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Nice Person, Good Attitude, and Well Spoken
— Diamond, Bronx, NY on 1/26/13

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City University of New York, Hunter College
Touro College


City University of New York, Hunter College (EDUCATION)

Touro College (MEd)

About Wayne

Perseverance and having a vision are two qualities that a person should have to be great at the things they do. And two characteristics I possess and value dearly. They've help me, and still do help me, to be very proficient and have a love for mathematics and computer literacy.

I currently substitute teach in N.Y.C. as I have done ever since 1996. Even though I am currently substitute teaching in N.Y.C., I received my Master's Degree in Education. I'm certified as a teacher in the State of N.Y. I'm also pursuing a certificate in Comptia A+ (A Computer Hardware credentials). Comptia stands for The Computing Technology Industry Association.

Mathematics is a gradient subject. Gradient is a relative change of increase or decrease of a variable value. For example a Pre-Kindergarten student may learn to count to numbers from 1-10. Then by 1st grade they are adding, subtracting, multiplying numbers, and other forms of arithmetic(which is the oldest and most elementary form of mathematics). Then when they jump to the 5th grade they will be adding fractions with like and unlike denominators. As they go up in grade levels, the subjects get more challenging.

In middle school there is Algebra 1 where solving a basic equation is the focus. Then in Geometry finding areas, and circumference(distance around a circle) perimeters(path around a polygon). In High School Algebra 2 focus on systems of equations, which can be solved by substitution, elimination, matrices, or graphing. Polynomials, and quadratics are two of the various topics covered in Algebra 2. There is Basic Trigonometry(the word means triangle measure it deals with the measures of sides and angles of a triangle). In Middle School usually only right triangles are discussed. Here "Soh-Cah-Toa" is used. Which is the Mnemonic Device to remember the three Basic Trigonometric Functions. Which are Sine(Opposite/Hypotenuse), Cosine(Adjacent/Hypotenuse), and Tangent(Opposite/Adjacent.

In High School Oblique Triangles, which are triangles having no right triangles or no angle equals 90 degrees is discussed. Knowing the Law of Sines and Cosines will be imperative in your studies.

I believe strongly what the founder of Calculus quoted, Sir Isaac Newton, "If I have made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than to any other talent."

Cause patient attention and being alert is critical in studying something so technical as mathematics. Just keep working and don't ever give up.
Perseverance and having a vision are two qualities that a person should have to be great at the things they do. And two characteristics I possess and value dearly. They've help me, and still do help me, to be very proficient and have a love for mathematics and Read more

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"Nice Person, Good Attitude, and Well Spoken"

- Diamond, Bronx, NY on 1/26/13

"The best tutor ever!"

- Sirandu, Bronx, NY on 10/12/15

"Very Patient"

- Minerva, Bronx, NY on 6/12/14

"Great Tutor"

- Carol, Bronx, NY on 8/15/12
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Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is a branch of Algebra that continues with the basics learned in Pre-Algebra. The figures and problems in Algebra are regular, which is what Algebra 1 deals with. For example linear or lines are studied in this branch. So when we are talking about linear equations, we are talking about an algebraic equation where the terms are a constant or a product of a constant and a variable. So y=2x-12 is a linear equation. Another hint why this is linear is because the degree(exponent of the term is 1 for each term. All linear equations are in the degree of 1. You will be expected to put this in slope-intercept form: y=mx+b; where m=slope and b=the y-intercept. Concepts that you should be doing include graphing linear equations, knowing the law of exponents, finding the surface area of a 3-dimensional figure, finding the slope of parallel and perpendicular lines, using the F.O.I.L. method to factor a polynomial or multiply terms in parenthesis that are in the appropriate position of F.O.I.L., these are some of the main points you should cover. Mathematics is one of the most gradient subjects in your education you will experience. Gradient is a rate of inclination or slope so, in this case, it is an ascending subject that always progresses. And prior knowledge is always used. This branch of math, Algebra 1, is fun, but must be taken very serious if you want to get good at this branch of math.

Algebra 2

I have been teaching math for over a decade and a half. Since math is in great demand, I have been been fortunate to being offered to teach this subject. I have a great desire and zeal to want to do many Algebra 2 problems.

Since this advanced math can be overwhelming for some students, I have lots of patience with them because math is my love and favorite subject, but this is not the case for everyone. All people are different.

I always encourage the students by continuing to push them to try and to give them many problems that are in Algebra 2 and I never give up on the individual student.

Elementary (K-6th)

As an educator I have had many experiences teaching elementary students. Since I have been teaching for over 15 years, my experiences have been ones of challenges and hurdles to get over, but satisfaction and self-rewarding, has always been the end result. I do have a passion to teach students, so they have the opportunity to be productive and responsible adults in the real world.

The immaterial trait of honor, patience, mixed with belief in the student is necessary to teach anybody so the individual understands and works. For example back in approximately 1999, I was covering a 4th grade class. There were about five students who were having trouble with converting mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice versa(The mixed number 2 1/5 = the improper fraction 11/5. What I did for this students was I sacrificed my lunch for them, and after getting permission from the Assistant Principal, that taking all five of them back to the classroom to work on the problems, after they ate we worked. I drilled them with as much time that they had to do nothing but math problems. Fortunately I got the O.K. that it was alright to work on problems during their Prep Period in which they had Gym. Again we did nothing but problems. And all of them were doing well. I just wished I had more time to work with that group. This was successfully executed all because of honor, patience, and believing in the students.

General Computer

Computer Literacy is a vital tool in our every changing society today. Back in the mid 80's when the Atari
Consoles, Commodore 64 (8 bit computer), the Pac-man video game, the Centipede video game and other products created around that time, where among the best in the computer and gaming industry but today since the RAM(Random Access Memory which is temporary memory). The permanent Memory which is your ROM(Read Only Memory). This is your storage for your Operating System, games, music, photos, documents, Apps, and other files stays in your hard drive has increased and the file sizes has dramatically gone up more, these products are almost non-existent in the 21st Century. A good amount of RAM amounts to 3gb(3 gigabytes) but a superfast amount of RAM is 16gb. A good hard drive amounts to 450gb, but a hard drive that is very big that some individual people may never use is 1TB(1 terabyte)

Since computers have elevated vastly over the years many need to have a firm knowledge of using computers.
Many employers back in the 80s would accept people coming in to their office and applying for a job. Today
this has changed, many employers first want you to complete an online application, attach your resume by pasting or attaching, and then you must wait to come in for the interview. Homework assignments and reports for students are retrieved from the internet. So regardless of what age group your in, being computer literate, at some degree, would help you greatly and allow you to use your time more efficiently.

One of the best features of the computer is allowing you to use the spreadsheet. Some may think that excel is the first spreadsheet by it was not.It is very popular because of years of research and development but it was not released until 1987. The first spreadsheet was called a program Visical, developed by Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston. It was developed for the Apple II computer in 1979. It was sold to Lotus who developed Lotus 123 from it in 1983. Unfortunately Bricklin and Frankston did not put a patent on their Spreadsheet, since patents where almost unheard of for Software back in the 70's.

So the knowledge of many programs in computers is vital to ones well being and standard of life today. Being able to navigate to get the information desired is very important.


Pre-algebra is a vital tool that is a stepping stone to algebra. Pre means before and Algebra is the subject which represents letters as numbers. Since having a knowledge of algebra can make your life easier, it is very important to get down the basics of pre-algebra. In kindergarten all the way to about the 5th grade, arithmetic will be covered. Then around the 6th grade to about the 8th grade pre-algebra will be the main study in math.

Why this is important especially in the real world of business you could have a problem which says John will get $15.00 for every yard he cleans and you are given x(which is the number of yards John cleaned) you are also told x = 4 and the equation you are given and asked to find the amount of money John earns for cleaning the yards.
The correct answer is $60.00 since 15x=60 and realize that when a letter or a variable is right next to a quantity you are multiplying it so x is not a multiplication sign, but is being multiplied by 15. You were told that x=4 so when 15 is multiplied by 4 you get an answer of 60 or $60.00 were earned by John for cleaning yards.

In the 3rd grade you might have an arithmetic problem which says 43-17=what and the answer is 26, but in Pre-algebra you would be given x-17=26, what is x = to. You must isolate the x or get it by itself. Hence you would add 17 to both sides of the equal sign and the answer would be x = 43.

In Pre-algebra some of the topics that should be covered are number theory, such as Prime and Composite numbers, more number theory such as the GCF or Greatest Common Factor, and LCM or Least Common Multiple, Exponents, Writing signed integers, Prime Factorization and Square Roots are just some of the topics.

This Area of Pre-algebra is vital in your career and since computers are very prevalent today and use binary(base 2)Zeros and Ones called a bit individually or base 2(knowledge of exponents, especially raising base 2 to a power, is critical and solving equations will be very important in your professional life.

City University of New York, Hunter College
Touro College


City University of New York, Hunter College (EDUCATION)

Touro College (MEd)

Nice Person, Good Attitude, and Well Spoken — Mr. H. is a very kind and patient person. If there's something you don't understand, he will help you till you get it. He has a good attitude and is very caring. I would recommend Wayne because he is a Great Tutor and can help you with anything you don't get in any subject. Every student needs to succeed in school. So far, I have been doing better in Math than I was. Overall, Wayne H. is the best ...

— Diamond, Bronx, NY on 1/26/13

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