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I have been a high school mathematics teacher for the past 13 years. I have taught all levels of math at the high school level including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. In all of my classes I create all of my own problems for everything that I do; I do not use a book. I teach the concepts behind why things work rather than just teach formulas and substituting numbers into them to get answers you do not understand.

I understand that there are many different ways to get answers to problems. As long as a valid method is used then the answer should be accepted (provided there is evidence of what you did and you can explain what you did if asked to). I can answer questions that your math teacher probably does not answer (because they do not know the answer to that question). If I can not answer the question, I will find the answer to it.

Rarely is there a problem that I can not complete, and it is also very rare that I can not explain to you how it works. Most math teachers and tutors will focus on what the right answer to the problem is regardless of it you understand why you are using the method you are using, or how any of it works. That is not my style as I never enjoyed memorizing formulas and getting answers that way, I wanted to understand what was going on and be able to replicate the process again.

I probably do not like you math teacher, I probably do not think they know what they are doing. If you do not understand why they are doing what they are doing in class or if they often say things like "use the formula" or "that isn't the way you should do that" or "that isn't the easiest method" then let me have a shot at teaching you the non-formula way. The least useful formula of all time is the distance formula. I can show you how to never ever use that formula ever again - and your math teacher will hate it.
I have been a high school mathematics teacher for the past 13 years. I have taught all levels of math at the high school level including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. In all of my classes I create all of my own problems for everything that I do; I do not use a book. I teach the concepts behind why things work rather than just Read more

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ACT Math

I have a unique method to taking standardized tests that I have offered tutoring in before. It reduces stress that test takers experience throughout the test and also almost always results in a higher score. The math on the ACT is not normally that difficult, and my method of standardized test taking assures that you do not get frustrated by the problems that you do not know the answer to.

Actuarial Science

I took Exam P in the winter of 2013 and passed on my first try with a score of 8. I took the FM exam in the spring of 2014 and passed on the first try with a score of 8 as well.

Algebra 1

I have taught at least one section of Algebra for the last 10 years at the high school level. I do my very best to make sure that students understand the meaning behind what they are doing rather than just focus on getting the right answers. I have very different methods to solving word problems, factoring, and other areas that students have a hard time with and if followed, these problems become much easier.

Algebra 2

I have taught Algebra 2 classes. This can be a very challenging class and is often taught purely using formulas with no explanations behind what these formulas are doing or why they are used. I am very heavy into the theory behind why students are doing the processes they are performing instead of just focusing on the answers. This is so they can replicate the process again on problems that are similar but not exactly the same.


I was a baseball catcher in high school and the beginning of college. I continue to play softball in different recreational leagues and have coached baseball at many different youth levels.

Common Core

As a teacher I have a lot of current experience with the common core in several subjects. The key idea behind the common core is that students need to understand the material rather than just how to get answers from shortcuts. I have always taught this way and have made very few changes to what I am doing on a day to day basis while my students continue to achieve a high level of success.


I have always been highly interested in learning how to cook. Both my mother and grandmother were very active in the kitchen when I was a child and were always teaching me different things. As someone who is very strong at math, I have always loved modifying different recipes and trying new things. I love making my own creations and having people try them to let me know what they think.

Elementary Math

I have tutored several different levels of elementary math in the past. I find that the biggest problem that most elementary students have is that the logic and reasoning behind what they are doing is not correct. Often they are shown methods to solve problems never understanding why they are doing what they are doing and this creates a never ending cycle of failure.


I have experience tutoring GED students during college and initially when I started teaching. I feel that many people who do not graduate from high school could get a GED with just a little help. A GED can get you into community college which can help those that did not graduate from high school a great deal.


Currently I teach Geometry at the high school level. I consider Geometry to be my strongest area of mathematics as I am very interested in the how and why of shapes and other geometric topics. My students often find that the methods that I use are much more understandable than the formulas and shortcuts that other teachers use when solving problems.

Microsoft Excel

As a math teacher and a business major I have used Excel a great deal. I have taught classes and seminars to other teachers I work with in Excel. I can make Excel do just about anything that I want it to do.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I have used PowerPoint as a tool in many of my classes. I have also used it in many of my business presentations during college. It can be a very powerful tool and is something that many people do not know how to use successfully.

Microsoft Word

As a teacher I use Word every single day. I create all of my materials for class using Word.


I have always enjoyed playing poker since I was a child. The probability aspect was what first got me involved in it when I was a math student and has continued now that I am a math teacher. I continue to play quite often and enjoy reading different books on strategies involved in the game.


Prealgebra can be a problem area for many students as it is normally an attempt to catch students up with things they missed or were weak in during middle school. Often times these weaknesses were caused by not understanding basic number facts. I can often catch students up very quickly by working with number facts and the methods behind equation solving.


I have experience teaching and tutoring Precalculus which is a very unique class. I never took a Precalculus class in high school and there are some topics that are entirely unique to that curriculum. The first time I taught Precalc I had to learn a few of the topics on my own, which I feel has given me a very firm understanding of them and a much better ability to teach these classes to students or to help them better understand these topics through tutoring.


Probability is one of my favorite areas of math because you can use it to determine many different types of problems. It can also be applied to many different situations. I have passed 2 actuarial exams (both with a score of 8 on the first try) which uses a great deal of probability and have considered a career change several times throughout my teaching career.


I have been a teacher for 13 years, and tutored students in preparation for regents exams for 7 years prior to that. A large part of achievement on a regents exam is the test taking methods that students use. I have a unique way that I take all standardized tests that is nearly guaranteed to raise grades on exams 10 points immediately.

SAT Math

I have taught a few SAT courses in the past. The SAT math questions can be very difficult, I focus on making sure the entire question is read all the way through before starting the problem. The other very important aspect is picking out the important information in the problem before starting. I scored a 720 on my math portion of my SAT (1430 overall).


I have been involved in soccer since the age of 5. I have played at levels all the way up to semi-pro. I have coached at all levels through college as well. I have had 22 players move on from the high school level to play at the college level.


I have been a varsity softball coach in the past. I play recreational softball during the summer and fall. I also have a great deal of experience with baseball as well.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a great recreational sport. I have a table in my house and play quite often. It is something that can easily be learned.

Track & Field

I participated in Track and Field in high school and continue to workout and run in my spare time as an adult. I ran long distance events when I started out in Track and Field and then moved to become a sprinters as I got older. I also have experience in several jumping events in high school as well.


As a math teacher I have taught several different classes that involve trig. Geometry now has a great deal more trig in it so I have begun to incorporate it into many different problems that I use every day in Geometry. I can create a large number of problems involving trig very easily that can be used to learn a great deal about trig in a short period of time.

SUNY College at Geneseo
SUNY at Albany


SUNY College at Geneseo (Mathematics)

SUNY at Albany (Master's)

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