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Excellent French tutor!
— Madhu, Dobbs Ferry, NY on 11/18/12


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About Christopher

Bonjour! Hello! Je m'appelle Monsieur C. Please call me Chris or Christopher, s'il vous plait.
I began studying French as my selection of a foreign language as a high school student from the 9th grade through 12th and graduated with a New York State Certified Regents seal on my High School Diploma in French, English and History.
I continued with my studies in French particularly, in College beginning as a student in Intermediate studies in French, as I was well educated previously and then furthered my comprehensive knowledge of the French language as a student in Advanced studies,un etudiant de Francais.
I earned a 3.6 GPA Deans List accreditation and French naturally became my favorite subject of interest.
I felt confident in my understanding of French, as indicated by the encouragement of my teachers and professors as my pronunciation and accents of French vocabulary came to me easily, kind of second nature. My familiarity with the understanding of proper grammar, usage, pronunciation and creative expression in conversation also inspired my desire to became even more diligent in my study of French as I read, write and speak the language comfortably and with little or no difficulty.
As having had experience tutoring students in French as well as other subject matter I have found my experience to be exciting, refreshing and enjoyable for the enlightenment and appreciation of my students and for myself as well.
I consistently encourage my students to try their best and not be afraid to make mistakes as learning cannot take place nor can knowledge grow without a certain amount of risk and that one should not feel too frustrated from making the occasional error or two. In an effort to continue working as a Registered and Certified New York State Teaching Assistant I sincerely welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge and instruction of tutoring French to anyone whether they are just being introduced to beginning the study of the French language or for anyone who needs to further their already familiar grasp and understanding of French.
Thank you for your most appreciated attention given to reading about me and I look forward to assisting you and be well assured that your quality of instruction will be outstanding. Au revoir et a bien tot! Good bye and see you soon! Merci bien!
Yours most sincerely,
Christopher Cherico
Bonjour! Hello! Je m'appelle Monsieur C. Please call me Chris or Christopher, s'il vous plait.
I began studying French as my selection of a foreign language as a high school student from the 9th grade through 12th and graduated with a New York State Certified Regents seal on my High School Diploma in French, English and History.
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In-person lessons

"Excellent French tutor!"

- Madhu, Dobbs Ferry, NY on 11/18/12

"Great instructor"

- Faye, Croton On Hudson, NY on 7/13/13

"Very patient and conscientious"

- William, Dobbs Ferry, NY on 9/25/12

"Great Tutor"

- Barbara`, Peekskill, NY on 7/18/11
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Clarinet, Music History
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Vocabulary, Writing
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ACT English

I am qualified as an ACT exam tutor. I am experienced and qualified to instruct students in English-- that is writing, reading comprehension, and all aspects of literature, including compositional and creative writing as well as correct grammar and usage. I am also qualified to instruct and tutor students in the entire Social Studies curriculum, which includes the Earth Sciences in addition to Astronomy and Physical Geography.

I am prepared to tutor students in their learning of all subject matter relevant to their receiving a more than satisfactory grade in passing the ACT exam, with specific attention given to English and the entire Social Sciences course of study. I have found the experience of educating students to be rewarding and something I truly feel proud of, especially when my students reach and exceed a standard of excellence I am so grateful to have been able to provide for them in meeting their educational goals.


In my experience, as a very well educated and qualified tutor as exemplified by the testimony and highly regarded recommendations of former students, it has always been my indisputable belief that to enable a student to make the most of every individual tutoring session it is essential that a comfortable learning environment is secure so that achievement and growth in knowledge can continue where attention and focus on study is always of greatest importance. Even with regard to students with disabling or limited learning capabilities such as attention deficit disorder or other types of concentration issues that might prevent any individual student from performing what society considers to be adequate, satisfactory, acceptable or "normal". Allowing for these types of dysfunctional aspects in a students ability to learn takes understanding, patience and a certain amount of sympathy for the student, realizing that they are truly trying to do their best. That whatever the outcome they should always be encouraged and a that a good mentor needs to be aware of these shortcomings and should make allowances. Their efforts whether successful or not should be praised and highly regarded with an objectivity that is comfortable in a one to one tutoring session with anyone diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and/or ADHD. I believe this to be true with any student regardless of there being any inherent attention span deficit or deficiency inhibiting their ability to learn. I welcome the opportunity to tutor any student who is sincere in their desire to want to learn and know more about any one or more of the approximate 20 subjects I am qualified to teach. With years of experience and the right approach, the technique of a good teacher can erase boundaries and remove obstacles that prevent students from their receiving a well deserved and quality education regardless of their learning capability or disability.
Most sincerely,
Christopher Cherico


My knowledge of astronomy can be ascertained by my answering any particular questions in relation to the subject matter. For example,the satellite moon of Titan is of which planet in our Solar System. Saturn of course. What are the consistency of gases on the planet Saturn and why does it appear to be surrounded by rings and the reasons for which rings exist around Saturn since the Big-Bang creation of the Universe. Venus, Neptune, Mercury etc. and the quasi "Pluto" which is no longer considered a planet and many other questions regarding matters of significant importance related to the Science of Astronomy, a fascinating and captivating subject I truly find interesting and compelling. To instruct any student of any grade level is always a thrilling experience for both myself and for the benefit of the student in their receiving a quality education.

Bible Studies

I have read the Bible thoroughly and I am a practicing Roman Catholic. I have studied extensively the Theological and Philosophical aspects of the Christian Faith and I am willing and eager to share my knowledge in assisting any student who needs greater comprehension in Biblical studies.


As an avid Chess player and teacher I have found the lure of the 64 squares of Chess to have been a very exciting and challenging exercise for the mind and for the spirit.
I am regarded among those who know me as the Chess Champion of my High School. I am undefeated in various unofficial chess communities and have also played in the United States Chess Federations sponsored Tournaments. I have played the New York State Chess Champions Sunnil Weramantry and previously against Dave Steinberg who was New York's champion previous to Sunnil.
I am a student of Bobby Fisher's books and particularly the highly acclaimed Borris Spassky Bobby Fisher World Chess Championships as illustrated in the New York Times best seller which had taken place in 1972. I am aware of the accomplished Kasparov and Karpov Chess grandmasters as current world Chess champions and know extensively about masters of the game throughout history as recorded in many Chess books and now of course made available to all given access to computers via the world wide internet.
I have played and studied Chess since I was 9 years old and as an adult have taught in the after school student enrichment programs in Westchester county as a teacher of Chess and tutored in other areas of study that I have extensive knowledge of as well.
My name is Christopher and I will teach you the best openings in Chess and the names given to those established lines of play. Winning in Chess depends on your ability to think ahead and recognize the sometimes complex and variable positions on the board with the ability to anticipate your opponents next best move. Variations in Chess are always transposing and changing as the game continues and strong moves and a sound defense is the best way I know to play winning Chess. I look forward to an opportunity to educate students by discovering the world of Chess as your tutor in the understanding of this wonderful game with the application of Chess theory in practice on the chess board of 64 squares. Experience is my best advantage!
Thank you!


As a born and raised American citizen, English is my native language and obviously I speak, read and write English fluently. Educated in the United States I am currently qualified with to tutor in 16 subjects. French being my particular subject of personal interest, however English and years of study in English literature and knowledge of the appropriate ways of speaking English seems to be an added overlooked skill that I can proudly list as one of my strongest and most proficient qualities as a tutor and educator. Writing in the English language is something I enjoy and I am also proud to mention that I own the copyrights for my published original poetry and in doing so have received 2 individually recognized Editor's choice awards. I am a New York State Board of Regents certified graduate in English, French and History. I look forward to teaching anyone interested in allowing me the opportunity to tutor English to them in a full comprehensive way in the understanding of the American English language and all other types of colloquial slang expressions that make the English language a pleasure to know and make practical use of everyday.
Sincerely, Christopher Cherico


It is important for me to explain the reasons for which I know I am a suitable tutor for people in need of understanding English as a second language. I have a fluent understanding of French and my knowledge of Spanish has been acquired from years of living in communities where many people speak Spanish only and/or very little English. As an avid language, linguistics, communications student it is my experience that when I ask someone a question in Spanish they respond in Spanish and we communicate effectively, even in broken English and hablar (speak) and converse well enough so that we understand each other. This is not to say that I am in any way fluent in the Spanish language. However, if someone would like to learn how to speak English I know that I have enough experience in the comprehension of communicating Spanish effectively, thereby enhancing the life of anyone who is sincerely devoted to learning English. I have been a literacy volunteer as well, and ESL instruction had been part of the required course in order to qualify as a legitimate literacy volunteer.

This included reading and writing as well as speaking. Si, yo hablo una piquita Espanol et comprendez mieux bien gracias. I would welcome the opportunity to tutor anyone of a Spanish speaking heritage who is serious about learning and studying the English language. Apprendes mucho Inglais et comprendez Inglais. (To learn English and understand English) I hope that a student who needs to learn English would consider my life experience as the main characteristic supporting my more than adequate capability as a tutor in ESL instruction.


In approaching the study of French it has been my experience that the principle of keeping an open mind without fear of making mistakes allows students to realize that learning cannot take place unless mistakes are made and made often and that it's OK. Creating a learning environment that is comfortable for the student makes room for a full and comprehensive understanding of any subject. In tutoring French it has been my experience that feeling good about learning naturally develops into the desire to want to know more and not because they have to or feel pressured into meeting unrealistic expectations. Once a combination of these aspects begin to work together,(mes etudiants apprendes Francais et voudrais savoir trop beaucoup et trouvez l'etude de Francais etre trop joyeuse et vraiment interesante aussi). In English, (my students learn French and would like to know much more and find the study of French to be quite enjoyable and truly interesting as well). This is self explanatory describing knowledge and the practical application in the art of teaching and I find my aspiration to tutor and teach French as something I simply love to do. In a typical French tutoring session we would begin with simple words and phrases. Day to day things we say ordinarily as an introductory starting point. Obviously over time, as more and more advancement is being made and absorbed with respect to the conjugation of verbs in terms of grammar and usage, proper pronunciation and phonetically sounding out words and expressions with emphasis on listening. Hearing how French sounds so as to be able to grasp the accent. English/French, French/English constantly interchanging so that the student begins to feel a sense of familiarity and curiously surprised with their newly acquired skill, certain that now they know they are really speaking a foreign language. Reading French, writing French, speaking French with proper pronunciation is learned and acquired and comes with effort,time and study. Making it fun and exciting is a quality found in a really good French instructor. I have discovered that when my students begin asking me questions in French, I know I've done a good job. Nothing feels better and is more exciting to me personally, as an educator than hearing my students conversing and speaking in French. A foreign European language they never really knew before.


A General Equivalency Diploma is a Certificate that is equal to a documented high school diploma. As a tutor and instructor qualified in 20 subjects I feel more than quite prepared as an experienced educator to assist anyone in need of studying for and successfully achieving a General High School Equivalency Diploma.
My knowledge in various areas of study and my ability to assist students in learning, with attention to study skills and practice, can ensure the student an ultimate outcome of their being awarded a well earned more than satisfactory grade. I openly welcome and look forward to teaching any student who is serious about receiving their GED.
Thank you
Christopher C.

Martial Arts

As a practitioner of T'ai chi chu'an I thought it might be exciting for me to add this particular interest of mine to my list of instructional qualifications. I have years of experience and familiarity in this particular discipline, which one would consider to be a method of meditation in motion in the art of T'ai Chi Chu'an.
It has been intended for the health of mind, body and spirit, as well as a very effective form of self-defense. The forging of Chi the inner strength or life force.
I am also very extensively knowledgeable and somewhat proficient, although not a master by any means in various forms of Chinese Kung-Fu. The history and appreciation of Chinese martial arts in particular. The practice and health advantages of daily excercise and the aesthetic appreciation of practicing the original 5 styles of Shaolin Temple Boxing. The way of the Tiger, Dragon, White Crane, Praying Mantis and Snake to name just a few with an avid enthusiasm in the sport of boxing and pugilism.
Deep breathing and learning how to fall without hurting yourself and horse stance training intended to strengthen the legs the real essence of Kung-Fu and knowing how to kick effectively.
I can show you these movements and practical self-defense techniques in the unique styles of this ancient martial art of peace through non-violence with the quiet confidence in a skill you possess without needing to prove anything to anyone or showing off. Understanding the true nature of Yin-Yang (soft-hard) techniques as an energetic and exciting educational experience. The origins of the way of the bending branch which is what the term Shaolin really means.
Da-Mo the founding father or Bodiharma of Shaolin and the 18 Lo-Han exercises. Not rigid but flexible and adjustable in the freedom of movement and the practice of a repertoire in the free-form style. Your own individual personal interpretation of applying your study as an expression of your own unique movements in motion which you will not only enjoy but actually discover to truly be a lot of fun as well. Thank you!
Yours truly, Chris
Gung hee fa-choy! Happy New Year 2011. The year of the rabbit.


Having already qualified and approved by to tutor students in the study of Philosophy, it is important to mention that the word Philosophy includes a wide range of many different yet similar methods of human conscious thought. In an effort to explain life, the meaning of existence, the existence of God including varying different aspects on the understanding of reality and being able to acquire knowledge by virtue of the human experience. There are many questions in the study of the Philosophy in it's vast and multifaceted ways of understanding our place in the Universe but very few answers. Interpretations and belief systems guided by reason and logic, the internalized individual experiential revelation and enlightenment are just some philosophical aspects. Pondering and contemplation and even debate as to what is closer to the truth or even knowing bliss and the subsequent truth revealed. Philosophy depends greatly on the lives of several philosophers throughout history. From Plato, Socrates and Aristotle for example to Descartes, Kirkaguard, and Kant. Leibnitz, Spinozza and Hegel to the more contemporary Bertrandt Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre etc. The supppositions of their personal perspective on the many questions that Philosophy asks. The idea of Religions, though part of Philosophy, don't concern themselves as much as would the study of Theology. However Saint Thomas Acquinas and Confusius even the Buddha might have a thing or two to say about that to inspire and to meditate upon. Cicero the great Roman philosopher of his time said " To wonder is to begin to understand." Philosophy is about, thinking about many, many things. Explaining the Universe is Knowledge and that the experience of true reality is characterized by a fuller comprehension in the study of understanding everything to which we call Philosophy.


In my experience as a qualified tutor in helping students to read I fully realize that "Reading" has two major components. First is Literacy. That is the ability to read and know all the letters of the alphabet understanding that the order and formation of letters create words. If words are not understood or unable to be absorbed correctly, the best way I have found to correct this problem is by applying a literacy technique known as "Phonics" which truly works quite well and a practice I consider to be the most helpful in teaching someone how to read. Proper pronunciation of words and the sounding out of words phonetically comes with practice and repetition by hearing and listening. The sounding out of words is a major step in reading literacy. This is primarily the most essential fundamental rudimentary aspect in teaching students how to read. The next step in focusing on reading and reading skills is of course "Comprehension." That is the understanding of complete sentences so that the student learns the ideas and meaning of what is being read. When the student reads the words and understands the meaning of the ideas in the material being read, the development of reading comprehension begins to grow simultaneously as reading continues flowing steadily down the page. Learning how to read and what is being read are the most important basic steps in reading. Learning takes place with repetition and practice. Reading books, magazines or newspapers etc. in any subject of interest to the student is something I strongly encourage as a tutor and educator.

Tutoring students to understand or comprehend concepts and ideas or the real substance of the text, is the actual definition of reading. When students misunderstand or make mistakes in their effort to read, correction with encouragement is the best approach inspiring confidence and that is when real learning begins to take shape and grow.


As an experienced and qualified tutor in the entire Social Studies curriculum which includes History, Geography and Social Sciences etc. I feel quite confident and secure in my knowledge of these specific areas of study. Additionally my educational experience has allowed for my personal successful completion of the New York State Regents exam in History, English and French. Already having exposure and familiarity with the dynamics and particular characteristics of the Regents exam as well as previous experience in tutoring students in what is relevant in understanding the subject matter of what to expect in preparing for the New York State Board of Regents examination, I welcome and very much look forward to opportunities in helping students achieve exemplary results in their successful completion in meeting the required standard of approval set forth by the Board of Regents.

Social Studies

I am familiar with the Social Sciences and understand all of them to be what is generally understood as part of the broader comprehensive Social Studies program. I am available to tutor students in the subject of Social Studies as it pertains to the socioeconomic and geopolitical dimensions of our information and technologically driven modern world.
As a Liberal Arts/Social Science major and having had an acquired Deans List GPA of 3.6 Philosophy, Psychology and History, both American and that of Western Civilization, have always been part of the "Social Studies" Liberal Arts program. Whether it be the Classical Aristotle to Plato to Socrates in search of the true meaning of life and man's place in the Universe or the existentialist Sartre or Camus in a more modern philosophical context, Philosophy inspires a student to "think outside the box." Taxation without Representation, the fight for Freedom, Liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness and the Constitution and The Revolutionary War gave Birth to the United States of America and the Challenge that really is what America has been and continues to be. From the Napoleonic European Emperor to the study of the solar system to Sigmund Freud and the Jungian collective soul to the politics of Democracy, these are all contained and factual, contributing to the knowledge and comprehensive understanding of Social Studies. I am confident that with my experience and understanding of the most important and significant aspects of these academic disciplines that the sharing and free exchange of ideas however simple or complex leads to an insight into the minds of my students by expression with a more advanced vocabulary that inspires interest motivation and an intellectual curiosity which gives rise to the beginning of wonder. " To wonder is to begin to understand" -Cicero-

Study Skills

As a qualified and experienced tutor in 23 subjects and activities it is my firm belief that a student who does their homework will always stay a step ahead and prepared for the subject matter the following day. It is a practice of repetition and should be encouraged by parents and teachers to be a daily part of every students routine. Studying and the practice of daily study needs for time to be set aside purely for this reason so that gradually over time as the school year progresses the skill acquired becomes more natural and settled into without it feeling like a chore or something too difficult. Study skills require the application of the principles of time, practice and repetition and becomes a matter of fact. In tutoring study skills to students, the courses I am qualified to tutor is a learning process. The students understanding of the subject relates to their motivation and willingness to succeed. The practice of studying is the skill of preparation which inspires confidence and a sense of being ready. I tutor students and I help them to understand. The more they understand the more interested they become.I have helped them succeed by encouraging strong effort and to try to do the best they can. The techniques of study skills in detail like reference material and how to study as repetition and practice become second nature on a daily study schedule, I have found with former students, to be a topic of discussion and guidance during the actual tutoring session. Each individual student has different capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and talking about the subject matter with constant reference to home study and the knowledge of the subject itself is all part of the tutor/student relationship. I have instructed my students accordingly based on sound standards of education emphasizing what and where they need to focus greater attention according to their own personal understanding and acumen. I know where my students are and I help them get to where they need to go.

Westchester Community College


Westchester Community College (LASS)

Excellent French tutor!

When my son was struggling with his 9th grade French, we decided to get help from a private tutor. Through Wyzant, we selected Christopher and we are so happy that we made the correct choice. Christopher is an excellent tutor, who is very focused and dedicated. He tries all means to improve my son's speaking, reading and writing in the French language, and is attentive to details. My son is now m

— Madhu, Dobbs Ferry, NY on 11/18/12

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