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Brandeis University
Philosophy, Math
Columbia University
Columbia College Columbia University
Graduate Coursework


Brandeis University (Philosophy, Math)

Columbia University (Master's)

Columbia College Columbia University (Graduate Coursework)

About Adam

I am a graduate from Columbia University, fulfilling a bachelor's program in Mathematics as well as a master's program in Philosophy. I have eight years of experience in education, beginning when I was hired by the Philosophy department of Brandeis University as a tutor for Symbolic Logic. During the next year, I tutored independently and through Kaplan Test Prep! for the LSAT and GRE. Then when studying at Columbia I served as a teaching assistant, and for the year after graduation I worked at a local tutoring business in Florida. For the past 4 years I've been self-employed as a tutor and consultant, working with students at elite schools including Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Stuyvesant, Hunter, Bronx Science, Staten Island Technical, and more.

What distinguishes me as a tutor are:

Enthusiasm - I love doing and learning Math and Science. It's a fun puzzle to solve, a meaningful investigation of nature, and a skill that translates into applications, all rolled into one! Not to mention that, like all mathematicians, I love the beauty of how the concepts fit together.

Flexibility - One way to explain the material is to just show how to do the calculation, and sometimes there are many ways to calculate. But whenever possible I also like to explain the logic of the calculations, and to think about the mean of what we're doing.

Make the student independent - I always try to make sure that the student can solve an example problem completely without my help before I leave. If I leave before the student can perform such a task then I try to communicate clearly what remains for them to master.

Professionalism - I am available for scheduling any day of the week or year, 24/7, so long as the schedule does not conflict with that of another student. I arrive on-time or early for every appointment.

Expertise - I never tutor a subject if I don't know at least twice as much about it as is required to solve the problems.

I tutor a wide array of STEM subjects. In addition to those listed in Wyzant's standard collection, I also tutor these advanced college-level Math subjects: Proofs or Mathematical Reasoning, Set Theory, Real Analysis, Graph Theory, Finite Math, Discrete Math, Euclidean Geometry, Modern Algebra (Abstract Algebra, Group Theory, rings and fields), Topology, Complex Analysis, Mathematical Logic, Advanced Logic, Computability, Algorithms, Automata Theory, Modal Logic, Combinatorics, Stochastic Processes, Markov Models, and Game Theory. I can also teach the statistical programming language R, as it is sometimes used in an introductory Statistics class, as well as Python modules relevant for data analysis. I can program in Java, C++, Python, R, Scheme, and JavaScript. I'm also skilled with the use of the LaTeX markup language.

I frequently hold online meetings using a white board application like the one available through this site, and am available to facilitate other needs like screen sharing and remote access for programming and troubleshooting.
I am a graduate from Columbia University, fulfilling a bachelor's program in Mathematics as well as a master's program in Philosophy. I have eight years of experience in education, beginning when I was hired by the Philosophy department of Brandeis University as a tutor for Symbolic Logic. During the next year, I tutored independently and through Read more

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"Outstanding Tutor"

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"Amazing Tutor"

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"Amazing Tutor"

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ACT Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2,
Differential Equations,
Discrete Math,
Finite Math,
Linear Algebra,
Microsoft Excel, Prealgebra, Precalculus, Probability,
R, SAT Math,
ACT Science, Philosophy,
Physics, PSAT
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ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, AFOQT, ASVAB,
PSAT, Regents, SAT Math,
SAT Reading, SAT Writing
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 2

I have tutored Algebra 1 and 2 for more than 20 students, and have not encountered a problem which I couldn't explain.


In high school, I obtained exceptional marks in the Word Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, Verbal Expression, and Mathematical Knowledge sections of the ASVAB. I have an advanced degree in Philosophy, which has made me proficient in the English language sections of the ASVAB; and I've completed a Bachelors program in mathematics, which qualifies me to teach the mathematical sections. I cannot offer tutoring for any of the other sections.


I have tutored Calculus I, II, III, and IV, that is to say, the full Calculus series, for several students at Columbia, NYU, Harper, and other schools. There is no topic within the Calculus series which I haven't explained at least a few times.

I've also tutored students in advanced versions of Calculus, such as vector Calculus and courses that integrate topics from Linear Algebra. I've also tutored a few students in the proof-heavy course titled Real Analysis or Modern Analysis.


I have been playing chess since high school, and in high school I was the co-president of the chess club. My chess rating is 1370 in the Elo rating system, which is by no means a professional chess rating. I am qualified to teach an introduction to chess only.

Computer Programming

I have taken MIT's 6.00x course in Computer Science and gained certification.

Computer Science

I've tutored introductory CompSci courses in Python, Java, and C++ for five years. I've also tutored several students in advanced theoretical topics like Algorithms, Computability, and Automata Theory.

Differential Equations

I've tutored Differential Equations about a dozen times, for classes that have used Zill's textbook and the more advanced book by Boyce and diPrima. I have helped students with such topics as solutions to linear, homogeneous, exact, and Bernoulli type equations, to name a few. I have also helped with series solutions, matrix methods, and Laplace transforms. I have tutored the course offered at Columbia a number of times, and am familiar with the topics typically encountered in that course.

Discrete Math

Discrete Math is a collection of various other Math subjects including Logic, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algorithms, and more. I have studied each of these, either in a class devoted to the (like a course in Symbolic Logic alone) or in classes which contained them as special topics (for instance I learned Graph Theory through studying Probability, Abstract Algebra, and other subjects). So I am familiar with all of the usual topics covered in such a course.

Finite Math

I've tutored finite Math several times, where courses included sequences, series, algorithms, sets, functions, logic, proofs, combinatorics, linear algebra, graph theory, probability, number theory, and game theory.


I have tutored Geometry more times than I can count! I have helped students become comfortable with proofs and constructions, which are often the topics which they find most challenging. I've also tutored college Math majors in Euclidean Geometry.


I have tutored the GRE at least 40 times with students of wide ranging skill levels, from those who need refreshers on adding fractions, to those who need to push their score from good to great. I tend to make lessons with students that follow a pattern: Teach a few concepts, give simple exercises, give GRE-style exercises, move to the next concept. We set up a schedule and, between meetings, I send exercises, you send solutions, I send feedback. We keep covering more material and reviewing old material. When we reach the end of the material we start covering test-taking techniques and really emphasize GRE-style questions--we get your time-per-question down, pick numbers efficiently, and know what to look out for with tricky graph questions.


I've tutored Computer Science several times. I'm able to explain the Object Oriented Programming paradigm that is essential for Java, as well as algorithms, data structures, and the design of Graphical User Iterfaces (GUIs).

Linear Algebra

I took Linear Algebra at Columbia University while getting my Math degree. I've tutored the subject several times, and taken more advanced courses Abstract Algebra. I've also used knowledge of the subject in fields like Statistics, Machine Learning, Differential Equations, and Computer Science.


I have taken Symbolic Logic, Mathematical Logic, Advanced Logic, Computability, and Modal Logic, each with excellent marks. I've tutored the subject several times for students at Columbia, NYU, City College, and via Skype with students at Penn State, Kings College London, and the University of South Africa, with some of this work at the graduate student level.


I've tutored the LSAT logical and analytical reasoning sections several times. I'm able to provide direct and clear explanations for which choice is the correct one, and why each of the others are false. I am also able to advise techniques for drawing diagrams on the logic games section, and well as general logical rules to help understand the arguments and constraints in each problem.


I have served as a teaching assistant and tutor for a general introduction to Philosophy, a course in Early Modern philosophers, Logic, and a course titled Truth, Value, and Reason. I'm able to tutor any undergraduate subject except Eastern and continental Philosophy subjects.


I have tutored students in basic Probability as well as Calculus-based courses working out of the texts from Sheldon Ross and Robert Hogg.

I am able to tutor students in courses which cover such topics as discrete probabilities, conditional probabilities, random variables, marginal probabilities, order statistics, and maximum likelihood estimators. I am not able to tutor topics such as Measure Theory and sigma-algebras.


I've tutored Python twice, emphasizing concepts of basic syntax, debugging, computational complexity, object-oriented programming, modeling physical and financial systems, and producing graphical output and Graphical User Interfaces.

SAT Math

I've prepared students for the SAT countless times. I teach both the content of the test, as well as test-taking techniques such as time-management, guessing strategies, and ways of reasoning that can avoid long calculations whenever possible.


I have tutored introductory Statistics for at least 20 students, including courses that require Calculus, the theory of random variables, and sigma-algebras, Measure Theory, and Probability Theory. These have been courses offered at elite colleges like Columbia, NYU, Cooper Union, and at high schools including Hunter. I'm familiar with the AP Statistics curriculum. I've also tutored for classes that use the statistical programming language R and relevant Python modules like pandas.

Brandeis University
Philosophy, Math
Columbia University
Columbia College Columbia University
Graduate Coursework


Brandeis University (Philosophy, Math)

Columbia University (Master's)

Columbia College Columbia University (Graduate Coursework)

Outstanding Tutor

Adam was an amazing tutor. He was very knowledgeable and jumped right in to the subject material. I am a student in Columbia University and he knows the content very well. He is extremely informative and helpful. He goes as slow or as fast as you would like. Worth every penny!!

— Thomas, Lutz, FL on 10/8/17

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Standard Hourly Rate: $150.00

Cancellation: 12 hours notice required

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Adam will travel within 10 miles of New York, NY 10025.