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Davidson College
Math and English
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Davidson College (Math and English)

University of Chicago (Master's)

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I am passionate about mathematics, and equally passionate about developing my students’ comfort with, enthusiasm for, and proficiency in the subject.

I bring the same spirited interest in mathematics and its teaching to all of my meetings, with everyone from the middle school student for whom fractions are not yet intuitive, to the high schooler who becomes suddenly lost and cannot gain a foothold in the abstraction of algebra or geometry, to the college student who is intimidated by calculus and just needs someone to make it look more inviting than imposing.

I’ve been tutoring math since I was 17, when I worked regularly with a classmate in a different calculus class. We both learned a lot about math that year. In the 22 years since, I have worked with countless students under countless circumstances. I’ve learned how to quickly size up what a student needs and how best to communicate with him or her. If there are gaps in a student’s math background that continue to haunt and hound, we can fill them in while building on the secure ground we establish. If a student is simply not grasping concepts despite all their best efforts, I can find the approach and language that produces the “aha” moment when an important piece clicks into place and other pieces can then follow suit. If a student’s confusion is creating confidence issues that only promote deeper confusion, I am good at creating a safe atmosphere where a student can at least feel somewhat comfortable with their discomfort with math, enabling us to start moving toward a more self-assured place. If there is an apathetic or even negative attitude toward math in particular, typically being around someone who could not be more genuinely enthusiastic about the subject is enough to offset these influences and open a student up to a positive experience. And if there are no issues per se, if a student just wants to broaden and enrich their experience in mathematics, there are few things I like to do more than share the intrigue and elegance of mathematics.

In addition to extensive tutoring experience, I have been a classroom teacher of both mathematics and English at St. Andrew's School (DE) and the Chicago Waldorf School (IL), each for two years. I hold undergraduate degrees in Mathematics (GPA 3.81) and English (GPA 3.57) from Davidson College, and an MA in the Humanities from the University of Chicago. At Davidson I won both of the school's awards for Mathematics, joined Phi Beta Kappa, won a Southern Conference Student-Athlete Award (baseball), and delivered a number of mathematics talks, some co-written with professors and delivered at professional conferences.

I am also a visual artist, and a lot of my work is inspired directly or indirectly by mathematics. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to tutor students of all ages and levels in math while also pursuing related endeavors in the art world.

I'm open to any number of tutoring arrangements -- in-person, online, or a combination -- regarding any math topic whatsoever. Feel free to drop me a line!
I am passionate about mathematics, and equally passionate about developing my students’ comfort with, enthusiasm for, and proficiency in the subject.

I bring the same spirited interest in mathematics and its teaching to all of my meetings, with everyone from the middle school student for whom fractions are not yet intuitive, to the
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I can be flexible depending on the circumstance. Discount rates always apply for small groups.

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"Knowledgeable, clear and approachable"

- Richard, New York, NY on 10/16/16

"Flexible and Easy to get in touch with"

- Ripley, New York, NY on 7/22/16
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Discrete Math, Finite Math, Geometry,
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Algebra 1

I have hundreds of hours of tutoring experience in Algebra, and have taught it in classrooms for several years at two different schools. In tutoring Algebra 1, I specialize in helping students adjust to the more abstract problems and methods that they're encountering for the first time. Whatever may be giving you difficulty, I'm certain that I put you on more solid ground.

Algebra 2

I have taught Algebra 2 at several different high schools, and I have tutored countless students in it over the years. If you're struggling with certain Algebra 2 topics, or if you're just looking for a leg-up in the summer or enrichment during the school year, I'm sure I can be of help to you. Sometimes Algebra 2 can look like a collection of topics that appear unrelated, and the course might feel that it jumps around at random from idea to idea. It may also strike some students as very abstract, and it might not be clear what the algebra skills you're learning are good for. I can help with all of this, explaining concepts clearly and simply and breaking them down into manageable parts, pointing out connections that will help tie things together for you, and providing some context so that the motivation for developing the algebra tools is more apparent. With all of this under your belt, you'll feel confident and on solid ground in approaching any Algebra 2 problem.


I was a starting catcher at (Division 1) Davidson College, then coached for two years at St. Andrew's School (DE), was then a volunteer assistant coach on the University of Chicago (IL) team while I was in graduate school, and after that played two seasons semi-professionally with a club in Chicago's Skyscraper League. I have experience doing one-on-one and group baseball lessons in both private and camp settings. I can offer excellent instruction in every aspect of catching, including the physical fundamentals of the position such as receiving, framing, blocking, and throwing, as well as the mental skills of pitch selection, managing pitchers, and keeping hitters off-balance. I can also work with players on their hitting, again including the physical fundamentals and also the mental approach.


I've taught and tutored calculus for many years at the high school, college, and graduate levels. I realize it can be an intimidating subject for some, and that the leap from precalculus to calculus can seem overwhelming. I assure you I can find the language that will make things so clear to you that you'll feel a deep grasp of the concepts and how they relate to one another, so that you can approach each and every problem with a feeling of confidence and even inspiration. As a tutor some of my earliest and most memorable teaching experiences occurred when I was an undergraduate student, working for Davidson's Math Department as an in-house tutor for fellow students who were needing to get through calculus as a core requirement. I have used and am highly familiar with the curriculum and textbooks in standard, AB, and BC calculus courses in high school. I'm aware of the typically rapid pace of college-level calculus courses, and I've helped very many college students who felt they were drowning in the material quickly gain their footing and go on to do quite well. Often with calculus it's just a matter of securing a better grip on the fundamentals by seeing it from a variety of perspectives -- for example, when the process of differentiation is understood graphically, numerically, algebraically, and verbally, there becomes a greater chance that everything will suddenly click for you, and then you've got a solid foundation on which to build.


Geometry is a particular interest and passion of mine, both in academic settings and in my separate art practice. I've taught it in the classroom at three different high schools, and have tutored it countless times to a huge variety of students. Whatever aspect of geometry you may be challenged by or struggling with, I can find the language to make things generally more intuitive for you. I know that sometimes the process of writing proofs can be overwhelming at first, but I help make them more approachable and manageable, so that soon you'll be surprised that you ever found them difficult. As you learn more and more geometry tools, I can point out connections to you that will strengthen your grasp and allow you to feel more on top of the subject, and more confident in tackling any problem thrown your way.


I have taught Precalculus at a few different high schools, and have tutored students in the subject countless times over the years. Some of the topics in Precalculus -- including the in-depth study of functions in general, quadratics in particular, conic sections, exponential and logarithmic functions, and probability theory -- are among my favorite to teach, as this is when one can see their algebra skills beginning to have real value in approaching very interesting and often challenging problems. With whatever Precalculus concepts you're struggling with or wanting to get a leg up on or stronger feel for, I can present the material from a number of angles and perspectives so that you'll have a solid footing.


As an undergraduate, Probability was for me an area of special concentration, and now it is one of my favorite subjects to teach. It can be a tricky field, but I think when it is taught properly, it is much more approachable than it may appear. I've taught and tutored Probability at several schools, in different contexts (sometimes pure Probability alone, other times with Statistics), and to students of many ages and backgrounds. Maybe more than any other high school/early college math topic, the fundamentals can be taught in many ways, and some explanations just do not work for some students. I'm certain I can find the language and approach that will help you see things clearly and feel confident tackling any probability problem.


I have taught AP Statistics and college-level statistics at several different schools, and I've tutored many people -- high school, college, and graduate students, as well as working professionals -- as they worked through their statistics courses. I find that concrete, real-world examples of interest to the student are extremely helpful in making some of the more abstract ideas clear. As an undergraduate, probability theory was an area of particular interest and focus for me, and so if your statistics course is one that incorporates a lot of the probability background, I can certainly help you understand those concepts, which can be tricky even for someone with a lot of experience in the field.


I've taught Trigonometry at three very different high schools, and have tutored students in it many dozens of times over the years. Whatever aspect of trigonometry you are struggling with or simply looking to have a firmer grasp on, I'm certain that I can clarify the concepts and connect the trigonometry tools to geometry or to real-world scenarios that will allow you to feel more comfortable with the subject, and more confident in approaching even the more abstract problems you encounter. Often the connection between right-angle trig and unit-circle trig is not immediately intuitive to students, and I specialize in finding the language that will make this sometimes intimidating subject extremely accessible.

Davidson College
Math and English
University of Chicago


Davidson College (Math and English)

University of Chicago (Master's)

Knowledgeable, clear and approachable

Dominick was quick to develop a rapport with my 16-year-old son. He was extremely helpful in guiding him on new Pre-Calculus concepts. Very patient and clear.

— Richard, New York, NY on 10/16/16

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I can be flexible depending on the circumstance. Discount rates always apply for small groups.

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