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— Sakshi, Orlando, FL on 9/22/17


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Davidson College
Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY
Graduate Coursework


Davidson College (Religion)

Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY (Graduate Coursework)

About Anthony

“Before I met you,” one of my students just told me, “I was completely lost, but you have broken everything down for me in a way I can understand.” I absolutely love hearing this! It’s an intangible fruit-of-labor worth more than the newest iPhone X you’re using to read this.

If your goal is to speak English like a native, I’m a pro at that! Not only do I have a 120-hour Advanced TEFL certificate, but I also work with over 50 different English learners per week via TutorABC. My current rating is 9.64 out of 10, and I work with everyone—from your six-year-old child (who really only wants to talk about toys or cartoons!) to your jolly grandpa (who wants to follow the up and coming Golden State dynasty!). In addition to this, I have accrued over 200 ESL sessions on, on which I have a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating. Additionally, I have scored over 500 reading responses through DRC and over 200 SAT Writing responses through ETS.

If you want to get an A on a last-minute paper or simply want to master those annoying grammar rules that only MS Word seems to care about, I can help you with that also. I’ve completed over 5,000 English sessions over the last 5 years via and Valencia College and was twice nationally recognized as’s English Tutor of the Month. Moreover, I have helped graduate students edit scholarly journal articles, theses, and dissertations! Students love me because I use a formulaic approach to essay planning and help them articulate their everyday thoughts into pristine academic language. While I won’t write your paper for you, I will read your assigned texts, help you brainstorm and outline, and guide you through the revision process.

Furthermore, if you dread math and science but desperately need an A or B for [INSERT YOUR REASON HERE], I can assist you with that too. Over the last 5 years of tutoring professionally, I have logged over 100 hours of math tutoring. I can help you with everything from unraveling hypnosis-inducing slope fields to overcoming your nightmarish fear of fractions. I’m extremely effective at teaching math because my verbal talents are only slightly higher than my analytical prowess, enabling me to communicate overly complicated math-ese into everyday 2+2=4 language. Besides this, I’m also well-verse at teaching algebra-based physics.

With respect to test prep, I once helped one young lady pass the TEAS after only one session! Having logged over 100 hours of test prep tutoring (e.g. ACT, SAT, TEAS, GRE, GED, etc.), I come to recognize the key to success: help students understand the basic concepts and recurring question types and then provide each with a customized study plan. (By the way, I’ve also aided students in preparing for the DOG and the CAT*.) Hence, if you’re determined to get into an elite school or your dream graduate program, I’m the guy for you!
*Two fictive exams added for dramatic effect.

You may ask, “Anthony, how in the world can you effectively teach all of these subjects?” The short answer is “I’m totally a nerd,” something I’m definitely proud of since “nerds are in” according to Cosmo. For some reason, I’ve always had a love for academics! However, I try to be as well-rounded as possible, which is why I like to keep up with the latest NBA news (or simply crush my opponents on NBA Live Mobile!). In addition to this, I’m a movie fiend! I watch everything from Star Wars (I told you I’m a nerd) to Bourne Legacy and Spectre.

Lastly, just to get a little warm and fuzzy, my life goal is to be a successful self-employed professional so that I can travel around the world and help severely persecuted Christians—as well as people who are living in extreme poverty. Given all of the blessings I have graciously received throughout life, I feel compelled to help others out as much as I can. Don’t worry though! Despite my strong, first-century Christian beliefs, I’m not the type of person who will throw a bible at you (mostly due to my imprecise aiming abilities), nor do I threaten people with hellfire and damnation (a questionable tactic that has stopped working since people gave up their horse-and-buggy for a Model T). I believe people have a right to choose how they want to spend their time here on earth.

All in all, if you’re looking for results, book a session with me today! You’ll soon find that doing so was a worthy investment. Just think about it; one day, if you can’t already, you may even be able to afford every release of the newest Apple products--every three months!
“Before I met you,” one of my students just told me, “I was completely lost, but you have broken everything down for me in a way I can understand.” I absolutely love hearing this! It’s an intangible fruit-of-labor worth more than the newest iPhone X you’re using to read this.

If your goal is to speak English like a native, I’m a pro at
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"Highly knowledgeable, kind, trustworthy, encouraging and supportive"

- Sakshi, Orlando, FL on 9/22/17

"Knowledgeable, patient and very gracious"

- Jenn, Windermere, FL on 9/22/16

"Great teacher, very patient"

- Bianca, Ocoee, FL on 9/21/16

"Knowledgeable tutor"

- Kimberly, Orlando, FL on 7/21/16

"Excellent Tutor"

- Ashley, Kissimmee, FL on 5/31/16

"Smart, patient, motivating, and my son mastered skills because of him!"

- Kristy, Windermere, FL on 5/14/16


- Gloria, Los Angeles, CA on 12/22/15


- Vanessa, Orlando, FL on 12/16/15

"Anthony was very patient with me."

- Joan Rose, Winter Park, FL on 11/19/15

"Good practice skills"

- Roseanne, Deltona, FL on 11/19/15

"Fast Results"

- Sheryl, Indianapolis, IN on 11/3/15

"Excellent Christian tutor"

- Ehi, Winter Park, FL on 10/29/15

"Patience, kind, and brillant"

- Melissa, Orlando, FL on 10/28/15

"Tutoring is his gift!"

- Stacy, Orlando, FL on 9/25/15

"Very, very good!"

- Jordan, De Leon Springs, FL on 4/13/14

"Thank you"

- Kathriyn, Clearwater, FL on 3/10/14
ACT Math,
Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math,
GRE, Prealgebra,
Precalculus, Probability, SAT Math,
Test Preparation:
ACT English,
ACT Math,
ACT Reading,
ACT Science,
Regents, SAT Math,
SAT Reading, SAT Writing,
C#, C++, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby
Special Needs:
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math,
Elementary Science,
Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math,
Elementary Science,
Study Skills,
GRE, Public Speaking,

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

I have over 100 hours of test prep tutoring experience, including 10 hours of ACT English teaching experience. Given my experience as an English tutor, helping students prep for this section of the ACT is a breeze. I help everyone get results through repetition and by thoroughly explaining the reasons behind grammatical rules.

ACT Math

I have over 200+ hours of math tutoring experience, which includes 10 hours of ACT Math. Recently, I helped a young man improve his score by several composite points!

ACT Reading

I have over 100 hours of reading tutoring experience, which includes 30 hours of ACT Reading. Having helped students with hundreds of prompts, I have a strong idea of how the test writers think and can easily improve students' scores by refining their active reading and reasoning skills.

ACT Science

I have over 20 hours of ACT Science tutoring experience. To help students raise their score in this section, I focus on refining students' evidence-based reasoning skills. In addition, I spend sufficient prep time familiarizing myself with the practice prompts prior to each session.

Algebra 1

My math students love me because I explain difficult concepts in a down-to-earth way. Plus, I have over 200+ hours of math tutoring experience! Thus far, I have helped students with these topics: calculus, precalc, algebra 1, geometry, elementary stats, SAT Math, ACT Math, and TEAS Math. Besides this, I have graded math responses for state exams through DRC and earned a B- in multivariable calculus.

Algebra 2

I have over 20 hours of Algebra 2 tutoring experience. With respect to Algebra 2, I am adept at explaining matices, phase shift, complex numbers, conice sections, and more. I also utilize my experience tutoring calculus and precalc to help students achieve desired results.

Bible Studies

I have over 50 hours of Bible study teaching experience. Leveraging my intensive background in theology, I share details about the Hebrew and Greek aspects of the text being investigated while being sure to treat the Bible as a sacred text. When relevant, I also draw from theological texts to enrich the Bible study experience.


I have over 15 hours of Calculus tutoring experience. Combined with my love of calculus, I am particularly exemplary at elucidating continuity, limits, derivatives, rules (e.g. product, quotient and chain), Riemann sums, and applied integration.

Elementary Math

I love working with kids! For me, the key is to make sure they are having fun while they're learning, which accelerates knowledge acquisition. Plus, I have accrued over 100 hours of tutoring algebra through calculus and 100+ hours scoring math responses for standardized exams. I also have over 10 hours of physics tutoring experience. All in all, I have the social skills and aptitude to help your son or daughter get an A+ in math.

Elementary Science

I have over 20 hours of science tutoring experience and am chiefly adept at explaining light, sound, heat, magnetism and electricity, forces, and basic anatomy, botany, and zoology.


Tutoring English is my specialty. I have over 4,000 hours of English tutoring experience and have helped students through TutorABC,, and Valencia College. My current ratings on TutorABC and are 9.6 out of 10 and 4.5 out of 5, respectively. In addition to this, for tutoring excellence, I have been recognized as the English Tutor of the Month twice. By way of supplementing my English tutoring experience, I also have logged over 100 hours of grading standardized English responses through DRC and ETS.


In addition to having a 120-hour Advanced TEFL certificate, I also work with close to 50 ESL students per week. I have also conducted ESL sessions as well as in person at Valencia College. English learners love me because I'm fun, knowledgeable, thorough, and relatable.


I helped one young lady to pass her GED in only three sessions. Plus, I'm very gifted at teaching high school subjects and students. If you work hard, God will bless you with good result, if He so wills :)


I love math! I tutor up to calculus and enjoy helping my students see the beautiful of God's creation, how He created everything we see in a way that can be mathematically discerned. Soli Deo gloria!


I've tutored students from the preparatory English level up to the English composition level. As a result, I have developed a set consulting method based on tutoring experience, writing experience, and formal counseling training. This method enables me to target critical areas for any given student, strengthen them, and provide resources for practice. More specifically, I seek to strengthen these areas: structural coherence, syntactical subordination and coordination, transitions, word choice, setting off non-essentials, varying sentence structures, correlating conclusions with essay purpose, and much more.


In undergrad, I took three semesters of Attic Greek and one semester of Koine Greek. In grad school, I opted out of Greek courses after successfully passing the competency test.


Having contracted with an IELTS prep company in China, I am very familiar with this exam. Plus, I'm the ideal tutor for English learners due to my experience teaching native speakers in a college setting, In addition to this, I currently work with over 50 English learners per week.


I have over 500 hours of literature tutoring experience. More specifically, I have helped students analyze various short stories, poems, plays, and novels, including (but not limited to): "A Rose for Emily," "A Good Man Is Hard to Find," "The Glass Menagerie," Romeo and Juliet, The Iliad, The Odyssey, and more.


I tutor Prealgebra regularly and use kinesthetic teaching techniques to help students concretize the abstract concepts. I love Prealgebra because it seems to be most applicable to a large part of daily living.


I have over 100 hours of editing and proofreading experience. I have worked on the following types of documents: theological journal article, statistical journal article, autobiography, and more. When I assist someone with editing (or proofreading), I also try to educate the person to help him or her become more self-sufficient.


I already have my certification in SAT tutoring, tutor math regularly, and have extensive experience in tutoring English/English Essay Writing. Also, I have a substantial amount of test prep tutoring experience.


In college, I took introductory psychology, child development, and organizational development (a branch of IO psychology). In graduate school, I have taken counseling theories and interventions, psychology of religion, family crisis counseling and interventions, pastoral care counseling, and couples counseling. I am currently a third of the way through my Master's of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy degree.

Public Speaking

I've taken two classes on oral communication: Introduction to Principles of Oral Communication and Foundation for Proclamation. I took the former in undergrad and spoke at many occasions, including an alumni-filled scholarship dinner, fraternity events requiring presidential address, and church internship events. I took the latter while in graduate school, leading up to my first sermon on Good Friday, 2012.


I have tutored various developmental reading, ESL reading, and test prep reading students for the last four years. Plus, I am great at teaching students how to justify their selections when answering reading comprehension, multiple choice questions.


I have a BA in Religion and have completed 75% of the coursework for a Master's of Divinity degree. Also, I am very knowledgeable about the most popular world religions, and by God's grace, I have a natural gift for theology.

SAT Math

I tutor math regularly and earned a B- in multivariable calculus. In addition, I have also completed a few SAT prep modules. I teach students vital concepts and test-taking skills in order to help them maximize their scores.

SAT Writing

I'm currently employed by ETS and have over 40 hours of SAT Writing rater experience. Given my thorough familiarity with this topic, I am an ideal candidate for helping students prepare for this section of the SAT. Moreover, I help students achieve desired results by showing them how to organize their essays according to Aristotle's Means of Persuasion and general text-based reasoning heuristics.


The key to spelling is just rote memorization, but understanding word etymology is also a plus. Many of our English words come from Greek, Latin, and various Germanic languages. I recommend using an unfamiliar word within a practical sentence in order to help with the memorization of it.

Study Skills

Having completed close to 5,000 tutoring sessions over the last four years, my hypothesis is that most people who need tutoring are tactile learners, especially since classrooms tend to favor visual and auditory learners more. I use neuro-linguistic programming analysis to determine each student's learning style preference and then adapt my approach accordingly. Also, I teach students how to study most effectively according to their learning style preference. With respect to educational background, I pull from my child development and counseling courses to conduct assessments and analysis. Because of this approach, I am able to help most people to become more self-sufficient within 2-3 sessions.


I have assisted countless ESL/ESOL over the last four years as an internal tutor at a local college. I break down concepts in such an easy-to-understand way that many of my ESL/ESOL return for further assistance. I enjoy making abstract concepts accessible and practical for the average person, which is optimal while assisting a non-native speaker.


My training in Greek and Biblical Hebrew has given me the foundation for studying and memorizing word etymology, a sub-field within linguistics. I could help students increase their vocabulary by teaching study techniques for linguistics.


I have logged well over 2,000 hours of writing tutoring experience in the last 5 years. I am successful at teaching this topic because of my masterful ability to help students articulate their thoughts in academically meaningful ways. Also, I help students achieve results by assisting them with the planning, composition, and review stages of the writing process; and am adept at APA, MLA, and Chicago formatting.

Davidson College
Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY
Graduate Coursework


Davidson College (Religion)

Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY (Graduate Coursework)

Highly knowledgeable, kind, trustworthy, encouraging and supportive

He is gem of a person with thorough knowledge of subject. Helping me at every step. Lot of patience. I strongly recommend him for anyone who needs tutoring. I assure you that u would never repent.

— Sakshi, Orlando, FL on 9/22/17

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