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— Trinithas, New York, NY on 11/13/17


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I am available to tutor high school, college, medical, nursing, pharmacology and graduate students in science, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, MCAT. Prep. I am also available to tutor residents in general surgery,hand surgery and plastic Surgery. I am board certified in Plastic Surgery. My scores on the American Board of Plastic Surgery Re-certification were all over the 90th percentile. My highest score was the 96th percentile.

I have helped many students achieve their goals in becoming physicians. I have assisted others with their graduate level difficult subjects like chemistry, pharmacology, biology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, mathematics and psychology. I am a plastic surgeon waiting for my New York medical license to be processed. I practiced plastic surgery in New York City from 1984 to 2000. I practiced plastic surgery in Fayetteville, North Carolina from 2000 to 2010. I love working with students who are motivated to learn the sciences and math but are having difficulty understanding or keeping on pace with the subject material. I am available evenings and on the weekend to tutor students in these subjects including preparing for the M.C.A.T Exam.
I am available to tutor high school, college, medical, nursing, pharmacology and graduate students in science, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, MCAT. Prep. I am also available to tutor residents in general surgery,hand surgery and plastic Surgery. I am board certified in Plastic Surgery. My scores on the American Board of Read more

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- Trinithas, New York, NY on 11/13/17
James replied on 11/14/2017

Trinithas is a highly intelligent motivated student. Her premedical background has well prepared her to enter medical school. I look forward to directing her continued study preparation for the M.C.A.T. I predict that she will score high on the exam and will make significant contributions to the medical field.

"Not experienced in NCLEX-RN"

- YESENIA, Lynbrook, NY on 4/4/14
James replied on 4/17/2014

In response to Yesenia's student feedback, I clearly have knowledge of the RN-NCLEX EXAM as demonstrated by my passing the WyzAnt test of objective knowledge and prior nursing students taught by me. My wife is a RN and I prepared her for the exam, which she passed on the first take. I am fully certified by The American Board Of Plastic Surgery with my recent re-certification scores of 96 percentile. It may be that this student wanted an RN, which I am not.

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I am a board certified plastic surgeon. I have taught medical students over the years at Downstate Medical Center, Lutheran Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital. I am very familiar with Human Anatomy since I am a plastic surgeon and have been certified in my field for over twenty years. I have a genuine love for teaching people in the science and math fields. Anatomy and Physiology are basic sciences surgeons must be proficient in to be certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. most . My Plastic Surgery Board score was 96 percentile. I complete at least 50 hours of continuing education yearly. My certification by the Board is current and verifiable.


My Biochemistry qualifications include courses in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the University of North Carolina, Meharry Medical College and Harvard Medical School. Biochemistry is a fairly intense course filled with memorization of facts and concepts needed to gain understanding. It is still a fun course which is necessary for both chemistry and other biological sciences. I also presently tutor medical and nursing students from the Downstate Medical School in Brooklyn, New York. I can help you feel confident in Biochemistry.


I truly have a love for biology. It is all around us. My background in biology includes everything from the first year college course to advanced courses like zoology and genetics. I am able to help you understand the mitochondria and all its processes. Protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism will be clearly explained according to the level of your textbook and class. Biochemistry is not difficult when you have a qualified teacher. I was a biology lab. assistant for each college biology course I enrolled in. I completed cell biology and biochemistry courses at Harvard University and U.N.C. Chapel Hill.


I completed a Botany course during college. The course was a 5 hour credit course. I feel competent in the discipline.


My experience in chemistry begins with general college chemistry. The textbook was by Nitz. My grade was an A. I have completed many college and post graduate courses in chemistry including biochemistry, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, and organic chemistry. The science of Chemistry begins with the periodic table and continues into the gas, temperature, volume laws and beyond. It is a fun science but can be a challenge without the basics. I can help you enjoy this science that we all employ daily.


The GED exam comprises five different tests: "Language Arts: Writing", "Social Studies", "Science", "Language Arts: Reading" and "Mathematics". The writing portion requires the student to write an essay. All parts of the test are timed and have a minimum passing score. Scores range from 200- 800 on each part. Generally 410 on each sub-test is considered passing. 2250 for the test as a whole is currently considered passing. I will work with applicants for this exam with each subject to ensure that you pass. My goal is to make sure that when you sit for this examination you feel confident certain that you emerge with victory.


I am fully prepared to tutor this test. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. My Plastic Surgery Board scores were all above the 90th percentile with my core knowledge score being 96 percentile. The Medical College Admissions Test or MCAT has evolved over the last 20 years. The exam is a very broad standardized test designed to assess the examinee's ability to problem solve, knowledge of science concepts and principles that are prerequisite to the study of medicine. Reading ability is a big part of the exam. College Algebra and other Math areas are covered on the test. Physics, Biology, Chemistry including Biochemistry and Organic are covered. Physiology and Cell Biology is covered also. Physical and Biological Science is covered. The 2015 test will include a Social and Behavioral science section. The 2015 MCAT also includes a Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skill section.


I am fully certified by The American Board Of Plastic Surgery with my most recent re-certification examination being in 2005. My score on core knowledge was 96 percentile. I have been teaching nursing students and nurses for more than 30 years. My wife is an RN and has taken and passed the NCLEX exam. I prepared her for the exam. The exam has 4 sections, Physiological Integrity 43-67% of the exam, Safe and Effective Care Environment 21-33% of the exam, Health Promotion and Maintenance 12% and Psychosocial Integrity 12% of the exam. Nearly all of the questions are worded multiple choice type. I have prepared many recent nursing school graduates for this exam.


I completed a residency in general surgery and a residency in plastic surgery. I am board certified in plastic surgery. I was recently re-certified in plastic surgery. My score was 96 percentile. I can teach the basic and clinical sciences needed to pass your nursing board examinations. I can teach you the practical pearls such as crutch walking and math conversion from metric to regular math. I've taught nursing students, medical students and resident physicians at New York premier hospitals including Downstate, Cornell, and Lenox Hill. I can help you excel in nursing and pass your class and board examinations.


I am a physician who enjoys working with students who have an interest in science. I have been board certified in plastic surgery since 1995. This field continues to evolve. It involves knowing more than about fats, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. It involves food groups and portions. Biochemistry and Cell Biology courses at Meharry Medical College, Harvard University and UNC, Chapel Hill, N.C. have left me well grounded in this field. I also welcome any certification exam in Nutrition.


I completed 170 clock hours in Pharmacology while in medical school. I passed the course during my second year in medical school. I also passed the basic science portion of the Federal License Exam For Physicians in 1978. Pharmacology is one of the basic sciences on this exam. I have been a physician since 1975 and I use Pharmacology daily. I am certified by the American Board Of Plastic Surgery. I was certified in 1995 and re-certified in 2005. My lowest score on any part of the exam was 90 percentile with the 96 percentile being my highest. I have been teaching and tutoring medical students, nurses, graduate students and other physicians this subject and other subjects for more than 25 years.


When one mentions physiology, anatomy must follow. This portion of biology is concerned with body function. This involves each of the ten or more body systems from neuroendocrine to the electrical activity of the heart and skin physiology. It is truly wonderful when you see how dependent each system is on the other and what happens when there is pathology in one or more systems. I can help you understand the function of each system and realize what occurs when there are errors in this relationship. Anatomy will be discussed as needed for clarity. I did well in this year long course during medical school. I have advised thousands of patients on physiology as it relates to diet and nutrition over the last 20 years. I can help you be successful in physiology.


The new PSAT measures three areas, math, critical reading and writing skills. The time allotted is 130 minutes. Each section has scores that range from 20-80 points with the total maximum being 240 points. It does not have math above level I Algebra. The PSAT does not have an essay like the SAT. I can teach you how to score high on each section. Critical reading will be emphasized by me and writing skills along with math. I will show you how reading and writing ability can help you obtain a high score on this test and possibly qualify for a national merit scholarship. The PSAT prepares you for the SAT. I scored high on this test and so will you with my tutoring methods.


I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. At the present time I tutor students while the application for my New York medical license is processed. I received honors in my college Psychology course. This was a 4 hour credit course. In medical school the course is part of the second and third year curriculum. Again I received an honors grade while in medical school also. I have a genuine interest in this field.

Public Speaking

In high school I competed in Public Speaking Contests for four years at both the local and state levels. I tutored Biology and Chemistry while in college. My Biology Seminar Course involved Public Speaking at the undergraduate and graduate level. My college education included a Speech course worth 3 credit hours. My letter grade was a B. I had to speak for 10 minutes on selected topics in this course. Medical school involved daily case presentation to medical and surgical attending professors. I had to present and defend multiple papers in medical school. As a resident in surgery and plastic surgery I presented patient cases daily to the attending surgeons. In order to become board certified in plastic surgery you must prepare, present and orally defend 12 cases to experts in plastic surgery. You are then orally examined by 12 of their own cases that you have never seen before. I am fully certified in plastic surgery. Public speaking involves diligent preparation. One must know what you want to teach the listeners and what you wish them to learn, think or do as a result of your speech. After preparation is organization of your research or ideas. You must develop your thesis statement. Next is composition, moving quickly into your thesis and briefly summarizing your key points always staying on point. Key words may need to be repeated to help your listeners connect points and ideas. You should not overwhelm your audience with unnecessary statistics and data to fill time. Your speech is concluded with a restatement of the main points and a call to action. The most important component of good public speaking is rehearsal. one can practice in front of family, classmates or friends. On the day of presentation minor anxiety may arise but with experience you will be able to talk to your audience as you would an individual or small group of friends rather than pontificating. You should scan the room making eye contact with every person at least once moving away from the lectern,if possible. It is important to speak loudly enough so all can hear varying the pitch and volume of your voice to keep things interesting.


I completed a course in specialized reading at Harvard University during my undergraduate years. I also did the same at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The focus was on both comprehension and speed. The essence of a good reader is not just speed but also vocabulary, enunciation, semantics and retention of the material read. All of the these are needed for understanding of reading material. I read four to five books monthly at the present time.


Vocabulary is the key to understanding everything in the universe. During my college years, I entered a national contest regarding the number of words with three letters or more one could derive from Martin Luther King. I won the contest, forming over 2600 words and beating out College English Professors. I received a cash award. The fundamental tool of math, science and reading comprehension is a strong vocabulary. I am certified by WyzAnt to tutor the Reading and Verbal portion of the SAT. My medical background has prepared me to tutor nursing, medical and graduate students. I have assisted many students achieve their dreams by becoming nurses, physicians and scientists over the past 20 years.


Writing is more than using the 26 letters that compose our alphabet or the 8 parts of speech to make a statement. It is also about style, presentation, grammar, punctuation, verse tense and vocabulary. During my sophomore year of undergraduate school I beat out college English professors and derived over 2600 words from the letters in MARTIN LUTHER KING. I have co-authored scientific papers including" Breast Reduction Using The Tram Flap." I co-authored with Dr. Victor Sidel , former chairman of the Department of Social Medicine at Montefiore Hospital Medical an article called " Window Accidents IN The Urban Ghetto". This was a retrospective and prospective study of children who had fallen from windows in Bronx, New York over a 10 year period. As a result of this paper and other supportive data the New York City Department of Health requires all apartment dwellings over 2 stories to have protective window guards installed. I can help students develop statistical data and perform literature searches when writing papers. I have assisted many graduate students and PHD. students develop and defend their thesis. I can help you with your writing skills whether you are in high school or a post graduate doctoral candidate.

Livingstone College
Meharry Medical College
Harvard University


Livingstone College

Meharry Medical College (MD)

Harvard University (Other)


James was very friendly, patient, and motivational. His passion for medicine and surgery translates well into his teaching on MCAT material. I’m looking forward to future tutoring sessions with him!

— Trinithas, New York, NY on 11/13/17

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