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Bowling Green State University
History and Politica
Bowling Green State University
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Bowling Green State University (History and Politica)

Bowling Green State University (Master's)

Cleveland State (Graduate Coursework)

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I was born with a sensori-neural hearing loss. What that meant for me was I had difficulty hearing high frequency sounds. My parents bought me a hearing aid that was primitive, but it was the only technology in audiological assistive devices available at that time. I didn't want to "look different" growing up so I never wore it. I went out of my way to avoid bringing attention to myself so I sat as far away from the front of class as I possibly could. I felt "cut off" from the rest of the world. I learned that reading was my "bridge of communication" to what was going on in the world so I read as much as I could get my hands on. I had a difficult time with math. I remember overhearing my 7th grade math teacher saying to my Dad, "I don't know, Eddie just doesn't get it."

I remember asking myself, what does having a hearing problem mean about me? Am I smart? I had some tutors along the way that I trusted and who seemed to believe in me. I decided to take responsibility for my hearing problem. I took "ownership" of my problem. I came to understand that I was smart and I had the good fortune to have tutors and teachers help me 1:1. I came to understand that I deserved to have good explanations of school content. When I did my grades "soared." I graduated from high school with honorable mention. I went to Bowling Green University and earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I now believe that relationships with people who care and also a strong belief in myself made the difference. I not only made it, but I have had a great career helping people who were just like me.

I have an undergraduate degree in history and political science. I have taught U.S. History and U.S.Government as an inclusion tutor at Shaker Heights High School for 13 years. I believe that history should be taught as a "story" with meaning that explains how culture, sociology, economics,and political forces all fit together to explain how our country has arrived at where we are now.

I also have licensure in special education. I believe that every student has a unique learning style and multiple intelligences that can be "tapped into" to conquer any learning challenges that arise. I believe in teaching to a student's strengths. There are strategies to meet every learning challenge, whether the challenge is difficulty with attention, writing, reading,or math.

I have a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, which enables me to have a better understanding of how the challenge a student has impacts instruction. I have a special interest in improving writing and writing strategies to help students write products that concisely state what they know and best represents their competence and mastery.
I was born with a sensori-neural hearing loss. What that meant for me was I had difficulty hearing high frequency sounds. My parents bought me a hearing aid that was primitive, but it was the only technology in audiological assistive devices available at that time. I didn't want to "look different" growing up so I never wore it. I went out of my Read more

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My interest in working with students diagnosed with ADHD extends back to when I became licensed in Special Education. I have a license in Education Of The Handicapped K-12. My endorsements are in learning Disabilities and Severe Behavior Handicaps. My focus is in helping students with ADHD and ADD learn individualized strategies to become successful as students. I have, in my 20 year teaching career, worked with hundreds of students diagnosed with ADHD and I can teach many alternative strategies to offset the negative impact of ADHD on students' educational performance. I have worked at Shaker Heights High School as an Intervention Specialist for 13 years. I believe that ADHD is primarily having difficulty with hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. I like to have my students partner together with me in discovering what strategies work best for them. Each student is unique in their learning styles so there is no "one style fits all" approach. We can divide assignments to manageable segments. I know that generally speaking, physical placement away from windows and doors is helpful to maintain attention as well as opportunities for physical movement enhances learning.

American History

I received my Bachelor's of Science Degree in history and political science from Bowling Green University. As a graduate student at Bowling Green I worked as a researcher and contributor for The Encyclopedia of Southern History [1979]. I also graded undergraduate exams and history essays. I worked at Shaker Heights High School as a U.S. History Inclusion Tutor for 7 years. I also taught U.S. History at The Virtual Schoolhouse in Cleveland.I believe history is an essential subject to develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.


Perhaps students with Asperger's Syndrome are the most misunderstood students I have worked with many student's with Asperger's for over 30 years and I've discovered when i acquired a little knowledge, education, and interest in their difficulties that I could help them and they are among the most enjoyable and rewarding students I've ever had .I focus on teaching and specialize in developing social skills as part of the tutoring experience.I use their intense and narrow interests as a motivator to address content areas they are not excited about. I bring awareness to the student what other people see that they can't. I stress body language, and help students build awareness of how they can more effectively communicate their needs. Asperger's students have great assets that most students don't have such as strong long term memory, persistence, and a hard work ethic which is so helpful in instruction. They can succeed. If there is a teaching environment where there is flexibility, patience, and a willingness to work students with Asperger's can "shine." There are many strategies that work in teaching such as "social scripts" which help students to develop understanding another student's perspective. Students with Asperger's can develop strategies to support meaningful comprehension of material rather than "parroting" type oral and written responses.


I hold an Ohio Education of The Handicapped Teaching license. Grades K-12.

Elementary (K-6th)

My qualifications to tutor elementary aged children includes an intervention Specialist teaching license [K-12] and work experience. In the past few years I have tutored many elementary aged children for numerous local school systems. I have experience writing IEP's and interpreting for families the Evaluation Team Report to help establish meaningful goals and objectives for the IEP and to help families reach those goals at home.


My English skills parallel my years of experience teaching students as an Intervention Specialist. I love to read and because of my being an undergraduate student and graduate student who has done many research papers and lots of research reading I can help. I believe My skill set is diverse and varied enough that I can help you. I am a believer in practice and rehearsal. I believe that there are many quick strategies that can be applied that will make a difference right away. I love working with students and love spreading that excitement around. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hard Of Hearing

I was born with a sensori-neural hearing loss and visual impairment known as Retinitis Pigmentosa, all part of a genetic disorder known as Usher's Syndrome. I earned my Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling because of my own hearing and vision challenges and my desire to help others know they can succeed.I have studied and observed the impact hearing loss has on education and learning in general. What I have discovered is that there are benefits to sensory losses that aren't readily apparent at first. One advantage is hearing loss tends to "drive" the affected individual to read text more as a modicum to communication and a bridge to learning . Students with hearing impairments tend to have the potential for richer language skills and command of language than what would be true for a non hearing impaired student.I began reading at the age of five and, probably, because of my intense exposure to print and written text, I have a better command of English than my academic peers do.I believe hearing impaired students must continue to build their language skills through engagement in language rich activities. The neural plasticity of the brain is almost inexhaustible. The neural associations and synapses the brain creates in the presence of language activities such as reading is almost endless..The brain makes new pathways that compensate for the sensory deficits.
Hearing impaired persons are part of the hearing and non hearing world. It is important for students to be prepared with two languages. Sign language, particularly if hearing loss is progressive, to communicate with other deaf/and or hearing impaired persons and English.But the primary language should be English. The greatest potential damage to hearing impaired persons is not an inability to succeed but rather a loss of confidence, social awkwardness,isolation, and feeling of failure. That is why working with an educator who is hearing impaired but has been successful is critical to your future. I can help you.


Reading isn't an exact science because every student is unique. However, there are practices that are best practices. Through assessments of a student's learning style and history; a general profile of interests, reading strengths and difficulties can be determined to assure your students success.

Social Studies

I have an Ohio teaching license in Comprehensive Social Studies, grades 7-12.I worked as an Inclusion Tutor in a US Government class at Shaker heights High School for 13 years.


I hold an Ohio Comprehensive Social Studies teaching License which includes sociology.

Special Needs

My interest in special needs students began with my own special needs due to my sensory-neural hearing problem. There were no programs such as special education at the time I received my education. I went to Bowling Green University and earned my Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, preparing me to educate and counsel students with a broad range of physical, emotional, and psychological needs. I worked for Ohio's Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. I then earned my credentials in Learning Disabilities at Cleveland State University. I have taught for more than 20 years at Shaker Heights High School as an Intervention Specialist as well as with residents of an adolescent chemical dependency treatment program. most of whom had special needs.My passion is to give special needs students the tools to become successful as I have.

Study Skills

As brain compatible research evolves the practical applications to strengthening study skills is becoming part of many teachers best practices. For example, we know that relevance and meaning of instructional content is critical to student learner success. Strategies students can learn to summarize information is a way to embed meaning for a student into long term memory and create neural associations that increase the likelihood of retention of material. Students can check their reading by asking questions that monitor their self reading comprehension. I teach my students to identify their various intelligences and coach instruction that taps into their preferred mode. I also teach mnemonic devices, metaphors, and analogies that support structuring of content. I have worked for 30 years amassing study skill strategies tailored to each student's unique learning style preference.

Bowling Green State University
History and Politica
Bowling Green State University
Cleveland State
Graduate Coursework


Bowling Green State University (History and Politica)

Bowling Green State University (Master's)

Cleveland State (Graduate Coursework)

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