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Cornell University
Chemical Engineering


Cornell University (Chemical Engineering)

About Dom

I am a 2014 graduate from Cornell University, where I majored in chemical engineering, and I am currently working for a pharmaceutical company as a member of one of their research labs. During my time in college, I developed a passion for teaching and had the good fortune to interact with younger students as a peer tutor, teaching assistant, and academic workshop instructor for various courses. Additionally, I have worked with high school students as an independent tutor for standardized test preparation.

All of these responsibilities gave me insight into leading classroom and individual instruction, as well as experience working with students of all skill levels. Whether you're seeking a remedial, introductory, or challenging experience, I am happy to acclimate my teaching to best suit your needs.

My teaching philosophy is action-oriented; I believe learning happens primarily through active problem-solving instead of more passive note-taking and memorization. A typical tutoring session with me follows that emphasis, and consists of a succinct review of topics to be practiced followed by guided work to engage critical thinking skills.

When meeting a student for the first time, I like to begin with an initial consultation to discuss your academic concerns and list expectations of what you think an effective tutor should bring to the table. I also like to incorporate progress reports and feedback into long-term tutoring commitments.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a tutor--please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have!
I am a 2014 graduate from Cornell University, where I majored in chemical engineering, and I am currently working for a pharmaceutical company as a member of one of their research labs. During my time in college, I developed a passion for teaching and had the good fortune to interact with younger students as a peer tutor, teaching assistant, and Read more

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For 4 semesters I was a peer tutor and academic workshop instructor through Cornell University's Department of Engineering. In these positions I interacted with freshmen students taking classes in integral and multivariable calculus.

My personal background in mathematics includes AP-level work in high school, Cornell's engineering mathematics sequence (multivariable calculus, differential equations, linear algebra), and higher-level graduate coursework (computational calculus and statistics, applied mathematics, and calculus of variations).

When teaching calculus to an individual student, I focus on connecting with that student's preferred learning style, whether they be a visual learner, verbal learner, etc. In my experience, students who struggle in math courses do so more often than not because their style of learning is disconnected from their teacher's style of instruction.

Differential Equations

I have taken coursework dealing with both ordinary and partial differential equations in engineering and applied math contexts and am proficient in the following areas:

Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs):
-1st/2nd order equations
-Systems of ODEs
-Numerical methods (Euler/Runge-Kutta methods, etc.)
-Power series solutions

Partial Differential Equations (PDEs):
-Separation of variables
-Fourier series
-Eigenfunction expansions
-Sturm-Liouville Theory
-Green's functions
-Similarity solutions

Apart from an introductory sophomore-level course on differential equations, I have taken a graduate-level course on applied mathematics (mainly focusing on methods pertaining to PDEs), and several courses on fluid mechanics and related transport phenomena, all of which dealt with applying and solving PDEs.

I have taught undergraduate calculus as a peer tutor and academic workshop instructor, and am well-versed in communicating topics in higher-level math to students with varied levels of experience.


For 5 semesters I was a Teaching Assistant for Cornell's Introduction to MATLAB course, which I took myself as a freshman. That course taught applications ranging from introductory topics (scripts, functions, conditional statements, for/while loops, vector/matrix operations) to more advanced material (image/video/sound processing, text file processing, recursion, sorting and searching algorithms, object oriented programming). As a TA I regularly interacted with students during computer lab sessions and during office hours to provide individual assistance.

I later took advanced courses on MATLAB's mathematical capabilities, and am proficient in using the software for probability and statistics, numerical methods/numerical computation, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations.

Apart from coursework, I also participated in academic research labs where MATLAB was used extensively as a data analysis tool. In particular, I was able to apply much of my classroom knowledge to real-life problems of interest, particularly dealing with image processing and differential equations. Here I also learned how to supplement MATLAB's capabilities with additional software platforms such as Microsoft Excel and ImageJ.


My educational background in physics ranges from algebra- and calculus-based general physics (mechanics, waves/acoustics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics) to more sophisticated engineering coursework where these general topics are applied to specific systems of interest (statics and dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, electromagnetism, electrical circuits).

I have experience teaching calculus and differential equations as well, and would be happy to incorporate relevant math topics into tutoring sessions.


My experience tutoring precalculus includes:

- Polynomial functions: root finding (rational root theorem, Descartes' rule of signs, factor theorem), synthetic and long division, graphing techniques

- Algebraic, power, rational, and piecewise functions: classifying discontinuities, vertical/horizontal/oblique asymptotes, domain/range/continuity, graphing techniques

- Inverse functions

- Transcendental functions (trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic): graphing techniques, domain/range/continuity, solving algebraic equations and inequalities, applying trigonometric identities

- General function transformation techniques (translation, stretch/shrink, reflection, etc.)

- Conic sections (circles, ellipses, parabolas, hyperbolas)

- Sequences and series

- Systems of equations and basic matrix algebra

- Polar coordinates

- Introductory calculus topics: limits, differentiation and antidifferentiation, Riemann sums

Cornell University
Chemical Engineering


Cornell University (Chemical Engineering)

Very Helpful

5 stars all the way. Dom was helping my son with his calculus BC class and I see huge improvement in his test scores. He's very patient, knowledgeable and gave out extra problems for the student to practice. Highly recommended!

— James, New Hyde Park, NY on 10/30/15

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