doctor, dog trainer, truck driver, I want to show how learning is important to his or her future. I have brought students from failing to honor role, and I would be glad to help your child.

My Bachelor's degree was earned at Florida International University, one of the most competitive universities in Florida. I graduated in 2006, with honors from multiple academic organizations and Magna Cum Laude standing.

Reading and math are essential skills! I use many hands-on learning pieces and I customize curriculum for each student. It will look different from what he/she has seen all day at school so it is fresh and interesting. I use the Common Core Standards as my guide to bring your child to grade level performance. One-on-one learning is very effective and gives the student the opportunity and freedom to ask questions he/she might not feel comfortable asking in the classroom in front of other students. If requested, I will also work with more than one child at a time on the same subject if they are on similar levels.

Since 2007, I have been paid to tutor math and reading intervention, K-8, by the State of Ohio. In 2012, I went private and independent with my students so I could stay with students as long as they needed help, allowing me to customize my plans and bring each student to higher levels. I am also qualified by my education to teach middle school and high school English, and I am a long-term substitute teacher in those upper grades. Both of these positions require state and federal background checks and mine are current and available for your review.

ASVAB and IELTS preparation - I love helping adults accomplish goals that open the doors to their future. I will present the essential skills for these exams in a way that you can learn quickly and achieve your highest score.

SAT and ACT preparation are important to students who intend to apply to colleges. I will help with the language arts skills that they will encounter on those tests, including reading comprehension, selecting proper sentences, vocabulary/definitions, and how to quickly brainstorm, outline and write an essay on a random subject during a timed test.

Additionally, I help students with short term projects in English, literature, and science. I help them with brainstorming for their topic, outlining their subject, working on their oral and visual presentations, and proof reading their papers for submission.

At the college level, I help students with papers for almost any subject. I tutor them in writing for essays and term papers, help them balance their argument paragraphs, check sentence structure and grammar, enhance their vocabulary, proofread and prepare the papers for submission.
Success in school builds confidence and self-esteem. I work through positive re-enforcement, with no negative feedback. I want each student to feel valuable and capable of learning. Whether your child wants to be a nurse, fireman, doctor, dog trainer, truck driver, I want to show how learning is important to his or her future. I have brought Read more

1 hour notice required

Small group discounted rate: Students must be studying the same material, ie, ACT/SAT, ASVAB, Algebra 1, etc. Two students, $20 per hour each. Three or more students, $15 per hour each.

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In-person lessons

"Innovative, Child Friendly, and Receptive to Special Needs!"

- Tuesday, Dayton, OH on 7/17/14

"She's AWESOME!!"

- Dorothea, Dayton, OH on 10/27/17

"Makes learning fun!"

- Tysh, Dayton, OH on 7/7/17

"Help for ASVAB Testing"

- John, Dayton, OH on 5/20/17

"English & Algebra 1"

- Luz, Springboro, OH on 7/7/16

"New ways to learn."

- Geraldine, Miamisburg, OH on 4/2/16

"Beyond All Expectations"

- Kieffer, Miamisburg, OH on 4/7/15

"Fantastic tutor"

- Christina, Dayton, OH on 3/8/15

"Good Tutor"

- Patricia, Fairborn, OH on 8/4/14

"Great job!!! Keep up the good work"

- James, Dayton, OH on 7/15/14

"Very patient!"

- Rob, Kettering, OH on 2/15/14

"Great tutor and very flexible"

- Lucy, Dayton, OH on 10/14/13

"Great Tutor!!"

- Robert, Tipp City, OH on 10/13/13

"Great Tutor"

- Stevie, Dayton, OH on 9/3/13

"Great tutor!"

- Austin, Xenia, OH on 2/24/13

"The Best!"

- Tracey, Fairborn, OH on 2/15/13

"Awesome and Knowledgeable"

- Ellen, Springboro, OH on 2/6/13

"Wendy is very patient, likeable, and knowledgeable."

- Armando, Dayton, OH on 12/3/12

"Very well prepared!"

- Bridget, New Carlisle, OH on 11/30/12
Elementary Science
ACT English,
ACT Reading,
Grammar, Literature, Proofreading, Reading,
SAT Reading, SAT Writing, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT English,
ACT Reading,
SAT Reading, SAT Writing, TOEFL
TOEFL, Writing
Special Needs:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Phonics,
Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Grammar, Phonics,
Spelling, Study Skills,
Vocabulary, Writing

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

Because colleges look closely at ACT and SAT scores, it is important for students to make a solid showing on these tests. The nuances of grammar, vocabulary and writing are tested thoroughly so it is a good idea for students to take prep classes or spend time with a tutor to prepare. I can coach a student on how to quickly devise an outline for the essay portion on a subject they know little about and developing an essay. We will also review the fine points of grammar, the most common mistakes in grammar, and the most tested points of grammar. Why not give your child the edge, as he or she approaches these tests, rather than hoping that memory serves well? It could mean the difference between admission to his or her university of choice, or settling for second choice.

ACT Reading

Because scores on the college entrance exams are so critical to acceptance to your choice of universities, it is important to be well prepared both in the subject areas and test taking skills. I employ the highest quality curriculum review materials for my students, including pre-tests and practice post tests. After assessing the individual student, My plan is prepared for the parent(s) showing that we will begin with the student's weakest skills. Unless the student demonstrates mastery of a skill, I will work with each skill that will be tested on the ACT. Additionally, since it is not possible to anticipate the vocabulary that a student will encounter on the test, we will work with the meanings of the roots of words, prefixes and suffixes, which will help the student breakdown unfamiliar words. My goal is the highest possible score for your child, which will be gained by studying and reviewing in an organized fashion.


During the past three years tutoring with various school districts in Southwestern Ohio, I have had the opportunity to work with multiple students with ADD and ADHD. Like many doctors who have written the books on this subject, I too suffer with ADHD. I understand the frustration of the students and the parents because I have lived it myself. In the general classroom, I am able to work with ADD & ADHD students without losing my patience. I can manage the classroom without calling these kids out because I keep them interested and engaged. It is true that these students are typically very smart! Boredom is their worst enemy and results in talking and issues sometimes perceived as problems or disruptive. I have studied ADD/ADHD since 1980 and I love these kids!

Algebra 1

Unlocking the student's skills in Algebra can sometimes be a bit challenging. Because Algebra seems blurred and abstract at first, I work at it like a puzzle with a specific answer. Given the steps to follow and basic skills to run on, most students catch on quickly.
If your student has missed a class or tends to zone out (ADD/ADHD) he or she may be frustrated. I believe I can get him or her back on track and boost those Algebra grades quickly, which will make class a lot more appealing and put a smile on your face as well.


I am fortunate to be able to help young adults raise their score on the ASVAB. I am certified in each of the essential areas. Upon meeting, I will do a short assessment and then prepare a learning plan to address the skills that need to be strengthened. Most of my students work with me for a month or two to prepare and have raised their scores from 15 to 35 points - offering them higher paying jobs and status in their military career.

Preparation for this test is a matter of reviewing high school skills and as I go through them, you will begin to recall your own knowledge. I work each math problem step-by-step so you can grasp the whole process and we continue to take practice tests so you see your progress.

When you feel that you have reached the level you are targeting (this is different for everyone, depending upon the branch of service and your life plan) it's back to your recruiter to take the exam. It is exciting when my students meet their goals.


I am trained in use of the Orton-Gillingham method of reading instruction which has long been proven successful in correcting reading disorders, and was specifically developed for use with Dyslexia. Through a progression of phonics lessons, reading, and dictation, this method is designed to imprint the brain and correct reading disorders. Lessons are left at the student's home for use between sessions so parents can supplement the learning and memory process.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have owned and directed a tutoring company in Ohio for three years. We have served students K-8 in the southwestern part of the state from Columbus to Cincinnati. I also sub in Beavercreek and Centerville schools. While my degree is in English, I've tutored K-8 L.A., reading, science, and math. I use high quality curriculum and have great classroom management skills. In college I began my studies in education completing the required classes before changing my major to English. I feel competent and comfortable tutoring elementary students.

Elementary Math

While elementary math seems simple to an adult, if your child is missing foundational skills, this will detract from his or her abilities throughout the rest of the school experience. In working with elementary students, I use many hands-on devices to demonstrate math and to help them "see" the number concepts. I also help them learn number facts and relationships. These skills will serve them well for all of their schooling and for life. Do not let your student get behind and become discouraged. A simple assessment will help me know the academic skills that have been misses and we will start there to build a better math foundation. Some of my elementary students have improved their scores two letter grades in one grading period. What a boost to a child's confidence. You will see smiles and renewed ambition!


My command of English has developed through working as a paralegal, writing for mediators, attorneys and courts, and further by completing a Bachelor's degree at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, which is a very competitive academic school.
Currently, I freelance as a paralegal, conducting research and writing letters and documents to help attorneys and individuals accomplish legal tasks. I review and edit papers for college students and attorneys. Excellent vocabulary and communication skills give you power in life.


Becoming an ESL instructor was a logical progression from my English degree, and very useful in the Greater Dayton Area with the diversity in our schools. I assist university and college students with English proficiency exams, as well as their English classes in grammar and writing. Dayton schools and the surrounding districts have a constant influx of students in need of English as a second language. Classroom time does not usually allow enough time for rapid advancement, so one-on-one speaking, listening, and instruction can help students assimilate into the American culture more rapidly. Most of my materials are prepared by Cambridge University, which is the flagship of ESL instruction. I also recommend several websites that students can use on a daily basis to improve listening skills.


Many children learn to read by the whole language method or whatever the school district is using. When a child is slipping behind his classmates, however, it is time to revert to phonics. I use a variety of methods to work through phonics at all levels. I have taught first graders to read in less than three weeks, with a sufficient foundation and understanding to continue gaining ground on their own. I work with students through 8th grade helping them improve their reading skills. Students want to read fluidly and confidently in class so they are not embarrassed. I can help them do that and also improve their comprehension and speed. Phonics are the basic bricks that lay the foundation for reading. Sounds, blends, word families, vocabulary - all will be addressed.


My adventures in tutoring began with my daughter who came to a grinding halt in math when she reached prealgebra. Because some of the concepts are a bit abstract, algebra can be difficult for some students. I use many examples, work the problems with the students, and use hands-on devices in math. Facing the challenge and setting a goal can be a great life skill learned through math, especially for struggling students. I work on test taking skills with math students because fear and anxiety can overpower math skills. Math must be taught to the student's learning style. Then, each small success in class or on a quiz builds confidence. Ask me about the most fantastic math tutoring story ever!


Being selected by the Ohio Dept. of Education for a grant to teach reading, was a compliment to me. I began tutoring students in reading because my son struggled terribly in with reading. I employ a couple of methods and curricula for improving reading skills, and love to see the wonderful results with my students from elementary through adulthood. Part of my work has always encompassed students who have given up and are at risk of dropping out of school. My reward comes when suddenly the improvement in their reading skills spills over into other subjects and they begin making better grades in all their classes. Some of my students have jumped from the lowest Language Arts and reading classes to the top of their class, and even to accelerated classes. Specifically, I tutored my son, who was recommended for the reading intervention lab and was in danger of being held back. Instead, I worked with him for an hour each day. His reading improved so much within two months that he never needed help again. In 10th grade he was extensively tested by an independent psychologist who found that he was reading on a second year college level.

Study Skills

One thing a busy household often neglects is study skills. Working mom, late pick up of kids, dinner to fix - homework is squished in where and when they can find a few minutes. Toward the end of elementary school study skills become more important and necessary to get through middle school and high school at a high performance level. I teach students how to take notes in class, how to organize their nightly routine, how to outline a chapter then a unit of study, how to study for a test and save the information for mid-terms and finals. We examine the different ways to find information, how to prepare a time table for a long-range assignment, how to research a topic, and what is needed for a presentation, an essay, or a project. These skills will be used in high school and beyond. I initially teach note taking, nightly routine and outlining. After that, my suggestion to parents is to call me as certain assignments arise so I can use the actual event as a teaching situation that the student will not forget.


My degree is in English, which means that I spent my college years reading and writing papers. I always ranked at the top of each class in writing, including legal writing classes. As a paralegal, I wrote court documents and briefs for over two decades, which must be clear, concise, and without error.
I graduated with honors and was recommended by three of my professors for law school because of my writing and communication skills. As a teacher and tutor, I feel that I have helped many students become better writers and improve their grades in English and Language Arts. Good writing skills begin in elementary school but it is never too late to acquire the best skills and become an excellent writer.

Bachelor of Arts
English and Education


Bachelor of Arts (English and Education)

Innovative, Child Friendly, and Receptive to Special Needs!

My 9 year old and Family had the pleasure of working with Wendie during my daughter's 3rd grade year. Wendie was a welcome change and sign of encouragement for my daughter with her academics following a rough start to the school year and a recent diagnosis of ADHD; subsequently requiring the addition of medications to her regimen. Wendie is exceptionally receptive and experienced with special need

— Tuesday, Dayton, OH on 7/17/14

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $30.00

Cancellation: 1 hour notice required

Small group discounted rate: Students must be studying the same material, ie, ACT/SAT, ASVAB, Algebra 1, etc. Two students, $20 per hour each. Three or more students, $15 per hour each.

Travel policy

Wendie will travel within 25 miles of Dayton, OH 45431.