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From an early age, I was drawn to music. My mom went to Berklee and was always playing an eclectic range of music in the apartment. She was alwyaas encouraging me to sing with her when she played music and I loved it from since I can remember. When I was 6 I asked for a violin for Christmas and started taking lessons in both that and piano. I moved when I was 8 and took to choir and school taught violin at my new school. Through middle school I was in the orchestra. When I reached the turmoil of high school, music was always my principle interest, no matter if I wanted to be an English major one day or a D1 baseball player the next.My teachers saw my musicality and encouraged me to do all that I could, resulting in me being in both the string and symphonic orchestra and the chorale.

When I went to college, I attended Guilford College baseball but an injury quickly derailed that. On a suggestion from my high school orchestra teacher, I started taking Guilford's 5 days a week music theory class and it clicked with me almost instantly. I had come in to school without a concrete idea of what I wanted to do and by the time the second semester rolled around I was in music theory, aural skills, both choirs the college offered, composition lessons, and taking violin lessons. Unlike other subjects, this didn't feel like a subject, it felt like a passion that I got to do in an academic setting.

I transferred to Hunter College in 2012 and declared my music major almost immediately. I started off slow, taking only the college choir in the small amount of credits I was using to feel out the academic environment. However, by the end of the next semester I was enrolled in both choirs, the orchestra, private violin lessons, music theory and musicianship (their name for aural skills), and ready to sign up for anything else musical my schedule could fit. It is now 2015 and I have taken All levels of music theory courses as well as a jazz composition and improvisation class and have been involved in 6 of Hunter's ensembles (Orchestra, Choir, Chamber Singers, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Popular Music combo, and Hawkappella.)

Throughout Hunter I have been called upon to play a number of instruments (in the last Pop Music Combo concert I played violin, guitar, organ, bass, and sang lead). I always try and play new things and I believe having a basis in one instrument can help you with all other instruments in that class (i.e. I can pick up the guitar easier because I play the violin.) However, my instrument concentration in college has been violin. This, combined with my love of classical music, has lead me to study composition on my own. I have composed a number of works and I am submitting one to the Hunter College Symphony in the spring.

Classical is wonderful but music is multifaceted and is bubbling over with genres. With this certainly in my subconscious, I started fiddling around on the guitar when I was 14 but wanted to play the drums so I started taking lessons in that. By the time I was 16 I could play some drums and more guitar than I thought so when I tried to form a band with some friends I wanted to be the drummer. However, when our first practice started it became apparent that another fellow there was exponentially better versed in drums so I slid over to guitar. With this new assignment, I began to discover the variety of things you could do with a guitar and I quickly grew to love it. This band is still together and I am the sole guitar player and composer ( Guitar is also what I have given the most lessons in, and it has been lovely to see my friends musicality grow as they learn both guitar and the music theory and musicianship that go with it. I truly love imparting my knowledge on to other people and it gives me such joy to see people get better in what I teach them, especially all things music.

Guitar: I am the guitarist of indie rock band and am involved in an audition-based class at Hunter called Popular Music Combo where I also play guitar.

Violin: I have been playing violin since I was 7 and have high school experience equaling 6 years of orchestra as well as 5 semesters of Hunter College Symphonic orchestra. In terms of personal training, I have 6 semesters of college lessons and also took a semester of Jazz Improvisation for the violin.

Music Theory and Composition: In college I have taken Music Theory 1-4 as well as three additional Music Theory classes. In terms of composition, I have taken 1 semester of formal composition training and compose classical music on my own time. I also write all the music for my band.

Aural Skills: In college, I have completed Musicianship 1-4 and have taken 2 additional aural skills classes. Personally, I do ear training on my own in preparation for graduate school as well as personal enjoyment. My cumulative music GPA is 3.6.

I definitely have the understanding and the passion so give me a ring! I can help you or your child a lot and want to take the time to see vast improvement with whomever I'm helping.
From an early age, I was drawn to music. My mom went to Berklee and was always playing an eclectic range of music in the apartment. She was alwyaas encouraging me to sing with her when she played music and I loved it from since I can remember. When I was 6 I asked for a violin for Christmas and started taking lessons in both that and piano. I Read more

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I played baseball since I was 8 and was a 1 time varsity letter winner in Highschool as a pitcher. My cumulative earned run average through 3 years of highschool play was below 1.00 in 20+ innings pitched. I went to Guilford College to play baseball but was injured and ended up moving on to concentrate on my academics. Both people I coached in baseball are currently playing successful highschool baseball, with one having finished his sophomore year as the starter at 3rd base for his college and the other a second year varsity letter winner as a junior, starting in right field.

Composition (Music)

I have one semester of formal music composition training as well as Music Theory 1-4 and two additional Music Theory classes. I compose classical music personally and will be submitting music to the Hunter College Symphony in the spring.

Ear Training

I am also involved in a number of ensembles at Hunter College which require sight reading as well as a tuned ear. I have also given ear training lessons to friends and classmates over the last three years.

General Music

I play violin, guitar, and bass in college ensembles, some of which I am a solo instrument. I have extensive Music Theory and aural skills training at Hunter College. I have been in 6 ensembles at Hunter and take on average 5 music classes a semester since I started college in 2011. I have given lessons to friends and helped them with classwork since the start of college and have seen improvement in all of them.


I have been playing guitar since I was 14 (I am currently 22). I have been in 3 bands (a metal band, a ska band, and an indie rock band), the last on which has been gigging and recording.

Music Theory

I have combined 7 semester where I have taken at least 1 music theory class in college. I have taken 2 300 level music theory classes and have a cumulative music GPA of 3.6. I also compose which lends itself well to music theory.


I am in a band and have written all the songs for them, all of which are currently being recorded in studio. I also am currently a music major in college and have taken over 45 credits of music combined between two schools. I compose classical music in my own time which lends itself to songwriting very well.


I have been playing violin since I was 7 and have not stopped since. Violin is currently my instrument that accompanies my music major at Hunter College. I have had 4 and half years of formal training and have been in at least 1 orchestra 10 out of the last 11 years. I also compose for violin and classical music.

Hunter College


Hunter College (Music)

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