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Northeastern University
Political Science
Bentley College
Graduate Coursework
Northeastern University
Graduate Coursework


Northeastern University (Political Science)

Bentley College (Graduate Coursework)

Northeastern University (Graduate Coursework)

About Greg

My Motto is: "Helping Students Get Ahead and Stay Ahead!"

Are you or your student receiving unsatisfactory grades, frustrated, confused, having problems focusing, or just need a boost of confidence, motivation or encouragement? I want to help you achieve your goals!

I am a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston with a Bachelor's Degree, with a BA in Liberal Arts, as well as formal training in working with spreadsheets and databases. I have many years of experience, as a corporate trainer and teacher. I greatly enjoy working with young students and my aim is to help each student attain the highest level of achievement possible. I use traditional techniques in teaching as well as employ more modern techniques including Excel Spreadsheet Technology to help the student understand the required materials as well as build confidence.

I offer one-on-one instruction in the following subjects: Arithmetic, Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, ELA, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Social Studies and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. My specialty is Elementary School, Grades K-8. Let me help you or your child succeed and excel! I will work closely with your student, to learn new material, improve knowledge base, develop confidence, provide encouragement and achieve success!

My most recent experience includes 4 years, working with Catholic School and Public School students, Grades 1 - 9, in Astoria, Jackson Heights and Woodside sections of Queens, a borough of New York City. I am always a phone call away, should you have a quick question or need some additional help. I look forward to working with you!
My Motto is: "Helping Students Get Ahead and Stay Ahead!"

Are you or your student receiving unsatisfactory grades, frustrated, confused, having problems focusing, or just need a boost of confidence, motivation or encouragement? I want to help you achieve your goals!

I am a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston with a
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"Very organized, patient tutor"

- Jie, Elmhurst, NY on 11/18/14

"Great teacher!"

- Isabel, Houston, TX on 12/7/13
Greg replied on 12/9/2013

Thank you both so much! Looking forward to helping you more in the future!

Test Preparation:
Special Needs:
Microsoft Excel

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

Algebra can be very challenging for students as well as adults. We used basic Algebra in many aspects of our lives. Algebra 1 includes basic concepts, but also includes the following:

Necessary Tools for Algebra
Adding Integers
Subtracting Integers
Multiplying Integers
Dividing Integers
Positive and Negative Integers
Positive and Negative Decimals
Laws of Exponents
Square Roots
Order of Operations
Properties of Numbers
The Number Line
The Coordinate Plane
Relations and Functions
Factors, Divisibility Tests and Prime Factorization
Greatest Common Factors
Least Common Multiples
Scientific Notation
Ratios and Proportions
Using Proportions in Word Problems
Percent Word Problems

Solving Equations
Solving Equations Using Addition and Subtraction
Solving Equations Using Multiplication and Division
Solving 2-Step Equations
Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
Solving Equations Using the Distributive Property
Simplifying Equations by Collecting Like Terms
Solving Equations Involving Absolute Value
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Containing Parentheses
Solving Multi-step Equations

Graphing and Analyzing Linear Equations
Graphing Linear Equations
Graphing Linear Equations Using X and Y Intercepts
Slope of a Line
Changing from Standard From to the Slope-Intercept Form
Determining the Slope-Intercept Equation of a Line
Determining the Slope-Intercept Form

Solving and Graphing Inequalities
Meaning, Symbols and Properties of Inequalities
Solving Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction
Solving Inequalities Using Multiplication and Division
Solving Multi-step Inequalities
Solving Combined Inequalities
Solving Inequalities Involving Absolute Values
Graphing Linear Inequalities

Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
The Graphing Method
The Substitution Method
The Elimination Method
Graphing Systems of Inequalities

Adding Polynomials
Subtracting Polynomials
Multiplying Polynomials
Dividing Monomials by Monomials
Multiplying Polynomials by Monomials
Multiplying Binomials
Dividing Monomials by Monomials by Monomials
Dividing a Polynomial by a Binomial
Factoring Using Common Monomial Factors
Factoring Trinomials of the Form x2+bx+c
Factoring the Difference of Two Squares
Factoring Using Combinations
Factoring More Difficult Trinomials

Rational Expressions (Algebraic Fractions)
Simplifying Algebraic Fractions
Simplifying Algebraic Fractions with Several Terms
Using the -1 Factor to Simplify Algebraic Fractions
Solving Proportions Containing Algebraic Fractions
Multiplying Algebraic Fractions
Diving Algebraic Fractions
Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions with LIke Denominators
Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions with Unlike Denominators
Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions with Binomial Denominators
Solving Equations involving Algebraic Fractions

Radical Expressions and Geometry
Simplifying Radical Expressions
Solving Equations Involving Radicals
Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Radical Expressions
Multiplying Radical Expressions
Dividing Radical Expressions
Rationalizing the Denominator
Simplifying Radical Expressions with Binomial Denominators
The Pythagorean Theorum
The Distance Formula
The Midpoint Formula

Quadratic Equations
Factoring Quadratic Equations
Solving Quadratic Equations using Square Roots
Completing the Square
The Quadratic Formula
Graphing Quadratic Equations
The Discriminant

Algebraic Word Problems
Introduction to the Algebra Word Problems
Everyday Algebra Word Problems
Time, Rate and Distance Problems
Mixture Problems
Work Problems
Age Problems
Coin Problems
Investment Problems

My experience includes working with 6th, 7th and 8th and 9th graders as well as Sophomore Students. Algebra can be very challenging, but that's what also makes it enjoyable to work with. I will work very closely with the student, to gather an understanding and develop comfortability with working out the different and varied problems that are part of Algebra. I will help with homework assignments, bring appropriate worksheets for practice, utilize on-line software testing programs as well as demonstrate problems using spreadsheet technology.

American History

History, specifically American History is a very interesting subject for a number of reasons. There's an old saying "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it". Well, that sounds kind of dire, but it is essential to know where we come from, how this great country was started and how it has evolved to what it is today. I can help you by reading, and studying alongside you, and ask you questions and provide meaningful feedback with my knowledge of American History. I can also help you with research and assist you on any projects, term papers or just general test prep.

Elementary (K-6th)

I am an experienced Tutor/Teacher, working with Elementary School Students in all subject areas, including English Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Penmanship, Elementary Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, History and Science.

I currently teach and tutor Elementary Grade students in the Catholic School System in Astoria. My specialty is providing individual instruction, employing appropriate teaching media such as worksheets and computed aided instruction.

I have participated in Volunteer Projects through New York Cares, the city's largest volunteer organization including Children's Education Tutoring Skills Workshop, and projects such as Homework Help at I.S. 5 Q, Family Literacy with Sunnyside Community Services at PS 199 Q, Math Games at P.S. 64 M, Mad Scientists at P.S. 64 M, Bank It! at PS 85Q and 124M, Early Morning Reading at P.S. 17 Q, Sophomore Skills (Math) at Academy of Finance and Enterprise and currently TEAM LEADER Early Morning Reading at PS 212 Q here in Jackson Heights.

I truly enjoy working with young people and believe in guiding, inspiring, encouraging and building confidence in my students.

Elementary Math

Math is something you will use ever day in your life, regardless of where you are or what you do. I will help you with your math homework, bring worksheets to improve your skills, help you master your level of knowledge and teach you new material. I will also bring my laptop and teach you skills using spreadsheets as well as on-line software testing.

Elementary Science

I can help student understand basic Science concepts.
Topics include:
Animal Articles
Butterfly Life Cycle
Human Body
Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)
Rocks, Earth, & Volcanoes
Simple Machines
Space - Solar System
I will work with the student, study and provide worksheets to improve knowledge.


You or your child having problems understanding English and all its complexities? I know how hard it can be, even for the experienced person. Let me help with understanding common expressions, grammar, reading comprehension and writing. I will work closely with the student, helping them understand what they are reading, the main idea, forming conclusions, as well as recognizing incorrect grammar and using correct grammar in speaking and writing. I will bring materials to read, as well as provide worksheets and teach the student how to be a better writer.


First and foremost, with the exception of Native Americans, we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants who came to this country to build a better life for themselves. Some came not able to speak English in any capacity, while others came with a rudimentary understanding of English and the various complexities, nuances and idiomatic expressions. Understanding a language, in addition being able to read inconsistent spelling of various words can be very overwhelming. I am here to help you gain comfort, confidence and an opportunity to improve your understanding, pronunciation, reading and writing.

I’ve had many years of experience working as a volunteer for New York Cares, a volunteer organization i participated while living in NYC. Below was some of the experiences that I have:

I was a Team Leader, for a program named “English Conversation Partners with Seniors at Sunnyside Community Services” . The program involved engaging Adult English language learners in informal conversation and help increase their confidence and self-sufficiency.

Sunnyside Community Services (SCS), established in 1974, serves the multicultural community of Western Queens, providing home care to residents throughout New York. Youth programs began in 1983 and now include after school and camp programs geared toward more than 3,000 children ages 5 to 21. One such program teaches older children how to transition from middle to high school. SCS’s vision is to “be a pioneer in the provision of integrated services that address the complex and changing needs of the community.”

I volunteered at “Family Literacy at Sunnyside Community Services PS 199 Q”. This was an innovative and groundbreaking Family Literacy program in the afternoons at a school in Sunnyside, Queens. This program assist children, ages 5-12, in one-on-one and in small groups, with their literacy skills. Then children were joined with their parents for an activity based on a weekly theme. Model ways adults and children can work together and learn from each other.

The mission of PS 199 Q is to help their students acquire literacy and become critical thinkers through a curriculum that is rich, balanced and aligned with performance standards. They acknowledge the importance of the arts and community involvement, and strive to engage in partnerships with arts institutions and achieve a positive rapport with community-based organizations.

I also volunteered “English Conversation Partners at Jackson Heights Elmhurst Kehillah” - Here we assisted English language learners in informal conversation sessions while learning more about people from other cultures at Jackson Heights - Elmhurst Kehillah, an organization dedicated to serving the greater needs of the immigrant community.

The Jackson Heights Elmhurst Kehillah provides victims and their families support and connections to services they need to make informed decisions needed keep themselves and their children safe. The services offered include intake, assessment, crisis intervention, individual counseling, family therapy, advocacy, educational workshops, case management, safety planning, financial assistance, benefit counseling, legal services, career counseling, and emergency shelter and relocation and information and referral.


Going for your GED? Let me help you succeed!

I am a Teacher/Tutor with many years, working with young students as well as adults. Currently, I volunteer through NY Cares, teaching computer skills to a Senior Citizen Center in Sunnyside.

The General Educational Development (GED) diploma was developed to help adults who do not have a high school diploma. To earn a GED, adults must take and pass a 5-part test If you earn a GED it is recognized nationally by schools, training programs, and employers as EQUAL to a high school diploma.

The GED Test is a set of tests that cover five areas: Writing, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. The full test takes approximately 7 ½ hours to complete.

I will work with you and help prepare you for the GED Test. I can help you with study guides in addition to working on-line practice exams. You can do it and I will encourage and help you achieve success!

General Computer

Do you ever feel like you should read one of those "Computer For Dummies" type books you see on shelves of bookstores? Chances are that if you have worked with or are now working with computers, you may feel like this at times. You probably know more than you think you know. If you are completely computer "illiterate", which all of us were at one time, then you may need some old fashioned hand-holding and encouragement. Let me share with you my knowledge of the workings of computer. How to do such tasks as print screens, scanning, printing, file maintenance and various other topics. Basically, everything can be learned easily enough with practice. I will show you the basics and work with you until you are able to do tasks on your own. I have many years experience working with desktops, laptops, Windows and Macs, in business environments and educational environments. I look forward to making you into a pro!


Geography is one of those subjects that you actually use every day, either directly or indirectly, whether you even realize it or not. For example, if you were to order a rug for your room, you would need to understand Geometry so that you could order the right size rug to fit in your room.

The word geometry is Greek for geos - meaning earth and metron - meaning measure. Geometry was extremely important to ancient societies and was used for surveying, astronomy, navigation, and building. Geometry, as we know it is actually known as Euclidean geometry which was written well over 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece by Euclid, Pythagoras, Thales, Plato and Aristotle just to mention a few. The most fascinating and accurate geometry text was written by Euclid, and was called Elements. Euclid's text has been used for over 2000 years!

Geometry is the study of angles and triangles, perimeter, area and volume. It differs from algebra in that one develops a logical structure where mathematical relationships are proved and applied. helps to build logic skills and analytical thinking.

An awareness of geometric principles can help you in design, construction, engineering, higher forms of math, and more. Some occupations rely very heavily on basic geometric theories. Trades like cabinetry, furniture making, or carpentry use geometry every day in very practical ways. A firm foundation in geometry can help you appreciate art, science, and even certain aspects of literature.

Geometry is one of my favorite subjects! I would enjoy helping you understand Geography and work with you, using worksheets as well as on-line testing software.


The way that you write is a reflection of who you are, your educational background, and general pride in how you express your thoughts in written form. Using proper grammar earns your writing respect from your reader, which increases the quality of your work.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful, yet very simple and practical tool for a multitude of purposes. It can be used as a management tool, for personal finance. It can be used as an organizational application. There is not too much that you cannot do with this versatile program. It doesn't take much to learn the basics, which I can help you with. Then, you will find all sorts of uses. I would be happy to bring along some examples of how I use Excel and how it will prove to be beneficial to you!


I am an experienced Teacher/Tutor, specializing in Basic Phonics for Kindergartners, First Graders and Older Students, including work with Foreign Students and ESL.

Topics include:
Vowel/consonant, recognition and pronunciation, Consonant sounds, Letter Blends, Consonant Digraphs, Short and Long Vowel sounds, r-Controlled Vowels, Vowel Diphthongs, Vowel Digraphs, Consonant Blends, Vowel Digraphs, Word Families & Basic Dolch Sight Words.

I instruct students by employing various educational media, such as printable worksheets, flash cards, word wheels and dry eraser board for study.


PreAlgebra is the precursor to Algebra 1.
I will help prepare you for Algebra 1 by reviewing the following:

· Place Value
· Decimal Numbers
· Estimating and rounding
· Adding/subtracting decimals
· Multiplying decimals
· Dividing decimals
· Percent
· Exponents
· Square roots
· Signed integers
· Adding and subtracting integers
· Multiplying and dividing integers
· Properties of integers

Tables & Formulas
· Number Notation
· Interest
· Constants
· Fraction-Decimal Conversion
· Units & Measurements Conversion

Ratios and Proportions
· Ratios
· Proportions
· Distance, rates, and time
· Similar figures

· Factors and multiples
· Greatest common factor (GCF)
· Least common multiple (LCM)

· Definitions
· Reducing fractions
· Adding and subtracting
· Multiplying
· Dividing
· Adding and subtracting
· Multiplying
· Dividing

I will help you with your homework, bring worksheets, as well as bring along my laptop and we can work on some problems on-line.


"Reading is Fundamental".
Being a good reader is essential in being successful in school, in your career and in your life in general. It's imperative that as we grow older, we learn to read faster and comprehend fully what we read, whether it be fact or fiction.

My specialty is helping my students in the 6 core skills of Reading Comprehension:
1) What are Facts? - Sometimes called details, and are small bits of information. Facts are in true stories, such as in newspapers but also in fiction
2) What is Sequence? - Sometimes means time order. What happens first and then what other things happen, such as first, next and last.
3) What is Context? - Means all the words in a sentence or paragraph. If you find a word you do not know, you can figure out what it means by the words around it.
4) What is the Main Idea? - It tells what the story is all about. Sentences or paragraphs supply details to support the main idea. Being able to distinguish the Main Idea from supporting details is key to reading comprehension.
5) What is conclusion? - Very simply, a conclusion is a decision you make after thinking about what you read. Hunting for clues so you can understand the whole story about the what writer is saying, but may not be stated clearly.
6) What is an Inference? - An inference is a guess you make after reading what you already know. Authors don't write every detail in a story, so its important you put together what you read with what you already know.

Being able to read something, then tell or "report" to someone else what you read is a valuable skill to have at any level. I will work diligently with you at making you a better reader!

Social Studies

Graduating from Northeastern University, with a Bachelor of Arts, my major was Political Science, and minor in Sociology. I also took many history courses in college as well. I feel this gives me a strong background in studying and understanding Social Studies and its respective disciplines.

The primary purpose of social studies is to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.

While history and geography should serve as the core of social studies, it is imperative that the other social sciences are not neglected; rather, they should be a significant part of every social studies program. The other social sciences are anthropology, economics, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology.

I enjoy teaching Social Studies, because it is similar to Science, in that there are facts to memories. However, unlike Science, Social Studies often concern themselves with making inferences, drawing conclusions, formulation opinions, and establishing a firm position on how we deal with our society.

I will work closely with the student to explore social studies as it pertains to your subjects you are studying in school as well as questions you may have regarding this other areas. I am willing to study along side with you, asking questions and providing as much input based on my understanding and history. I can also help you project research and preparation, term papers and review for exams.


Similar to Grammar, the way that you spell is a reflection of who you are, your educational background, and general pride in how you express your thoughts in written form. Using correct spelling earns your writing respect from your reader, which increases the quality of your work.

Surprisingly, many people at all levels of education, business and in life don't know how to spell. Being able to use correct words and correct spelling will put you a cut above the rest! I will work closely with you to achieve this goal.

Study Skills

Many capable children at all grade levels experience frustration and failure in school. It's not because they lack ability, but because they do not have adequate study skills. Good study habits are important for success in school. Knowing how to study effectively fosters feelings of competence, develops positive attitudes, and helps children realize they can control how well they do in school and in life.

Four Basic Principles to Enhance Study Skills
1. Make doing homework a positive experience: associate it with love and affection, freedom, fun and self-control.
2. Make homework a high priority.
3. Use homework to teach organization skills and improve learning skills. Remember that the primary purpose of homework is to improve learning and foster work habits.
4. Set expectations for homework, then provide and enforce logical, meaningful consequences if those expectations are not met.

I will work with your or your child to develop good study skills. Preferred learning styles vary from child to child. We will develop a plan that suits the student's learning style, and use that system regularly. I will also work with the student as a good role model and help the student organize things, time and workspace, stay focused, avoid distractions, check work for quality, neatness and motive, guide and encourage for success!


There are two types of vocabulary, 1) Oral and 2) Written. One is just as important as the other. Being able to express, by word or by mouth, using correct vocabulary, as well as an expansive vocabulary, will distinguish you from the average speaker or writer. It will earn you respect from your peers and pride in yourself. I will work with you to improve your vocabulary and achieve your goals.


Being a great writer takes a lot of thought and patience. There are different types of writing, such as reporting, informing, persuading or maybe even entertaining. Being a great writer means writing something your reader will find interesting and want to read more. I will work closely with you to help you develop your writing skills.

Northeastern University
Political Science
Bentley College
Graduate Coursework
Northeastern University
Graduate Coursework


Northeastern University (Political Science)

Bentley College (Graduate Coursework)

Northeastern University (Graduate Coursework)

Very organized, patient tutor

Thank you to Greg, my son's math and science tutor. He is a very organized person and full of love and patient with kids. We discuss teaching strategies and working together. He encourages my son to love math and science and it really works on my son. My son likes to do some science experiments at home, even when the tutor is not on site! Thank you for your work, Greg. Excellent tutor!

— Jie, Elmhurst, NY on 11/18/14

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Standard Hourly Rate: $50.00

Cancellation: 4 hours notice required

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Greg will travel within 1 miles of Jackson Heights, NY 11372.