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About Edith

Hello potential students, I am Edith, and I have been teaching for 20 years at the college level in business, marketing, and management. I have also conducted seminars in France and taught in Russia. I hold 4 masters degrees. In addition to the two listed above, I also hold an EdM in education administration with a background in education business, psychology and ethnography from Columbia University. The masters from StonyBrook specializes in American, European, and Business History and Political Science. My fourth masters is from St John's in Library Science. Currently I am pursuing my PhD in Management online at Walden University.

I received my TOEFL and TOESL certification in ESL from the Language School in Montpellier, France in 2010. I have been conducting private tutoring in earth science, English, history, basic philosophy, education, and age of enlightenment, American and European History, business, French, and computers for 10 years. I am French and speak it fluently. I took Italian in school for 7 years and can tutor basic Italian grammar and exercises. I teach at the college and university level in business, marketing, retailing, management, advertising, and promotions. I can teach marketing research, human resource management and all general business classes.

My four masters degrees are an MBA in Management, an MALS in liberal studies with a concentration in business history and political science, Edm from Columbia in education administration, and an MLS in Library Science. The age group of students that I am most aligned to tutoring are undergraduate and graduate students. However, I can also tutor high school students in French, Italian, science, English, health and nutrition, and social studies. As for the college students, I can tutor all business classes, French, earth science, basic nutrition, basic American, business, and European history, education, library science, and English.

As for my teaching philosophy, I believe students learn best when they associate what they are learning to something that is important to them in everyday life. As a tutor, I carry the same philosophy in the kinds of examples I would give. For example, if I tutor a student in marketing and they want an example of a direct distribution channel, I would offer examples like online credit card orders, doctors, lawyers, and hair salons, which are everyday examples that students can relate to. These kind of examples help students understand the difference between direct and indirect distribution as an example. Also, it is important that I understand diverse learning styles, which is why I have made myself familiar with Gardner's Seven Intelligences and Bloom's Taxonomy. Some people learn by doing, some are visual learners, and others are auditory learners. Also Bloom's Taxonomy helps me teach students how to apply, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize what they learn and become critical thinkers.

In addition, I am a Christian and I can also help tutor in basic Bible studies such as how to read the Bible, and the basic concepts of the Bible. In addition, I can help students understand the lives of people in the Bible such as Job, Abraham, Mary Magdalene, etc and their importance to the faith.

I ask a favour of all students when they sign up for lessons. Kindly please be up front about your intentions. If you desire a series of lessons, please commit to them. Please avoid cancelling lessons and going into another direction. Thank you kindly and I look forward to helping students.
Hello potential students, I am Edith, and I have been teaching for 20 years at the college level in business, marketing, and management. I have also conducted seminars in France and taught in Russia. I hold 4 masters degrees. Read more

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Thank you so much for the kind feedback. You have great enthusiasm for improving your writing and it is a pleasure to work with you.

American History,
European History,
Government & Politics, Social Studies,
World History
Elementary Education:
Economics, English,

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American History

I have been tutoring in American history for 8 years and one of my 4 master's degrees is in liberal studies with a concentration in American history, business history, and political science. I can tutor antebellum America from colonial America (Jamestown, Plymouth, Rhode Island, etc.) to early American including the Revolution, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, First Continental Congress, and Marbury vs. Madison (judicial review) as well as the Federalist Papers. In addition I can tutor the War of 1812, origin of unions (Sam Gompers, knights of labour), events leading up to civil war (states rights, slavery, economics), Lincoln's goal of preserving the union, the Civil War itself and then Post-Bellum America, starting with the period of Reconstruction, Jim Crow Laws, segregation, Plessy v. Ferguson, Guilded Age (monopolies and antitrust laws), Spanish American War, pan-americanism, early 20th century, progressive era under Teddy Roosevelt, national parks, environment, conservation, events leading up to WWI (militarism, alliances, Germany, Zimmerman note, sinking of Lusitania, etc.), Treaty of Versailles, Germany blamed and made to pay war debt, interwar years, Prohibition, Great Depression, New Deal, WWII, US isolationism, Holocaust, US entry in war after Pearl Harbor attack, Rosie the Riveter, building up military war effort with jobs for females, rationing, liberation of Normandy, McArthur, defeat of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, post war years, baby boom, Brown vs. Topeka Board of Ed, consumerism, prosperity in 50s, Sputnik, Cold War, Korean War, tumultuous 60s (Vietnam, civil rights, Martin Luther King, integration, Kennedy's, space race, women's liberation, Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs, environment), 1970s (Watergate, stagflation, outsourcing, unfavorable trade balance, 1980s (Reagan, early recession turned prosperity, long term expansion of Reagan, military, Fakland Islands, Grenada, Libya, disability rights movement, environmental, space shuttle program, warming relations with Soviet Union, Gorbachev, reducing military after Cold War ends, 1990s (Clinton, impeachment, internet, world wide web, healthcare plan, dot com bust 2000s (9-11, war on terror, osama bin laden, Iraqi war, Taliban, war in Afghanistan, globalization, economic uncertainty, housing bust, Obama's economic improvements (stopped depression, recent helping of auto industry and other industries).

Bible Studies

I am a born again Christian and have studied both the old and new testament for over 20 years. The main areas I can teach are:
1 10 commandments
2 The exodus of the Jews from Egypt to Israel, the promised land by Moses by parting the Red Sea
3 The Book of Daniel and how God saved him in the Lion's den
4 History from the Bible such as Babylon and King Nebeccendezza and King David (particularly Psaml 51)
4 women in the Bible such as the judges like Ruth, Debra, and other great women like Esther, and Virgin Mary who conceived Jesus through divine conception. Mary Magdelene was one who committed sin but was forgiven by touching Jesus' garment and she and the gardener were the first to see Jesus in his resurrected body
5 The Gospels of Mark, Luke, Mathew, and John
6 The Epistles of Colossians, Ephesians, Phillipians, and Thessolonians
7 Revelation, the end times and the return of Christ and the paradise on Earth


I am an adjunct business instructor for 18 years and I can teach marketing, advertising, management, general business. Marketing and advertising are in the marketing section.

I teach various kinds of management courses including principles of management, HR, MIS, etc. Management functions are planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, budgeting, communicating, implementing, evaluating. for general management there are three schools: The Scientific Management School by Frederick W Taylor with piece rate, GANNT charts PERT analysis, profit motivated, and time and motion studies by Frank and Lilian Gailbraith. The Human Relations School of Management deams with the human aspects such as human factors affecting productivity ex lighting in the Hawthorne Experiments. Also, this school of though deals with job enlargement and job enrichment. The Human Resources School deals with humans as recourses, as labour resources, like financial resources.

General Business
These courses deal with how to start a business, entreprenuership, risk taking and financing a business. The latter is done througn ventur capital, or personal finances for small businesses. For a sole proprietorship with limited life and unlimited liability, funding is from personal loans and accounts and perhaps some angel investors. A partnership has the same issues of limited life and unlimited liability unless it is a limited partnership. It has the same funding sources as the sole proprietor, only both partners contribute in an ideal situaton. Corporations both sub chapter S and C Corps raise money with securities. S corps are taxed on personal income taxes and C corps are taxed on dividdends. There are two kinds of stock, preferred who gets dividends first, and then common which is more risky with a higher rate of return. All aspects of the business, accounting, finance, marketing, production, human resources, etc are integrated and applied in this area of study
Other areas of business are business administration, production control, and Management Information Systems. Business administration deals with the administration, executive functions of management, CEOs, Chief financial officers, etc. Production control is manufacturing, the use of planning a master production schedule, use of Gannt charts and critical path for cost effectiveness. MIS deals with database management, disaster and recovery management and data analysis and knowledge management.

Career Development

For the past 20 years, I have been teaching business, marketing, and management and as part of each class, I do a career day. During this day, we discuss the jobs in the field and how to develop a winning résumé or CV by using bullet points and action verbs. We talk about interviewing skills, dressing for success, and people skills on the job. Also for 20 years, privately I have been writing CVs and résumés for people on a private basis. I teach students and those whom I prepare CVs and résumés privately about the various formats such as chronological, task-oriented, and other formats. I teach students how to write an employment objective, how to properly report education and what are the right and wrong questions to ask on an interview. I also teach them how to research companies and various career options in their field.

College Counseling

I am an adjunct professor of business who holds four master's degrees and is pursuing a PhD in Management. I have been teaching for 20 years and I tutor in several college level subjects such as business, psychology, French, English, and history for over 10 years. Due to my MBA which has a concentration in human resources, my experiences and background in business, psychology, writing, english, and sociology, and my own personal college experiences, I believe that I can help a student with college counseling, study skills, and writing their college essays. In addition, I am ESL certified and a doctoral student, therefore my writing skills are very proficient.
In addition, as a professor, I have served voluntarily as a student advisor and mentor where I helped them write graduate papers, advised them on courses to take, program requirements, and helped them with their writing skills. I have also served as a student mentor in Russia at Moscow Touro University.


I have been tutoring in English for over 8 years. Tbe main areas of focus are grammar, reading comprehension, and listening. If a student has difficulty listening, i will read passages and ask them questions for practice and work with them on techniques on undertandng what is being said as well as the sounds of the letters and words. In addition, I offer students practice in expanding vocabulary. As for grammar, I tutor them on subject-verb agreements, relative pronouns, punctuation,


I have completed a Toefl and Toesl certification in Montpellier, France, which focused on teaching English as a second language or a foreign language. The training focused on the phonetic sounds, grammar, verb tenses such as present, past, present conditional, past participle, and past conditional. Other forms discussed were the gerund, as well as the regular present -ing form.
The course focused on proper speech, grammar, writing, editing, and applying the rules of English also to business writing.

European History

I have been tutoring European history for over 10 years. My areas that I teach include, ancient Greece (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Trojan War, Helen of Troy, Athen, Sparta, and Greek mythology and their Gods on Mt Olympus.
I also tutor the Roman empire, how it started, and their plumbing, as well as what caused the decline of the Roman Empire, the holy rooman empire, etc. Then I can tutor on the crusades, the bubonic plaque, and the Drk Ages, Middle Ages, Charlemagne, Manorialism, feudalism, and serfdom. Then I tutor on the Renaissnace, Martin Luther's 95 theses and the Reformation, inventors and artists like Michaelangelo, Leponardo da Vinci,Galileo, the age of discovery, the explorers (Magellan, Columbus, Ponce de leon, etc), age of enlightenment (Réné Déscarte,montesquieau, Auguste Compte, etc), age of sciece (Isaac Newton, European colonisation of America, Afruca),and the French aid in American Revolution, In addition, I tutor on French monarchy, Louis XIV, French Revolution, storming of Bastille, reign of terror, Declaration for the rights of man (French constitution) Napoléon, Louisiana purchase sold to Jefferson by Napoléon, Battle of Waterloo,
invasions of Russia, WWI, causes, militarism, alliances, assassination pf archduke Ferdinand, ottoman empire, triple alliance vs triple entente, Russian revoluitio (October and Feb revolutions), russia leaves war, Lenin, Treaty of Versailles, Germany blamed for war debt, interwar years, and a worldwide depression. I can also tutor on the period when Hitler is elected to Weimar republic, rise of nazism, Germany invades Poland to start WWII, axis powers vs allies. German occupation of France, Vichy, liberation zone, Charles de Gualle and free France and the French Resistance, and Liberation of Normandy (DDay), I also tutor on battles in WWII, VDay (end of war), Nuremberg trials and nazi war crimes, Marshall plan to rebuild Europe, NATO, Yalta Conference, Manhattan project, Cold War, provisional French government under de gaulle, 4th republic of France, european consumerism in 50s and 60s. The next period I tutor on is when French are ousted from Indochina, War in Algérie, May 68 student protests in Paris, Charles de Gualle is first president of the 5th republic. Then I can tutor on modern and recent Europe including relations with the US, NATO, why France never joined NATO, the 5th republic of France, the end of the Cold War, the bringing down of the Berlin Wall, fall of the Iron Curtain and communism, globalisation, decolonisation, and the role of Europe, since 9-11 in the war on terror.


I have been tutoring French for 10 years, and I am French. I have lived in France multiple times and even my profile photo was taken in France. I can help with speaking, writing, and grammar.

J'enseignais individus en Français depuis 10 ans et aussi je suis Française. J'habitais en France beaucoup de fois et ma photo sur mon profil est prise en France. Je peux des étudiant(e)s de parlern écrire, et comprendre la grammmaire Française.


I have taken the GMAT before I received my MBA and have helped students prepare for it informally. I passed the GMAT test and I help students understand the verbal and quantitative sections. It is also important to teach students test taking strategies in order to increase success on these kind of standardised tests


For the past 10 years, I have been tutoring English students on grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and phonetics of english. Other issues taught are viewing by students, young student interest, and editing of a major paper or assignment. In addition, I teach students the best way to employ grammar check. In MS Word, I teach how to write a business correspondence or letter. Edith


I am an adjunct marketing professor and I have been teaching marketing since 1993. I have taught at many LI schools and have also taught in Russia. The classes that I have taught and still teach include: principles of marketing, advertising, promotions, marketing management, marketing research, international marketing, and retailing.

In Principles of Marketing some things that are covered include the basics such as
1.) The 4 P's - price and pricing strategies such as cost plus, mark up, profit, and based on demand and supply; place-distribution both direct from manufacturer to consumer and indirect m-w-r-c. Supply chains will also be discussed. Promotion consists of the promotional mix which is advertising, personal selling, public relations (always positive and controlled by the company) publicity (uncontrolled positive or negative), sponsorship, and sales promotion including free samples and coupons. Product - good, service, or an idea, the thing being sold. good ex food, furniture, electronics, service - legal help, insurance, doctor, dentist, etc - idea - environmental safety, political, etc
2.) Marketing management which is applying the 4 P's to management functions such as planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, evaluating, communicating, implementing
3.) SWOT analysis - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
I have taught students how to generate a marketing plan by coming up with a product and generating a plan including goals, objectives, mission, media strategies, advertising and promotional strategies and strategies for all 4 P's.

1.) I have taught students to create an ad campaign where they create a good or service, a company, a slogan, and they create their own video commercial. This is done in the classroom.
2.) The ad campaign plan consists of the tagline, slogan, brand personality, goals, objectives, missions, and strategies for budgeting.
Budget strategies include percentage of sales, all you can afford method, objective and task method, and historical or trend method.

Marketing Research
This uses both qualitative and quantitative methods using focus groups, interviews, observations for the qualitative, and surveys, and statistical testing such as ANOVA, test for the quantitative. There are techniques to writing questionnaires using the funnel method with easiest questions in the beginning, the main questions in the middle and the demographic questions at the end. Here we study demographics (age, income, gender, occupation, etc) and psychographics like life styles and life cycles. Buying motives and behavior as well as preferences on brands, products, etc. are measured using Guttman, Likert, and Thurman scales.

Marketing Management applies the principles of planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, evaluating and implementing to marketing by using Porter's 5, the PEST factor analysis (political/legal, economic/competitive, social/cultural and technical external factors which go along with the opportunities and threats from SWOT. In addition SWOT analysis is emphasized to analyze strengths and weaknesses which are internal to the company of marketing plan, and opportunities and threats which are external.

Microsoft Excel

For the past 18 years, I have been teaching basic computers and continuing education classes in MS Office including basic Excel. I teach students how to fill in and create a spreadsheet and how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide using the basic excel formulas. I teach students about rows, and columns creating cells and how to enter information, how to create formulas, and copy and paste. In addition, I also teach students how to change the width of the columns and how to add, and delete rows and columns.

Microsoft PowerPoint

As an adjunct instructor and a public speaker and lecturer, I use PowerPoint in the classroom as a teaching tool and also as a presentation tool or visual aid. I also have been teaching how to generate a PowerPoint presentation to continuing education students for 18 years. I teach students how to create a slide, how to use spell check in Powerpoint, how to add a graph, how to delete a slide, and how to copy and paste. I also use PowerPoint to create some standard lectures that I use in the classroom and in presentations on various topics.

Microsoft Word

For the past 18 years, I have been teaching continuing education students how to use basic MS Word. I teach students how to use functions such as view, markup changes (where they can edit their papers or the papers of others), and the many APA functions found in the program. In addition, I teach students how to add graphics or a photo or an internet link to a regular Word text document. The basic functions I teach on MS word are edit, copy, paste, file, save, creating headings, page numbers, running heads, numbering pages, margins, spacing, bold, italics, fonts, and other basic beginner tools to using MS Word.


As a tutor of science and health, I have also been tutoring on human body and nutrition for 8 years. Following the FDA nutrition guidelines, I have tutored on proper eating habits, how to lower one's triglycerides, and sugar level as well as plaque in arteries through avoiding trans fats. I also teach how to increase good fats like olive oils, canola, soy, and omega-3's found in fish and shellfish. It is also important to make sure one does not eat more calories than are burned off through exercise to avoid weight gain and obesity. It is important to increase dietary fiber through whole wheat, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and antioxidants in the diet for healthier digestion and cells throughout the body.


In the area of philosophy, I have taught business ethics in which we discuss the philosophy of corporate responsibility, ethics, integrity, and honesty in business and the workplace. Also I have been tutoring on the philosophies of ancient Greece such as the logic by Aristotle, the spiritual and living soul and spiritual concepts of Socrates and Plato. In addition, I have been tutoring the philosophies of the age of enlightenment for over 10 years including Réné Descartes (Cartesian plan, spiritual, mathematical, I think, therefore I am), Montesequieu, Auguste Compte, and others. I also have taught on other philosophies of modernism, post-modernism, humanism, post-structuralism, and existentialism (Jean-Paul Sarte) and feminism (Simone de Beauvoir, Carol Gilligan, Nell Noddings, Maxine Greene). Other philosophers taught and discussed include Merleau-Ponty, and Claude Lévy-Strauss.


As a professor for 22 years, tutor for 10, and a doctoral student with four master's degrees, I have a lot of experience editing academic papers. I can help correct grammar, scholarly tone, analysis, synthesis, vocabulary, spelling, etc. I can make sure the paper flows and uses transition words properly and that the thoughts are organized. I can also help with APA formatting and referencing.


I have been tutoring in psychology for over 10 years in such areas as psychoanalytical theories of Freud and the id, ego, and superego. In addition, I tutor on concepts of learning and education including cognitive development of Jean Piaget, constructivism and deconstructivism of Jacques Derrida, and the 8 stages of social and human development of Erikson. Other theories that I tutor on include the carrot and stick concept of social learning theory, positive and negative reinforcement and Pavlov's dog experiments. I also tutor on some of the horrors of past experiments in psychology and shock treatment, Nazi sterilization of disabled, and the Tuskeegee experiments. I also tutor on the differences between psychoanalytical theories and the behaviorist theories of Skinner and Watson, as well as social learning theories and social psychology. In addition, I can tutor on basic abnormal and cognitive psychology and learning.

Public Speaking

I have over 25 years experience in public speaking. My experience started in the early 80s, when I began conducting lectures on space and NASA spinoffs. In the late 80s, I started a chapter of the National Space Society, to which I have made public speaking engagements, and served on panels at science fiction conventions and civic groups. I even moderated a panel on artificial intelligence, and I served on a panel on space station budget with members of the SETI program at NASA in the 1990s.
Being an adjunct instructor and lecturer since 1993, who has also taught business communications, and one who also attended a toastmasters meeting, I have an understanding of the basics of public speaking. In addition, in the 1990s, I was the Long Island Regional Coordinator for the Planetary Society and I conducted a lecture on space spinoffs to over 250 people.

When I teach business communications, here is what I tell my students when they must conduct an oral presentation.
1 Know your audience who is your target market. The presentation must be addressed to the audience and one must be animated to prevent losing your audience. Be Organised with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
2 Body language and eye contact are crucial to keeping your audience engaged. One must keep the audience interested by being animated.
3 Visual aids like PowerPoint are helpful but must be simple and not distracting. They must add clarity to the presentation but not overwhelm it
4 Public speaking is sending a message to the audiece so you are the sender, the audeicne is the receiver and the message is encoded and then decoded by the audience.
5. I ask my students in my classes to create oral presentations by presenting their marketing, advertising, MIS, or management plans
6 Also depending on the subject of the presentation, the tone may change. Example, economics and finance tend to be dry so therefore, colourful handouts or POwerPoints as well as audience engagement help prevent boredom. But Remember the visual aides shpuld not distract or dominate, only clarify and add interest to the presentation. Subjects like marketing and advertising are more interesting, therefore easier to keep the audience engaged
7 in Public speaking it is important to speak with inflections and not monotone. Monotone tones put audiences to skeep. Also the speaker must not speak too fast or he or she wil lose the audeience
8 If you use cue cards, do not read. Always maintain eye contact as reading will lose the audience.
9 Question and answer sessions at the end, help clarify and tie loose ends as do a clear conclusion.


I have been tutoring in reading, vocabulary, and reading comprehension for over 10 years. I teach students how to comprehend what they read by searching for the main idea, the tone, the theme and the main points of a passage, paragraph, article;, or chapter in a book or text. I also help students define, and expand their vocabulary through helping them with prefixes and suffixes added to the root word. In addition, for ESL students, I help them sound out words, as I have become ESL, Toesl and Toefl certified in Montpellier, France.

Social Studies

I have four masters degrees and one is in liberal studies with a concentration in political science, and business history (American). I also tutor American and European history. My knowledge begins with the construction, inventions, sports, and plumbing and government of the Roman Empire, Julius Casear and Mark Antony to the fall of the Roman Empire because of emphasis on religion and poor expenditures. Then was the Byzantine Empire (Holy Roman Empire) under Constantine founder of the Catholic Church. In addition, I have knowledge of ancient Greece, particularly Athens (first democracy) and Sparta (first military state) and Greek mythology, Hippocrates, Achilles, Trojan War, etc. I can tutor on early French history after the fall of Rome when the Franks came into France, then early Kings like François, Charles, Charlemagne, etc; The next topic is the Invasion of Normandy in 1066 by William tne Conqueror, and then the Crusades between the Christians and the Muslims bringing about the Dark Ages and loss of libraries, culture, art, medicine, science and knowledge of the ancient world (Greece, Rome,Egypt (under Cleopatra, and the Pythagorean theorem of the pyramids). During the Dark Ages, came the Bubonic Plaque due to poor sanitation, and the middle ages with poor medical care and the rise of the church. After came the Renaissance or rebirth of classics and inventors like da Vinci and artists like Michelangelo. Martin Luther wrote 95 thesis and broke away from Catholic church to form Lutheran. Then we discuss the return to the age of discovery and intellect under the age of enlightenment where philosophers like Réné Descartes said I think therefore, I am and invented the Cartesian plane. Then explorers like Columbus, Magellan, Cartier, Ponce de Loen, etc discovered the New World. Then the new world was colonized by French, Ducth, British and of course the British dominated resulting in their colonization in what would be the US with colonies like Jamestown, Plymouth (pilgrims), Rhode Island, etc. When the 13 colonies were taxed without representation (stamps, tea) they began to revolt. They formed a government under the weak articles of confederation and fought the Revolution against England. around the same time France was fighting the French revolution where Louis XVI took the fall for the sun king and his cruelty against the people. then the storming of Bastille took place and the reign of terror. France formed their republic and the US formed theirs after their revolutions. France has since had en empire,a return to monarchy in 1848 and five republics. The Us has been through the War of 1812, the Mexican American war (annexed Texas), Spanish American war (annexed Philippines and Pan Americanism in Latin America and due to the Montroe Doctrine, closed the western hemisphere to European colonization. Then France began to colonize Africa until the 1960s. The US and France have been through WWI against Germany who was blamed for war and charged war dept at the Treaty of Versailles. Then in between was the Great Depression, where Hitler was elected to power. France was occupied by the Germans and Vichy was set up. At the liberation of Normandy or D Day, France was liberated. in 1945 WWII ended after the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan who refused to surrender until this occurrence. The US rebuilt Japan and Europe and consumerism started and the world became richer. The 60S were tumultuous for the US and France with the Vietnam War, feminism, civil rights, May 68 student protests in France, etc. From 1945 to 1991, the Cold War was going on between US and USSR and Europe supported the US until that was ended by Reagan and Gorbachev, bringing down the Berlin Wall. Since the 1980s, both France and the US have seen growth and also reductions in productivity and increases in globalization. Countries like India, Russia, China, and Brazil have become strong emerging markets. The Middle east continues to be an area of tension with wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, the events of 9-11, many terrorist acts since the 70s and tension between Israel and the Arab World. When I tutor, I can help and discuss all of these events.


As part of my business teaching and tutoring, for the past 10 years, I have been tutoring on sociology as it applies to social problems, urban issues, business, and changing demographics. In addition, from my background in psychology, and social psychology, the focus is on the social relations among humans within the society. This includes social psychology, and social responses, how people interact in groups, human behavior, and dealing with social problems.


I am certified in vocabulary, reading, and writing, as well as in ESL. I received my ESL certification in Toefl and Toesl in France and along with editing, grammar, and sentence structure, I also tutor vocabulary. I have been tutoring vocabulary for over 10 years. I teach word association, definitions of words, and how to associate words and definitions through learning prefixes and suffixes and foreign words and roots. I can also help with pronouncing and sounding of words as well as defining them and using them in all levels from middle school to the doctoral level.

World History

I tutored world history for over 8 years. I can teach ancient Egypt under the pharaohs such as King Tut, Cleopatra, and Ramses. In addition, I teach about the Exodus by Moses of the Jewish people from Egypt to Israel. I can teach about ancient China, their discovery of gun powder, spices, medicinal plants and advances in medicine and its many dynasties. Then I can teach about ancient Greece including the Trojan War, Greek Mythology, philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, and city-states of Athens, the first democracy and Sparta, the first military state. Hippocrates started the Hippocratic Oath, and the balance of the body. Then I can also teach about the rise and fall of Rome, beginning with its founding, inventions such as indoor plumbing, the aqueduct, bath houses, advanced technology for its time. Then I also discuss Julius Caesar, the crucifixion of Christ, and the fall of Rome followed by the Byzantine Empire. Causes of the fall of Rome include spread of Christianity and funding of churches, over-extension of military, degradation of the environment, misappropriation of funds. After the fall of Rome, I can teach about the founding of France (invasion of the Franks into Gaul) and the rise of Charlemagne and his dominion over Europe. After the invasion of Normandy in 1066, the Crusades destroyed all the art, literature, classics, and knowledge and libraries including Alexandria, followed by the middle ages with the Black death. In the Middle Ages all knowledge was backward and medicine was primitive using leeches. In 1215 King James wrote the Magna Carta. Here is the rise of the Tudor family in Britain. During the age of discovery, science and inquiry began to return Isaac Newton and his laws of gravity. Also the explorers like Columbus, Magellan, Cartier, etc came to discover the New World. The Renaissance created a rebirth of the classics, literature, art, music , and knowledge with inventor Leonardo da Vinci, and artists like Michelangelo. The Reformation broke away from the oppressive powerful Catholic church accused of the Spanish Inquisition in the 1200s including torture. Martin Luther and his 95 theses formed the Lutheran church. The Age of Enlightenment increased knowledge and philosophy with persons like Réné Descartes. I can also teach about the colonization began to advance by England with colonies such as Jamestown in 1607, and Massachusetts in 1620 to search for religious freedom. Then the slave trades from Africa to the Americas and the Caribbean began trading African slaves to Jamaica and to the southern US. The US was forming their nation with the Revolution against England and France was having their Revolution against the ancient regime. I can teach about all of these topics. Then I can teach about panamericanism in Latin America, the Spanish American War and Bismark and his attempt to unify Prussia in 1870 after beating France. Then I also teach about the causes of WWI (militarism, imperialism, aggression by Germany and then how Germany was blamed for the war during the Treaty of Versailles. Then since I teach business, I specialize in the causes of the Great Depression after the stock market crash, buying on margin, and speculation and deregulation. Then I can teach about the causes of WWII including German aggression, the Treaty of Versailles, and unresolved issues from WWI. Then I can discuss Liberation of Normandy (DDay), liberation of Paris, and the Yalta Conference dividing the east and west and starting the Cold War. In 1949 was the Chinese long march, driving Chaing Kai Shek to nationalist Taiwan and forming communist China under Mao. Then Mao began the great leap forward and the cultural revolution which brought China backwards due to Mao's detest for success, the rich, and professors. He put the poor and uneducated in charge. The Red Guards killed rich and academics bringing the country down until he was stopped by the Gang of Four. in the early 70s, when Nixon went to China and they were accepted into the UN. There were many issues during the Cold War such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, Korean War, Indochinese conflict, Bay of Pigs invasion, space race, arms race, sputnik, etc. Another issue I can teach on which is an ongoing problem since 1945 is the Arab-Israeli conflict, the aggression of Iran, the Islamic revolution in 1979, and terrorism, and nuclear advancement currently of Iran and North Korea. In addition, I can teach about the rise of the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India, and China and their rapid GNP growth and growth in technology and wealth. Also currently, there are issues in the US and European Union as a result of the financial crisis of 2007. This can also be discussed in lessons.


I have been tutoring in writing, grammar, and sentence structure for 10 years. When I tutor in writing, I specialize in APA format 6th edition, social science writing. I can help at any level with editing a paper from middle school to a doctoral dissertation proposal. I look for content, structure, organization, paragraphing, APA format, spelling, grammar, repetition, and flowing of ideas from paragraph to paragraph. I can edit various types of writing from creative writing, expository writing, essays, explanatory writing, empirical research, technical writing, historical, and journalism writing. As a professor I have also been editing and evaluating my undergraduate students' papers for 18 years. I also give them essay exams.

SUNY Stonybrook




SUNY Stonybrook (Master's)

Very Patient — She is very helpful and knowledgeable. She is really a good teacher. I hope to do well. I wish I had called for her earlier. ...

— Shirley, Coram, NY on 9/26/14

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