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— Ruthie, Buffalo, NY on 6/28/16


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SUNY College at Buffalo
Computer Information Systems
Indiana University, Bloomington
SUNY University at Buffalo


SUNY College at Buffalo (Computer Information Systems)

Indiana University, Bloomington (Master's)

SUNY University at Buffalo (PhD)

About James

I have a B.S. in Psychology, a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, two M.A.'s in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience. I have been teaching college courses since 1995, and I am prepared to tutor Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Biology, Psychology, SPSS, Statistics, MSOffice, PHP, MySQL, C++, and HTML, among other topics. I like to focus on concepts and the tricks (mnemonics) that improve memory.

Almost all of the courses I teach are based in psychology, and my favorites are General Psychology (26), Biopsychology (8), Development (12), Research Methods (4), Statistics (2), and Sensation & Perception (1). I have taught 13 different courses at 13 different colleges in Western New York and Pennsylvania, for a total of 55 sections.

In addition to those "academic" topics, I am proficient in computers and programming. Since 1993 I have coded desktop utilities in batch, pc-assembler, C++, and Visual Basic. Since 1999 I have coded websites using HTML, PHP, MySQL, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, and XML. I have at least eight websites to my credit. I also spent the F13-S15 semesters helping my fellow students with their programming projects (C++, VB, HTML, JavaScript, CSS).

I also am an excellent scientific/technical writer, as I have written several software user manuals, two journal publications, several product brochures, and three college textbook chapters in biology and anatomy & physiology. I can, then, help with better speaking and writing.

I very much enjoy watching people learn, as I believe more education makes people more in charge of their lives. I maintain high standards, but my goals in teaching students include being available to them, and making my messages clear and understandable. Also, one of my main goals is to help my students pass. I prefer to offer frequent feedback so students can always know where they stand; questions are always welcomed. I am not perfect, though, so I appreciate feedback that helps me learn and get better.

My apartment is a nice place to study, but I can travel elsewhere for private and group lessons. For example, I like working at Buffalo State College, which is about four blocks away.

I encourage you to contact me, and let me help you succeed. Good grades are important, but knowing more about our world is especially rewarding.
I have a B.S. in Psychology, a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, two M.A.'s in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience. I have been teaching college courses since 1995, and I am prepared to tutor Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Biology, Psychology, SPSS, Statistics, MSOffice, PHP, MySQL, C++, and HTML, among other topics. I like Read more

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"The Perfect Tutor"

- Ruthie, Buffalo, NY on 6/28/16

"Great tutor for SPSS"

- Mark, Buffalo, NY on 3/4/17

"Knowledgeable, Experienced, and a Delight to work with"

- Gabrielle, Cambridge, MA on 12/3/16

"Knows Exactly What He Is Talking About"

- Nicholas, Buffalo, NY on 9/23/16

"Great tutor, he really helped me"

- Madge, Buffalo, NY on 10/15/14
Elementary Math, SPSS,
Anatomy, Biology, Pharmacology,
Grammar, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Reading, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
Computer Programming,
Computer Science,
General Computer,
HTML, JavaScript,
Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Perl,
Visual Basic,
Web Design
Spanish, TOEFL
American History, Geography
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Grammar, Reading, Study Skills,
Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft Word, Public Speaking

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In the fall 2013 semester at Buffalo State College, I audited a C++ course entitled CIS361 - Fundamental Concepts of Object Oriented Programming, completed 11 programming projects, and earned an A-. Professor was impressed with me, in part because I spent a lot of time helping fellow students, so in spring 2014 I enrolled full time. For the next three semesters I spent countless hours in the computer lab working on my own homework, but also helping other students with their C++, VB, etc. projects. I graduated.

Computer Programming

I program in 13 languages (PHP, MySQL, HTML, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, XML, PC-assembler, batch, VB, R, Python, and C++). I have several desktop utilities and several websites to my credit, some of which include self-built shopping carts and another that I have licensed to several universities. I can send you my web portfolio if you would like. Since fall 2013 I have been tutoring students--on campus and off--in C++, Perl, and VB.

Computer Science

Well, not only do I build my own PC's (since 1992), but I also manage secure home networks. I have managed Linux and Windows servers and workstations, and I am very comfortable in a Linux/Unix/Windows/DOS command-line environment (plus GUI). I also program in 13 languages (including PHP, MySQL, HTML, Perl, etc.), with several websites to my credit. Regarding my friends, associates, and former classmates, I am considered a relative expert. In May, 2015, I got a B.S. in Computer Information Systems.


I have been working with DOS or Windows command line since 1986. I program in batch for my nightly back-ups and management of files on a monthly basis. Does anybody really use DOS anymore? If they do, or if they like Windows command line, I can help them.


I insist on using my native language correctly, so I am skilled at using English. I have written two scientific publications and three chapters for college textbooks (Biology, A&P).


I am an excellent writer and speaker of English, and I am practiced with French and Spanish. I have written one book (working on two others), one movie script, several scientific research reports, and three college textbook chapters (biology and anatomy & physiology). I also spent time writing Intro Psych. materials for a narrated website.


Je viens de parler et lire en français depuis 1986, et je peux vous aider à apprendre la langue.

I have been speaking and reading French since 1986, and I can help you learn the language.

General Computer

I have been using computers since 1987, using the internet since 1988, and browsing the web since 1994. I build my own PCs, and I install and maintain wired and wireless networks. I'm such a geek that I also partition my hard drives--I have three physical drives in my main computer with drives C-K.


After being asked in 1999 to write a web-based experimental sign-up system for students, I realized that JavaScript is client-based, and I needed a server-side language, so I used Perl. I do, though, include JavaScript in other websites that I have written, like Ads Find Me and our summer camping party OttoFest. At OttoFest, in addition to using JavaScript to open new windows and display the days till the party, I use it to calculate ticket prices on the order form, now that I have included a PayPal option on that site. Check it/them out.

Microsoft Excel

I have many skills in Excel. I use workbooks to track my banking, electric use (with graphs), and portfolios (which grab data across worksheets and from other workbooks). I also use a macro to automatically grab my stock data from Yahoo! Finance.


In 1999 I was asked by the Chair of the University of Buffalo Psychology Department to write a web-based experimental sign-up system for students. I first thought about using Java Script, but I realized that JavaScript is client-based, and I needed a server-side language. So, I learned Perl, and I wrote and licensed my site SubjectSignups to three universities; the University of Iowa liked it, and asked that I write a different sign-up system for advising. Since then I have ported my Perl sites to PHP and MySQL, but continued to use JavaScript (esp. for opening new windows). I presently have three Perl programming books on my shelf.


I understand neuroscience and physiology, so I understand neurotransmitter actions at receptors. Also, I understand the mechanisms that neurons use to regulate transmitters in the synapse (e.g., degradation, reuptake, and diffusion), and I understand the different types of receptors (ionotropic and metabotropic). I also understand the ways in which receptors start action potentials, and the types of neurotransmitters (e.g., monoamines, amino acids, acetylcholine, and peptides. Finally, I understand the pharmacology of synapses (e.g., ligands, antagonists, agonists, and other drug effects).


I have been programming in PHP (with MySQL) since fall 2008, after porting my Perl sites to PHP. In S15 I finished my next B.S., this one in Computer Information Systems. I have designed and written eight websites using PHP and MySQL.


I started studying mammalian physiology many years ago while working to earn my Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience. I have recently helped a student understand blood flow, the heart, arteries, etc.


I have earned one B.S. and two M.A. degrees in Psychology. I also have written web materials on the topic of Intro Psych. Since 1995 I have taught at least 13 different psych courses (Intro, Dev, Stats, Biopsych, etc.).


I have been using SPSS to analyze my experimental data since 1993, so I am practiced at running, for example, z-tests, chi-square, regression, t-tests, and ANOVA's. The last statistics course I taught at Medaille College was based on SPSS, so I got a nice SPSS for Introductory Statistics book to use in that course.


Across my undergraduate and graduate years, I took a total of five sections of Statistics (2 + 3), and I have taught two semesters at the college level. I also taught introductions to stats in Research Methods, and I used stats (with SPSS) to analyze my own data.

Study Skills

When teaching students studying skills, I focus on deep learning of concepts (i.e., not rote rehearsal or superficial studying), and I like teaching memory tricks (i.e., mnemonics). The fact that my recent undergraduate GPA was as high as 4.0 in one semester, settling at 3.93, indicates that my techniques worked for me, and the fact that I have used my techniques to help my undergraduate students indicates that my techniques work for others. Through WyzAnt, I have recently been asked to help a high school student with his reading comprehension and history class, so I took the WyzAnt tests for Reading and American History (and scored 90 percent and 100 percent, respectively). I am a good learner and good teacher.

Visual Basic

I have been programming in Visual Basic since 1993, starting with version 3.0. I have written over 12 programs for my own use or for my friends and family. Just this spring 2014 semester I completed a Visual Basic course (CIS400) at Buffalo State College, and, after finishing 10 projects and two exams, I earned 98.63 as my final score (i.e., A). Nowadays we use the Microsoft .NET framework.

Web Design

I started writing HTML code in 1995. In 1999 I started using JavaScript (JS) and then Perl, after realizing that JS was client side, but I needed a server-side language. I eventually graduated to PHP and MySQL in, I think, 2008. I have at least eight PHP websites to my credit, five of which use MySQL while two use self-built shopping carts.


I am presently a freelance science & technology writer, I have written psychology materials for a couple different companies, and I have written three college textbook chapters in biology (1), and anatomy & physiology (2). I have also published scientific journal articles.


First, I studied with Jane Brockman and Donald Dewsbury at the Univ. Florida in the 1980's. Also I understand non-human behavior better than human behavior, because non-humans are driven by sex, food, thirst, shelter, and the like, but don't (really) consider social mores (although they do occasionally show altruism, albeit non-intentionally. I understand that evolution works on species while natural selection works on individuals, and I know that Charles Darwin did not invent the theory of evolution--his grandfather Erasmus believed it, as did archaeologists. Charles just provided the mechanism for evolution: environmental pressures (birds with thin beaks survive on islands with bugs while birds with thick beaks survive on islands with nuts). Voila, Natural Selection.

SUNY College at Buffalo
Computer Information Systems
Indiana University, Bloomington
SUNY University at Buffalo


SUNY College at Buffalo (Computer Information Systems)

Indiana University, Bloomington (Master's)

SUNY University at Buffalo (PhD)

The Perfect Tutor

I had a lengthy Excel task to accomplish with very little background. My employer said to use peers, experts, or online resources to accomplish the task, and I knew I'd never have the time needed to learn enough without live help by the deadline. Jim was a real expert. We worked side-by-side through the task, and he stopped frequently to reinforce something, show me a shortcut, or allow me to t

— Ruthie, Buffalo, NY on 6/28/16

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