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I love reading and writing. While my college degree led me to be a Registered Nurse, English Language Arts has always been my passion. When my children were small, I founded a book club to bring families together at their school. It was called FIRST (Families Invited to Read and Share Together) and was covered in PTO Today and Education World. It was wonderful to share my love of reading with over 120 children and their families (split into grade level groups). I prepared for each meeting with activities to tie into the book and facilitate discussion.

As a freelance writer, I have written several lesson plans for and ghostwritten reading comprehension plans for another parent resource website.

I have worked with my children throughout their school careers, and all have been straight A students with one earning his International Baccalaureate Diploma.

My tutoring methods for grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, and phonics are all centered around assessment of the child's current skill level and areas of need. I then create individualized plans for each student. This may include reading a book and having a discussion regarding comprehension, spelling repetition and sentences, grammar correction sheets and discussion of each type of punctuation and grammar rule that the student does not understand thoroughly, and review of phonics and sight words as needed.

Every child has different needs and different learning styles. My goal is to determine each student's individual needs and present material in a way that helps them achieve academic success.
I love reading and writing. While my college degree led me to be a Registered Nurse, English Language Arts has always been my passion. When my children were small, I founded a book club to bring families together at their school. It was called FIRST (Families Invited to Read and Share Together) and was covered in PTO Today and Education World. It Read more

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In-person lessons

"Patient plus"

- Tom, Rochester, NY on 8/2/14
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SAT Reading, SAT Writing

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Elementary (K-6th)

My approach to tutoring students in the elementary grades is to review their current school work to assess what they are working on and where they have needs. Elementary Education encompasses all of the core subjects, and I have extensive experience in each subject with grades Pre-K through 6.

I am a Certified Teaching Assistant in New York State. I have spent several years substitute teaching, mostly in the elementary grades, for teachers in various classrooms, including multi-age, autism, special education, preschool, and K-6.

First tutoring sessions will be used to assess the student's current abilities, curriculum, and needs. I will then create an individualized plan for the student to meet and exceed the standards required by the curriculum.

In my tutoring, I will follow the NY State Learning Standards and Core Curriculum for all subjects, assisting students to meet the requirements for the arts, English language arts, Health, Math, Science, Technology, and Social Studies.

For reading, depending on the grade level, we will work on vocabulary building, guided reading, comprehension, and critical analysis. In writing, we will review the basic rules of grammar as well as some of the more advanced concepts. We will work on writing an outline, various types of essays, and do a lot of vocabulary building. We will also work on the flow of the writing and consistency. The standards I will focus on are reading, writing, listening, and speaking for information and understanding; reading, writing, listening, and speaking for literary response and expression; reading, writing, listening, and speaking for critical analysis and evaluation; and reading, writing, listening, and speaking for social interaction. I use the NYS performance indicators to evaluate progress.

If the student requires tutoring in Health, we will work on the need for physical fitness and understanding of a safe and healthy environment as well as how to use community resources to maintain good health.

Math, science, and history are all offered based on the curriculum the student is currently studying. We will review their current lessons, identify problem areas, discuss and clarify the problems, and practice with questions based on the ones they are doing in class. Below are descriptions of each subject area.

We will use the NYS standards again for conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and problem solving for Math. We will work on one step problems, multi step problems, and process problems to become proficient in mathematical skills. I will create worksheets and play math games to work on each skill.

Elementary science generally encompasses analysis, inquiry, design, physical setting, and living environment. This includes classification, writing lab reports, making comparisons, gathering data, inferring information, interpreting data, and making predictions. We will work on the skills that are critical to performing well in Science at the elementary level. We will practice answering lab questions and the scientific process.

Technology has become integral to elementary students in typing reports, creating lab graphs, applying images to make dynamic reports, and even creating slideshows. We will integrate technology into lessons as prescribed by the teacher's requirements for the assignments.

Social Studies Standards include US and NY history as well as some World History, geography, economics, and government. All of these subjects will be offered in a way that meets NYS standards and is in line with the curriculum presented by the teacher for each grade level. I will use game-based learning activities, specific memorization activities for remembering historical data, and review classroom lessons to create personalized instruction.


English, including grammar, spelling, and reading comprehension, is necessary for mastery of all subjects.


Using proper punctuation, phrasing, and verb tense is more difficult today with texting being the "norm" for language.


Understanding literature and connecting it to our lives helps with critical thinking and analysis.


Phonics is the study of letter sounds for reading. This is a complement to sight words. I offer tutoring in phonics skills that may be lacking in the student's overall learning.

At present, many schools offer whole language programs and word study activities that focus on the structure of the words rather than the basics of phonics. My goal is to integrate basic phonics skills into the student's current understanding of reading, allowing them to strengthen their reading skills.

English is an incredibly difficult language. Many of the letters make multiple sounds. With phonics, we will study the sounds that each letter makes alone and then move on to blends. We will cover short and long vowel sounds, vowel and consonant digraphs, and dipthongs. Finally, we will address advanced patterns such as phonograms, soft sounds, and silent letters.

Depending on the age of the learner, teaching phonics can include letter identification, rhyming sounds, alliterations, letter sounds,blending sounds to make words, sounding out words with both short and long vowel sounds, and finding root words and using prefixes and suffixes with them.

Each student is assessed for their current reading ability and understanding of phonics. After assessment, an individualized lesson plan is created.


I have provided proofreading for four published books: three works of fiction and one nonfiction instructional book for photographers.

Public Speaking

I have extensive experience in public speaking. I served as President of our Parent Teacher Organization for 2 years, presenting information to groups of various sizes on a monthly basis. In this capacity, I also addressed administrators and the Board of Education.

I also founded a book discussion club that was covered in Education World Magazine. I was the facilitator of each meeting as well as hosting a kickoff meeting at the beginning of each year. This also required speaking in front of the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

My approach to teaching public speaking is to address ways to reduce anxiety, prepare in advance, and how to address different types of audiences.

I will also address how to present yourself physically, including dress and body language.


Reading is one of my greatest passions. I love to share this with children and adults!


Spelling is suffering because of the use of texting and word study programs that don't promote spelling. It is an important part of a child's education and should be treated as one.

Study Skills

Study skills include identifying the type of learner and teaching the student to utilize their strengths to study. Various techniques are presented to actively improve study habits and skills.

I will assess the student's current study habits and assist them in identifying areas in need of improvement. This may include time management, focus, setting, and techniques currently used.

Note taking skills will be assessed and, if necessary, lessons on taking effective notes in class will be offered. This includes how to identify what is important to note and how to take notes quickly without falling behind.

Vocabulary building exercises are offered to improve comprehension in all subjects.

Concentration and motivation play huge roles in effective studying. Working on focus and setting goals for study will be one part of our tutoring.

Overall, study skills are dependent upon the student's current habits and identification of trouble areas. My plan is to assess each student individually and create a plan to address each need to improve their study skills.


To pass the SAT or ACT exam in the future, as well as to perform well on in-school exams, students must expand their vocabulary skills.


I have extensive experience with writing both fiction and nonfiction. I have written everything from a ghostwritten YA novel to articles about technology to website content.

I write every day. Reading and writing are my passions.




Patient plus

Look, let's be honest, if Dorothy can tolerate working with me she will fit well with any student out there. Very easy to work with and very tolerant of my stubborn ways. She is an expert in many different areas and has a wealth of knowledge on many subjects. I believe she can guide you step by step through a wide range of writing projects or education needs regarding writing, education in the Eng

— Tom, Rochester, NY on 8/2/14

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $45.00

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